What factors affect the level of quality?

What factors affect the level of quality?

List of ranking factors for Amazon products

1. Sales Ranking
Sales rankings (also known as Amazon's top sellers ranking) is one of the most important ranking factors. More sales = better rankings and higher ranking = more sales!

2. Customer Reviews
The number of product reviews you receive and the quality of these reviews are important ranking factors.

3. Answers to questions
Answered questions appear at the top of the product page and play an important role in conversions.

4. Size and quality of the image
Sellers should follow Amazon's image guidelines to make sure their ads are not deleted. Using high quality images of at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels, you can enable the zoom feature that allows buyers to see your products in more detail.

5. Price
The price of your products is not only one of the most important factors of the box, but it also has a great impact on conversion rates and sales.

6. Parent-child products
By using Amazon's parent-child product feature, you will lead customers to a single product page. This will help maximize your customer feedback.

7. Time spent on the page and bounce rate
The time your customer spends on your ad will tell Amazon how much customers are interested in your product.

8. Completeness of the most complete product list of your product list is best. Try to fill in each field of the configuration page of the list.

Relevance factors
9. Title A good product title will increase your conversion rate. To optimize the title of your Amazon product, it must contain keywords, be easy to read, and be less than 200 characters long.

10. Features / points
Displaying product features in the form of detailed bullets including keywords (as below) is a great way to increase the number of conversions.

11. Product Description
Use the product description to expand your features and include your keywords. It is worthwhile to make every effort to achieve the desired results, as an excellent product description will increase your engagement rate and conversion rates.

Similarly, a description of the product that is not at the peak of the effect may cause you to lose sales (to a competitor) or to cause a negative feedback from the buyer. To learn how to remove negative comments on Amazon,

12. Manufacturer's brand and part number
If so, you should always include the mark in your title. This helps buyers to search for their products by brand name.

13. Specifications The Specifications section allows you to list the technical and physical details of your product, such as size, shipping weight, color, and so on. By completing this section, you are showing Amazon that you are diligent when it comes to ads.

14. Category and subcategory
When setting up your product list, be sure to select the most relevant category for your product.

15. Search Terms Amazon gives you five fields with a character limit to specify the search terms you want to associate with your product.

Here are Amazon best practices for providing keywords.

  • Do not provide inaccurate, misleading or irrelevant information.
  • Do not provide excessively long content. Respect the limits defined for different fields.
  • Do not provide redundant information already entered in other fields such as title, author, product description, bullets, brand, etc.
  • When entering multiple words as a search term, place them in the most logical order.
  • Use one space to separate the keywords. No commas, semicolons or carets are required.
  • Do not include provisionally true statements, for example "new", "on sale", "available now".
  • Do not include any subjective claims such as amazing, good quality, and so on.
  • Do not include common spelling mistakes in the product name.
  • Do not provide variations in spacing, punctuation, capitalization and pluralization.
  • Do not include abusive or offensive terms.
  • Abbreviations, alternative names, the subject (for books, etc.) and the main character (for books, movies, etc.) can be included as keywords.

Factors of satisfaction and retention of customers
16. Negative sellers' comments Negative comments matter to you as much in terms of product search results. Your rating is also an important factor for your chances of buying.

17. For order fulfillment speed to work on Amazon, you must ship quickly and accurately. You will also get a better ranking with effective order processing.

18. Poor inventory management based on the stocking rate in stock may result in out of stock of popular products. Amazon loves sellers who maintain a high inventory rate to minimize refunds and cancellations before execution.

19. Perfect Order Percentage (POP) Vendors who get a higher percentage of perfect orders will rank higher than those who experience ordering problems.

20. Order Fault Rate (ODR) If a customer makes a claim against an order, this is considered a control fault. Defects include negative comments from the buyer, warranty claims from A to Z, shipping problems and chargebacks. Note that if comments are later deleted by the buyer, they will not be counted in your ODR. It is therefore interesting to try to solve all the possible problems.

21. Exit rate Your exit rate is the percentage of time that a customer sees your list, and then quits Amazon. Products with a lower exit rate will be better ranked and converted further.

The most important ranking factors of Google?

The main ranking factors of Google?

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What factors determine when it's good that the UX intertwines comments on a blog?

