Can I file with 2 rss feeds on my homepage

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Rendering multiple Instagram feeds into one in SharePoint Online

This is something that I would solve with server-side code.

If this is placed in a central location, it might be interesting to have a cache for that, and reading 3 feeds for each request can be very useful if this is done by all customers. Server in this case does not mean sharepoint, it could be an IIS process that merges these 3 streams and exposes them in one.

To be honest, I would like to move something like this into azure and expose the merged flow in one way or another … You do not need a Entire server for this feature and its insecure data – a perfect azure use case. You also have access to some additional features such as flow analysis for sentiment controls.

I know exaggerated;]
But take a look here … Replace your "WPF application" with a Webservice endpoint and display the result in a Webpart share point …

edit: an RSS feed would be cached by SharePoint by default so that your actual load on the endpoint is pretty low

Migration – How to parse the JSON feed from one d8 to another d8 site using the Feeds Migrate module

This is the JSON output of a view using the REST export.

    "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 3",
    "spotlight-body": "

This is spotlight 3

" }, { "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 2", "spotlight-body": "

this is spotlight 2

" }, { "spotlight-title": "Spotlight 1", "spotlight-body": "

This is the first spotlight

" } ]

And in my other site d8, I'm trying to consume JSON output via the Feeds Migrate module. I tried to set $. * And $. [] In the JSON element selector without having any chance. I've got the error quickly "An AJAX HTTP error has occurred.
HTTP result code: 500 "in recent log messages, I see" Note: undefined index: $. [] In Drupal migrate_more … "

What should I set as the element selector?

Thank you!

SharePoint Online, Migrating feeds and related applications

Are there tools to migrate SharePoint + Flows and PowerApps between tenants? I know that there is Saketa and AvePoint (I guess the free versions could do something too), but what about Flows and Power Apps, how do you migrate them? ..

Script updating connection properties in exported feeds / powerapps

Question: Is it possible to update the connection properties of a flow / powerapps package exported via a powershell script?

How to prevent users from creating feeds on a SharePoint site

I have a particular SharePoint site that I want to prevent users from accessing via Microsoft Flow or PowerApps.
I only want the SharePoint or Microsoft Flow designer workflows created by the site administrator to be the only functional workflows for the site.

Regular users have contribution permissions on the site. They have already been prevented from creating SharePoint designer workflows, but I do not know how to prevent them from creating a Microsoft feed.

Help kindly.

8 – Import node with paragraphs using Feeds module

I would like to import a node with multiple paragraphs, but I can not run the flow module with paragraphs.

Here is an example of XML data to download: –

            sample title of item 1
            sample title of item 2

account_name and location_name will be created in a node. items/item will be created in the node section.

Here is an example of node fields

account_name = text field
location_name = text field
items = multiple paragraph

I've tried to create a separate stream type for everyone.

node import
paragraph import

I've tried to create a content reference field in the paragraph thread, in order to reference the paragraph in the node thread, but still no luck. I do not know how the parent ID and the parent field work in the paragraph thread either.

Has anyone tried to do the same thing and make it work without writing any custom code?

Import only the Feeds element if neither of the two fields has any value

I use the D7 Flow module to import jobs into my Drupal instance. I've also installed the Tamper Feeds module to clean the data and verify that some fields contain data before importing them. The problem is that I can not understand how to import a record if there is a value for at least one of the two fields. If the TWO fields are empty, I do not want to import the item, but if there is data for at least one of these two fields, I want to import the item.

In summary, three fields should ideally be filled in for the job to be imported: Location, Summary, Project Details. The client says there MUST be at least one location for this part to be easy because I simply make this field mandatory with Tamper Feeds, but EITHER the summary OR project details can be completed to be imported. If Summary and Project Details are blank, do not import the record.

With Tamper Feeds, I can specify that there must be data in a specific field, but I can not understand how to use the OR part of this equation. In other words, import only if there is data in the Summary or Project Details fields, but if both fields are empty, do not import.


Capture and replay of UDP feeds

I capture the audio from a radio device on my Android using tcpdump.
How can I take this cap file and replay the UDP stream that it contains? As I want to replay the audio that I have received from the radio.

Selling – – Create RSS feeds to monitor FTP directories

The description:

Online service for creating RSS feeds to monitor FTP directories. Stay up-to-date with the latest additions and updates to FTP files using your favorite RSS reader.

An established and stable service that has been operating since 2011.

Why are you selling this site?

The service was originally developed to help support by monitoring card updates from third-party FTP sites. Not being the basic service, the product has never been developed to its full potential beyond the most basic functionality required.

How is it monetized?

Currently, the main site is showing AdSense ads.

Ability to add additional sources of advertising revenue via the RSS feeds themselves (at present, only the website is used to serve ads).

Possibilities to add premium features, such as RSS feeds based on password protected FTP locations, being the most common feature request.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?


How long does this site take to run?

No. This was very convenient after the initial setup.

What are the challenges of managing this site?


Which technology is used?

This is a basic ASP.NET Web site (no database) that can run under a budget IIS host. Currently hosted on Azure.

The complete source code will be provided.

Deployment assistance in your own environment can be provided.

Why this sudden increase in traffic?

It's only recently that I've logged into RSS feeds to record traffic with Google Analytics. Previously, only the minimal Web pages recorded traffic.

Why is there no AdSense report included?

I just added AdSense on the site. Previously, the site was using ad block sizes that Google had made obsolete. They did not show up anymore. Unfortunately, I did not realize this before deciding to sell the site.