How to connect external display to MacBook Pro without wire?

I have MacBook Pro 16” and want to connect an external display but it is not convenient for me to plug yet one wire in my MacBook.
Is there a some way to use a wireless connection? I don’t expect 4 or 8K, at least FullHD.

Do I need to buy Apple TV, special display or some wireless connector?

Why the number of external links and internal links has decreased


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Install an older version of MacOS onto an external drive without USB installer?

I want to install Mojave onto an external drive, using a Mac that has Catalina as its current OS. The Mac is old enough to run Mojave.

A specific form of this question has been asked before, to which the answer is “create a USB installer disk”.

I’m wondering if it might be possible without this workaround. Firstly, it requires the purchase of a USB stick. Catalina now requires just slightly more than 8GB, so I need a 16 GB stick at least. Admittedly, these are cheap and plentiful.

But I already have loads of 8GB sticks and the alternative to buying another bit of hardware is to sacrifice a 500 GB USB drive, which I already have, to become an installer medium.

However, creating an installer disk involves the createinstallmedia command line tool inside the MacOS installer app bundle. There are also several other tools, including: startosinstall, which yields the following info:

Usage: startosinstall

--license, prints the user license agreement only.
--agreetolicense, agree to the license you printed with --license.
--rebootdelay, how long to delay the reboot at the end of preparing. This delay is in seconds and has a maximum of 300 (5 minutes).
--pidtosignal, Specify a PID to which to send SIGUSR1 upon completion of the prepare phase. To bypass "rebootdelay" send SIGUSR1 back to startosinstall.
--installpackage, the path of a package (built with productbuild(1)) to install after the OS installation is complete; this option can be specified multiple times.
--eraseinstall, (Requires APFS) Erase all volumes and install to a new one. Optionally specify the name of the new volume with --newvolumename.
--newvolumename, the name of the volume to be created with --eraseinstall.
--preservecontainer, preserves other volumes in your APFS container when using --eraseinstall.
--usage, prints this message.

The internals of the tool suggests that there’s also a --volume flag to set the target drive, but using that option just flags a usage error.

While there’s nothing entirely helpful here, and I can’t find any other usage options for the several other tools in the app bundle, I’m still hopeful that there’s a way of doing this via the command line.

So I thought I’d ask, even if it’s just to get a confirmatory “No; duplicate”, because the benefits to the community of getting a method would be large.

troubleshooting – Why do pictures turn out dark when I shoot with my external flash?

update 2 years(ish) later: please help
so i tried this, i took photos with different shutter speeds. I was shooting manual for all photos with f1.8, iso of 200, white balance: Flash, my first shot was 1/200(max i can shoot with flash on) and my camera(or photos) did NOT pick up the flash and so with 1/160, 1/125, 1/100, 1/80, 1/60, 1/50, 1/40, 1/30, 1/25, 1/20, 1/25, 1/13, 1/10, 1/8 …. but anything solwer than 1/8 i was able to see flash on my photos ( 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 0″3, 0″4…etc) is there anything that I’m missing in flash photography, now i know that sppedsync is important with the camera’s shutter and the flash itself. but I’m sure there is a way to shoot at 1/200 with flash. just to clarify again, the flash does fire in all the photos i took but anything faster than 1/8, you wont get your photo lit at all. i will provide the images for 1/8vs 1/6 and just know that in in both images i was able to see the flash firing with my eyes
enter image description here
enter image description here

I’ve tried many things: I’ve changed the flash’s batteries and also the camera’s batteries, none of them seem the problem. I’m using a Canon t3i and sunpak digiflash 3000. I’ve tried the internal camera flash and the pics turned out well, but when I connect the sunpak flash and turn it on the image is dark – darker than when there is no flash on at all.

I’ve tried to take a picture in the mirror while the external flash is on. The flash fired off, but in the picture the flash seems to have no light at all. I’m thinking that the problem should be somewhere between the camera and flash the spot where they connect. Please help I want this problem fixed.

disk utility – External drive’s files not showing, but I know it has been half-filled with data. It works fine on Ubuntu but not on macOS?

