Replace a family of coefficients by a function in a sum

I would like to do something very simple, i.e. replace the coefficients in a sum by a function:

c(1) + c(2) + c(3) /. {c(s) -> (s + 1)/(2 (2 s + 1))}

Unfortunately, this does not work. Any suggestion for something handy that would do the job?

How did U.S. airport authorities allow the Sunny Leone family to reach the U.S. during the COVID-19 lockdown?

How did U.S. airport authorities allow the Sunny Leone family to reach the U.S. during the COVID-19 lockdown?


applications – How do I run as administrator on my Childs phone managed by Family Link?

I did not fail to restrict access to a child's phone; I'm trying to do the opposite.

Old device is Samsung Galaxy A10e
The new device is the LG G8 ThinQ

All day long I've been trying to install a backup APK from the old device to the new one and it keeps repeating

Action not allowed
This action is disabled. To learn more, contact your organization's admin

Okay well i am this administrator. My basic question, where is the button "I am God, go out of my way"?

I have noticed strange and severe limitations in Family Link such as:

  1. Cannot buy a subscription inside a game (despite my approval). Why?
  2. When you try to connect to my kid's Google Drive from any app, it crashes immediately, but when you open it directly, it works. Why?
  3. When you try to run Google Play Games, it opens, turns into a white screen and then sometimes closes, otherwise, it just remains a blank white screen until it is closed. Why?

Please help, it's very frustrating. She worked very hard to get the Play Store credits she spent on her game and right now it's completely reset on the new device.

Note: I tried to use LG Mobile Switch which indicates that it "succeeds" and yet all the apps are not the same as the old device.

Apply for a UK visit visa with my family

Am a Nigerian citizen applying for a UK visit visa with my spouse and my only young child. I work with a shipping company in Nigeria but my salary is paid by my employer to my bank account via a cash deposit (and not by transfer from the company account). We also have a registered joint venture, my husband has 2 part-time jobs. We both don't have a travel history. We have enough funds in our business and personal accounts to cover travel expenses for 10 days. What are our chances of refusal.

[ Family ] Open question: what can I do about this situation?

So it's going to be a long story. I am 14 years old and because I was sexually abused at the age of 4, I am no longer allowed to live with my mother (I have not seen her or him have been talking for 7 years) she wasn't responsible enough to look at me. So anyway, fast forward to now and my family situation is miserable. My parents verbally abuse me every day, they call me a "bitch" or a "pussy" because I gave them an attitude but mine is completely normal for a teenager. One day we are arguing because I heard my stepmother calling me things to my dad and my dad being okay with her so I broke up and told him how much I hated her and how much the two wretches make my life, then she slapped me which gave me a bloody nose and a black eye. My parents make me want to kill and I have to lock myself in a room to prevent me from realizing my fantasies. With this pandemic of corona virus and everything that is going on and the fact that they are working at fame, they have been even worse than usual and they are taking away my anger. They get angry at little things like me telling my siblings not to do things (just so that I can keep them from getting into trouble) because my parents are the same way for them. I did my best to be the best for my parents and they don't see me trying, they keep finding something to complain about me. My father constantly tells me, "I hate this little problem" about me and I know they want me to go out and I also want to be outside. I cannot call CPS because my father will kill me and it would cause even more problems. My dad was also with my little brother to tell him "we have to get rid of her" or "tie her up", which meant what he meant by that. I think my father is a pervert but I don't really want to get into it here. He then said he was doing this to "scare me". He walked past me and forced my head to the ground and he felt like he was going to break my neck but he didn't do it, he's strong, so i know if he planned he would. My father is still angry and I and my mother-in-law don't get along, she is so confrontational and I hate that she tries to control my life even if she is not my mother. I love the way it also hits me, so I have nowhere to go and CPS is NOT an option. I know they will just tell them on their side and try to get me into trouble instead. Their defense is that I "don't shut my mouth". In fact, I want to kill them, they will just say that I told them I wanted to kill them.

ag.algebraic geometry – Explicit description of a family of extensions

Suppose I have two objects (for simplicity, let's say simple) $ A, B $ in an abelian CY2 category. The case that matters to me is $ A, B in Coh (X) $ for $ X $ an abelian variety or surface K3. Assume

$$ operatorname {dim} operatorname {Ext} ^ 1 (A, B) = k> 1 $$

and i know i have a family $ F_t $ for $ t in mathbb {P} ^ {k-1} $ configuration of extensions

$$ 0 to B to F_t to A to 0. $$

On the other hand, we know $ operatorname {dim} operatorname {Ext} ^ 1 (B, A) = k $ by the duality of Serre. I'm really struggling to figure out what are the sheaves in the extensions

$$ 0 to A to ??? à B à 0 $$
in terms of $ F_t $. Is there a nice formula in general for what it is? The bases of families are naturally double projective spaces $ mathbb {P} ( operatorname {Ext} ^ 1 (A, B)) $ and $ mathbb {P} ( operatorname {Ext} ^ 1 (B, A)) $ but how can I understand the sheaves themselves?

digital – Should I convert my family photos from JPEG to PNG?

For digital preservation, I find the following optimal:

  • Take RAW + JPEG photos.
  • Store the two files.

RAW is as close as possible to what the sensor sees. Even PNG has some losses, including losses from denoising and demosaicing algorithms. RAW has none of these losses. For digital photography, everything that includes denoising and demosaicing is not without loss.

However, RAW requires software capable of interpreting the data. This is not an image, it is raw data from the sensor. It only becomes an image after interpretation.

The software changes over time. Thus, the interpretation of RAW changes. It will likely improve over time, but some changes may actually turn negative for some rare images. Can you also, after 30 years, find software for the operating systems then used for a 30 year old camera? Maybe not.

By also storing the JPEG, you make sure you have at least something to work on if the RAW image requires too much effort to be converted to a lossless format using the software from the future.

JPEG takes a minimum of additional space compared to RAW.

As already explained, there is absolutely no advantage in converting JPEG to PNG since the losses are already there. JPEG cannot be converted to RAW in practice.

real analysis – How to prove the necessity and the sufficiency of a uniform convergence of a family of functions?

To work $ f (x, y) $, $ x in X $, $ y in Y $ uniform convergence towards $ phi (x) $ on the tray $ X $ when $ y rightarrow y_ {0} $ necessity and sufficiency $ forall y_ {n} in Y $ $ n = 1.2 .. $ such as $ y_ {n} rightarrow y_ {0} $, sequence $ f (x, y_ {n}) $, $ n = 1.2 … $ uniform convergence towards $ phi (x) $ on the tray $ X $

I use the following definition of uniform convergence:
$ forall epsilon> 0 existent O (y_ {0}): forall x in Y forall y in Y cap O (y_ {0}) $ $ | f (x, y) – phi (x) | < epsilon | $

Maximum function corresponding to a family of functions

Let $ (f_t) _ {t geq 0} $ be a family of measurable functions. According to what criterion we can say that $ sup_ {t geq 0} | f_t | $ defines a measurable function?

Removing Supervision from Family Link does not remove Supervision from Chromebook

I removed Supervision from my Girls Chromebook (about 6 hours ago), but it still appears as Supervised by Family Link. She is not able to access her school work account or Zoom before the supervision disappears. If I have already removed it from Family Link and disabled Supervision … what else can I do?