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web app – One app with more features vs. separate apps focused on one thing

The term you’re looking for is debundling. Debundling is definitely not just a UX decision. It’s a collective decision between business technology and design. There are many reasons why not to debundle a software and same amount of reasons why the product should have been debundled immediately.

First major debundling seen from Foursquare. They’ve released a fun app where you can tag your location, leave reviews etc etc. But then they’ve received a huge interest and then they’ve started to collect massive amount of data which made them a good rival against yelp. But the thing is, foursquare released as an startup and probably didn’t had the structural code hierarchy of an enterprise company (just assuming here) Instead just piling the data they were looking forward to monitise the data so as a business decision they’ve decided shift the company model into a data company instead of just an entertainment company. But also they didn’t want to ditch their user base. Doing the two different complete business under one brand would be just a chaotic mess as seen in FB atm. So -as a very short- they’ve come up with a another app called Swarm for the users and kept the entertaining part in there and reshaped Foursquare into a way more enterprise company. Well I’m not saying that it’s been executed pretty well but they’re still a strong name in their field and seems like everything been worked out just fine for them.

Another example would be Google. They have dozens of apps which they use the same password but doing completely different things. It would be HELL if I only had a ‘Google’ app where I can check my mails, download files from drive, watch videos on youtube, start a video conference, etc.

I don’t know the technical details but they do have a shared API that talks between google apps within iPhone. So logging in within a fresh installed Google app on my iPhone is not a problem. But their decision to debundling drive into different apps I find a bit annoying. I could literally do the same edits within drive and if I happen to have docs or sheets installed by mistake, I end up jumping between apps and can’t understand what’s been going on. If I’m using drive on iOS, I’m always lost (that’s why I don’t prefer using it on mobile devices but from desktop)

Last example would be Facebook. Basically they HAD TO debundle their application because they were literally living the hellish Google app example I’ve mentioned a paragraph before. I remember at some point their application was so bloated that it was over 700mbs. Most of the iOS games takes that much of a space if they have 3D graphics and high res textures. Those are the ones takes up space. Facebook doesn’t have that. Just lines of codes. So at some point it became harder to release a stable app so they had so debundle it into several different apps. (they all failed so they’ve came to an understanding that they didn’t needed to have 4 different snapchat clones and another few clones of their own messenger apps)

So my point is, line could be several different reasons. Could be business related, technology related. Oh yeah, sometimes it can be even UX related too. But mostly business and technology.

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Dropdown with search features validation

Imagine a dropdown list with search features where I can type or paste some text. What will be the best way to validate my dropdown:

  • A: Comparing the text with the database text after click outside the box
  • B: Clear the dropdown if the user doesn’t click on something in the search list

plotting – DensityPlot3D produces features nonexsistent in data?

If you want to see inside a 3D object, I recommend that you peal back the object to the depth of interest using Manipulate.


w = 0.02; a0 = 1.5; a = {1, 0.9/a0, 0.6/a0};
{R1, R2} = {{-a((1)) Sqrt(1/4 - (w/(1 - a((3))))^2), 0, 
    w/(1 - a((3)))}, {a((1)) Sqrt(1/4 - (w/(1 - a((3))))^2), 0, 
    w/(1 - a((3)))}};
maxX = 1.2 R2((1)); maxY = 0.2; maxZ = 0.2;
V(X_, Y_, Z_) := (X^2/a((1)) + Y^2/a((2)) + (Z - w)^2/a((3))) - 
   Sqrt(X^2 + Y^2 + Z^2) + 0.250667;

 plot = DensityPlot3D(Evaluate@V(X, Y, Z),
   {X, -maxX, maxX}, {Y, ymin, maxY}, {Z, R1((3)) - maxZ, R1((3)) + maxZ},
   PlotRange -> {{-maxX, maxX}, {-maxY, maxY}, {R1((3)) - maxZ, 
      R1((3)) + maxZ}},
   PlotLegends -> Automatic,
   OpacityFunction -> opac,
   LabelStyle -> Directive(16),
   AxesLabel -> {X, Y, Z},
   ViewPoint -> {0.7, -2.6, 0.7},
   ImageSize -> 500,
   AspectRatio -> 1/2,
   PlotPoints -> 120),
 {{opac, 0.75, "OpacityFunction"}, 0, 1, 0.05, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
 {{ymin, 0}, -maxY, 0.9 maxY, 0.1 maxY, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
 SynchronousUpdating -> False)

enter image description here

What the correct git flow to develop on 2 independent features + 1 features that relies on both?

