Adding values ​​to multiple field collection elements with rules

In recent days, I have read different solutions on the forums to achieve this, but it seems to me that I miss something. Any idea of ​​how to solve this problem would really be appreciated.

I have the "report" content type that is made from the "proba" collection field. This collection field has another collection field named "detalji tabele". Inside this collection field ("detalji tabele"), there are 2 groups with several fields inside (group "values" and group "control values").

A group of fields ("values") is filled in by the "admin" user roles and another group of fields ("control values") is filled in by the "controller" user roles. This "detalji tabele" collection field can be added an unlimited number of times in a node.

First, users with "admin user roles" enter their data into the "Values" field group, after which users with "control roles" enter their information in the "group" field. Values ​​of control ". All data in the collection field is displayed in tables.

I therefore need to adhere to the following rule:

When users with "control roles" update the "report" content type, I have to compare the values ​​of two fields in the "detalji tabele" collection field that can be added an unlimited number of times. One belongs to the group "values" and the second field belongs to the group "control values". If they have the same value, I must set the value in the field name "procjena-odstupanja-tekst" or semaphore. "Semaphore" is the "Text List" field of the "Control Values" group and if two compared fields have the same value, "Semaphore" is set to "OK".

I have to browse these two fields inside the collection field, but I managed to do it only on the second collection field inside a node.

Here is my rule:

{"rules_semafor_proba": {
"LABEL": "semafor proba",
"PLUGIN": "reaction rule",
"OWNER": "rules",
"REQUIRES" : [ "rules", "rules_conditional", "field_collection" ],
"SURE" : {
"node_update - izvje_taj_kontrolni": {"bundle": "izvje_taj_kontrolni"},
"Field_collection_item_update": []
"IF" : [
      { "user_has_role" : {
          "account" : [ "site:current-user" ],
"roles": {"value": {"5": "5"}}
{"entity_has_field": {
"entity": [ "node:field-proba:1:field-detalji-tabele:1" ],
"field": "field_ik_dimenzija_na_crtezu"
{"entity_has_field": {
"entity": [ "node:field-proba:1:field-detalji-tabele:1" ],
"field": "field_izmjerena_dimenzij_kontrol"
"MAKE" : [
      { "LOOP" : {
          "USING" : { "list" : [ "node:field-proba:1:field-detalji-tabele" ] }
"ITEM": {"list_item": "Element of the current list"},
"MAKE" : [
            { "CONDITIONAL" : [
                  "IF" : { "data_is" : {
                      "data" : [
"value" : [
"MAKE" : [
                    { "data_set" : {
                        "data" : [ "list-item:field-procjena-odstupanja-tekst" ],
"value": "1"

Here is also an image of my results (attached image). In this table, 'Zadana vrijednost & # 39; is equal to [field-izmjerena-dimenzij-kontrol]and & # 39; Stvarna vrijednost & # 39; is equal to [field-ik-dimenzija-na-crtezu]. When these two fields have the same value, the procjena-odstupanja-tekst field is set to & # 39; U REDU & # 39; (OKAY).

But this only works with the second collection of fields. The first and the third (and the fifth, etc.) do not change when I edit them.


8 – How to display all the terms of the nodes created by the user in a field of view

I have a user view in which I list the user information with the UID context filter. I want to display all the terms of the nodes added by the user. I added the author relationship so I could display the term field in the view.

The problem is that the field only displays the terms of the first node added by the user. The goal is to display all the terms of all the nodes added by the user. Preferably without repetition.

Thus, if the user U has added the node A with the terms X and Y and the node B with the terms X and Z, the archived views must display the terms X, Y and Z.

What am I doing wrong that only the terms of the first node of the user are displayed?

forms – How can I add a field type "reference to an entity" with a cardinality limit of 5

I'm doing this code but it's not complicated

$ form['details']['name_field'][]    = table (
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39; entity_autocomplete & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # title & # 39; => $ this-> t (& # 39; Title & # 39;),
& # 39; # target_type & # 39; => & # 39; knot & # 39;
& # 39; # multiple & # 39; => TRUE,
& # 39; # selection_settings & # 39; => [
                'target_bundles' => ['article']

How to remove the time from the modified SharePointWebControls field name

I have created a presentation page and want to display the date of the last modification (without time) of the page.

Use below to view the last modified date, but it also displays the time

UX field – UX Designer or UI Developer?

