Jenkins GO race fails with git 128

My friends, I am trying to run go tests. Seems to be a failure with the git configuration on the box?

Am running git version before someone asks … go version 1.13.1

Builds run for me locally on my mac and linux … but seem to fail in Jenkins

go test -v ./... -tags=unit
go: requires requires requires requires invalid version: git fetch --unshallow -f in /var/lib/jenkins/go/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/879ce674f4d9f0a3a3f207a6503e782bb2113f1a3d0c1f8049cc523b96d9aa9e: exit status 128:
    fatal: git fetch-pack: expected shallow list
make[1]: *** [unit-test] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/xxxxxx/yyyyy'
make: *** [test] Error 2
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
[Slack Notifications] found #1 as previous completed, non-aborted build
[Slack Notifications] will send OnEveryFailureNotification because build matches and user preferences allow it
Finished: FAILURE

differential equations – Mathematica fails to solve focker planck

I am trying to solve the focker planck equation in mathematics. But that shows a lot of errors. I don't understand where the problem lies.

The equation is

k(x_, t_) := -4*x
s = NDSolve({!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), (t))(u(t, x, p))) + p*!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), (x))(u(t, x, p))) == !(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), (p))((((u(t, x, p) - k(x, t)))*
        u(t, x, p)))) + 1*!(
*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), (x, x))(u(t, x, p))), 
   u(0, x, p) == E^(-5*(x)^2 + 10*(p)^2), 
   u(t, -10, p) == u(t, 10, p) == 0, 
   u(t, x, -10) == u(t, x, 10) == 0}, 
  u, {t, 0, 1}, {x, -10, 10}, {p, -10, 10}, 
  Method -> "StiffnessSwitching")

My initial condition is u should be initially e ^ (- 5 * (x) ^ 2 + 10 * (p) ^ 2) then evolve freely because it is a problem of initial value. But there are a lot of errors like the maximum number of 100 grid points reached, other calculations would be deleted and a lot of others. It also indicates that the boundary and initial conditions are inconsistent. The real problem is that this equation does not need a boundary condition (only zero to infinity), just specify the initial condition. But to use NDSOLVE, you have to assign a value to the border. Since exp (-x ^ 2-p ^ 2) becomes very small at the border in this problem, I have assigned a boundary condition dirichlet (u = 0) but it does not work. Therefore. overall, what is the output?

algorithm – The memorization approach works but Tabultion fails in a particular problem. Why?

problem link: https: //
I have tried to do this by top-down and bottom-up approaches, but from top to bottom, but not from bottom to top.
The top-down approach->

class Solution {

    int findTargetSumWays(vector& nums, int S) 
        int sum=accumulate(nums.begin(),nums.end(),0);
            return false;
        int target=(sum+S)/2;
            return false;
        int n=nums.size();
        vector sumrecord(sum+1,0);
        for(int i=0;i=nums(i);j--)
        return sumrecord(target);

SQL Server 2016 – Select in query, insert fails, but table is created

I am using SQL Server 2016

I have tried the following query.

SELECT CONVERT (BIGINT, & # 39; A & # 39;) col1 INTO #tmp
This request is obviously wrong. Because it does not convert. However, the temporary table (#tmp) is created even if the request fails.

Why? I think it's by design, but I want to know.

P.S. PDW (parallel datawarehouse) does not create a temporary table.

rich snippets – Change Ariane's feed – Google's validation on the page fails

We have been using our own markup for our Breadcrumbs for a few years, but support for that is disappearing. So we tried to switch to RDFa, but we encountered a problem with the validation of Google Rich Testing Tool.

If we just copy and paste the code snippet, it is validated without any problems.

  1. Index
  2. »
  3. News
  4. »
  5. PlayStation 3

However, if we try to validate the entire URL with the code on the page, the Ariadne feed generates errors when entering our other meta tags, completely outside the navigation list code.

Anyone know why this could happen? All Ariane's threads are of type "WebPage", but the errors all occur on the 1st ListItem. Please see the image below for example:
enter description of image here

Is this a code problem? Or a problem with the Google test tool? The problem is solved if I just make the first item in the Ariane feed list a non URL / non web page

high sierra – Cisco AnyConnect fails to install on latest MacOS 10.13.6 update due to inability to create / opt / directory at root

I use Cisco AnyConnect through my school to connect to my work VPN.

