Netezza fails to load a remote gzip into an external table

I am trying to use a Transient External Table to load from a remote gzip file but get this error. It works when the file is uncompressed and I remove the compress option.

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException:
org.netezza.error.NzSQLException: ERROR: Option not supported for
Non-internal format : Compress.

This is what I have in my jdbc java app

                String SQLString  = "INSERT INTO " + connectionInfo.owner() + "." + tableName + "n";
                SQLString += "SELECT * FROMn"; 
                SQLString += "EXTERNAL '" + filePath + "'n";                  
                SQLString += "USINGn";
                SQLString += "(n";
                SQLString += "    ENCODING 'INTERNAL'n";             // LOAD FILE ENCODING IS LATIN9 or INTERNAL or UTF-8
                SQLString += "    COMPRESS 'TRUE'n";                 // COMPRESSED FILE 
                SQLString += "    DELIMITER '\t'n";                 // TAB IS USED AS DELIMITER
                SQLString += "    LOGDIR '" + logFolderPath + "'n";  // LOG DIRECTORY WHERE NZLOG AND NZBAD FILES ARE SENT
                SQLString += "    REMOTESOURCE 'JDBC'n";             // LOAD FILE IS ACCESSED REMOTELY USING JDBC
                SQLString += "    CTRLCHARS 'TRUE'n";                // ALLOW ASCII VALUES 1 - 31 IN CHAR/VARCHAR AND NCHAR/NVARCHAR COLUMNS
                SQLString += "    IGNOREZERO 'TRUE'n";               // DISCARD BYTE VALUE ZERO IN CHAR AND VARCHAR COLUMNS                
                SQLString += "    BOOLSTYLE 'T_F'n";                 // BOOLEAN FORMAT FOR BOOL TYPES IS 'T' OR 'F'
                SQLString += ");";

                connection = ConnectionFactory.connection(connectionInfo);
                statement = connection.createStatement();

Any idea why this doesnt work? IBM suggests it should work

seo – Do sub-URLs redirected to root URL pass link juice from external links to those deep pages?

Google does not like redirects to the home page. It treats redirects to the home page exactly like the page returned a “404 Not Found” status. Google calls such redirects “soft 404” errors. Redirect to the home page appear in the soft 404 report in Google Search Console.

Google documents this practice it

Google treats 410s (Gone) the same as 404s (Not found). Returning a code other than 404 or 410 for a non-existent page (or redirecting users to another page, such as the homepage, instead of returning a 404) can be problematic. Such pages are called soft 404s, and can be confusing to both users and search engines.

If you want to capture SEO value from these external links you will need keep their old content on their old URL, or on some other deep URL to which you can redirect without triggering soft-404 errors to Google.

payment methods – how to redirect to external url from observer sales_order_place_after

I want to redirect to my external payment method after place order is Saved, I create an observer for event sales_order_place_after.

Inside execute I put this code

$this->responseFactory->create()->setRedirect($this->url->getUrl(//ExternalURL like http://localhost))->sendResponse();

but I get an error cors and I don’t know how to fix or an alternative to redirect with dynamic variables inside URL like http://localhost/example?variable1=example

Nikon Z6II / Z7II external video recorder limitations, e.g. Ninja V

Nikon Z6II / Z7II external video recorder limitations, e.g. Ninja V – Photography Stack Exchange

Can I speed up Aomei system backup using an external hard disk by local storing then copying it over? [migrated]

I always backup the Win 10 System to an external hard disk. We went for a cheap external so despite the USB 3 connection it is rather slow taking over 2 hours. Would saving it on the internal hard disk then copying over speed things up and how does it work with Aomei Backupper Standard?

bootcamp – Boot Windows from an external usb drive whithout using the EFI partition on the Mac

I followed this guide to install Windows 10 on an external USB drive. It all works great.

The way to allow the Mac to boot is as follows
(this is done inside the command line when booting from the Windows installer USB):

To make your installation bootable, enter bcdboot W:Windows /l en-us /s Z: /f UEFI. This will create the boot files in your EFI partition.

From what I understand, the Mac has a partition where UEFI systems can boot and in this particular case boots Windows from that partition and then control is passed to whatever is located on the external drive. I became aware of this here.

I would like to be able to boot this Windows installation from other Macs without running the bcdboot command as that would imply booting the Windows installer and running cumbersome operations.

I also know that a USB stick can boot the system (this is what macOS installer and Windows installed do). So… my question is this:

Can you create a USB stick that boots up the system and passes control to my USB drive with Windows installed on it? Or maybe change the Windows USB drive to allow it to boot?

I don’t understand the whole booting process but my guess would be that a bootloader could be installed on a USB stick and that would allow me to boot Windows.

magento2 – Price per customer via external system

My customer wants to have custom prices for each customer. He already has an existing system where he holds such data where we can invoke an API call to retrieve it based on the customerREF and SKU.

How can i do this in Magento2 itself? I see a lot of plugins but most of them are way too much overhead.

I thought below steps are needed but no idea where i need to implement this:

  • Ensure that no prices are shown on the category index pages and such. I can overwrite this method? MagentoCatalogPricingRenderFinalPriceBox:wrapResult
  • When a product detail page is opened i invoke an API call to retrieve the actual price. I can add some basic caching for lets say 5 min to ensure that there is not too much overhead
  • How can i ensure when a product is added to the cart, that specific price is also used?

I know there are some events as well. No idea how to get the actual price there then though:

  • checkout_cart_product_add_after
  • checkout_cart_product_update_after
  • sales_quote_item_qty_set_after
  • checkout_cart_product_update_after


How to submit to app store and Testflight External Group with Fastlane?

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seo – Why did my website suddenly decrease the number of external links in the browser? I use Google tools to query and see that this is my site?

seo – Why did my website suddenly decrease the number of external links in the browser? I use Google tools to query and see that this is my site? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

command line – Open external PDF in another viewer from Foxit PhantomPDF

I have two PDF files: main.pdf and aux.pdf. I normally view main.pdf in Foxit PhantomPDF and would like to add a link in main.pdf that opens aux.pdf to a specific page in a different viewer (e.g. Acrobat, Chrome, SumatraPDF, etc.).

I know how to add a link that opens aux.pdf within Foxit itself, as this article explains. But how can I open it in a different viewer? I suspect that this can be done via javascript, but I’m not sure how. Would appreciate some pointer or a code snippet to get me started (I have little experience with javascript).

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