python – Como executar scripts no F12 pelo Selenium

Eu queria saber como faço pra executar um script pelo F12 ( Ferramentas de Desenvolvedor ) pelo Selenium, eu queria que ele abrisse o F12, depois iria até o Console e lá colocar lá o script, eu já tentei driver.execute_script(‘script’), mais só funciona se eu tiver o F12 aberto no Google.

O que eu tenho até agora é isso

from selenium import webdriver

browser = webdriver.Chrome()

browser.execute_script("var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');iframe.onload = function(){var ifrLocalStorage = iframe.contentWindow.localStorage; return ifrLocalStorage.getItem('token');};iframe.src = "";document.body.appendChild(iframe);")

Should Canon 5D mk II autofocus be accurate enough for a f/1.2 lens?

According to this Blog post by owner Roger Cicala, the 5DIII has less than 1/2 the standard deviation of the 5DII with regards to Phase detection Auto Focus. But to get that additional benefit, one must also use Canon lenses introduced since about 2010. All of the testing was done using the center focus point.

In general, using the center focus point should yield faster, more accurate focus with faster lenses such as the 50mm f/1.2L and f/1.4. The 5DII can be an exception to this rule. When shooting in AI Servo AF, if C.Fn III-07 is enabled, there are six small AF Assist Points clustered within the spot metering circle that are active in addition to the Center Focus Point. The location of these six AF Assist Points are not indicated in the viewfinder! Yet the camera may be using one of them pointed at something that has higher contrast than what is located behind the square in the middle of the viewfinder when it decides the focus distance.

Here’s the Map for the 5DII’s focus system.


The entire series will tell you just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about phase detection AF accuracy and consistency.

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Hard Drive – Lenovo G560 F1 / F2 / F12 will not let me enter the BIOS

Lenovo G560

I've replaced the hard drive after its death on an SSD drive, it does not allow me to boot from anything, let alone the fact that it does not let me enter the BIOS. Of all that I found on google, they suggested to hit F1 / F2 / F12 / Delete (even with the F keys with FN), nothing happens, it passes in PXE, leaves it and does not say no device.

I do not know what to do with this laptop, it does not boot at all, although replacing the dead hard drive in the hard drive has shown that it could not "talk about it" and gave an error .

What does INDIRECT (! $ F12) mean in Excel?

I'm reviewing a model, where I continue to see that! used as presented in the header of the question, "= INDIRECT (! $ F12)"
What does it mean? how it works? Can someone help me where do I read about these references?