However, I have encountered problems recently. I can't even launch or reinstall Cisco AnyConnect on MacOS 10.3.6 (latest update)

I tried to debug it by myself. I have made some progress in identifying the problem. I will try to summarize it below:

  • Cisco AnyConnect is trying to install files on the root under /opt/cisco (while under Mac OS, the appropriate folder appears to be /usr/local/opt/...). This is the case for all versions of AnyConnect that I have tried (4.5; 4.6 and 4.8). This no longer seems allowed on the latest macOS 10.13.6, hence the installation failed (see points below).

  • Thinking back to my TimeMachine, I had /opt/ file at root until December 12 (date of the last update of macOS High Sierra). In fact, it only contained Cisco files (proof that there is something unusual going on).

  • Since this macOS update in December, the /opt root folder no longer exists (only /usr/local/opt). It is not allowed to create this /opt directory either. I tried but without success, even with administrator rights, root user profile and disabling "system integrity protection". This happens both using the GUI and using the terminal (sudo mkdir /opt). Error messages are not useful (error 43 in the graphical interface and message "no file or directory" in the terminal). I can create a new folder at the root, as long as it is not named "opt" (if I try to name it opt I get the error messages).

  • The last thing, I also tried to create /opt like a symlink at /usr/local/opt. No chance there either.

If you have an idea of ​​what to do, it would be great! Thank you very much for your help (I tried to contact Cisco support, but it looks like you have to be the direct physical client to do it …).

Sahara fails when flashing the CN ROM, help us!

Validation of the application configuration
Load APP configuration
COM: 4
PROGRAMMER: C: cn rom prog_firehose_ddr.elf
RESEARCH: C: cn rom
QCNPATH: C: Temp 00000000.qcn
SPCCODE: 000000
Load ARG configuration
Validation of the download configuration
Search path does not exist, ignored: C: cn rom
Invalid programming path, ignored: C: cn rom prog_firehose_ddr.elf
Process index: 0
Programmer path: C: 1 prog_firehose_ddr.elf
Image search path: C: 1
Image search path: C: 1
RAWPROGRAM file path: C: 1 rawprogram0.xml
PATCH file path: C: 1 patch0.xml
Start download
Program path: C: 1 prog_firehose_ddr.elf
***** Working folder: C: Users rafael AppData Roaming Qualcomm QFIL COMPORT_4
Binary construction date: November 21, 2017 @ 02:53:37
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.549 QSAHARASERVER CALLED AS THIS: & # 39; C: 4 QPST bin QSaharaServer.ex & # 39; Current working directory: C: Users rafael AppData Roaming Qualcomm QFIL COMPORT_4
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.620 Cartographies of the Sahara:
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.620 2: amss.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.621 6: apps.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.621 8: dsp1.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.623 10: dbl.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.624 11: osbl.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.625 12: dsp2.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.626 16: efs1.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.627 17: efs2.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.627 20: efs3.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.628 21: sbl1.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.628 22: sbl2.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.629 23: rpm.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.629 25: tz.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.630 28: dsp3.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.630 29: acdb.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.631 30: wdt.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.632 31: mba.mbn
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.633 13: C: 1 prog_firehose_ddr.elf
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.634
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.634 16:01:19: ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data: 237 Unable to read the header of the package. Reads only 0 bytes.
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.635
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.635 16:01:19: ERROR: function: sahara_main: 924 Sahara protocol error
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.636
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.637 16:01:19: ERROR: function: main: 303 Failed to download the image using the Sahara protocol
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.638
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.639
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.642 Download failure: Sahara failure: QSaharaServer failure: Process failure
2020-03-20 16: 01: 19.643 Complete the download

css – var inside the scss function fails

I am trying to use a var inside a function in a scss but it fails. Anyone know how to use it? I defined the variable here:

  --main-color: #F7B6F2;
  --font-color: #7E1576;

And then I used it here:

input {
  color: lighten(var(--font-color),20%);

Then var (- font-color) fails in the function.
Thank you.

ms office – CSV import works in Numbers, but fails in Mac Excel and Mac OpenOffice Calc

As Apple does well, I have no problem with that, but I'm curious as to why Apple is doing it well when its competitors are falling. What makes MacOS better at doing this than its competitors?

