macbook pro – Mojave installation issues macOS – Apple installer keeps closing, how do I download files manually?

I am trying to perform the standard installation of Mojave macOS on MacBook Pro 2012 as described here with endless problems:

  • Used the Apple App Store to download the installer file "Install macOS Mojave".
  • Problem 1: Starting the installer and clicking "Continue" results in what appear to be network requests taking tens of minutes or freezing.
  • Problem 2: Even when this step succeeds and I can follow the terms acceptance step, the next step goes from 15 minutes first to 6 to 14 hours and then falls off pretending that the network connection is interrupted.
  • Problem 3: each new attempt goes back to the very beginning, no partial downloads are recorded.

Is there a way to get around this painful process and download all the files manually?

Download audio book files to iCloud in Catalina Books

I just switched to Mac OS Catalina and would like to use the new Books app to download audiobooks to iCloud and share them across multiple devices.

In the help, it indicates: "If you've imported books, audiobooks, and PDFs to your other devices, you can use iCloud for Books to view them on your Mac.", therefore suggests its possible.

I copied a few .m4b files to Books, but they don't appear on my second Mac, in fact they don't even seem to have been downloaded.

If I try to delete a PDF file, I get a Delete everywhere button but the audiobook files just have a Remove button.

Web hosting – Unable to download files from web space after installing WordPress

on weekends, I installed WordPress on my web space to create a new home page. Everything is working well so far.

All? Not all. I noticed that I could no longer download files from my web space. The home page itself works well.

I read the _.htaccess file. The file was on my web space before, so I re-downloaded the old file, but it still doesn't work.

I only want to allow the download of zip files and I want to be able to access the file apple-app-site-association. This is an important file for one of my applications.

How can I fix this? I tried to delete the _.htaccess file, but it still doesn't work.

Any help is appreciated.

python – Is there any server side flask script to split into multiple files anyway?

I am running a flask server to develop a product, but as it gets bigger, I have to split the script in half, because a lot of data arrives per second on my server and because of this it becomes overloaded which makes it difficult to d & # 39; Other features to work properly.

rooting – Recovering files after the boot loader

I'm following this tutorial (sorry, it's in Spanish, if you need more information, let me know) and, as you can see, the boot loader step is getting locates before the backup copy step.
I went into the details of this boot loader step and did what is stated here and when my phone rebooted, I found that I had lost all of my files.
However, I could recover some of the contacts and apps, I think because of my gmail account. Is there a way to also recover files like pictures that I had in the phone memory? Maybe it's easier after being root? Thank you!

dslr – Is there a way to manually add vintage lens EXIF ​​information suitable for my files?

The easiest way to get EXIF ​​information on the lens, such as the focal length of the lens, is to find a chip for your adapter ring that simulates the fact to be a Canon EF lens, which can be programmed to broadcast EXIF ​​information. I was using EMF chips when I was shooting Canon with suitable lenses, because you could iirc, also program it to include the aperture setting you were using at the time.

See: Will an adapter with an EMF AF Confirm chip work with my vintage lens?

But you can also add / modify the EXIF ​​information of the lens afterwards using exiftool, or one of the graphical interfaces that include it. Since I'm a Lightroom user, the LensTagger donationware plug-in is my tool of choice, as it can save information for a specific lens (and movie) combo and then reload it, so if you use a number of different suitable lenses, you don't have to reload in all areas over and over. But it's a bit of PITA, as you also need to make sure to update Lightroom after writing to the EXIF ​​file (s).

Networking – Access Denied For File Path When Copying Files To A Shared Folder

I have a Windows service that needs to move files from one server to another via the path to the shared folder.
When I try to access the folder via the RUN command, I am able to access it.
I tried to make changes to the service so that it runs in the local service account and the network service account even if i get an error ;access denied.
Even made the changes to add both the LocalService and NetworkService account and given full access to both accounts to access the shared folder, even after that, I am faced with the authorization problem.
When I execute the same logic in the console application, I am not faced with the problem.
Can you please suggest under which service account I need to run the Windows service so that I can access the shared folder.

