Is Blockchain or Bitcoin Famous in Malaysia?

Is it legal to promote a trading platform in Malaysia? I would like to know more about the current situation of Malaysian towards cryptocurrency or blockchain. Is Malaysian have better knowledge on financial?

optimization – I heard of a famous lasombra build, and I wonder how does one make it work?

I’m a DM for D&D and Vampire the Masquerade. After I looked on some D&D multiclass builds that could break my games (and gave me ideas for bosses), I searched some builds for Vampire the Masquerade. I found only one build that always returned on the table, with only a few things explaining it:

The so-called Lasombra Death Machine (Yeah I know there is one more word, but no I will not write it).

The only explaination I found was on a forum topic about making the greatest supernatural fighter:

Str 1 Dex 1 Sta 5 Manipulation 5

Occult (obtenebration) 5

Obtenebration 5 (will always be in Tenebrous form)

Relevant Merits: Discipline prodigy (Obtenebration) The difficulty for
any use of this Discipline is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 4.

Preparation: cover area of battle in Shroud of Night


  1. Spam Arms of the Abyss
  2. Direct x Arms to hold the opponent, with x=half the number of Arms summoned, until the total number of grappling arms =the number of
    actions the opponent can achieve in a turn. 2a. Do not forget bonuses
    for attacking helpless opponent 2b. Do not forget multi-attacker
    penalties for opponent.
  3. Remaining arms use constrict melee attacks for 7L damage per arm per turn
  4. Win

But I’m not able to believe that is the entire build. Is it really just that? The thing that all game masters should be prepare to handle?

Famous Astro Guru +91-8290689367

Famous Astro Guru +91-8290689367


What are some famous Black Hat SEO techniques?

What are some famous Black Hat SEO techniques?

Which is most famous and people like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


Lots of people ask about it whether Google Chrome is popular or Mozilla Firefox?

As I know, Firefox is a lightweight browser and therefore its popular while Google Chrome takes up a lot of space to run.

Because I'm related to digital marketing, I think I only use chrome for moz bar because moz bar does not support Firefox.

What do you think of who is popular and why? Please share your opinion.

This is what happens if Libra becomes famous! | NewProxyLists

The ECB recently published in a press article that if Libra became famous and mainstream, the Libra Reserve would gain about $ 3 trillion in assets. I mean, if you think about it, it's a lot. Facebook already has almost a billion users and most people don't even know what Libra is. Do you think Libra has a chance to succeed?

Famous movies in my deep voice

Famous movies in my deep voice

Hey, this famous meme scene, what movie is this?

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lighting – What technique did Scott Mutter use in his famous photomontage "Untitled (Library)", and what sense does this approach convey?

I really like this photo of Scott Mutter, so I wanted to know the techniques used and so I might recreate something similar, I also wanted to know the meaning of the photo (what you think too!)

enter description of image here

P.S (if you want me to add what I think will comment and I will add it.)