character creation – Could someone with a cast-iron mask burned onto their face speak?

character creation – Could someone with a cast-iron mask burned onto their face speak? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

macbook pro – Can MBP 16 inch(Late 2019) retina screen can be replaced with non retina screen(not apple)?is it possible?what problems i might face i do that?

macbook pro – Can MBP 16 inch(Late 2019) retina screen can be replaced with non retina screen(not apple)?is it possible?what problems i might face i do that? – Ask Different

shaders – Unity HDRP transparent material back-face rendering/front face culling

I try to render an object with 2 different transparent materials. One should only render the back faces (higher opacity/more color) and one only the front faces (lower opacity/less color). The purpose is to show another object inside the mesh better, while keeping the more saturated color on the back faces.

I tried to only render the back faces using a shader graph, but it seems to be impossible to only render back faces with TRANSPARENT material. With opaque materials, it was not a problem to isolate the back faces.

Is there a way to only render back faces of a transparent material, and overlap them with another material that only renders front faces?

(btw. this is the model, I need it for. The bones should pretty much preserve their details/color, while the jello is a rich green (screenshot from blender))

the problem child

Any help is very appreciated!
Thank you!

dungeon world – Where is the ‘Show the true face of Death’ move detailed?

It is a custom move for that example monster.

You can read more about how to create custom moves in the Making Moves chapter where it makes specific mention about monster moves:

Moves made by monsters against the players aren’t player moves at all. They’re monster moves, simple statements of what the monster does. Trying to make every monster move into a player move will seriously hamper your creativity.

c# – Azure Face Identification example

I want to use the Azure face API to identify persons from an image.

Last week I copied the example code found in the MS documentation.

But somehow I get wrong Results.
The confidence seems to be always the same, but the name of the detected person is different nearly every time.

My Code:

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

using Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.Face;
using Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.Face.Models;

namespace FaceDetection
    class Program
        static string personGroupId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
        *   AUTHENTICATE
        *   Uses subscription key and region to create a client.
        public static IFaceClient Authenticate(string endpoint, string key)
            return new FaceClient(new ApiKeyServiceClientCredentials(key)) { Endpoint = endpoint };

        * DETECT FACES
        * Detects features from faces and IDs them.
        public static async Task DetectFaceExtract(IFaceClient client, string url, string recognitionModel)
            Console.WriteLine("========DETECT FACES========");

            // Create a list of images
            List<string> imageFileNames = new List<string>
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection1.jpg",//jonas
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection2.jpg",//jonas
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection3.jpg",//sebe
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection4.jpg",//sebe
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection5.jpg",//marie
                                @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection6.jpg",//marie

            foreach (var imageFileName in imageFileNames)
                IList<DetectedFace> detectedFaces;

                // Detect faces with all attributes from image url.
                detectedFaces = await client.Face.DetectWithUrlAsync($"{url}{imageFileName}",
                        returnFaceAttributes: new List<FaceAttributeType?> { FaceAttributeType.Accessories, FaceAttributeType.Age,
                        FaceAttributeType.Blur, FaceAttributeType.Emotion, FaceAttributeType.Exposure, FaceAttributeType.FacialHair,
                        FaceAttributeType.Gender, FaceAttributeType.Glasses, FaceAttributeType.Hair, FaceAttributeType.HeadPose,
                        FaceAttributeType.Makeup, FaceAttributeType.Noise, FaceAttributeType.Occlusion, FaceAttributeType.Smile },
                        // We specify detection model 1 because we are retrieving attributes.
                        detectionModel: DetectionModel.Detection01,
                        recognitionModel: recognitionModel);

                Console.WriteLine($"{detectedFaces.Count} face(s) detected from image `{imageFileName}`.");
        public static async Task IdentifyInPersonGroup(IFaceClient client, string url, string recognitionModel)
            Console.WriteLine("========IDENTIFY FACES========");