Thank you

How to access files from my broken Huawei phone without HiSuite?

I accidentally threw my phone on the road today and now the screen is completely unusable – fully cracked everywhere, entirely black, the light is still shining from the backlight but there is no has nothing on the screen at all. I want to save my music and photos, but when I connect my phone to my computer, I have to use HiSuite to access my files. Since I cannot access my phone and allow HiSuite to browse my files, I am blocked. Is there really no other way to recover my files on my Huawei device?

I have been researching and apparently you need to download the HiSuite drivers but not the program – unfortunately I am not tech savvy enough to understand exactly what this entails. I am sure there is a simple solution to my problem that I miss and I hope you can help me!

encryption – Encrypt and decrypt files securely via PBE in Java (Jasypt seems insecure)


  • I have a Java application which among other things has to encrypt / decrypt binary files on the file system. I plan to use PBE (password encryption) because the password will be entered by the user each time he uses the app (it is not stored nowhere).
  • I'm not sure if AWS KMS (Key Management System) or Google KMS can help you in any way, but it doesn't matter because remote services are not allowed to be used for this project.

My questions:

  • Are there any Java libraries that will help me meet my needs, in addition to interacting directly with the JCE API (java cryptography extension)? I am not a security expert and I don't want to abuse ECC.
  • I am also open to other ideas that do not use a Java library, however, it should integrate well with my main Java application.

Google Tink:

Tink does not support PBE.

Tink's main developer (Thai Duong) declared it as such. Thai Is say it is possible to achieve using an internal API (, however, he continues: "This is not recommended as the subtle layer may change without notice". I want a stable solution, so Tink doesn't cut it.

There is an open github problem for adding PBE to Tink.


Jasypt doesn't seem sure.

If you want to know the details, read on, but it's not mandatory …

Jasypt is supposed to make PBE tasks easier, and the API East very simple, but the default parameter values ​​it uses seem to be those that have not proven to be safe (for example, MD5 and DES). I can configure it manually to use more secure options but the very fact that its default values ​​are not secure makes me wonder what other aspects of the library are not secure.

For example, here are its default values ​​when using the API:

  • Encryption algorithm: PBEWithMD5AndDES
  • No IV generator
  • 64-bit random salt generator using SHA1PRNG (
  • KDF using MD5 with 1000 iterations

I can manually modify the default values ​​to obtain the following configuration:

  • Encryption algorithm: PBEWITHSHA256AND256BITAES-CBC-BC
  • 128-bit random IV generator using SHA1PRNG (
  • 128-bit random salt generator using SHA1PRNG (
  • KDF using SHA256 with 1000 iterations

The API is super simple. Here's how to instantiate the Java object that encrypts and decrypts binary data using the default settings (PBEWithMD5AndDES, etc.):

StandardPBEByteEncryptor binaryEncryptor = new StandardPBEByteEncryptor();
byte() cipherBytes = binaryEncryptor.encrypt(plainBytesArray);

In order to secure things, I have installed a library called Bouncy Castle which adds many encryption algorithms for use by the JVM. Among the many options, I chose PBEWITHSHA256AND256BITAES-CBC-BC. Similar to the code above, here is how I instantiated the most secure configuration:

StandardPBEByteEncryptor binaryEncryptor = new StandardPBEByteEncryptor();
binaryEncryptor.setProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider());
binaryEncryptor.setIvGenerator(new RandomIvGenerator());
binaryEncryptor.setSaltGenerator(new RandomSaltGenerator());
byte() cipherBytes = binaryEncryptor.encrypt(plainBytesArray);

The library has its own "stronger" encryption classes (StrongBinaryEncryptor, AES256BinaryEncryptor, etc.) but like I said, I have lost confidence in their software (unless you can explain otherwise).

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