Stability of the plugin | Use a VS plugin Develop features yourself

I work in a WebDev company where we encounter the following problems:

  • The plugin does not work properly with other plugins already installed.
  • Things that do not work as expected, this usually happens because we can not spend too much time looking for what a plugin does.
  • Bugs encountered while using certain features.

For example: I was trying to implement WebP for one of our clients, having had difficulties with the plugin of our choice due to bugs in the main functions, I have it finally run after implementing some changes in the plugin. Then, discover that the caching plug-in used by the website (and many other client websites from us) does not support the dynamic feature that detects whether a browser even supports WebP or not.

I am not trying to get an answer to the problem described in the last paragraph, but I would like to know:

  • How do you approach the problem of working with plugins in general, working with multiple plugins and their malfunctions when combining them.
  • When do you decide to create the feature yourself instead of using a plugin.

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angularjs – Questions about SharePoint features

I am a project manager who has worked on many web versions, but never on SharePoint and Angular. I was hoping to get an overview of the features during the rebuild and suggest improvements to the site.

What I'm trying to understand are the possibilities and restrictions with:

  • Customization: display different content in different countries,
    groups of users or specific users based on usage and past behaviors
  • Search Features and Document / Article Mark Improvements
  • Bookmarking: Possibilities of marking content on personal content
    bookstore library
  • Rich content: embed rich content
  • Content Rating: User Evaluated Content

I would greatly appreciate any idea that could help me better understand what I can recommend and how flexible they are / good on SharePoint!

Thank you.

7 – Is it necessary to export features with a version number?

By default, modules generated with features are created with a version string in the * .info file.

I think the convention is to increase this version number when the functionality changes.

In a distributed development workflow with a lot of merging, a linear version increment is not a useful template or metaphor.

Is the version number and its increment useful or necessary?

I work in a project where so far almost none of the features have a version number. But recently, a colleague reported problems restoring the features on the deployment, if they do not have a version. This could be pure coincidence, caused by something other than the missing version number.

Question about limiting features and licenses

We have a product that contains features (say the A, B and C features).

We are about to put it into production (a web application) for a certain customer.

However, according to my boss, we will deploy the product in the customer's premises. The client will also have the source code.

Now, my boss wants to restrict the features of this client. He wants to restrict the A functionality so that only the B and C features are available to the client.

What are our options? How can we do this technically (restrictive features) and in terms of license?

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Design Templates – Can I inform other developers that they can set some features to get additional features even if they are not needed?

The language is PHP. In my opinion, I have the certain code smell, it does not seem right to me: in my controller class that ingests objects of the same type (interface, it is ViewBlockInterface), I check if these objects have certain methods and on this basis, do things, otherwise just skip this object in the table.

if (method_exists ($ installed_module, & # 39; getBlockViewStylesFilePath & # 39;)) {
// logical with $ Load_module-> getBlockViewStylesFilePath ()

The problem with this approach is that unless you read the documentation (which almost nobody reads of course), you will not know it. I do not want to throw errors, but in my interface, ViewBlockInterface, I do not want to define them because it is not necessary for each block to be associated with CSS scripts /.

In short, I want the developer to know that while he defines these functions, things will happen, but there is no need to have them. I also think that the scope of this subsystem is so small that I do not want to create more than 4 interfaces just for that.

What can I do here?

machine learning – What does Number of Features mean in ClassifierInformation?[]?

I have defined 13 dimensional vectors divided into three classes and I am building a classifier using supervised learning.

After running c = classify[..] on Mathematica 11.0 and ClassifierInformation[c] Answers from Mathematica

Method K - Nearest Neighbors
Number of classes 3
Number of features 1
Number of training examples 6479
Number of neighbors 5
Distance function EuclideanDistance

The entries in the classifier were vectors every 13 long. Am I right in thinking that the answer above indicates that only one of the vectorial dimensions was used to perform the classification?

dnd 5th – Can you multiclass twice the same class for different features?


PHB, page 163, multiclass

With this rule, you have the opportunity to gain a level
in a new class each time you advance into the level, instead
to gain a level in your current class.

This wording seems clear: you must choose a different class or acquire a level of your current class. In the case of a cleric, this implies that you can not start at level 1 again (for example, Cleric 1 / Cleric 1) because Cleric is not a new class.

Taking specific concerns of Cleric (Life), which belongs to the same class as Cleric (Storm), page 45 of the PHB states that there are twelve classes and then lists them in a table. In this table, Cleric is only found once, and there is no mention of subclasses as being totally different classes.

This was officially clarified in the June 2016 Sage Council:

Can I multiclass in the same class to choose more than one subclass?

Multiclassing is only designed to take different classes. For example, you can be a fighter / thief, but not a thief / thief.

That being said, I will talk to your deputy minister. It may be reasonable, for example, to mix and match certain domain powers at their discretion.