            // Create a dictionary for all your images, grouping similar ones under the same key.
            Dictionary<string, string()> personDictionary =
                new Dictionary<string, string()>
                        { "Jonas", new() { @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection1.jpg", @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection2.jpg" } },
                        { "Sebastian", new() { @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection3.jpg", @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection4.jpg" } },
                        { "Marie", new() { @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection5.jpg", @"C:VS Code rootC#MachineLearningImagesFacesdetection6.JPG" } }
            // A group photo that includes some of the persons you seek to identify from your dictionary.
            //string sourceImageFileName = @"";
            string sourceImageFileName = url;

            // Create a person group. 
            Console.WriteLine($"Create a person group ({personGroupId}).");
            await client.PersonGroup.CreateAsync(personGroupId, personGroupId, recognitionModel: recognitionModel);
            // The similar faces will be grouped into a single person group person.
            foreach (var groupedFace in personDictionary.Keys)
                // Limit TPS
                await Task.Delay(250);
                Person person = await client.PersonGroupPerson.CreateAsync(personGroupId: personGroupId, name: groupedFace);
                Console.WriteLine($"Create a person group person '{groupedFace}'.");

                // Add face to the person group person.
                foreach (var similarImage in personDictionary(groupedFace))
                    Console.WriteLine($"Add face to the person group person({groupedFace}) from image `{similarImage}`");
                    PersistedFace face = await client.PersonGroupPerson.AddFaceFromUrlAsync(personGroupId, person.PersonId,
                        $"{url}{similarImage}", similarImage);
                // Start to train the person group.
                Console.WriteLine($"Train person group {personGroupId}.");
                await client.PersonGroup.TrainAsync(personGroupId);

                // Wait until the training is completed.
                while (true)
                    await Task.Delay(1000);
                    var trainingStatus = await client.PersonGroup.GetTrainingStatusAsync(personGroupId);
                    Console.WriteLine($"Training status: {trainingStatus.Status}.");
                    if (trainingStatus.Status == TrainingStatusType.Succeeded) { break; }

            List<Guid?> sourceFaceIds = new List<Guid?>();
            // Detect faces from source image url.
            List<DetectedFace> detectedFaces = await DetectFaceRecognize(client, $"{url}{sourceImageFileName}", recognitionModel);
            //List<DetectedFace> detectedFaces = await DetectFaceRecognize(client, $"{sourceImageFileName}", recognitionModel);

            // Add detected faceId to sourceFaceIds.
            foreach (var detectedFace in detectedFaces) { sourceFaceIds.Add(detectedFace.FaceId.Value); }

            // Identify the faces in a person group. 
            var identifyResults = await client.Face.IdentifyAsync(sourceFaceIds, personGroupId);

            foreach (var identifyResult in identifyResults)
                Person person = await client.PersonGroupPerson.GetAsync(personGroupId, identifyResult.Candidates(0).PersonId);
                Console.WriteLine($"Person '{person.Name}' is identified for face in: {sourceImageFileName} - {identifyResult.FaceId}," +
                    $" confidence: {identifyResult.Candidates(0).Confidence}.");

        private static async Task<List<DetectedFace>> DetectFaceRecognize(IFaceClient faceClient, string url, string recognition_model)
            // Detect faces from image URL. Since only recognizing, use the recognition model 1.
            // We use detection model 2 because we are not retrieving attributes.
            IList<DetectedFace> detectedFaces = await faceClient.Face.DetectWithUrlAsync(url, recognitionModel: recognition_model, detectionModel: DetectionModel.Detection02);
            Console.WriteLine($"{detectedFaces.Count} face(s) detected from image `{Path.GetFileName(url)}`");
            return detectedFaces.ToList();

        * After this entire example is executed, delete the person group in your Azure account,
        * otherwise you cannot recreate one with the same name (if running example repeatedly).
        public static async Task DeletePersonGroup(IFaceClient client, String personGroupId)
            await client.PersonGroup.DeleteAsync(personGroupId);
            Console.WriteLine($"Deleted the person group {personGroupId}.");
        static void Main(string() args)
            // From your Face subscription in the Azure portal, get your subscription key and endpoint.
            const string SUBSCRIPTION_KEY = "**********";
            const string ENDPOINT = @"";

            const string RECOGNITION_MODEL3 = RecognitionModel.Recognition03;

            const string IMAGE_BASE_URL = "";