Nested comments in the sense of comments that are being progressively indented according to their hierarchical level are an abomination according to my personal likes because I tend to only participate in sections of blog comments where commentators can keep track, at least most of the time, of who is commenting on who by whom – and who write in a way that makes it easier for their readers, using the ">" character or italics as needed. A help in the form of indentation would make understanding more difficult, not easier. The effect would be similar to the irritation felt when you fully understand what another person is saying and yet, she continues to ask, "Do you know what I'm saying?" But it's just me. I am not a typical blog commentator. So the question I ask myself is: what factors have been reliably determined to govern when nested comments help or hinder the use of the user experience?

I'm thinking of variables such as

  • the number and distribution of comments and commentators by article
  • the typical educational level of a user and his ability to express himself in writing
  • the heat or not of the interactions between the commentators
  • restrictions on nesting depth
  • implementation of the indentation, for example with or without vertical lines on the left.

Top 5 Factors for Buying Ball Bearings! – Advertising, offers

The skf ball bearing range is corrosion resistant and is used in the food and beverage industry. If you plan to invest in these stocks, you need to make sure that they occupy an important place in certain areas. We have mentioned the factors in detail for a better and clearer understanding on your part.

Quality: If the different types of bearings you plan to buy are of poor quality, you are wasting your money. Always insist on high quality items and this also from an authorized dealer.

Installation: buying the SKF bearing http://www.northbearings.com/skf-bearing is not enough. You must have it installed appropriately, so that it meets the needs for which it was purchased. Therefore, make sure that the store from which you buy it will offer an installation service. It is best to ask a professional to install the bearings rather than doing it yourself.

After Sales Service: This specialized service can make or break the reputation of a FAG roller bearings dealer. If you have problems with the product after purchasing it, you should contact this service. And if the executives working in this department do not do their job, you'll be in a big soup. And if you work in a factory where you are responsible for the purchase of these items, your elders will catch you off guard if you fail to deliver.

As different configurations of roll rows are required, tapered roller bearings can also be divided into double row tapered roller bearings and four row tapered roller bearings. These bearings have the advantage of combined load capacity in both radial and axial environments. Compared to other bearings of the same size, these tapered roller bearings have a relatively long service life.

01 (1) .png

database design – For detailed information about external factors that can affect SQL Server's long-term performance

As we all know, the performance of SQL Server depends on many factors outside SQL Server, such as the underlying IO subsystem, NICs, virtual server, and so on. But I do not know how to check more details about it. Does anyone know how to get basic details as below as SQL Server DBA, because I do not know how to check:

  1. How to check if drives are locally connected to the server or are part of SAN?
  2. What is the RAID level configuration of the drives?
  3. Whether they are SSD or not?
  4. Is the server a virtual or physical box?
  5. How many NIC cards are present? are they configured correctly? etc.

I wanted to know for two reasons:

A. I want to know the exact configuration of the server in order to be able to provide my inputs
regarding the MS recommendations and the baseline of my SQL server before relaying to the applications team.

B. For a persistent problem, I can at least have some basic details about the server before continuing to troubleshoot.

I'm sure there should be Powershell commands to get the details above. May I have help please?

What Factors Affect Landing Page Quality?

What factors affect landing page quality?

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What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

+ Answer the thread

  1. What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

    Please share some facts and ways to do so

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beginner – search the prime factors of the number

I have tried to create a small program to find the prime factors of the number and their decomposition. I would love to receive some tips to improve my code or modify it, especially since I'm still noob. Thank you !

def prime_factors (x):
divisors = []
    for y in the beach (1, x + 1):
if x% y == 0: divisors + = [y]       "" "it creates a parameter divider list" ""
divisors = sorted (divisors)
divisorsList = prime_number (divisors)
label = power (divisorsList, x)
return label

def prime_number (lists):
"" "returns a list of prime numbers" ""
target = []
    for x in the lists:
account = 0
for there in the lists:
if x% y == 0: number + = 1 "" "gets the number of number divisors from the past list: they must be 2" ""
if account == 2: target + = [x]     "" "If so, add a prime number to the" "list
return target

def power (lists, x):
"" "returns the list of prime numbers and their decomposition into dictionary" ""
label = {}
for t in the lists:
account = 0
while x% t == 0:
head = x / t
x = head
account + = 1
return label

What are the three most important ranking factors?

What are the three most important ranking factors?

+ Answer the thread

  1. What are the three most important ranking factors?

    What are the three most important ranking factors?

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