My external hard drive used to work just fine (my OS is Mojave) – I can read and write because I used NTFS Paragon software free trial. But now that I wiped all traces of said software, my external hard drive won’t show its contents anymore. I know it’s not a problem of the hard drive because when I click on Get Info it says it’s half-full. And when I use Ubuntu, I can see and edit the files.

I tried Disk Utility (unmounting,mounting,repairing), booting into Recovery Mode and using Disk Utility to perform the same steps, leaving the external drive for hours, but none worked.

Please help!

8 – How do I let the module know where the external library is located?

The International Phone module’s page says that Composer is required to install the module. The module doesn’t have a setting page where you can say where the library has been copied, and that is expected, from a module that requires Composer.

Composer is not a tool you normally use on a production server, and using the production server as test server is pretty wrong.

When I have to install Drupal on a shared hosting that doesn’t allow me to use SSH, I install Composer on the local computer, I use a Composer template to copy Drupal in a directory and I add the modules I need with composer require. I can then use that directory for a local site where I can verify that adding a module, or updating the site, doesn’t cause issues.

When a module requires Composer, there aren’t other ways to let it know where the libraries from which it depends have been installed.
They are loaded from the autoload.php file created from Composer. You could manually create that file, but that would be a bad idea, especially because that file is created basing on some settings present in the composer.json file that comes with Drupal core.

macbook pro – 16″ macpro ’19 external monitor lg 34″ ultrawide 34wl500-b low end model resolution issue

Its a i7 16gb work issue, the LG 34″ ultrawide is my own.

The monitor is one

I use VSCode & tmux extensively up to and beyond 8hrs a day, the text resolution is atrocious. No smoothing or anti aliasing and that’s the default resolution offered up by the macbook.

I don’t do image or video work at most architectural diagrams using lucidchart. 75% of my work is text based

The real issue is the blurred quality of the text in VSCode & Chrome, the second part of this is that the macpro doesn’t handle the refresh rate or additional resolutions offered by the monitor when scaling is selected (it gets much worse).

I have high quality, finely ground, coated and stabilised zeiss lenses in my glasses and I have a current prescription. I doubt that they are an issue as the mac’s builtin screen, is comfortable and clear even at a distance.

My other laptops don’t cause this issue, these being an Asus c302 latest chromeOS, A Dell Precision 5510 Win10 pro and Xaoimi mibook pro Ubuntu 20.04 KDE 19. Clear, antialiased, smoothed text.

This is really bothersome as work obviously has to be done on the work supplied laptop and the uncomfortable nature of the text, is making it really unpleasant to use the external monitor.

The actual question.

What would the specification of an eGPU be to resolve this issue, bearing in mind it will be purchased by me and I’d like to ensure its compatible with my other kit.

applications – When update the app from Play Store are external files deleted?

My question is pretty simple.

I developed a game, uploaded it on the store. In order to keep player level record and UI prefs it writes an ini file.

When the next update is up on the store and the users will update will they lose their progress? Will the file be deleted?


thunderbolt – External iSight Camera microphone not working

I’m using a 2003-era external iSight Camera with an Apple Cinema Display and USB-C MacBook Pro running macOS 10.15.

It’s connected via a long succession of dongles:

iSight > FireWire 400 > Apple Cinema Display > FireWire 800 > Thunderbolt 2 > Thunderbolt 3

It still works great for video, if a bit low resolution, and you can’t beat the design:

external iSight camera

However, the iSight Camera’s microphone does not appear to be working. People cannot hear me when my laptop is in clamshell mode, despite being on video via the external iSight.

In System Preferences > Sound I only see “MacBook Pro Microphone”:

Sound Input

System Information shows a FireWire iSight device, as well as an “Unknown Device”. When I unplug the FireWire cable/dongle, both devices disappear.

System Information

Why isn’t the iSight microphone working? How can I use an external iSight as an audio/video webcam in modern versions of macOS?

Related threads that seem to be experiencing the same issue:

sharepoint online – Disabling External Sharing and Item Level Permissions

We have a site that was shared with external emails but the Owner wants that reverted so no external access is allowed. I removed the external users from the Site Permissions but the question remains:

If I disable External Sharing on a Site Collection that has unique permissions on a Document, will that external user still be able to access the Document that has been explicitly shared with them in the past? Or will disabling external sharing lock them out of any document within that site regardless of the unique item level permissions?