            IFaceClient client = Authenticate(ENDPOINT, SUBSCRIPTION_KEY);

                Console.Write("Enter an image url >");
                string IMAGE_BASE_URL = Console.ReadLine();

                if(IMAGE_BASE_URL == "quit")


                IdentifyInPersonGroup(client, IMAGE_BASE_URL, RECOGNITION_MODEL3).Wait();

            DeletePersonGroup(client, personGroupId).Wait();

Thanks for your help.

Why face ID of iphone X and XS stop working?

I have seen plenty of used iPhone X and XS that say phone works fine except face ID. This made me quite curious as to why most iPhone X or XS have their face corrupted? Apparently its a depth camera, are depth cameras more susceptible to faults?

iphone – Enforce authentification (passcode, Touch ID, Face ID) for viewing saved passwords on iOS

I have surprisingly realized that I can view all my (Safari) saved passwords on my iPhone under iOS 14.4 without having to type my passcode (again). This is problematic as for a regular user, it would be easy for somebody to steal all their saved passwords by just borrowing their phone to “make a call”.

On macOS, if I want to view the saved passwords in Safari preferences, I have to type again my Mac password. Same for Chrome.

Is there a way to enforce this on iOS?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

c# – Help with making the transform.up face toward velocity while preventing transform.forward from changing? (Unity)

I have been working on a personal project that is suppose to mimic anthem (because why not). I am using a state machine for the character controller that I intend to integrate with the Unity’s Animation state machine.

I am calculating a new velocity that makes the player follow the mouse when flying, and I am making transform.up = Velocity so that the player appears to be going head first towards its velocity.The issue is that I am noticing that when you start to rotate in a circular way on the x plane the player will start to roll and its transform.forward moves from facing towards the ground (which is what i want) to facing the sky.

enter image description here

public class s_MechFlyt : MechStates{

  float flySpeedPercentage;

  public s_MechFlyt(in MechController Master) : base(Master){
    flySpeedPercentage = 2.5f;

  public override void Update(){
    if (_Master.SprintButtonHeld){

      Quaternion Rot = Quaternion.Euler(-_Master.DMouse.y , _Master.DMouse.x , 0);

      _Master.Velocity = Rot * Vector3.forward * _Master.Stats.Speed * flySpeedPercentage;
      Vector3 Rotation = _Master.Velocity;**
      //Rotation.y = Mathf.Clamp(Rotation.z, 0, 50);
      _Master.transform.up = Vector3.Normalize(Rotation);
      //_Master.transform.rotation = Rot;

      //_Master.transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(_Master.transform.up, _Master.Velocity, 5);

      _Master._Controller.Move(_Master.Velocity * Time.deltaTime);

      if (_Master.JumpButtonHeld){
        _Master.transform.up = Vector3.up;

      _Master.transform.up = Vector3.up;

  public override void EnterState(){

Sorry if the code is a little cluttered, this is in prototyping phase to find a solution and will clean it up once I have it working.

The core code is in the public override update()

I will remove spots on your face within 2 hr for $2

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unity – Photon2 billboards take a long time to face the camera

I’m using PUN2 and trying to use nametag billboards for my players, but they are not facing forward correctly and I have to wait more than 20 seconds to make the name tag of player return to facing forward.

here’s my code for my BillBoard Script:

public class BillBoard : MonoBehaviour
    protected Transform ThisCameraPlayerBillBoard ;

    private void Start()
        ThisCameraPlayerBillBoard = GameSetup.GS.ThisCameraToBillBoard.GetComponent<Camera>().transform;


    private void FixedUpdate()
        transform.LookAt(transform.position + ThisCameraPlayerBillBoard .rotation * Vector3.forward,
            ThisCameraPlayerBillBoard .rotation * Vector3.up);

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