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[WTS] VPS Hosting for Adult Content Sites | | 99.9% uptime, useful features

Exmasters is a leading global provider of high-speed, adult web hosting that brings a new concept of affordable web hosting with no set-up or hidden fees. Our radically low prices, fast technical support and first-rate network are the keys to your success.

Here are our virtual private servers (VPS). The virtual private server is a very popular option for those who need server performance, but at very low prices. The client also gets full root access and all the capabilities of a dedicated server, including the control panel, etc. All of our virtual private servers are managed, so they are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced webmasters.

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Virtual Server VPS1

  • CPU: 1 core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Drive: 25 GB
  • Configuration: FREE

Monthly price: $ 15.00 – Customize and order now

Virtual Server VPS2

  • CPU: 2 cores
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Drive: 50 GB
  • Configuration: FREE

Monthly price: $ 25.00 – Customize and order now

Virtual Server VPS3

  • CPU: 4 cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 100 GB
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Monthly price: $ 35.00 – Customize and order now

Virtual Server VPS4

  • CPU: 8 cores
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB
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Monthly price: $ 45.00 – Customize and order now

Virtual Server VPS5

  • CPU: 8 cores
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Hard Drive: 1000 GB
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Monthly price: $ 65.00 – Customize and order now

Additional information

  • We don't use a shared or oversold network, only premium bandwidth!
  • All virtual servers come with 2000 GB of Premium bandwidth. Let us know if you need more.
  • Fully managed technical support, 24/7/365 available (email, phone, icq, online chat)
  • Special server management and control panels available
  • Each virtual private server comes with a preinstalled system – everything will work immediately!
  • 100% compatible with video streaming (ffmpeg, etc.)!
  • Detailed real-time transfer statistics included
  • Free local server firewall, forget about security issues
  • Free ping monitoring of your server (24/7 every minute)
  • Hardware configuration upgrade available at any time (even mid-month)
  • Bandwidth upgrade / downgrade available at any time (even mid-month)
  • Activation of the virtual private server is not instantaneous, but it is generally operational and ready the same day
  • We can help you move all of your content from another server for free without any downtime

If you need a custom private server (configuration, bandwidth), CONTACT US.
You don't need to know anything about managing private servers, that's our job!
And more…

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sharepoint server – Adding new files / features to the existing solution

I have a SharePoint 2013 site which is already in use and I have enough data.
Now I need to add some new images to the layouts / images folder, overwrite the existing site page and add items to a list. i set it all on activate the event receiver.

how to accomplish this task so that existing things are not disturbed.

Reseller Hosting – Main Features and How to Isolate Users?


We are service provider, VMware & Veeam provider, cPanel partner, etc.

Now we are interesting to manage the reseller hosting business.

Basically we would like to run this biz on cPanel virtual machines

for now, we plan to use these features:
– cPanel / WHM
– JetBackup + sftp external storage
– Bitninja
– Softacole

All under backup company for DR (Veeam)

we tried cloud linux but there is an alternative for


1. What are the best features or suggested features?

2. how to isolate the reseller inside the VM?
we try the linux cloud, there are other solutions?
We make a low population for VM but need to isolate for better performance.

Thank you all for any suggestion or help

The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

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  1. The best Vidmate Apk topics to read for you … 2020

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dnd 5th – How does the feat of Shield Master interact with the dodge and dodge features of Rogue & # 39; s Uncanny Dodge?

Similar synergies

Shield master does three things, but they don't really have a good synergy with the Thief's class abilities.

  • The pushing capacity seems to have a certain synergy with Sneak Attack, making the target prone (which gives an advantage to melee attacks), but unfortunately the Sage Advice Compendium requires you to complete the Attack action before jostling, so the target will not be prone to character, only to allies.
  • The Dexterity gross bonus saves the works, but it is limited to single target effects and Evasion only works with zone effects, so there is no synergy. There is an advantage, but it is not superlative. Except in the case of multiple classification, a thief masters the dexterity saves and probably has a good dexterity score. For a character with a relatively low Dexterity save, this can be a big problem.
  • The third benefit, against the affected areas, is strictly less than Evasion, because it requires a reaction to invoke Evasion is automatic. They both do the same thing on a successful backup (clearing up the mess), while Evasion also has an advantage over a failed save (half the damage) which Shield master does not provide.

