How to close the FaceTime “picture in picture” app

I started FaceTime during a phone call from my iPhone6S . After completing the call the Facetime app is still there in black saying

This FaceTime call is in Picture in Picture

It is not possible to close the app via swiping. So how can it be closed?

iphone – How to stop FaceTime and iMessage alert

I have a data only sim which has poor signal at home. Every time my phone loses signal and gets signal again it displays this message.

Der vom Netzbetreiber gefallene SMS-Schaden beim Aktivieren von
FaceTime und iMessage

Which means it could not sent an sms to verify the number for FaceTime and iMessage.

If I leave my phone for a long time it connects to the network maybe 30 times then I have 30 alerts to dismiss before I can use my phone.

I really don’t want to change my number as I’m only using a data only sim while in another country.

Why does Facetime echo and Zoom does not?

Huge echo with my living room setup when using Facetime on a Mac Mini with external camera (nice Logitech). Zero echo using Zoom. Or really, anything else. Even Skype seems fine.

Of course, it is convenient to use Facetime, but actually my mother and father are using this as the seed of a ‘let’s buy Samsung phones’ plan. They hear good things. They switch, I’ll likely need to switch.

I’ll not be buying a Mac all-in-one to fix this.

Any help? I’d really prefer not to spent winter break learning Android.

iphone – Network provider may charge for SMS messages used to activate FaceTime & iMessage

I’m facing this issue from a couple of months on my iPhone XS Max.

Your network provider may charge for SMS messages used to activate
FaceTime & iMessage.

I’m not able to avoid this problem at any cost.

I also followed this question : How to remove Your carrier may charge for SMS Messages used to activate FaceTime

But the issue is still there. So, how to resolve this issue ?

iphone – FaceTime audio is garbled

Whenever my wife FaceTimes our son in the US (using her iPhone6) the sound is garbled.

We can see and hear him OK, but whenever she speaks, the sound is very loud and distorted, and sometimes with a delay (or echo.)

When we FaceTime family in Australia, everything seems OK.

The connection is via our WiFi modem.

Anyone have any idea WHY, and if this can be fixed?

facetime – Face time in a middle east version of iphone in India

I am planning to buy an iPhone 12 pro for my brother who is in Dubai now. But after a few months, he will go back to India.

Middle East version of the iPhone doesn’t have face time installed by default because it is not supported in UAE. But, If he takes his iPhone to India, can he install and use the face time in India? We buy only the unlocked version.

I checked with the iPhone customer care. They say, ”it is completely based on the carrier you are using”. If I ask my service provider they are asking me to check with iPhone support.

Any suggestions?

iphone – Why imessage and FaceTime continues to charge money even after activation?

It’s been 2 or 3 months that I used to get alert from my carrier that a amount has been deducted and I couldn’t find what those charges were for. It’s today so happened that the alert of deduction and Apple ID verification came simultaneously and that directed me towards imessage and FaceTime. With a few google searches I found this Apple Support link very helpful, in that forum it written clearly

Depending on your carrier, it can be normal for the activation of iMessage and FaceTime to involve incurring a cost for sending an international SMS message.

And when I searched for the cost of international SMS in my country and carrier, it was same as the deduction amount that I got alerted for. So, now it’s clear that my Iphone 7 is sending international SMSs for the activation of imessage and FaceTime (which I say is already activated). Now, I have two questions:

  1. Why it is sending those international SMS even after activation is done?
  2. How to stop it? It has already cost a good deal of deduction.

cannot log into Messages and FaceTime in MacOS Big Sur beta 8

a day ago I updated to macOS Big Sur beta 8. all of the messages I sent said not delivered when I had internet. I tried logging out and logging back in, but it won’t log in. It works for a few seconds and then shows the login screen again. facetime also won’t log in.

If my iPad is dead/switched off, will I still get a FaceTime missed call notification if someone tries to ring me?

If my iPad is out of battery/switched off when someone tries to FaceTime call me, will I get a missed call notification when I turn it back on? Because FaceTime uses WiFi, will the missed call be stored on Apple servers?

FaceTime HD camera stops transmitting live video in Catalina — how to fix?

At some point in Catalina’s evolution (10.15.5+ ?) situations started recurring where there’s no video with the Thunderbolt Display attached and the MacBook Pro in closed clamshell mode when attempting a videoconference via FaceTime or other videoconferencing app (Skype, Zoom, etc). What is strange is that the Display FaceTime HD camera is selected and the green LED is illuminated. I also tried disconnecting the Thunderbolt Display to see whether the MacBook Pro’s built-in FaceTime would transmit live video — and it did. But then there was no audio! I was able to reconnect the Thunderbolt Display to regain audio, but of course there was no live video.

The workaround for this problem is to restart the computer.

Has anyone else seen this problem, and is there a fix besides restarting?