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Important Update / News: 30/09/17 07:45

Launch of Ez Bitcoin Matrix and pif number

Work plan, strategy and future opportunities

We had a detailed conversation with our prestigious members in the discussion room about the launch and pif number of Ez Bitcoin Matrix, and then I presented a detailed briefing.

Suppose we have 3000 members and all members add $ 3 and buy 6 positions, and then the program is quickly put in place from the first day.

We expect to have 5,000 members because, according to the plans and policies of our team, if we have more members, the average deposit will decrease.

From the first day to the beginning, we assumed 8,000 members and the deposit could be set to $ 1, so $ 1 was average on our side. We have 2000 positions after the entire matrix of the first member cycle.

When he / she will add the position +1000 free position to the free members, more members will complete the complete matrix

That was our strategy and we now have 2,000 members and an average deposit of $ 4 per member.

We try to activate our members, we do not want to lose an opportunity to spike, because it will make them energetic.

The launch of the matrix is ​​not a big problem but the maintenance of responsibility is enormous.

Because after the launch, we can not predict that more members will join as in pre-launch. We are trying to reach our goals and our goal is 5000 members, each member must add $ 2, which is nothing, but if we follow this strategy, we will all win money.

I have no problem launching but as a leader, I have to think about what is best for us.

If we go after to achieve our goals, I am 100% sure that you will earn money, otherwise we will stay here and the matrix will remain like the others. I want to give you the opportunity without any fear or loss that should give you years of passive income. and years and I think 0.50 is nothing that anyone can afford to replace the rumors if together we speed up advertising and reach at least 5,000 targets, we will all earn money here,

So, whatever you think and tell us will be appreciated and will be accepted first.

Thank you


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