Let's start by defining and understanding the design in the first place, then we'll go to terms like UI and UX Design.

Design is a problem-solving process, as you may have heard in the famous book Steve Jobs: "Design is not its appearance, but also its operation".

Look at the objects around you in real life, like a bottle of water, a teapot,
do you preside and ask yourself what problem does that solve? Is it really usable? If they do not solve
No matter what problem or are not usable, then it's either not a design at all and more like a work of art or a bad design.

Remember a time when you might have a loved one based on your appearance and approach, but you ended up having a bad experience based on the conversation and interactions you had with them. This is the fundamental difference between UI and UX. .

The UI is the part that can unconsciously bias you and make you assume that you will have a good experience when you interact with that UI (product or people).

Whereas UX is a complete experience, including any type of interaction you have when interacting with the products or services of a company. For example. Your Uber experience is not based solely on the use of the user interface of their mobile application, but also on how the driver speaks to you.

Design is also a state of mind. Often, people start thinking about solutions before they know the right problem. This is what we invite to design, starting with compassion for users and moving on to solutions.

Designers often begin to understand the problem at a deeper level before proposing ideas or solutions.

The UX designer is the person in a company that defends users,
similar to the way a judge fights for his client in court, the designers
fight for their users.

The designer will take each design decision with the users in mind and fight to get it with the team.

A UX designer of a company will also need to be understanding with developers and businesses.
stakeholders and then design something that is desirable, viable and

Often companies ask for an individual who designs and develops, but they do not really know the value of design. They just want a resource that can do everything for them and not have to spend more money on hiring another resource.

Coding is an extra skill that a designer may have, but it's not
mandatory for a designer to know the coding. Knowing the constraints of development can help you better deal with developers.

As you mentioned above, tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and so on. help designers create interactive prototypes. We do not really need to know the HTML / CSS / Javascript language.

My suggestion is to find better companies that value and understand the basic design.

To find out more about the difference between UI / UX and why UI is sold to us UX. Check out this article on Designerrs Lab and discover companies that value design here.

Keep learning, keep designing 🙂

configuration management – Attempt to create a non-existent field body on an entity type node – Drupal 8.6.7

I have recently started to encounter this error when activating a module or configuration of the content type management zone. This was not a problem before.

Drupal Core Field FieldException: Try to create a field body that does not exist on the entity type node. in Drupal field Entity FieldConfig-> getFieldStorageDefinition () (line 315 of /web/core/modules/field/src/Entity/FieldConfig.php).

Could you please guide me on how can I get this missing piece repaired.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

8 – Edit the field instance setting form in admin / structure / types / manage // fields / node ../storage

I'm trying to figure out how to add an extra field to the content type's field settings page.

Basically, I want to change the field instance settings form on admin / structure / types / manage // fields / node ../ storage .

I'm going with hook_form_FORM_ID_alter for FORM_ID field_config_edit_form.
The new form element appears on the form, but after sending, I can not see the value.

Am I missing something? Is an additional form submission feature required other than the default one to submit my new value?

Here is my excerpt –

/ **
* Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter ().
* /
function mymod_form_field_storage_config_edit_form_alter (& $ form,  Drupal  Core  Form  FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id) {

$ form['enabled'] = table (
& # 39; # type & # 39; => & # 39; checkbox & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # title & # 39; => t (& # 39; Enable & # 39;),
& # 39; # description & # 39; => t (& # 39; If enabled, this module will modify the settings of the. & # 39;) field,
& # 39; # default_value & # 39; => $ form['enabled'],

views – hook_views_data_alter to turn the contents of the body field of text titles into "bold"

What would a hook_views_data_alter look like to turn body text content into bold.

It means adding an element of html code to the body's content. For example:

"First name: is simply a fake text of the industry of printing and composition. Lorem Ipsum is the standard dummy text of the industry since the 1500s. Last name: when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a typical notebook. He has not only survived five centuries. "Third Name: Also the jump in the electronic composition, remaining essentially.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ideal fitness field and associated brand name to sell.

Domain to sell not a website.

Purchased for a personal project that never happened. Now sell it.
SEMrush is an area that perfectly fits the idea of ​​the health sector. The domain tells users that this is where they go to turn into athletic versions.

This domain and the associated brand name will be perfect for a fitness blog or app.

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