cannon – Combination of extension tube with adapter

I have an EF adapter to Canon EOS-M. Now, I would also like to buy an extension tube to be able to focus closer. I know that this way, I already lose a lot of light, but do not talk about it.

They have different diameters. Does it make a difference if I put it between lens and adapter or between adapter and camera?

magento2 – Magento 2 defines the attributes of command extension via the API

Is it possible to set the value of the extension attribute of a command when creating the command via the API or is there an end node? Appropriate API to update an existing order with this information?

For example to create a command that I'm calling / rest / V1 / carts / 49 / order

with the following charge:

    "paymentMethod": {
                "method": "banktransfer"
    "billing_address": {
                "email": "",
            "region": "New York",
            "region_id": 43,
            "region_code": "NY",
                "country_id": "US",
                "street": ["123 Oak Ave"],
                "postcode": "10577",
                "city": "Purchase",
                "telephone": "512-555-1111",
                "firstname": "Jane",
                "lastname": "Doe"
     "extension_attributes": {
        "legacy_order_id": {
            "value": "1111-1111-1111"

But that does not seem to be defined in relation to the attribute extension orders

magento2 – Free online payment extension for SPS Tunisia

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extension of the ipsec / strongswan gateway

I have successfully created an ipsec tunnel on Ubuntu between two nodes and I can ping nodes in other networks. My question is: how can I add a route to another node (and not the vpn node) to be able to send traffic to a specific IP address via vpn to an external private network? Is it possible? Or do I have to send all the traffic to the VPN node?

This is created:

SiteA---------------SiteB <==inet==>

From the node of site A, I can query site B and the nodes of the SiteB network.


Node A.1------ SiteA---------------SiteB <=Lan=> <==inet==> <==LAN ==> 

I can not query a site B node or B site node A.1
From SiteB if I can ping node A.1

I've tried adding a static route to A.1
ip route add via dev eth1

but I get the error
RTNETLINK responds: the network is inaccessible

Is it possible to route some IP traffic through the IPsec tunnel?

Macro Extension Tube Sizes – Photo Stack Exchange

I am looking for extension tubes for macro photography and I do not quite understand how the length of the extension tube works, combined with the actual lens (for example, the standard 18mm-55mm ).

I may not be able to explain it perfectly (because I'm confused about it), but hold on to me …

So basically, if you have the normal lens set to 18mm and add a 21mm extension tube. What effect does it have?

I realize that there is a point where the camera will not be able to focus if you match an x ​​length extension tube with the standard lens of length x. Can any one summarize that?

I apologize if this sounds like a simple question and I've already read quite a lot about it, but I'm still puzzled about this part.

Any help appreciated.

URL Rewrite – IW URL Extension Memory Leak Rewrite 2.1

The next problem was that when I visited my website using the IP address instead of the host name, a certificate error was displayed because the certificate is issued only for the domain name. Looking a little bit about it, I discovered that doing and redirecting the URL seems like the usual way to solve this problem. For example, is redirected to

So, using the Rewrite URL module, I wrote this rule that seems to work:


About 12 hours later in the middle of the night, the production server broke down and everyone panicked. The "IIS worker process" (w3wp.exe) that typically oscillated around 1.5 GB of use took up all 16 GB of the machine.

Restarting the site erases the memory, but it still increases rapidly. Disabling the rewrite rule stops the use of memory.

I then found this article on a memory leak in the extension, but that was for version 2.0 and I'm using version 2.1.

I have a phpbb forum, and i have downloaded the database with the extension * .sql, how can i convert it to access mdb? Is there any software that does?

I have a phpbb forum, and i have downloaded the database with the extension * .sql, how can i convert it to access mdb? Is there any software that does?

Type Theory – Why can not values ​​be replaced by their equal values ​​by extension in an intensive system?

Thomas Streicher states in Investigations in the Intensional Type Theory (§Introduction p.5) that:

Although in the theory of intensive building blocks (theory of intensive types), one can do most of the things that one wants to do … some theorems simply do not fit, because of the lack of "hard" theory. extension. A typical example is that of $ t in B a $ and $ p in Id A ab $ we are not allowed to conclude that $ t in Bb $ or $ A $ is a type and $ B $ is a family of types indexed on $ A $(But of course, we are allowed to deduce $ t in Bb $ of $ t in Ba $ and $ a = b in A $ !)

A nearly similar skinny is mentioned in Definition of extensional and propositional equality in the Martin-Lof extension type theory

(Id-DefEq) means that extension equality is built into the type system: if you have a constructor of type 𝑇: ((𝑥: 𝑈) → 𝑉) → 𝖲𝖾𝗍, you can use a value of type 𝑓 in an expected context 𝑇 𝑔 si 𝑓 and map equal entries to equal outputs. Again, this is not true in an intensive system, where and 𝑔 can be incompatible if they are syntactically different.

Why is that? Is not it that two functions producing exactly the same output for their inputs are equal? So why can not we replace one by the other in a context? What does it mean that equal functions by definition can be replaced by each other, but not by extension?

ssms – SQL Server appears to ignore the specified backup file extension

I have created a maintenance plan with the help of the assistant. This is the SQL code produced, by SSMS:

# C: SQLBAKS FOO FOO_backup_2019_08_09_161656_6414445.diff & # 39;
NAME = # FOO_backup_2019_08_09_161656_6414445 & # 39;
STATS = 10

The resulting files do not have an extension ".diff" but ".bak"

I'm trying to differentiate full backups from differences in the file name.

latex – Google web application: failure to load TEX extension from an http source

I'm deploying a Google web application to write commutative diagrams with LaTeX xypic.
In the header of the html page, I put the following configuration:

The problem is that the file is not loaded because it comes from an http source: this is the message I read in the console:

MathJax.js:19 Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

I'm trying to use instead, but it does not work at all.

Any suggestion?