Which important factors improve page optimization?

Hello friends,

Which important factors improve page optimization?

What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

Hello friends,

What are the most important ranking factors of Google?

User behavior – What is the difference between human factors and the design of the user experience?

Short answer: These are meaningless corporate titles applied to people with similar (apparent) skills. They are the same.

Long answer:

1- How do human factors specialists and user experience designers differ?

It all depends on the definitions on which you decide. I have occupied both titles of "Human Factors [something]"and" User Experience [something]"my knowledge and skills did not change suddenly when I switched from one to the other.

I found that "User Experience" was the latest title in vogue for usability professionals who generally apply their knowledge to Software on more physical applications, these people being more commonly referred to as "human factors".

For the "UX" against Arguments from Human Factors I will use the idea that UX is more software-oriented and Human Factors is more hardware / physics / ergonomics oriented.

If you go to UX is not UI, you will see a good example of the difference between "UX" and the software interface, but look at the UX side. Almost every bullet can be applied to human factors …

enter the description of the image here

When I held a title "Human Factors", I touched each of the chips in the "UX" column of a hardware system. The language used in the "UX" list is very software-based, but any chip you report as software-centric can easily be adjusted to align with the hardware system.

The only aspect of the user experience that has not been included in a definition of human factors is the "enjoyment" of the system. Human factors (traditionally) are defined as making a system usable, whether or not you like to work with the end result. A short article on defining the user experience within the N / N group reads as follows:

Then comes the simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use.

This does not mean that someone with a title "Human Factors" will not do something pleasant to use. The "common" definitions of fields simply differ by adding a strong emphasis on enjoyment.

2- How does this apply when designing for other real-life situations, for example in avionics?

I've been working for a major aerospace manufacturer for over 8 years. Meanwhile, my title still had "human factors". In addition to working on ergonomics and cockpit design, I have also worked on software systems intended for use in the air or on the ground. I never had to change titles.

The company has people with "User Experience" titles, which I only discovered after I left. These people were focused on consumer software products (mainly support and maintenance), while people working on aircraft (software or hardware targeted) tended to hold "Human Factors" titles.

3- If the specialists of UX and human factors are not so different.

"User Experience" and "Human Factors" differ only in the degree of definition you apply to them.

My opinion, hopefully illustrated above, is that they are basically the same. Consciousness of the general public (in my opinion) tends to make the "user experience" more software-centric and "enjoyment-oriented" (seemingly consumer-oriented).

Has anyone encountered a situation where user skills have been used in the aviation industry?

Yes; every day for a little over 8 years. My departure from the company has not changed: there are still dozens of very talented people who still apply the same skills in the same context.

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Important Google ranking factors …?

Hello friends,

Tell me what are the most important ranking factors of Google …?


Software Testing Strategies

Software testing or quality assurance strategies describe how to mitigate the risks produced by test-level stakeholders, what types of tests should be performed, and what input and output criteria will be applied. They are made from development design documents. Many custom software development companies follow strategies while developing software.


1. RISKS. Risk management is essential during testing, so take into account the risks and the level of risk. For a well established application that is evolving slowly, regression is a critical risk. That's why anti-regression strategies make a lot of sense. For a new application, a risk analysis can reveal various risks if you choose a risk-based analytic strategy.

2. OBJECTIVES. The tests must meet the requirements and needs of stakeholders to succeed. If the goal is to search for as many defects as possible with less time and effort upstream, a dynamic strategy makes sense.

3. SKILLS. Consider the skills that testers have and lack, because strategies must not only be chosen but also executed. A standards-compliant strategy is a wise option when teams lack the skills and time to create an approach.

5. PRODUCT. Some products, such as contract development software and weapons systems, generally have well-defined requirements. This could create a synergy with a requirements-based analytics strategy.

6. BUSINESS. Business considerations and strategy are often important. If you are using an existing system as a template for a new one, you can use a template-based policy.

7. REGULATION. In some cases, it may be necessary not only to satisfy the stakeholders, but also the regulators. In this case, a methodical strategy may be necessary to satisfy these regulators.

You must choose test strategies that take into account the factors mentioned above, the schedule, budget and project constraints, as well as the realities of the organization and its policies.


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