is there any free SVG file extension?

Is there any free SVG file extension that I can download and install(Magento2.4EE)? so I can upload SVG in CMS page.

windows 10 – Does data recovery of file depends on its extension?

A file is basically data on a physical file system and a reference on logical file system. The file name including its extension is part of the logical layer. Once a file is removed from this layer, the physical blocks (now without a reference from the logical layer) are marked as available. In this stage, the contents of the file are still readable until it gets overwritten with another file, but the name and extension are gone.

Therefore, data recovery of a removed file depends more on the data format than the extension. Some formats are, unless the file was fragmented, easier to recognize by clear and strictly defined beginnings and endings. Some examples include:

  • JPEG images (and derived formats) are sequences of segments, each beginning and most ending with a marker, like 0xFFD8 Start Of Image and 0xFFD9 End of Image.
  • A ZIP archive consist of file entries and ends with a central directory referencing these files. It is like a small file system within a single file.
  • TAR archives have a 512 byte header for each file followed by the file rounded up to multiple of 512 bytes and padded (typically with zeroes).
  • From text files, e.g., XML is easy to recognize, as it may start with <?xml and consists of root element and child elements, each having a defined ending.
  • Modern Microsoft Office files a.k.a. Office Open XML files are ZIP packed XML-based documents.

As these files are that recognizable, they are faster to recover. The time depends on how many formats there has to be defined, recognized and analyzed. E.g., if you know you are only after JPEG images you can narrow this process down to JPEG markers.

Can i reach first page of Google if website have .DE extension?

Hello folks

Example if i have website in .DE extension to be in English language.

And i want to reach first page for some keywords but to be on not

Is that possible or no?

Does an XML sitemap need to have a .xml extension?

Im using a CMS that generates a sitemap automatically but without “.xml”.IS this ok?

Can we put this is our robots.txt:


or must it be:


media – How to set file extension while uploading image through file_save_data to Drupal 9?

I am trying to create a product with a product image on drupal using API. I have created a custom module for the same under which following code to upload my image to the Drupal:

$path = base64_decode($encodedData('content'));
$data= $this->grabImage($path);
$file = file_save_data($data, null, FileSystemInterface::EXISTS_REPLACE);
$id = $file->id();

I am using file_save_data drupal method to upload the image successfully and it gets uploaded to the following drupal directory:


Now, I am using this $file->id() //say 53 value in my product array to connect this image to my product.

$image('field_picture') = ((
    "target_id" => 53,
    "alt" => 'abcd',
    "width"=> 224,
    "height"=> 225,
    "title" => '',
    "target_type" => "file"

Follow response I am receiving from API:

> message:
>     Unprocessable Entity: validation failed.
>     field_picture.0: Only files with the following extensions are allowed: png gif jpg jpeg.n

So, How can I pass extension in file_save_data()? Or how can I add this image to my product?

I am using Drupal version ^9.

If $f(t,x)in F_q(t)[x]$ is a Morse function, does this mean splitting field of $f(t,x)$ over $F_q(t)$ is a regular extension?

One of the classical result of Hilbert says, if $f$ is a Morse function, then the splitting field of $f(X,T)$ over $Q(T)$ is a regular extension with Galois group $S_n.$
J. P.Serre- Topics in Galois theory, Theorem 4.4.1

Does the same hold for $fin F_q(T)(X)$, function field with positive characteristic?

i.e., if $f(t,x)in F_q(T)(X)$ is a Morse function, then does it mean that the splitting field of $f(X,T)$ over $F_q(T)$ is a regular extension?

Thank you.

Extension of smooth functions defined in a half space

In seeley’s extension theorem, i have difficulty in understanding ‘ all derivatives of $E(f)$ converge
as $tto 0 $ ‘.

I tried to prove by using cauchy criterion, but it didn’t go well

autocomplete – Extension for original zsh _hosts completion

Before start, I’d like to give some context.

A couple of years ago I implemented an autocompletion function for one particular case: querying all hosts from database.

