Why did Facebook put my website on the blacklist?

I have a helpmen.org site that I use to sell domain names. I had been in the habit of linking to it since my Facebook page, but now it's blacklisted and all the posts presenting it have been automatically deleted. Since my domains are redirecting to the site, this is most of my posts. Facebook is the same odious anti-user company as it has always been, so I can not get an answer from them.

One possibility that I have thought (not at all sure that is the case) is that Facebook does not like the amount of links to the site. However, I do not do spam and do not publish multiple times.
The other possibility I see is that an FB administrator views the site as a sort of landing page (of which he is a part) and hates it. The blacklist was shortly after I changed the name of the page, which required a revision. Could that have provoked him?

I do not believe there is any good reason for the blacklist, but as there is no argument (or communication) with Facebook, is there any reason? a knows from personal experience with Facebook pages or general knowledge on Facebook what could be the reason for this blacklist?

The active request of Facebook Business Manager does not show up

When I ask to access a Facebook page, it says:

"Your sales representative already has an active request on this page.You will see a notification if the request is accepted."

But then, when I go to my Companies page to see the requests, they are not displayed.

I could make it work through another account ("Colt's in screen capture below) but not this one.

I'm trying to do it via the facebook account of another person (a customer) who owns the company's page. When I try to add it (instead of asking because the account has it), I get the same error.

thank you,

Request for access

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How to add a Facebook connection to a Unity game without Gameroom?

I'm trying to implement the connection to Facebook with the Facebook SDK for Unity. The documentation gives a fairly simple sound: call FB.Init, then FB.LogInWithReadPermissions and use a callback to handle the response. At no time does it mention additional requirements, such as specific game clients.

Everything works in the editor, but when I try to run a build, the Init call fails with the error message "The name of the pipe did not been transmitted to the application at startup.
Make sure you are using the facebook game client. "

…Yeah. That's a bit of what I'm trying to spell out do not do here; it was built to work on Steam, and I've seen other Steam games offer Facebook authentication, so I know it's possible. I just do not know how, and Facebook's documentation is no help because it does not even mention Gameroom in conjunction with these APIs!

Does anyone know what to do to put this in place? Using Unity 2019.2.2f1 and the Facebook SDK 7.17.2.

Why is the location of the event missing from the public view of a Facebook event?

Facebook members have reported that they can not see the location of my public event. I can not see it either in private browsing mode. Please see https://www.facebook.com/events/815082995518176/?event_time_id=815083032184839.

Search for Facebook help without a solution and ask for help from the Facebook community (please vote if possible). Also done "The Missing Facebook Event" – Google Search.

Please see the screenshot below with the red circle surrounding the missing location.Public view of the Facebook event with the missing location

What's a "chronological link" on Facebook? Is it the same as a link to his profile?

What's a "chronological link" on Facebook? Is it the same as a link to his profile?

I saw the term used when connecting via https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/ovh-com-reviews/en/:

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On Facebook, I can not share the message of my page on my personal page. Is it correct?

Sharing Facebook from my own page worked like this article. However, I do not have the option "On your own schedule" anymore. I can only share my pages, an event or a group, as shown in the following image.

enter the description of the image here

Is it possible to work around this change? Or is it a bug?

Facebook / Analytics Event Manager

In Events Manager, I can go to "Purchase Event" – "view details" and under the chart that slips, I can see a chart with just a few lines full details of the purchase event including the date and the value.

In Facebook Analytics, I can access Activity – Events and see a chart of the number of purchase events, but no details of each event. I can also access event debugging and change "all events" into "purchases", which shows me the level of detail I want to see, but only for the last 2 days.

How can I see a list of all purchases (and other types of events), including date and value, for a selected date range?

which is the best between Facebook or Instagram for marketing?

which is the best between Facebook or Instagram for food marketing

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