[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: True or false: you are very exotic, you eat every other day and you are so quiet?

[Other – Society and Culture] Open question: True or false: you are very exotic, you eat every day and you are so quiet?

antivirus – Computer infected by a malware or a false positive?

(Windows 8.1 user)
A few months ago, I downloaded binary files from:

They had 2 exe files in the folder: srlua.exe and glue.exe.
I had been unable to compile srlua from the original display of github for srlua. I have therefore used the file srlua.exe from the binary file and the glue.exe file that I have compiled myself. I was able to use the tools successfully. The only problem was that I had received some positives (1-2) when analyzing different files via virustotal, but that was normal since it was programs that compile the lua code into .exe (that is, the c compilers are marked much on virustotal).

Go to today, I needed to use the program again. But because srlua.exe removes itself (sticks) to the created .exe file, I needed another copy. I found the old zip for the binary in my trash so I restored it. I then tried to run the code again, but I did not manage to make it work. I then proceeded by using "only" files from the srlua.exe and glue.exe zip files from the binary (those from the link above), and I was able to create the file. exe without running them either. When opening the created .exe file, it was indicated that it was unrecognized file types. Once again: 2 months ago, I did not use the two zip files, but I did it this time.

I then received a notification from my antivirus stating that "malware was detected on PC". It is specifically related to srlua.exe. I deleted the srlua.exe file, and then followed the "disinfection" protocols that kasperky introduced me. I had never seen this prompt before and I could not tell if it had detected anything real or if it just presented security options. The only thing that worried me was that it detected an unknown program / code running at startup of the computer.

I followed all their suggestions and restarted the computer as they told me. I then analyzed the .zip file containing the binary files, out of the total viruses. The database version showed its fine, however I reanalyzed it and it was 50% positive. I then downloaded malewarebytes and ran it, and it recovered a registry key in an old divx player folder. I guess it's not linked, and he also got the zip file of my downloads and those of my trash. I have quarantined the zip file in my downloads folder, I will delete it later if necessary and the others.

I then went to the github page. I am really bad at understanding github, but it is said that the last commit was 4 years ago … and as stated, I downloaded this zip 2 months ago at the origin. I then went to get the zip file again but was blocked by Kasperky quoting: Access denied
URL of the object:
Reason: the object is infected with P2P-Worm.Win32.Palevo.ikpc

It was not there when I downloaded it 2 months ago. It's all new. I've sent a message to github and I'm waiting for an answer. However, I'm not sure how github works and if I address myself to the right place (there was only one section on abuse and harassment). This raises questions such as: was the file infected while it was on the github servers … why is it still present on the site if everything is now marked by an antivirus as being malware … etc.

My main concern though is: was I likely to be infected? And how do I know if I'm still infected? How could I even know it? The antiviruses, when I look at the reports of kapersky and malewarebytes, tell me nothing else than this file srlua.exe and the .zip it comes from. They are positive. Would not there be more to report if it was actually malware?

The last backup I have is dated a few months ago. It was done after using the program at the time. So, technically, the backup concerns a computer having used the supposed srlua.exe with the uninfected glue.exe that I have compiled myself. It is undesirable to back up to this point. And there is the very potential that could be infected. I imagine that it is unlikely that an author has designed it so that you have to use both the srlua.exe and glue.exe files from the zip to infect the PC.

I did not have any strange behavior on my pc. But I have no idea what a malicious computer contains or does not do, nor what can be checked outside of the analyzes.

The process of using srlua.exe and glue.exe, from the link, is at the cmd prompt (Windows user) to:

glue srlua.exe prong.lua prong.exe  

where prong is the name of the code file. I assume that executing this command amounts to opening the .exe file and that everything could happen if it is actually infected.

False positives on the email scraper plugin?

I just played with the mail scraper for the first time. I've noticed that with some companies, I receive countless false positives. Is there a way around this?

Note that I used a wrong email address on all the examples in my photo.

[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: True or false: do you look weird in pajamas?

[Other – Society and Culture] Open question: True or false: do you look weird in pajamas?

javascript – Form submission – false positive

I have a custom NewForm (non-infopath) on O365 SharePoint that fails to be sent to the list of servers. I have a redirect to a thank you page and a custom validation using the PreSaveAction javascript method. The form appears to register and users are redirected after clicking the Submit button, but no line in the list is created and no automated email will fly.

Someone else has an experience like this? The amount of data sent in the list is almost trivial, even though the layout contains custom JS and HTML files. The failure seems to be inconsistent as tests with the same information will fail or seemingly succeed randomly.

excel – macro vba Date – false date

For dates, if you want to put the entire date without ever using formats, use a date variable:

Option Explicit
Sub Test()

    Dim MiFecha As Date
    Dim MiTiempo As Date
    Dim FechaYHora As Date

    MiFecha = Date
    MiTiempo = Time
    FechaYHora = Now

    Range("A1") = MiFecha
    Range("B1") = MiTiempo
    Range("C1") = FechaYHora

End Sub

If you only need the date, use Dateif it's only time Time and for both Now.

True or false: people of color killed 3,000 whites on September 11th?

True or false: Men killed 3,000 people on September 11 (not all white, by the way).

True. Obviously, men are the problem. Correct?

Everyone loves guilt by association until you are the one who associates. So it's absurd, admirite?


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Problem connecting to MS Access with Java: Resultset.next () always returns false

I have the following method to establish the connection in an access:

public boolean establecerConexion() throws SQLException, ClassNotFoundException
        String database = "jdbc:ucanaccess://"+nombre_bd+";";
        conexion = DriverManager.getConnection(database);
    }catch (SQLException e){
        logger.error("Error al realizar la conexion "+e);
        return false;

    return true;

And after establishing the connection, I execute the SQL statement:

public void ejecutarSentencia(String sql) throws ClassNotFoundException
    ResultSet rs = null;
            Statement s = conexion.createStatement();
            rs = s.getResultSet();
            while((rs!=null) && (rs.next()))


    catch(SQLException e)
        logger.error("Se ha producido un error al ejecutar la query. " + e.getMessage()+ ". " + e.getCause());

When running the method, setConnection () does not pose any problem. Execution of the "sql" query on the outside is not a problem and returns results.

My problem is that the rs.next () statement always returns false. What is it due?

True or false: you did not know the difference between Poland and Romania before turning 30?


Back to school (grade 4?), We were made to memorize all these countries and their capitals. I guess some people just did not do it.

Again, Romania was very interesting because of Dracula and Transylvania while Poland was where Pope John Paul II was from. Yes, I knew all this in 4th grade.

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True or false: your dog has his own mobile phone?

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