If I open a CSV file in Numbers, a particularly long series of cells containing only text works like a charm.

If I open the same CSV file in Microsoft Excel for Mac or OpenOffice Calc for Mac, the long cells break, but at different points.

At a glance shows me that the CSV file is correct and complete.

The problem seems to occur when a line reaches 2 ^ 16-1 characters – roughly the length of a TEXT block.

Here are some images, cropped for privacy:

A view of the source CSV:

A view of the source CSV

The Job Numbers app:

The Job Numbers app

Calc application faulty: (note that the selected cell is empty, although it contains the text "NULL" in the source CSV)

Faulty Calc application

I ask this question partly out of curiosity, but more out of concern for improving the efficiency of my office in the near future. I believe that a better understanding of the MacOS system can help this project.

Thanks in advance!

Bitcoin core – I would like to create a raw transaction with one input and two outputs, but when I try to broadcast it in testnet, validation fails

I implemented it in bitcoinj, and create the input and output of the raw transaction by this method:

private static Transaction createFundingTransaction(){
    Transaction tx = new Transaction(params);
        \add the input
    ScriptBuilder scriptBuilder = new ScriptBuilder(); String("76a914f21489e6617eb2607f476e6db7f8986f840be52e88ac").getBytes());
    System.out.println("write your prev UTXO hash in base16, once output from this will input for channel's creation's transaction: ");
    String PrevTxHash_str = sc.nextLine();
    byte() rawhash = hexStringToByteArray(PrevTxHash_str);
    System.out.println("write index unspended output of your UTXO, its output will be input:");
    int outputindex = sc.nextInt();
    TransactionInput input = tx.addInput(new Sha256Hash(rawhash), outputindex,;
       \add the output
    Address receiverAddress = Address.fromString(params,"2N91rdoNymLc9zSJK6Wz9BGWKVrwGsjS1vh");
    System.out.println("write the amount for transfer in BTC:");
    long WeightOfChannel_btc = sc.nextLong();
    Coin charge = Coin.valueOf(WeightOfChannel_btc);
    Script outputScript = ScriptBuilder.createOutputScript(receiverAddress);
    tx.addOutput(charge, outputScript);
    Address coinback = Address.fromString(params,"n3axRXdUo7vrgVoJ3xP7FPpM5YDHHN2vgg");
    System.out.println("write the money return to the funder (in BTC), for creating p2pkh output on your address. Dont forgot about transaction's fees:");
    long OddMoney_btc = sc.nextLong();
    Coin chargeback = Coin.valueOf(OddMoney_btc);
    Script outputScriptback = ScriptBuilder.createOutputScript(coinback);
    return tx;

then sign it using the following method:

private static String signTransaction(Address sourceAddress, Transaction tx, ECKey key) {
    for (int i = 0; i < tx.getInputs().size(); i++) {
        Script scriptPubKey = ScriptBuilder.createOutputScript(sourceAddress);
        Sha256Hash hash = tx.hashForSignature(i, scriptPubKey, Transaction.SigHash.ALL, false);
        ECKey.ECDSASignature ecdsaSignature = key.sign(hash);
        TransactionSignature txSignature = new TransactionSignature(ecdsaSignature, Transaction.SigHash.ALL, false);

         if (ScriptPattern.isP2PK(scriptPubKey)) {
            } else {
                if (!ScriptPattern.isP2PKH(scriptPubKey)) {
                    throw new ScriptException(ScriptError.SCRIPT_ERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR, "Unable to sign this scrptPubKey: " + scriptPubKey);
                tx.getInput(i).setScriptSig(ScriptBuilder.createInputScript(txSignature, key));
    System.out.println("signed: " + tx);
    return byteArrayToHex(tx.bitcoinSerialize());

When I distribute the bitcoinSerialize code in testnet, it says as follows, could you help me find out where the problem is? I do not know if there was an error when generating the transaction or signing it.

Error validating transaction: Error running script for input 0 referencing 75d44ea35f4efccae656032a6178b839343c6cc8a6f6686038ed29dec0e334a6 at 0: Script was NOT verified successfully..