r – How to extract separate data from an out-of-format string

When extracting data from a PDF file in R, when extracting text line by line, I have the following situation. A string of interest containing three pieces of information separated by spaces, as shown below.

a <- "João Fernando Freitas 123546514 sdfasfasfa"

The information that interests me is the first term in the chain, its name. I would like a method to extract only the name of the string, ignoring the rest

Like many PDF files, I would need a method to insert into a loop and scale up the process.

python – How to extract a line of data from a DF file?

How can I extract the N line from my data frame?

>>> BD

0 0.143335 0.003217 0.238816 0.181586 0.085305 0.029136 0.040685 0.073971 0.1.203950
1 0.246245 0.059063 0.031106 0.017317 0.045353 0.214421 0.127492 0.073092 0.185911
2 0.038312 0.006075 0.072793 0.044644 ​​0.016160 0.003624 0.010822 0.520474 0.287095
0.162723 0.087614 0.049509 0.229241 0.108593 0.012520 0.246437 0.040767 0.062598

and that it seems to me as follows

    >>> table ([0.143335, 0.003217, 0.238816, 0.181586 , 0.085305,     0.029136, 0.040685, 0.073971, 0.203950])

depending on the line you choose, without any column headings

Extract information from the document library to an additional list

I have a library of documents on SharePoint with a lot of documents.

I have two clients (for example, Client A and Client B) who will have access to this document library.

Some of these documents are secret. Client A will not be allowed to see the secret documents.

So, I tagged / tagged secret documents with an extra column with "Yes" or "No"

enter the description of the image here

Now, I want to create a view OR an extra list (I do not know) that will show me all the documents marked / marked "No" in the column "Is this document secret?".

And I want to give this list OR see my client A. Only he has permission for this view or this list.

Anyone can help me please. I so mocked videos but I did not find an answer.
Thank you

How can I extract parts in bitcoin sv test node?

I've created a test node with the help of Bitcoin SV, but I can not get any room from any faucet.

Is there a way to extract the piece in a knot?

The search API with Solr will not display any extract

I create a search results page using the search API with a Solr backend provided by Pantheon.

I can not put the snippet in the results page based on the views. I've disabled all the processors for the index. I've extracted and highlighted the features enabled for the server.

By tinkering, I found that the extract will appear if I activate the Stemmer processor. However, not all words are complete – they only show the first letters. For example, a search for "athletics" indicates "athlete".

Do you have any ideas on why Solr does not serve a usable extract?

Anyway, directly extract the Sharepoint lists with a Java program to extract large amounts of data without first exporting to Excel?

Does anyone know if it is possible to extract SharePoint lists directly with the help of a Java program? I would like my program to automatically extract data from SharePoint from time to time that I would configure myself, but I encounter problems when I try to recover the data to start, even to start doing anything with that data. Sorry if all this is vague but my main question is again: is it possible to extract data with a Java program directly from SharePoint. Thank you.

png – Extract embedded images from a PDF file in tiny bands

I have an important pdf where I need to extract the source image, as lossless as possible (eg using png)
For some reason, it seems like the source image is made up of 226 image bands, and when I extract them, for example. with

pdfimages -png name.pdf out-

I get the 226 tiny scratches. This is not what I want. Is it possible to get a single image instead? Using list pdfimages tells me the information on the tapes, and using for example the above pdfimages -png name.pdf out- give me the 226 unique images. An image is for example. 1604 px wide and 5 px high. As far as I can verify, all the images seem to be 5 px high and with 226 single images, I should rather get a single image of 1604 x 1130 px.

transactions – how can I extract all the bitcoin output addresses from the tx message?

I want to extract the output addresses of the tx messages in any pcc bitcoin.

currently, I'm extracting tx messages whose output script starts with "0x76" or "0xA9", but I do not know how can I extract other types of op_code codes introduced here:


7 – How to use view relationships to extract user entity reference data?

I have created 2 new user fields for the user (object / entity) on my D7 site. With the help of views, I can select "content" or "user" to query data. When I use views to query the user, the 2 new fields appear correctly. However, when I select "content", the 2 new fields are not present. This seems logical to me since the 2 new fields are linked to the user entity.

For my needs, I need content AND user data. The strange or strange thing is that when I select "content" for my database and that I use relationships to search and retrieve user entity fields, some old custom created fields and already related to the user entity are present and I can select them, BUT my 2 new fields are not.

I tried to clear the caches and check that active content was enabled with the 2 new fields enabled. So, why can I find references in feature relationships to old custom fields, but not to new fields I've created?

It looks like a 22 capture. If I select a user, I have my new fields, but not the content, and vice versa.

transactions – How to extract a raw script from tx messages when the output script starts with 0xA9?

I am working on extracting the output addresses of tx messages in BITCOIN packages.

Currently, I'm extracting the address of the output scripts that starts with 0x76 (OP_DUP)
like this:

76 a9 14 6j 1j 74 58 95 6e 80 cd b4 c3 3f 1e d5 8e 91 c4 92 1a 85 d0 88

but I have no idea of ​​some output scripts that start with 0xA9 (OP_HASH160).

For example, I do not know in the example below, what is the raw script used to generate the output address?

a9 14 16 52 33 02 f2 ee d0 ee aa 6a 4c 1d 0a 41 39 6f c2 6f 53 6e 87

How can I extract the output address of output scripts that start with -xA9?