Can I leave the UK for a few days without my wife (she has a family visa eea)

My wife and I are currently in the UK. I am a national of the European Union and she is a non-citizen of the European Union with a family visa EEE Can I leave without her for a few days, leaving her alone in the UK? My job will require that.

How can we define a google family as a base font

I've added the Google font to my custom magento 2 theme in the default_head XML file. Now I need to set the font family as the base font

  • Where should I set the font family?

probability distributions – Could any one give an example to illustrate "a family of curves parallel to the x-axis"?

This wiki page says

From a geometric point of view, if we consider $ f (x | theta) $ according to two variables, the family of probability distributions can be seen as a family of curves parallel to the x-axis, while the family of likelihood functions consists of orthogonal curves parallel to the x-axis. $ theta $-axis.

I can not imagine what this kind of parallel look like.

Consider this particular figure, there are 3 distributions. I guess it's a family of probability distributions. If anyone has different opinions about the family of probability distributions, please discuss it here.

enter the description of the image here

there are 3 curves in the figure, it does not seem reasonable to say parallel parallel to the x-axis.

Is my understanding correct?

How many humans have been killed via family planning up to now?

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