None of these interact with Uncanny Dodge, which offers an advantage against incoming attacks (if there is no attack roll, just a save, it is not an attack and Uncanny Dodge does not help.

Synergies between characters

Shield master is stellar at a party with the right mix. I DM for a group with two melee rascals, a paladin with Shield masterand a wizard with Careful lot. The wizard can cast an AoE DEX save spell on all three each turn because Careful lot can all three pass automatically, rascals take nothing via Evasion and the paladin can use his reaction to take nothing via Shield master.

workflow – What features should you look for in Monitors in 2020 for photo editing?

The basics


I don't want to get the cheapest. I want to define what a monitor / features you want and are worth to you. Do you run a fashion photography studio for a magazine? Or it's a hobby.

In my opinion, the best monitor to have is the one you can buy now and not in the indefinite future.


Yes, size matters. Connect your monitor for a "live preview" on your product photography studio? Is it closed? Do you use it for photo editing?

IMHO, the best size is a 27-28 "if you use a 16: 9 aspect ratio and when working on a desk.

But you could probably need a better quality monitor at the expense of size.

Viewing angle

Some inexpensive monitors change color depending on the viewing angle. It is not good.

Decent brand

Any monitor from a decent brand will be "good enough" Benq, Samsung, LG, Dell, Asus, View Sonic, HP, Eizo … But there are specific features like the range of colors on specific series.


You don't need more FullHD on a 24 "monitor.

On a 27 to 28 inch monitor, you don't "need" more, but it can be a nice feature.

The specific

Color space

But here is the really important feature to look for when you think of a "monitor for photography". Color space.

To date, (2020-01) the Benq website has the most useful classification of monitors with a targeted audience.

enter description of image here

Specialized monitors for photography (and design) are those who have a wider range of colors. There are several relevant spaces. The bigger the better.

For photography, the main ones are sRGB and AdobeRGB. The ProPhoto is currently too large to be covered with current technology to my knowledge.

For the video. sRGB, Rec709, NTSC, DCI-P3.

Some photography monitors claim to cover 99% of AdobeRGB. Use this information as a reference.

This is a subject that needs to be deepened:

Do searches like this, combining and comparing color spaces to find more information:

Some unimportant features

  • Refresh rate. If you are not a player, it is not important.

  • Curved or not.

  • Bright or not.

  • Led or not. This may have some effect on the black point, but it is not a function to look for, but the overall result.

  • Integration with GPU. It is also a feature for gamers.

Cost vs quality.

If you want to have a professional workflow, but limited on a budget, choose in this order.

  1. Mark

  2. Wider color space possible

  3. Cut

  4. Resolution

In addition to a monitor, you can consider a calibration device like ColorMunki or ColorSpyder.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform: architecture, security and features – Cryptocurrency corner

Existing #cryptocurrency #exchange # platforms often struggle to keep up with growing market demands such as efficient handling of large transaction volumes, advanced user experience features and a smooth trading experience.

The need of the hour is to develop simple and minimalist crypto exchange platforms. They have to support quick trust withdrawals to include a large part of the world's population dealing with fiat money. Most importantly, they must be protected by high-level security to build trust in the network.

So let's start with the basic aspects to take into account when developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

appletv – Features: Apple TV -vs- Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs

Is the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs the same as a separate Apple TV?

Can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs run other Apple TV apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. or can the Apple TV app on Samsung smart TVs just run iTunes Pay per view movies / TV and Apple TV + subscription content. While leaving Netflix, Amazon Video etc. as standard "Samsung Apps"?

Add custom links as features

I want the same functionality as WordPress to provide for custom links, but in addition, I want to add a class to these default links which is added by this functionality (Other websites).

enter description of image here

I tried to add it with add_meta_box But it does not work.