features – Keep sticky messages in the main loop in their usual place

I have a wordpress theme that has a place at the top for sticky posts. If a publication is set to Post-it, it will appear at the top but will not appear in the publications listed below.

How can I have sticky messages inside the main loop? I've removed this feature that has hidden them from the main loop:

public function modify_main_query ($ query) {
if ($ query-> is_home () && $ query-> is_main_query ()) {
$ query-> query_vars['post__not_in'] = $ this-> sticky_posts;

Once deleted, the items are displayed in the main loop, but they appear at the top of the 10 items, before the others.

How can I show them on their respective dates, as if they were not sticky?

Thank you.

Chrome extension that adds different features depending on the web page

I'm developing a Chrome extension that adds functionality to a specific domain, but these depend on the page.

What are the most effective ways to achieve this goal?

scrum – Standard approach for tracking semi-finished features in Azure DevOps

We practice Scrum (SAFe) and use Azure DevOps to track features and PBIs. The team does not know how to handle features that have been started but that are not completed at the end of the program increment.

Half of the team wants to bring back the functionality to the backlog of the program, but we are losing the ability to report on efforts already devoted to functionality and the fact that our forecasts were wrong.

The other half of the team wants to clone this feature … which polluted our arrears.

Is there a standard way to do it? I would like an approach that does not confuse new members of the team if possible.

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farm solution – SP19 – Site Collection Features – displays all the features of all collections

We have a new Sp19 installation with 4 different web applications with 1 site collection each.

We then deployed server farm solutions to specific sites.

When I open the list of site collection features, all other features are not deployed to the specific site collection.

Why are they here? I can activate all features (.Webpart files are installed). Is there a way to hide them in the site collection, where the solution is not installed?

Thanks and best wishes,

java – Design reason to use when you want to apply common features to specific methods?

I'm trying to find a design template to use (if there is one) in a situation where I would do some features on multiple classes. Here is a (simplified) overview of the problem I am facing:

I have Java code to CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE Student objects, Professor objects and Staff objects. And whenever such an object is created, deleted or updated, I want to extract information about the object concerned (such as its name, age, identifier) ​​and inform an external service. So, something like:

StudentDAO class {
public Student createStudent (Student studentToCreate) {
jdbcTemplate.update (INSERT_SQL, .....);
// ===> extract some information from the student
// inform the external service that a student has been created ....
public Student deleteStudent (Student studentToDelete) {
jdbcTemplate.update (DELETE_SQL, .....);
// ===> extract some information from the student
// inform the external service that a student has been deleted ....
// same for the update

ProfessortDAO class {
public professor createProfessor (ProfessorToCreate) {
jdbcTemplate.update (INSERT_SQL, .....);
// ===> extract some information from the teacher
// inform the external service that a teacher has been created ....
public Student deleteProfessor (Professor professorToDelete) {
jdbcTemplate.update (DELETE_SQL, .....);
// ===> extract some information from the teacher
// inform the external service that a teacher has been deleted ...
// same for the update

// repeat for the staff

The example is a bit artificial, but assume that students, faculty, and staff share no hierarchy in inheritance. Is there a way to get this feature without copying and pasting the logic of extracting information and sending it to all CAD classes for the CREATE, DELETE, UPDATE methods?

I v

BlackHatKings: General Discussion on PPC
Posted by: MervinROX
Post time: June 21, 2019 at 20:16.

dnd 5th – Why do some classes acquire additional features when they increase their fitness score, but not others?

Some classes, when they reach a level that gives an increase in the aptitude score, do not generally gain other class-specific benefits when they reach that level. (Examples: Barbarian, Fighter, Robber.)

Others, especially the casting classes, will get additional class features (such as additional spell locations or chi) along with increasing the ability score. (Examples: Cleric, Monk, Sorcerer.)

Why do some classes have additional advantages over other classes? Is it balanced in another way?

I thought that some classes might have counterbalanced the larger dice (so they gain more life when they level), but Cleric, Monk, and Snape all have d8s.

recommended equipment – What are the manual features needed in a SLR camera for a photography class?

The Pentax K1000 is the classic student camera and would be perfect. My first was the same Ricoh KR5, which was great. I did not use the Canon AE-1 or the Nikon FM2, but after the pictures I found on Google, I see that they have the controls on them. standard exposure and that they will also fit.

There are no different types of manual exposure mode. They allow you all to choose the aperture and shutter speed that you want, which exactly matches your daughter's needs. On a digital camera, the ISO can also be selected on a case by case basis. On a movie camera, you call this information when you load the movie and leave it until you switch to another fast movie.

She will of course also need a lens. The standard recommendation here is a 50mm because it offers a similar perspective to that of the human eye. If you purchase the camera and lens separately, be sure to purchase a lens with the proper mount. Do not hesitate to post here with the body you choose if you need help finding a goal that suits you.

I would also suggest a camera bag and a tripod. It does not need anything expensive here, I would recommend a LowePro bag (they are awesome and they hold their products behind them … I have a 20 year old bag that is still fit) thing like the Lowepro Adventura SH 140 II should be a good size. A cheap tripod is practical. I have not used it, but the specifications of the Sunpak 6630LX seem to be well suited for an introductory course.