Reducing filegroups in the Mac Finder

A folder in my mac is set to list and the files are grouped by type, such as Pictures, Movies, Documents, and so on. I wonder if there is a way to develop / reduce whole groups.

In the windows, there is an arrow next to the group name and when you click on it, the group will expand / collapse. But I can not find a way to do that on mac. If I have hundreds of files in one category, for example, Images, I have to scroll all the way to reach the next (movies, documents, etc.). If it is not possible in finder, is there an alternative?

SQL Server – Is it possible to restore the database from filegroups with the help of the SSMS GUI?

I'm trying to restore a database. I have backups of the PRIMARY and SECONDARY filegroups separately and the logbook. Everything is going well with TSQL.

                - Primary fat
RESTORE THE DATABASE DatabaseForFileBackups FILEGROUP = & # 39; PRIMARY & # 39; FROM DISK = & # 39; C:  -  pr.bak & # 39;
- secondary fg
RESTORE DATABASE DatabaseForFileBackups FILEGROUP = & # 39; Secondary & # 39; FROM DISK = C:  -  sc.bak & # 39;

- tail ball with recovery
RESTORE DATABASE DatabaseForFileBackups FROM DISK = C:  -  log.trn & # 39;

But when I try to do with the SSMS GUI, he says

enter the description of the image here

when I select backup of the main server.
enter the description of the image here

How can I restore a database from groups of files with a GUI?

Thank you for your time!