sharepoint online – Using Filter Query in Graph API to fetch the particular users

Current code:

public render(): void {
.then((graphclient:MSGraphClient): void=>{
  .filter('Department eq IT')

Fetching users detail through Graph API call and filtering users for a particular Department into web part in SPFx.

Using No JavaScript framework to build this web part.

When not using filter, getting all the users details.

How to use filter in the API call?

sharepoint enterprise – Fetch active AD groups in site collection using PnP powershell for SP 2013

The requirement is to fetch all active AD groups in a site collection using pnp powerhsell in SP 2013. We have tried querying the User Info list and also web.siteusers but have noticed that this fetches all users and AD groups including historical ones which are now deleted. These are not needed.

Is there any other way to achieve this?

How can we fetch data of user from firebase firestore

suppose if I want to show the user profile how can I do can anybody help me.

REST API to fetch block by height

I am trying to incorporate bitcoin in one of the applications and want to integrate the REST API which exposes all the public information.

I tried using but upon multiple requests, it starts to error out with message “Do not abuse the api”.

Kindly provide the reference to API which I can use

Note: Tried as well but doesnt work. Even the link on leads to error page on web

How to fetch other fields value of a content based on one field value of that content?

I have a custom content type. Fields of this content type are Title, macid and description.
How can I fetch description field if I give macid as input using custom module?

google – How to fetch csv file and show in shortcode

I am missing a simple method to fetch data (every 30 minute) from a public Google Sheet CSV file and show the data with a shortcode in WordPress – can I do that with a php snippet in functions.php and how?

The data is actually just a dynamic number in a single cell.

entities – How do I fetch a referenced entity value in hook_node_presave()?

I have two content types: Author and Stories. Author has an entity referenced field for Stories nodes. When I create an Author node, I need to get the story title, the creation date, etc in hook_node_presave() or hook_node_insert().

How do I achieve this?

oracle – sql query to fetch exchange rate by dividing the amount in the same table

@Alaa – Your given table only has what an item sold for (at one some unknown time), the currency of that particular sale, and the amount of that sale in that currency at that one time. It seems you are depending on trying to compare a one-time sale in one currency to a one-time (different time) sale of the same item in another currency. That is not how to approach this. You will need a separate table of currency exchange rates, and effective dates of that exchange rate. And you will need your sales table to include date of sale, that can be compared to ‘effective date’ of the exchange table.

Off the top of my head, assuming that all exchanges are against Euros

SQL> create table exchange_rate (exch_currency varchar2(3) primary key,
  2                              exch_rate number(4,2),
  3                              exch_eff_dte date);

Table created.

SQL> create table sales (item_id varchar2(10),
  2                      sale_date date,
  3                      sale_currency varchar2(3),
  4                      sale_amt number(8,2),
  5              constraint fk_curr_exch foreign key (sale_currency)
  6                references exchange_rate (exch_currency)
  7  );

Table created.