facebook – Why is my FB/Instagram ad campaign rejected?

I created an ad campaign on business.facebook.com for both FB and Instagram and now after it is finished I loged in and is says that it is Rejected.
So I clicked on the ad and in the Ad Info popup it says that “It can not run the ad: Update website-URL”

But the thing is that I can see the Result for it that it has been showed to 3000 people on FB and that I have spent 300(swedish kronor)?

So it has run on FB, but I guess not on Instagram?

Can´t I have links to my webpage on Instagram, is that the problem?

In the ad I have something like this:

Headline Price
Link to my webpage https://mydoamin.com?id=1234
Some hashtags #mystore #clothes etc...
Then I have an Image with some text that says, "Now you can shop from my store at mydomain.com"

What can be the problem? Of course I want to have links to my webpage in my ad!?
Any input really appreciated.

privacy – In Facebook is there a way to add someone to a friend list before they accept your friend request?

If you go to someone’s profile page and add them as a friend, while it’s still pending, is there a way to add them to a list? Or do you have to wait for them to actually accept your friend request so that you can, for example, restrict them from viewing certain posts of yours?

Sim and facebook messenger SMS

Please could someone clarify this, if you have the answer:

  1. You download messenger on your android phone and you register with the number of the sim card which is in your phone.

  2. Do I need to have the sim card in the phone for it’s sms messages to go to Facebook messenger?

  3. What if I took that sim card out and replaced it with another sim card and number would I still get the old sim card and numbers messages through Facebook messenger, if I left the old number on FB messenger?

The reason I say this is I am waiting for my old sim card number to transfer over to a new network and instead of forwarding texts, I wonder if Facebook messenger would pick them up….I understand this would mean Facebook would have to be connected to mobile networks…is this the technology Facebook is using or is it straight from the sim in the android device that messenger is on?

Saving a Facebook page without it being broken

When I save a Facebook page in Chrome, it’s all broken and the content that I loaded are not organized like the original page – in fact, it doesn’t have any formatting at all. Say if I have 5 images or buttons that should be grouped, they are all left-aligned and appears stacked vertically; the buttons appear as text etc. It looks like as if it didn’t have any JavaScript at all. How do I save a page so that it still looks like the original?

Does swiping down on a Facebook Messenger notification on iPhone show that you’ve read it?

On the Messenger app, you get notifications of what others say in a chat that appear on the top bar of your iPhone. However, when you swipe down on one, it displays options like “Reply”, “Like”, which makes it seem as if you’ve read it. Will that show on the actual chat?

How To Unblock My Website Link On Facebook..?

Hello friends,

how to unblock my website link on facebook..?

encryption – How can WhatsApp share information with Facebook if the messages are encrypted end-to-end?

WhatsApp is enforcing a new controversy privacy policy that, as far as I understand, shares data from your chat messages with Facebook to provide you with “tailored ads” on Facebook.

How can WhatsApp share this information with Facebook, if the messages are encrypted end-to-end?

Does it mean that the messages are encrypted in my phone, sent encrypted (with the key to decrypt) to Facebook for targeting Ads, and another message is sent with the key to decrypt to the cellphone of the person I’m having a chat with?

How to modify a file in Facebook

I looked up this question and it says to click on the three dots by the file and modify will show on the new Facebook. It does not. I only have the option to download or see original post. I pinned the post to the top of the group and the modify option is not there either. I now have 6 versions of the same file in my group, and would really rather not have more.

How to eliminate all not chat-related from the Facebook Messenger?

I do not want to see anything from the facebook what is not chat-related, like:

  • the integrated facebook browser (yes, it is not a joke)
  • popups of my pals currently logged in
  • excerpts of their facebook posts
  • many-level influence of my phone GUI (like flooding of my sharing possibilities by my messenger contacts)

My goal is to entirely eliminate facebook from my life, except the messenger chat and video calls, because I can talk with some people only there.

The best would be an opensource app which knows the facebook messenger protocol, and serves exactly this purpose. Alternatively, not opensource apps, or the tunings/settings of the currently available apps would also do.

Transferring a Facebook page from business to personal page

How can I transfer a Facebook page that is “owned by” a Facebook business, created and managed by myself under my own account, to instead become a personal page?

Running ads on a personal account does not need a company or it´s details, where a Business owned Facebook page does. Wherever you may want to run a testing campaign on a page it is not possible without starting the very thing you cannot afford until you assess the market.