Web crawlers – When setting up a campaign, Facebook crawls my website using an Iphone user agent

Whenever I am setting up a camping site on Facebook, I get two visits from Facebook's crawlers.

The first one I can identify as a robot and serve it the SSR (HTML) version.

The user agent is:

userAgent: facebookexternalhit / 1.1 (+ http: //www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php)

enter description of image here

But after 500ms (see screenshots), he visits my website again with an Iphone user agent, which I cannot correctly identify as a robot:

The user agent is:

userAgent: mozilla / 5.0 (iphone; cpu iphone os 13_3_1 like mac os x) applewebkit / 605.1.15 (khtml, like gecko) version / 13.0.5 mobile / 15e148 safari / 604.1

enter description of image here

And since I can't identify it as a robot, it gets the full Javascript version of my website (which is a single page app) with the Analytics logging event code. So it shows up on my Analytics reports.

Usually it shows the location of Irvine – California.

enter description of image here

And it's a bounce, because it only visits one page.

Is this normal? Has anyone seen this before?

I apparently only happen when I set up a Facebook campaign. When I post links, it only crawls with the robot user agent.

Facebook advertising | Forum promotion

I have been running an ad for a few weeks now. I see a lot of traffic but I haven't gained a lot of registrations (maybe around 20 people, over 2 weeks). It's not bad for the price. I also like that you can really target who sees your ad. I mean very fine control over that. I have a buncha criterion that they must like this and at least that, but cannot like that, or that, as their interests. You can select by age, gender, etc. MUCH more control than what Google ads give.

I also like that the billing on Facebook is EXACT. GoogleAds is so risky that you can end up going over budget, which really scares me, I'm a person, a hobbyist, not a business, I don't have a billion dollars to spend on ads.

Therefore, Facebook ads are the best, because you will never go over the budget you have set and the excellent targeting methods. In addition, millions of people use Facebook every day, for hours a day – therefore, they are required to see your ad.

I give Facebook Ads 2 inches! :awesome:

Facebook: "Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your page."

I manage a page on Facebook.

Whenever someone likes or reacts to one of the messages on the page, we receive the notification:

Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your page.

Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your page.

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with this notification.

There is no button to invite that person to like the page. Why is this the message, when there is no visible call to action to actually invite the person?

How can I "invite them to like the page"?

Is there a way to invite this person of the page like the page? We do not want to invite from our personal accounts. We are not friends with these people either.

Is there a way to prevent these notifications? I don't want to invite people to like the page.

web hosting – Can I / should I self-host marketing scripts (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.)?

Many marketing providers and plugin providers provide embeddable scripts, but many do not use CDNs, so their response time is slow. They also DO NOT cache their scripts because they need to update them from time to time (this is also for pixel Facebook, Google and other fat guys). This slows down the loading speed of the site.

I plan to host some of the script files myself on my servers or on a CDN, and update them automatically whenever the original source file is updated (this would be done periodically and programmatically).

Can anyone tell me what is the pitfall of this strategy?

For example, Facebook and Google warn against self-hosting their scripts. I think their main concern is that users will have obsolete scripts if these companies update them.

BUT – if I take really good care of it, is it really a problem? If I check every 5 minutes and update my hosted file accordingly, I guess I could potentially have lost or bugged data during those 5 minutes, but no more.

Does the person who refused you on Facebook receive a notification on Facebook after a year that the person whom he refused can now add them again?

So someone I know I sent a friend request like a year ago and she turned it down and it's been a year since that happened and i still can't send him a friend request but on any of my other accounts i can still add him to that account. Does this mean that they are notified that it has been a year since they refused you and that they can now send you another friend request and that they define it where I still can't add it?

Where can I sell old Facebook accounts?

Hello good day. I am Turkish. and I want to sell old Facebook accounts at a very affordable price. Accounts with hotmail.com extension. It opened in Turkey. Where can I sell?

$ 40 for favicon, default facebook and cover photo

https://domainpager.com is the website and I need a default photo + cover photo for it (https://www.facebook.com/domainpager).

I also need a favicon.

Some tips are the cover photo should have the features listed on the home page and something like "never miss an opportunity with premium domain start pages", we have 3 types of forms .. buy it now, make an offer and contact us. Users can also have no forms on the page and simply use the domain pager as a placeholder cover page / countdown. The concept is that many domains have who.is private privacy and people have no way of contacting the domain owner. With this service, domain owners can keep their privacy while allowing people to contact them for inquiries and opportunities.

$ 40 via paypal or crypto.

livestream – Facebook Live does not show a preview on the page

I have a Facebook business page. When you create a live video using the Facebook Page app, on the page, it only displays a text description of the post. It is not even clear that this is a live video – it looks like a regular video has been published.

How can I get him to publish a full preview of a live video on the page where the broadcast originates from?

How do I get the Facebook Live mobile app to use the wide angle camera?

Many phones today have more than one camera, many of which have a wide angle lens. How can I get the Facebook mobile app to recognize and use the other front cameras?