magento2 – Magento 2 connection to Shipworks failed

Magento 2.3.1 can not connect to Shipworks via the REST API. The error that this gives is

The remote server returned an error: (401) not allowed.

When traced with Fiddler, the result is

{"message": "The consumer is not allowed to access% resources.", "settings": {"resources": "Magento_Sales :: actions_view"}, "trace": "# 0 / home / buyglasswoodstov / public_html / provider / magento / module-webapi / Controller / Rest / RequestValidator.php (68):

I've tried reading Magento Docs but I'm not very familiar with the REST API. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

oracle 11g – ORA-27369: failed to work with exit code: no child process to wait

I have an existing .bat file where I call FDSLoader64.exe daily to update the following tables.


FDSLoader64.exe is supposed to download the latest txt files related to resepctives from FTP and download them.

Once the update is successful, FDSLoader64.exe updates the metadata tables in which one can know if the update was successful or not.

To do this I have created a PROGRAM in Oracle 11g as follows


Create a schedule for this, it should work every day at 11:30.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => "FDS_DEMO". "DAILY_9AM", attribute => "repeat_interval", value => & # 39; FREQ = DAILY; BYDAY = MON, FUTURE, MARI, GAME , FRI; BY, FRI; BYHOUR = 11; BYMINUTE = 30; BYSECOND = 0;);

Finally I have created a job who runs the program using the calendar.

DBMS_SCHEDULER.set_attribute (name => "FDS_DEMO". "FF_V3_GENESIS", attribute => job_priority, value => 1);

The calendar was successfully run at 11:30 am on June 24, 2019. According to the metadata tables, we can confirm that the data was successfully uploaded to the tables, but when I see the content of user_scheduler_job_run_details, it displays the results as following.

enter the description of the image here

** The complete error code is as follows. **
"ORA-27369: EXECUTABLE job failed with exit code: there is no job
process children to wait.
STANDARD_ERROR = "2019/06/24 11:30:16 INFO>: config.xml is at the latest
version 2.10, in progress.
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: FDSLoader version
2019/06/24 11:30:21 INFO>: Dump directory D:  FDSLoader  d ""

secure connection failed without VPN

my browsers say that the secure connection failed or something in chrome, but when I'm connected to a virtual private network, it does not happen and everything works fine. Resolution please.

network – The activation of the network connection failed under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS under HP Pavilion 14 n007la

2 days ago, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on the HP Pavilion 14 n007la and everything worked fine until last night. The WiFi internet suddenly stopped working (it worked well until then).

I first lost the connection to my WiFi network. Now, every time I try to log in after a minute, the error "Network connection activation failed" is displayed.

  • The problem does not come from this WiFi network, nor from router, because I tried to connect to 3 different WiFi networks on 3 different devices and I got the same error for each one between them.

  • This is also not related to the operating system configuration because I tried to launch a new copy of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS live from the USB. and I get the same mistakes.

  • Other devices (for example, my phone) connect seamlessly to the same WiFi networks

This makes me think that the problem is with the hardware, not the operating system.

From the system logs, I can see that the failure is occurring at the DHCP level, as the DHCP requests are being expired.

System log with errors

The network controller driver used is rt2800pci:

Network Controller Information

Sorry, the code is an image and not a text, but now I only have Internet access on my phone and this is the only way to capture it.

I read many other similar questions, but none of the solutions displayed worked for me.

What can I do?

Oracle – Failed impdp – Storage is still full

I configure an instance of Vbox with software that uses Oracle as the database. When I try to restore an old backup by using impdp with TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION = REPLACE, the impdp process fails halfway due to a lack of storage. The storage gets full for some reason and I am unable to identify where, I would like to clean it. I've released 2 GB of data and the dump file size only represents 200 MB. Is this the TEMP tablespace? Help me!

authentication – devstack OpenStack failed failed auth auth dashboard

I'm installing Devstack on Ubuntu and
When I try to connect to OpenStack Dashboard, the following error message is displayed: "An error occurred during authentication. Please try again later." connection failed

I, restart and restart and nothing changes

i need help to fix it

Error: Failed to install the application (Android Studio)

I can not run my Android Studio application on my cell phone. I receive an error regarding "Failed to install the application".
The complete error is as follows: enter the description of the image here

network – OpenVPN connection error: connection activation failed: source connection not found

This concerns Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

The desktop environment of the XFCE4 GUI is installed.

After upgrading from 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS, my VPN connections, which previously worked, no longer work. I've set up PPTP and OpenVPN connections.

The netplan configuration is

Address: []
        dhcp4: true
version 2

Please note that I have pretty much exhausted everything I can find on the Internet on this topic, but my knowledge and networking expertise at this level is limited.

With the desktop nm applet, the VPN connection elements are dimmed. By starting nm-applet with sudo, the elements seem active but do not respond.

I used nmcli.

nmcli con gives me

myOpenVPN 9439b05e-bc7e-419b-8679-95aa84394af2 vpn -

I notice that the column of the device is empty. Should it be?


sudo nmcli c up myOpenVPN

Give me

Error: Failed to activate connection: Can not find source connection.

/ var / log / openvpn is empty

grep VPN / var / log / syslog 

Give me

/ etc / NetworkManager / system connections / myOpenVPN
(9439b05e-bc7e-419b-8679-95aa84394af2, "myOpenVPN") 15 Jun 14:55:21
mythserver02 NetworkManager[1961]: [1560576321.7239] verification:
op = "connection-activate" uuid = "9439b05e-bc7e-419b-8679-95aa84394af2"
name = "myOpenVPN" pid = 19429 uid = 0 result = "fail" reason = "Can not find
source connection.


journalctl -u NetworkManager.service

Jun 15 14:51:44 mythserver02 NetworkManager[1961]:
[1560576104.9623] authentication request error for
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.reload: Authorization check failed:
Failed to open file "/ proc / 19299 / status": no such file or directory
Jun 15 14:51:44 mythserver02 NetworkManager[1961]:
[1560576104.9629] authentication request error for
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.checkpoint-rollback: Authorization
check failed: Failed to open file "/ proc / 19299 / status": No such file
or directory Jun 15 14:51:44 mythserver02 NetworkManager[1961]:
[1560576104.9635] authentication request error for
Failed to check for permission: Failed to open file "/ proc / 19299 / status":
No file or directory of this type 15 Jun 14:51:44 mythserver02
Network Manager[1961]: [1560576104.9640] authentication request error
for org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-connectivity-check:
Failed to check for permission: Failed to open file "/ proc / 19299 / status":
No file or directory of this type 15 Jun 14:55:21 mythserver02
Network Manager[1961]: [1560576321.7239] verification:
op = "connection-activate" uuid = "9439b05e-bc7e-419b-8679-95aa84394af2"
name = "myOPenVPN" pid = 19429 uid = 0 result = "fail" reason = "Can not find
source connection. "

There is no / proc / 19222 – what is it?

Help. whoever?

Thank you

The recaptcha v2 resolution failed – no resolution of orecaptcha v2 is enabled.

I see error messages "The resolution of recaptcha v2 failed – no resolution of orecaptcha v2 is enabled" in the logs, sometimes I have enabled 2captcha in SER, and the ls # 39; balance is also sufficient.
What does it mean? and how to solve it?
Thank you in advance.

Ubuntu 18.04 installation failed and corrupted Ubuntu 16

By running Ubuntu 16 on a MacBook, I tried to upgrade to version 18.04. The upgrade failed and 16 will not start anymore. Can I try to repeat the installation for 18.04 without erasing the partition reserved for Ubuntu?