I’m trying to find the correct flow to manage this kind of development:


Where A and B are 2 features that are independent, but C relies on A and B.
I want to be able to push A and B for review while still working on C.
If I do branches for A and B

 --B---   ?C

I’not sure how to handle C then.
Is there a good canonical way of doing this?


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bitcoin core – bitcore features

I want to connect to various networks through bitcore and gather information including address balance and address transactions.
I also want to send transactions to the networks.

First, I need to know if bitcore supports networks other than btc and bch.

My next question is whether I should install Bitcoin-core to use btc, or does it works without it?

How about bch? Do I need to install anything for it or not?

e-commerce with specific features or requirements

I have a few customers who request ecommerce sites and each has their own need:

1. A customer has more than 1,000 products in ten categories. They need a platform that has a unique search filter for each category. Category A therefore searches on 4 fields while category B searches on 4 different fields.

2. A customer sells a few different products, but each product can have multiple sizes. I want to find an e-commerce platform that will allow me to create a page for each product. Somewhere on the page, I want to have a table. In each row, it would be the different sizes of this product. The columns would have a few fields and then I want there to be a text field area for the quantity the user wants to order and a button to add to the cart. This add to cart button can be either the last column or the bottom of the table.

Basically, I want to allow a user to order multiple sizes from a particular product on one page.

I know it is certainly possible, but I just need to know on which platforms I can do it. I've been looking for an example of this, but I can't find one that exactly matches what I want (but it's probabyl because I don't know the right industry or the right website to research).

3. A customer wishes to allow users to purchase registration for a conference or training online. Each would have a fixed date and time and a number of seats available for this session.

4. A customer already has a website but now wants to sell a few products (less than 5) but wants a simple basket and not just individual links to paypal or others.

I know I ask a lot in a message, but I figured it was better to do it in one thread than to start 4 different ones.

I appreciate all the advice and recommendations you have on these situations.

cache – Bluetooth problem, not having the appropriate GATTS services and features

I don't know if it's too technical to post on this Stack Exchange community, but I'll try.

I am working on an application via Flutter using the flutter_blue library to interact with an ESP-32 via Bluetooth. When I log in using my Pixel 3 and look at GATT information using my Flutter app, the GATT service and feature IDs are incorrect, and there is also a quantity Characteristic ID incorrect. When I use another one that was on the Play Store called GATTBrowser, it has the same problem UNTIL I refresh, then the UUIDs are loaded correctly.

Before refreshing:


After refreshment:


I tested to make sure the ESP-32 disperses the correct information by connecting to it using my laptop, using bluetoothctl and viewing the information GATT. All UUIDs are as they should be when I have the appropriate permissions. See the output below:

(ESP_GATTS_DEMO)# list-attributes
Primary Service (Handle 0x1140)
Characteristic (Handle 0x8ba4)
Characteristic (Handle 0x8ba4)
Characteristic (Handle 0x8ba4)
Descriptor (Handle 0x0015)
    Client Characteristic Configuration
Primary Service (Handle 0xb8a0)
    Generic Attribute Profile
Characteristic (Handle 0xc7d4)
    Service Changed
Descriptor (Handle 0x0015)
    Client Characteristic Configuration

I have finished deleting the GATTBrowser app and its data is stored on my phone, I have deleted my cache and my Bluetooth storage, then I reinstalled the app and I & # 39; Always have the same result. I have no idea what is causing this, but I really want the appropriate service and feature IDs to appear so that I can interact with them in the application I am coding.

If there is anything else I can try to delete the Bluetooth cache or make it load the appropriate values ​​on first connection without refreshing, please let me know. Thanks in advance.