development – Is it possible to efficiently run an application hosted by an external provider with SharePoint lists?

I recently discovered SharePoint and the applications hosted by vendors. Based on videos and tutorials, I found that most of them owned a site with a SPHostURL. I was able to recreate that too.

Then heard the display of several applications in an iframe. (See picture)

When you click a hyperlink to the application, it appears in the Iframe. The right side contains the SharePoint calendar or other lists of clients with which the application hosted by the provider can communicate, for example. selection of dates, search of contact details, notes.

For example, if an application is a project tracker, the definition of a deadline in the application appears in the SharePoint calendar.
enter the description of the image here

Is this method easily possible and effective?

What is the best approach for the applications hosted by the provider?

g suite – How to transfer emails from non-users to external gmail?

Outside of my company, I have an entrepreneur to whom I would like to send emails using an email from my domain, but I do not wish to create and pay for a user account under my domain G Suite.

Is there a way to send mail to to external

Thank you!

Excel external data from anywhere

I use Windows 10 Professional and MS Office 2016. I want to get external data on my Excel workbook, but I want to use this workbook in different places and on different PCs, with Internet and without Internet. For example, I have the main price list as external data and I want to get the data available in my workbook. please specify how to configure external data and how to insert this data into my workbook.
Thank you in advance.

time machine – The fastest and cheapest 2 TB external storage configuration (eg internal SSD externally converted)?


This question may or may not be specific to Apple, so please let me know if I need to post messages in SuperUser or publish them elsewhere.


I need an external storage for three reasons:

  1. To Perform Time-Machine Backups for a 1TB Retina MacBook Pro (2015 – Yosemite)
  2. I also need an external storage to store racks
  3. I will potentially install and run macOS Mojave from it and use it at the same time as the host operating system, Yosemite

It may be a good idea to use the same external storage device for all three purposes. I understand that I should create a separate partition for Time Machine backups.

Potential problem

I assume that external storage advertised as 1 TB is not enough for a Time Machine backup because its actual size on the disk will be <1TB and therefore lower than the internal computer's SSD (MBP). 1 TB. On this basis, I should use at least one 2 TB external drive and a 1000 GB partition for Time Machine backup.

Potential options

I imagine that I have three options but I'm not sure what would be the fastest and the cheapest:

  1. 2 TB external SSD (for example, Samsung T5)
  2. A 2TB internal SSD (for example, M2, Sata III, NAND or NVME? – not knowing what at best here), then converted via (connected to the inside) a caddy (eg, Orico / Ugreen) into an external SSD with one (USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt) 2.0 connection cable / adapter?)
  3. 2 TB USB 3.0 Flash


My guess is that Option 2 may be the cheapest, but I do not know if there are any disadvantages to this option over other simpler options. I've heard that there may be a drawback related to TRIM, but it seems like it can be overcome via a shell command sudo trimforce enable according to Yosemite incompatibility and SSD Trim


There is another argument that you do not need to use an SSD for a Time Machine backup because it will not be used frequently. In this case, it would make more sense to buy an inexpensive external hard drive with 2TB or more (which would be much cheaper than an SSD) and buy separately an SSD to boot Mojave and store media there?


Some sources say that the SSD is faster than the flash, while others say that the SSD is flash today or vice versa … does anyone have a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis (with / without credible source)?


I guess for Option B, using a USB 3.0 caddy with a Thunderbolt adapter would not suit me because I would limit myself to USB 3.0 speeds. In other words, if I want to take advantage of the speeds of Thunderbolt 2.0 (10 Gbps), I should use a Thunderbolt 2.0 native caddy.


I imagine that I can double-boot Mojave Guest from an external drive with Yosemite Host on an internal drive.

dual boot – Install Ubuntu on an external hard drive, Windows 10 UEFI

I have an empty external hard drive (EHDD) and a USB key with the installation of ubuntu. I want to boot from the USB drive and install Ubuntu on the EHDD, but can unplug the EHDD and boot Windows 10 as I normally do.

The problem comes from something I read about installing ubuntu on a device with UEFI, which I know of my device. This is the article

That's the relevant bit

Unfortunately, the Ubuntu installation program assumes that you want a dual boot configuration parallel to Windows. Therefore, it adds itself (in fact, the boot loader that it uses, GRUB2) to the UEFI configuration of your computer. This causes two problems. For starters, the external hard drive is not portable because you can not boot it from another computer.
Second, if you remove this external hard drive, Windows will not start. Bummer. We must solve this problem.

I do not know if this part of the article applies to my situation.

I am not sure that the grub installation can change my UEFI settings. this is due to the fact that my sata controller is currently set to the AHCI setting, so the Ubuntu setup USB key can not even see my internal SSD.

Hopefully I will know if I can always boot from Windows 10 normally.

itunes – Unable to unmount an external drive used with the Music application due to the AMPLibraryAgent process

I'm using an external storage drive for my music library in macOS 10.15 Catalina because the required file size is several times that of my internal SSD. After upgrading to Catalina, when I connect the player to use Music, I can not eject the player later because of the player lock. AMPLibraryAgent process. Here is the exit of the terminal detailing the problem:

diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk2
Unmount of disk2 failed: at least one volume could not be unmounted
Unmount was dissented by PID 710 (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AMPLibrary.framework/Versions/A/Support/AMPLibraryAgent)
Dissenter parent PPID 1 (/sbin/launchd)

How can I remove this lock without leaving the service process or turning off my computer?

flash – Can an external off-camera flash be used to learn basic off-camera lighting?

I have a fairly old Nikon D60 camera (which is suitable for the moment) and some lenses. I would like to better control demanding lighting environments. So I think buy a commander and flash combo (for example a transmitter Godox TT350 and X1T (Quadralite brand)) or a set of basic studio consists of two lights and light boxes.

Now, I am very conscious of the fact that a basic set Studio and a flash are two very different things, designed for different situations. I lean more towards the flash / commander combo, as this would give me more flexibility: I can hold the flash in my hand, trigger the camera remotely and make a portrait, but I can also l? use for other types of photography, such as shooting events in low light or traveling. The studio set seems a lot more specialized and cumbersome, although it gives you the benefit of seeing your lighting in advance and that the basic entry sets will be slightly cheaper than the flash combo / commander.

I would like to buy both, but my budget is pretty tight at the moment. I would just like to know if the flash / commander combo can be useful for experimenting with a slightly more controlled lighting environment.

sharepoint online – 1 file – Direct access – External user

Is it possible to have only one file giving access to an external user, and no other access? What I mean, is that the file I want to access is about 5 levels of folders, instead that this external person clicks on each folder to access the file, there may be a means only to display this file under "documents" "when they come to our sharepoint online site." Thoughts, otherwise I have to allow them to see only the folder structure to see the file when they connect . Thank you.

inserting external links in articles

By default, GSA inserts the authority links of the specific file in the form
I was wondering if there is a way to insert custom authority URLs from a file (30-40) for specific keywords found in the article. Of course, if there are 3 targeted keywords for authority links, there will be 3 separate files for each kw.
I want to skip "? Searchtext =% anchor_text%" and insert full URLs from scraped articles for specific keywords.
And that's besides my link, which is inserted like this % anchor_text%.

How can we read the data from the external SharePoint list with the help of Rest in SharePoint 2016/2019?

I have a SQL database, I have configured the BCS service in SharePoint with SharePoint Designer. This means that I now have an external list.
What I want, I want to read and insert this external data list via a custom form
Note: This custom forms our organization to all employees they can access if successful.
it is possible?
Please suggest me the best way.