javascript – SharePoint Framework with Promise in extension

I'm trying to make a header placeholder, but I'm very new to promising that spfx my this line will execute before it returns the value

this._topPlaceholder.domElement.innerHTML = this._getPlaceholderHtml ();

 private _renderPlaceholder(): void {
    if (!this._topPlaceholder) {
      this._topPlaceholder = this.context.placeholderProvider.tryCreateContent(
        { onDispose: this._onDispose }

    // The extension should not assume that the expected placeholder is available.
    if (!this._topPlaceholder) {
      console.error('The expected placeholder (Top) was not found.');

    // if it is available, and access to domElement, update contents
    if (this._topPlaceholder.domElement) {
      this._topPlaceholder.domElement.innerHTML = this._getPlaceholderHtml();

  private _getPlaceholderHtml(parentId?: number): string {
    let placeholderBody: string = '';
    this.service.getMenus(parentId).then((menuItems: IMenuListItem()) => {
      if (menuItems && menuItems.length && menuItems.length > 0) {
        placeholderBody += '
    ' menuItems.forEach((menutItem: IMenuListItem) => { placeholderBody += `
  • ${menutItem.Title}` if (menutItem.ParentId) { placeholderBody += this._getPlaceholderHtml(menutItem.ParentId) + '
  • ' } }) placeholderBody += '
' } }) return placeholderBody; }

c # – Primavera V10 – how to send a message in the notification tab from my extension, have a command?

I am creating an extension for my Spring v10 and need to send a message to the notification box.

I program in C # using Visual Studio

Search for Chrome extension installations

Hi everybody,

Search for Chrome extensions installed via landing page based on the IPC. Please PM if interested. I am a direct advertiser with good budgets.

The Mac OneNote Catalina sharing extension is missing

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magento2 – Installation problem of the extension via the composer

I want to install the extension via the composer. But when I try to type the password, I get this problem:

Warning from You haven't provided your Magento authentication keys. For instructions, visit
Authentication required (
  Username: 6df1d39ccaf9e6bc5a59e7b0e2f63be6

I can not type or paste the password.
What's the problem?

python – Extension of a std band along the entire axis of the residual plot matplotlib

I've plotted a python chart with a residual subplot with a 1 standard deviation band on it. However, I can not get the tape to extend all the way out, just across the range of my x values, in this case labeled h.

here is a copy of the code used:

plt.fill_between(h, y1=np.mean(normalised_residuals) - np.std(normalised_residuals), 
             y2=np.mean(normalised_residuals) + np.std(normalised_residuals),
             color='gray', alpha=.5)

And a picture of the chart right now:
enter the description of the image here

How to display all categories on the homepage using the extension in magento2

public function getShopCategories ()
$ objectManagerr = Magento Framework App ObjectManager :: getInstance ();
$ categoryFactory = $ objectManagerr-> create (Magento Catalog Template Resource Model Category CollectionFactory & # 39;);

$categories = $categoryFactory->create()
                ->addAttributeToFilter('is_active', 1) //only active categories

return $categories;


abstract algebra – Another ring of integers in a cubic extension

I tried to solve the following problem:

Let $ alpha $ denote a root of $ p = x ^ 3 – x – 4 $ and let $ K = mathbb {Q} ( alpha) $. Find the entire ring of K $and show that K $ a class number $ 1 $.

I've already proven that $ {1, alpha, ( alpha + alpha ^ 2) / 2 } $ is a $ mathbb {Z} $-based; however, I do not know how to show that the ring of the integers of K $ is precisely $ mathbb {Z} (( alpha + alpha ^ 2) / 2) $. It's clear that $ mathbb {Z} (( alpha + alpha ^ 2) / 2) $ is a substring of the whole number ring, but why all this, that is, how can we generate $ alpha $ like a $ mathbb {Z} $linear combination of $ ( alpha + alpha ^ 2) / $ 2 and its different powers?

Equation resolution – Polynomial root search on finite field extension

I would like to know if there is a method on Mathematica, a third-party coded resource or a library that can calculate roots on $ F_q $, this is an extension field of $ F_p $then $ q = p ^ n $. For example, you can call Roots (poly, symbol, module) but only works on $ F_p $.

An example of what interests me about:

Entry: two polynomials $ p (x), r (x) in F_ {p} ^ n $ or $ p (q (x)) = r (x) $ for unknown $ q (x) in F_ {p} ^ n $.

Otput: the polynomial $ q (x) in F_p ^ n $ such as $ p (q (x)) = r (x) $.

This problem seems strongly related to the composition of polynomials in the finite fields, but I need a general method to calculate the composition polynomial. $ q (x) in F_ {p} ^ n $.

Optical – Why is there a maximum focus distance when using an extension tube?

I'm using the Nikon D850 with the Sigma 50mm / 1.4 Art and the
MEIKE MK-N-AF1-A extension tube (s).

During the first shots, I discovered that the combination does not only include a minimum focus distance (which is good), but also a maximum focus distance (which creates confusion ).

I have not measured it yet, but with the 20mil tube extension, I can only focus on objects located just 1.5 to 2.5 cm away from the camera. lens (in manual mode and in autofocus mode).

I have tried several settings from f / 1.4 to f / 8, but there is no change in the maximum focus distance.

Why is focusing on distant objects a problem?


Why does the use of an extension tube introduce a maximum focus distance?