forms – Layout problem of the search field

I have two types of similar searches:

  • Clients: can be searched by code, name, status (active or inactive) and zone.
  • Companies: can be searched by code, name and area.

The information areas and business areas contain different types of information (for example, the area of ​​the customers must be a country and the area of ​​the companies of a region).
Both search results have the same data structure, so they can be displayed in the same data grid.

I've designed this layout with tabs, but that does not convince me. The code and name are split into two forms, but the combined fields have different elements. It would be nice to find a way to join them in a unique form.

enter the description of the image here

sharepoint designer – The update element for the Number field does not work

I am trying to update the column of the current list (field Amount).
I'm using an item from the update list. If both IDs match, return the quantity.
However, this error has occurred: Constraint Failed: Can not transform the input search data to the requested type.

The values ​​are not empty. But if I use the search column, it recovers the value. However, I have to use the workflow.

Help kindly.

8 – Pre-populate a Composite Web Form Field from POST Data

I need to POST a JSON to a URL with a Web Form and have the WebformHandler.

This is the alterForm from my WebformHandlerBase subclass

public function alterForm(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, WebformSubmissionInterface $webform_submission) {

    $json_params = file_get_contents("php://input");
    $decoded_params = json_decode($json_params, true);
    if (strlen($json_params) > 0 && json_last_error() == JSON_ERROR_NONE) {
      if (array_key_exists('prepop', $decoded_params) && $decoded_params('prepop')) {
        $flattened_elements = &WebformFormHelper::flattenElements($form('elements'));

        // This works! It's a plain old text field
        $flattened_elements('i_am_text')('#value') = $decoded_params('i_am_text');

        // This does not work! It's a text field, but in a webform composite
        $flattened_elements('address')('#webform_composite_elements')('line_1')('#value') = $decoded_params('line_1');

I can pre-populate an old plain text field, but an element of a web form composite does not cooperate.

I also could not use the following for plain text boxes or composite texts:

$form_state->setValue('i_am_text', $decoded_params('i_am_text'));

I've also tried to use

$form_state->setUserInput(('i_am_text' => $decoded_params('i_am_text')));

Unformatted view and output of the custom taxonomy field

The initial problem I had was to set up a taxonomy called Category. I added vocabulary to my category taxonomy. Some of the terms I've added contain spaces. Labels should have spaces, so I want to keep them. I want to remove spaces from the category name when they are displayed in the view, unformatted, based on templates.

This would solve all my problems if I could extract these spaces from category names. I've set up a custom field on taxonomy terms to handle this, but I do not know how to access the custom fields of the taxonomy term from the view-view-unformatted.html.twig template. Is there a pre-processing function that can do this? Something where I can convert the category and just delete the spaces or change the label output value to field_nospace_category?

More experimentation

I've configured a page-like view to display articles in my Articles content type. I'm using the unformatted list and I've created a custom template called views-view-unformatted – my_view_id.html.twig. I see that it is the model that comes out on my page.

I'm trying to get out the custom field of taxonomy terms as a class on the div that has {{row.attributes.addClass (row_classes)}}

The div should look like this:

I've tried several variants to try to get the values. Inside the loop for row in rows, I put:

{{ node.category.entity.field_category.value }}
{{ row.content('#node').field_category.getValue().0.target_id }}

I've tried debugging using Kint, Dump but my installation continues to generate errors (insufficient memory) or a blank blank page.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

Accessing the $ entry field from gravity forms performs the posts function. This is possible?

We try to use rgar to read the $ entry of a given field, but no input variable $ n is accessible. How can we access the $ entry variable? Thank you

add_filter (& # 39; gform_pre_render_51 & # 39 ;, & # 39; populate_posts & # 39;);
add_filter (& # 39; gform_pre_validation_51 & # 39;; & # 39; populate_posts & # 39;);
add_filter (& # 39; gform_pre_submission_filter_51 & # 39 ;, & # 39; populate_posts & # 39;);
add_filter (& # 39; gform_admin_pre_render_51 & # 39 ;, & # 39; populate_posts & # 39;);
function populate_posts ($ form) {

foreach ( $form('fields') as &$field ) {

    if ( $field->type != 'select' || strpos( $field->cssClass, 'populate-posts' ) === false ) {

    // you can add additional parameters here to alter the posts that are retrieved
    // more info:
    $posts = get_posts( 'numberposts=-1&post_status=publish' );

    $choices = array();

    foreach ( $posts as $post ) {
        $choices() = array( 'text' => $post->post_title, 'value' => $post->post_title );

    // update 'Select a Post' to whatever you'd like the instructive option to be
    $field->placeholder = 'Select a Post';
    $field->choices = $choices;


return $form;


search – Make the multiline plain text field searchable from the All Items page

Prerequisite: Make the multiline plain text field searchable from the AllItems page.

What I've done so far: creating a new column at the site level, "Notes", added to my list, creating a new managed property , "NotesProperty", and setting the parameters below for search, query, and retrieve (https: //

However, it's been several hours but when I try to test it, it still does not work. Am I missing something obvious?

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here

dynamic – Triggers the update of an InputField field including {Temporary, updatefunction}

I have a DynamicModule that contains a number of InputFields and a button to cause the recalculation. The calculation takes some time, so I use the Dynamic formulation [varname, {Temporary, updatefunction}]. But if I have the cursor in a field that I have edited, and then I click the Recalculate button, the recalculation will be done without the updated version of varname. What can I add to the button code to trigger the update, regardless of the field in which the cursor is located? For example, is there a way to simulate the insertion of a tab key into the input stream, which would cause the cursor to leave the current field and move to the next one?

dynamic systems – A vector field without a stationary point or a limit cycle

Background: I am a beginner in nonlinear dynamic systems. But I followed a graduate course in linear dynamic system.

Question: Is it possible to build an autonomous system $ C ^ 1 $ vector field $ f: U rightarrow mathbb {R} ^ n $, or $ U $ is a delimited open subset of $ mathbb {R} ^ n $, so that it has neither fixed point nor limit cycle in $ U $? Another constraint is that if we start at all $ x_0 in V sub-set U $, the solution of $ dot {x} = f (x) $ should always stay indoors $ U $.

This will be really useful if I can get an example of such a vector field for dimension $ n ge $ 2 with sets $ U $ and $ V $.

rest – How to insert a lookup type field in the SharePoint list

I have a list with the name Product Catalog and there are two search fields with the name Country Preference and Location Preference: a date field and a multiselection field.

I have tested with list name without space ex: – Employee and field types simple and able to insert the data into the list without error. But with the name of the list above and the types of fields, I can not insert the data. Error no. 400 Bad Request displays in the browser debug console.

Maybe there is a problem in the preparation of the article as shown below.

Can someone help me properly prepare an article that I have to use as a payload?

I wanted to know what follows specified in the item variable below.

var item = {
           "__metadata": { "type": itemType },
           datefield : correct value format,
           multiselect field : correct value format,
          correct Country Preferences lookup field name: correct value format,
           correct Location Preferences lookup field name: correct value format

In addition, what should be the format of the name for the & # 39; List Name & # 39; in the URL below?

url: "http:///_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('ListName')",

        url: "http:///_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('ListName')",
        type: "POST",
        data: JSON.stringify(item),
        headers: { 
            "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
            "content-type": "application/json;odata=verbose",
            "content-length": ,
            "X-RequestDigest": $("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val(),
            "IF-MATCH": "*"
        success: doSuccess,
        error: doError

thanks and greetings