file sharing – Does NFS supports multilevel mounts?

Consider a scenario where I have 3 PC’s running on ubuntu 16.04.

  • PC1: sharing /home/user1 on NFS. Exports file looks like:

    /home/user1 *(rw,async,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)

  • PC2: mounting PC1:/home/user1 on /home/user2/mounted_from_pc1 as well as sharing its /home/user2. Exports file looks like:

    /home/user2 *(rw,async,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,nohide)

PC2: has two lan ports therefore one is connected to PC1 and another to PC3

  • PC3: mounting PC2:/home/user2 on /home/user3/mounted_from_pc2.

But when I try to access /home/user3/mounted_from_pc2/mounted_from_pc1, its empty.

Is this architecture supported by NFS? If not how can I achieve this?

I’m looking file hosting service with tariff plan for sale | NewProxyLists

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backup – The media family on device incorrectly formed for read only file group restore

Yes the databases (source and destination) are the same version. I have checked 3 times. Both are “Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (RTM-CU8-GDR) (KB4583459) – 15.0.4083.2 (X64)”

The database itself restores ok without error. Only when I try the read-only file group restore does it give the error. I have redone the back up and attempted the restore again just in case I had something wrong with the backup.

I have done the numerous times with ss 2016 and even when upgrading from ss2016 to ss2019. But now I am testing the restores it just looks broken to me. Almost like this is a bug

Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Loading PSBT from file gets error: “unable to decode psbt….”

The Bitcoin Core GitHub text says to ask my question here. I also asked on reddit but maybe this is a better place.

I created a PSBT file from my online Bitcoin Core wallet. I transferred it to my offline PC to sign on that Bitcoin Core wallet but when I try to load the PSBT file into the wallet through the “Load PSBT through file…” option I immediately get the following error:

“unable to decode psbt. global unsigned tx key is more than one byte type: iostream error”

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

If you need to know the steps I completed to get to this stage, here it is:

  1. Got my scriptPubKey and pubkey for my bitcoin address that I own and have bitcoin on and want to test my PSBT with. I used command: getaddressinfo to get this on my offline Bitcoin Core

  2. Created a new wallet on my online Bitcoin Core with “Disable private keys & blank wallet” checked off

  3. Imported the scriptPubKey and pubkey from step 1] into my online Bitcoin Core wallet. It says successful. Command used was: importmulti ‘[{“scriptPubKey” : “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,”pubkeys” : [“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”],”timestamp” : “now”,”label” : “PSBT-test”, “watchonly”: true}]’

  4. Inputed my transaction details on the Bitcoin Core online watch-only wallet and generated the PSBT file.

security – A safe way to allow upload of all file types?

No. Setting the directory as non-executable only prevents harmful binaries from being executed on the server. It does not prevent harmful scripts from being executed by the webserver.

If I can upload a PHP file, and access it via the web, then the webserver will run it regardless of its executable flag.

Additionally, I could upload something that contained HTML and Javascript, and then run it in a browser from your domain. This is known as a Persistent-Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerability.

In order to be secure with any filetype, the uploaded files must be uploaded to a place where the webserver cannot reach them and serve them to other people. Which makes uploads kind of pointless in that case, since images uploaded wouldn’t be visible afterwards.

custom functions in function file delete automatically daily

I have added some custom ajax calls and functionality on my WordPress site. I added code in function.php which is placed in wp_includes folder. It was working fine but from the last 2 weeks, my custom functions automatically removed from functions.php file.
what is the solution of this? I am new to WordPress. Any help would be highly appreciable.

c++ – Visual Studio / Qt – Cannot open source file “QApplication”

I have VS 2017, qt-opensource-windows-x86-msvc2015_64-5.8.0, qt-vsaddin-msvc2017-2.6.0-rev.07. to setup.

Qt VS Tools widget is present, can make Qt Console Application.


#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QLabel>

Cannot open source file "QApplication"
Cannot open source file "QLabel" – tried, not working.


Run a PHP File once every day using cron job on Aws Lightsail Bitnami WordPress Installation

I’m using a custom php script to fetch popular posts based on jetpack postviews and write results to a static php file.

Now I want to run this script only once every day by setting up the cron job in my bitnami wordpress installation on Aws lightsail,

I’m NOT good at working with commands, can someone just tell me which commands do I have to execute to do setup a cron job?

I’ve already tried what is mentioned in the official bitnami documentation and few other resources, without any success.


Will large transaction log file slow db recovery?

Did a manual failover after windows updates to passive node today and recovery was fast for all but one db. The one slow db had a transaction log size of 203200.00 mb. Log Space percent used = 0.25. Will the large transaction log file size slow down recovery?

database – Turn .sql file into a table

I have an sql file (from the following link:
I need to get the table which is supposedly encoded in that file.

I have no SQL experience and tried several things that have been suggested elsewhere:

1)I tried using “DB Browser for SQLite” — I created a database and clicked “Import”>”Database from SQL file” but was given an error:

Error importing data: Error in statement #2: near “KEY”: syntax error.
Aborting execution.

2)I tried to use R to get my table

df <- dbGetQuery(conn=???, statement = read_file("./MyFile.sql"))

but I wasn’t sure what would be my “conn” object

  1. I also read suggestions to use WAMP, but it is not available for mac, which is what I am using

I would appreciate any help!