It has a couple of flows. One of the most – rewriting and losing original completion.

That’s why after some evenings I’ve implemented the new approach. Now the function preserves the original one and extends it. As well it runs in the background and doesn’t lock the console. The sources are on github, but I’ll post it here as well

# Preserve _hosts as _hosts_orig, but only once
if ! (( $_HOCO_INIT_DONE )); then
  typeset -g _HOCO_INIT_DONE=1

  # _hosts needs to be intiated before tweaking
  _hosts 2>/dev/null >&1 || true

  eval "$(type -f _hosts | sed -r '1 s/_hosts/_hosts_orig/')"

__hosts_cache_callback() {

  # It's 99.9% impossible to have empty original _cache_hosts,
  # but it's checked before filling originally. We should wait untill it's set
  while (( $+_cache_hosts == 0 )); do
    sleep 0.1

  # $2: exit status; $3: stdout
  (( "$2" == 0 )) && _cache_hosts+=("${(f)3}")

  # cleaunup for the last job
  if (( _HOCO_RUNNING_JOBS == 0 )); then
    async_unregister_callback hosts_cache_updater
    async_stop_worker hosts_cache_updater

# Arguments:
# $1 - cache_age
__hosts_cache_update() {
  # if cache age is twice older than ${HOCO_CACHE_TTL:-600}, then it's definitely an issue
  # with long runnung tasks, abort them
  if (( ${HOCO_CACHE_TTL:-600} < ${1} / 2 )); then
    async_flush_jobs hosts_cache_updater
    async_unregister_callback hosts_cache_updater
    async_stop_worker hosts_cache_updater
  (( ${_HOCO_UPDATE_RUNNING_SINCE} )) && return 0
  unset _cache_hosts

  # starting worker that runs only one unic function with notifications
  async_start_worker hosts_cache_updater -n -u
  async_register_callback hosts_cache_updater __hosts_cache_callback

  for func (${HOCO_FUNCTIONS}); do
    async_job hosts_cache_updater ${func}

_hosts() {
  # Should be cache updated or not
  local cache_age
  if (( ${HOCO_CACHE_TTL:-600} < ${cache_age} )); then
    __hosts_cache_update ${cache_age}

  # original logic

I’ve dug quite deep into the ZSH completion system, but maybe I still miss some points that could be useful. That’s why I’d like to have my code reviewed.

abstract algebra – Let $K=F(u)$ be a separable extension of $F$ with $u^min F$. Show that if the characteristic of $F$ is $p$ and $m=p^tr$, then $u^rin F$.

Question: Let $K=F(u)$ be a separable extension of $F$ with $u^min F$ for some positive integer $m$. Show that if the characteristic of $F$ is $p$ and $m=p^tr$, then $u^rin F$. (I think we also need to assume $p$ does not divide $r$).

Thoughts: Let $m_{u^r}(x)in F(x)$ be the minimal polynomial of $u^r$ over $F$. We know $u^r$ is a root of $x^{p^t}-u^m$, so the minimal polynomial divides this. Note that $u^m=u^{p^tr}=u^{rp^t}=(u^r)^{p^t}$. Since char$F=p$, $x^{p^t}-u^m=x^{p^t}-(u^r)^{p^t}=(x-u^r)^{p^t}in K(x)$. Now this is where I get stuck. Am I done? Can I just claim here that since $K$ is a separable extension of $F$ that the minimal polynomial must then be $x-u^r$, thus $u^rin F(x)$? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

The question has some hints here: An exponent of an element of a simple separable extension is contained in the base field., but I was hoping to maybe do it in the way above.

visas – Domestic Traveling while pending H1B extension

My H-1B visa expired on June 30, 2021, and my employer in the US applied for an extension on June 18, 2020. I have a trip within US next week, but my employer has not received the I-797 with the case number. I know that I’m allowed to stay and work in the US for at least 240 days, but I don’t have evidence of having submitted the extension. Can you tell me if it is a risk to travel and what evidence can I show to demonstrate that the extension was submitted? Thanks!