penetration test – nc reverse shell (cmd.exe) not executing .exe files (windows)

I have a reverse shell via nc (-e cmd.exe), everything works fine, however when I try run executables it just echos the name of the exe




Can someone help me understand why this is happening?

EDIT: I can see its executing (a bunch of cmd tasks running), and any associated files get tied up with the process, which I dont have access to kill once I kick them off. Why is the exe not staying within my current shell?

migration – Why does step 2 in migrating files to media fail?

I am doing a migration as per this example Migration and step 1 work fine, I get this error when running step 2.

Missing bundle for entity type node (/var/www/html/docroot/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/ContentEntityStorageBase.php:108)

The migration file I am using contains the following lines.

# This migration links the newly created media entities with entity reference field on the target bundle.
id: migd8_blog_media_step2
label: blog Media Mapping
  key: migrate
  plugin: d7_node
  node_type: blog_entry
  plugin: entity:node
  nid: nid
  changed: changed
    plugin: file_id_lookup
    source: field_main_image
    migration: migd8_blog_media_step1
    no_stub: true
  - migd8_node_blog
  - migd8_blog_media_step1

Directory to place files on windows

on linux when we have a foothold and we want to transfer files to the victim we usually transfer it to /tmp beacuse it is writable and always there.
what directory should we transfer our files if we compromise a windows machine which is usually writable and always there ?

bittorrent – How do I tell qBittorrent v4.3 to download files within a torrent sequentially? (files, not parts of files)

Normally qBittorrent will download many files simultaneously. Is there a way to tell it to use all bandwidth/connections to download one file and then move to the other?

Setting file priorities does help, but that’s a lot of manual work, and two files with the same priority will be downloaded in parallel anyway.

This is not to start watching a video before it’s downloaded fully! Its to finish downloading the 1 episode out of batch of 3.

Utorrent could do it easily, but new version of the program does not want to turn off ads fully as it did before, so i had to leave.

If there is absolutely no way qbittorrent can do this, please point me to a couple of other programs, small and fast, free, no ads.

applications – Download location of pdf files saved in the of Academia app

Using Academia free app and downloading papers: where are these papers downloaded on the system? I don’t see a specific setting for that in the app, at least not in the free version.

I want to open the downloaded pdf in a pdf viewer, not in the app (although I know I can download the same pdf in the browser etc).

For now, what I do is open the PDF in the app and use the “share file” option.

But I’d simply like to know the download path – if there is one.

redirects – 500 Internal Server Error for *.html and *.htm files

I look after the website, it is a wordpess site.

Now I ran into the problem that *.html and *.htm requests donĀ“t work, for example do I get a “500 Internal Server Error” in case of

I disabled Yoast plugin (where I configured some redirects) and also renamed .htaccess. Problem still there.

In my eyes there should be a 404 in case this file is not available on the server or I should have the possibility to redirect certain (legacy) urls with *.html.

Any idea what could be the reason for the 500 error message in this case or how/where this could be changed?

Best regards and thank you in advance

Should scripts/*.sh files be executable?

Drupal 7’s recommended file permissions don’t allow it’s /scripts/*.sh files to execute. Should any server user have the ability to run those?

linux – Azure release pipeline: synce files with commit

Im using a Azure VM for the first time (linux, Ubuntu 18) and Ive been tasked with setting a pipeline/release for continuous development for a simple website

Its supposed to work like this: when master branch is commited to Azure, automatically run the pipeline and release to deploy it to a directory in the VM (theres is no build involved, is a simple WordPress site)

I managed to get it working like this:

  1. Ive set a pipeline that just gets the code from the git and copies it to $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory) (using a Copy Files task)
  2. than it publishes it as an artifact (using Publish Artifact task)

Then a release pipeline that does the following:

  1. copies the artifact files to the directory (using Copy Files task again)

It is working but it doenst seems good. Theres some obvious problems:

  1. is slow: it will copy all files every time, not just what was changed
  2. if I delete a file, it wont be deleted on the deploy directory

So what I want is some way to sync the git commit with the site directory, overwriting only changed files and deleting any deleted files, ignoring files and directories on .git-ignore etc

Seems simple (I know how to do it with git hooks) but I just cant find a way to do it in Azure DevOps

Is it possible? Can anyone give me a direction?

SVG files are not visible in Apple products [closed]

I created a repo in GitHub to dynamically generated the user’s latest Medium articles on the user’s GitHub READMEs. The output of the generated SVG could view by this link. GitHub Repo link. But the Output is not visible on Apple devices. Anyone, please help me to solve the issue.

internal storage – Media players are showing duplicate files after moving them

So today I moved the entire ‘Download'(which contains music and asmr I downloaded from YT with those mp3 sites) file from my phone storage, to my SD card. Then I went to my music player app and it showed the music and asmr titles double. I panicked and went to move back that file to my phone storage.

After I did it, I went to check my music player, and it showed me 3 times! I uninstalled the app and installed it back, but it still showed me double. I installed another music app, and it showed me just one time. I went back to the previous one and tried to play both titles to see if it works. The first title worked, but the second one didn’t.

I checked the details of the songs, the first one showed me that it’s from /storage/emulated/0/Download/(the title of the song).mp3 and the second one showed me /storage/548F-6D80/Download/(the title of the song).mp3. So I downloaded another music app, and it showed me double there too. I tried the same thing, it was the same, first worked, second didn’t. So I tried to delete the second one(the one that didn’t work) and it was deleted, but the first title remained.

I went to my first music player and it didn’t show that music title twice again! So I did the same with the other ones, delete the one that doesn’t work, and it didn’t showed me double again! Right now I tried to move only the music to my SD card, to see if it would show me double again, and it didn’t! Does anyone know what might have been the cause? I also searched the music titles(before I found the method to delete them) on my SD card, and it showed me the file with 0 items.
Maybe it showed me double because it saw only the file with 0 items in it?