Traveling in Turkey by ferry

I want to ask if I have a valid Schengen with an ordinary Egyptian passport. Can I go to Turkey from Greece by ferry?

ferries – Should I buy Viator ferry tickets?

I am looking for options to go from North to South Island in December. I found this ferry ticket sales site:

What's odd is that they sell tickets for the InterIsland festival, but when I go directly to, I see higher price (like 50% more). I've specifically compared exactly the same decor, 2 travelers, no car on December 15, and although Viator gives me $ 85.50, InterIsland is selling this offer for as much as $ 130. Plus, I can only get a 50% refund with the latter (a flexible option would be $ 150), but Viator says I can get a full refund.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

A dealer whose price is lower than that of the supplier and whose cancellation conditions are better looks like a big red flag. But it is simply possible that they have a strange type of contract or special offer. Or that I just enter something very badly. Are they legitimate?

Germany – Does the Flixbus N770 from Antwerp to Copenhagen go by ferry to Denmark

The FlixBus in Denmark from Germany actually take a ferry from Puttgarden to Rödby.

The ferry leaves every 30 minutes and there is a passport control, so you have no choice to sleep.

Once on the ferry, you have to leave the bus. You can sleep at various places on the boat, but keep in mind that the driver will not wait for you – go to the bus immediately when such instructions are announced, about 5 minutes before your arrival.

Could you help me get the best ferry links?

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When I take the ferry from Shimonoseki (Japan) to Busan (Korea), how much will I need to cash only?

Seven years ago, I took the ferry between Japan and Korea about six times, and I intend to take it again.

It seems to me that I remember that even when you pay the ferry ticket in cash, there are also fees or taxes that can only be paid in cash. I remember being caught once or twice and having to find an ATM at the last minute.

In 2019, when going from Japan to Korea, how much do I have to pay for these fees / taxes only in JPY, so that I can keep this amount aside when I spend my last Japanese money?

From West Africa to Tangier by ferry

I am looking for ferries from Banjul or Dakar to Tangier.
I will go to West Africa in January 2020 on a motorcycle, but I want to come back by ferry (and motorcycle :), but I have not found any solution via the Internet …

Is there anyone who knows the possibility of returning by ferry or by other alternatives?

Ferry routes with Google Maps possible?

I have several ferry routes to add to my Google maps. [GM]. I used the instructions argument in the https instruction to allow mapping of the two terminals of the ferry route [see below]. This however results in the display of a route on the road network between points. What I'm trying to achieve is a straight line crossing a water plane connecting the two terminals. [For clarity’s sake, I omitted all of the Filemaker code that implements this action.]

Is it possible, and if so how?

" key = "

Thank you very much, Bill Cole

seo – Which scheme should I use for a ferry trip?

I need help on the scheme to use.

These pages are not yet online, but I want to inform our developers of the schema when we start creating them.

Sample Page – Ferries to Jersey

The pages will have the following information –

Routes / Ports from which we are navigating
Number of crossings / duration / latest offers / ship – tabular
Map of itineraries
Travel Tips – links to other important areas of the site for easy travel

Thank you


Hudson River ferry at Christmas?

I am curious to know if the ferry from Port Imperial to Midtown is running on Christmas Day. Do the free buses from the terminal to the city center also work at full capacity?

Can I follow the location of the ferry from Vaasa to Uumaja (Vasa and Umeå)?

The Vaasa ferry at Uumaja has turned back due to bad weather. Is there a way to track where it is, the expected time of arrival and other information of this type?