View PDF files with jp2 / jpeg200 images in Ubuntu 18.04

After exporting PDFs from Goodnotes 5 to iOS, I realized that images embedded in jpeg2000 / jp2 format were exported to the PDF file.

Is there a PDF viewer that can be used to view such PDFs with JP2 images? I've tried the default document viewer, okular and the Foxit player. The document viewer and okular display a very pixelated image, while the Foxit player displays nothing at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

Read files in subfolders with bash

I've had a doubt since I've generated a little script to read 10,000 separate files in 10,000 folders. I test in a folder and the controls work. However, when I try to apply it to all folders, it does not work.
What can be the error if, when I generate a .txt file with this command, it seems to read all the files?
find $ PATH1 -maxdepth 2 -type f> reading_subcaretas.txt

What I'm trying to do:

echo "Leer archivos..."
find $PATH1 -maxdepth 2 -type f | for file in *.nc; 
gmt grd2xyz $file -R110/130/40/50 -fig -fog  | gawk '{print $1, $2, $3}' > $(basename $file .nc).dat

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database – Job SQL Server 2016 that copies files from a Windows server to a Linux server

I have a trigger that generates XML files and leaves them in a folder. These files will be used by another application. The company's policies do not allow to extract them from the folder where I create them, because this folder is on the server. where the database is installed, I was thus asked to create a job moving these files on a SFTP linux server, otherwise the trigger could be sent directly to the other server.
I therefore need a script that can do this job.

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.pa_gea_crear_xml_bmcbridge
@p_ntra INTEGER – # transaction number
To start

    DECLARE @l_Id INT                   --# ERROR O EXITO DE LA OPERACION
    DECLARE @l_Msje VARCHAR(1000)       --# Mensaje de error o exito de la operacion
    DECLARE @l_Ruta VARCHAR(250)        --#Ruta del directorio
    DECLARE @l_Trx_typ VARCHAR(32)      --#Valor del campo TRX_TYP
    DECLARE @l_Sql_Cmd VARCHAR(1000)    --#sentencia sql
    DECLARE @l_Sql_Shell VARCHAR(1000)  --#setencia para la consola shell
    DECLARE @l_Nom_Arch VARCHAR(16)     --#nombre del archivo


        SET @l_Ruta  ='T:RemesasLiq_RemeBackup';
        SET @l_Sql_Cmd = '';
        SET @l_Sql_Shell = '';
        SET @l_Trx_typ = '';
        SET @l_Nom_Arch = 'TLOG';


        IF (@l_Trx_typ = 'TenderOutflow')
            SET @l_Nom_Arch = 'TLOG'+'_'+Cast(@p_ntra as varchar(10))+'.XML'
            SET @l_Sql_Cmd = 'SELECT POSLOG FROM EXP_POSLOG WHERE ID = '+ Cast(@p_ntra as varchar(10));
            Set @l_Sql_Shell = 'EXEC xp_cmdshell ' +char(39) +'bcp' +' "'+@l_Sql_Cmd+'"'+  ' QUERYOUT '+ '"'+@l_Ruta+@l_Nom_Arch+'"' +' -T -c -t"t"'+char(39);                                                             
            Execute  (@l_Sql_Shell) 



        SET @l_Id =   ERROR_NUMBER()
        SET @l_Msje = ERROR_MESSAGE()

        SELECT @l_Id as 'id', @l_Msje as 'msje'




CREATE TRIGGER tr_gea_exp_poslog
To start
select @l_IdInsertado = the inserted ID;
EXEC pa_gea_crear_xml_bmcbridge @l_IdInsertado;

Can RAW image files deteriorate over time?

Some time ago, I was at a photographer's home, I took pictures of my son and I came back to view and select a series of images, which I wanted to print, and that I wanted to receive by file transfer .

The photographer advised against only relying on raw digital files as they could deteriorate over time. Coming from a software program, it seemed strange to me, but I have no experience with raw image data storage, so I could be wrong. Is there no verification of the integrity of files to verify that the data did not deteriorate?

Is it true that raw files can deteriorate over time, even if you have a redundant and reliable storage medium on which the file apparently has not changed?

ssh – Files downloaded via SSHDroid and Filezilla, then passed to rsync who wants to redo everything

I have installed SSHDroid on my phone as SSH / SFTP server, to download files to / from my laptop. I then discovered that rsync also works, which aids the process a little. Now, I run this and it starts copying all the files one more time. It takes forever, and I wonder why. Sometimes Filezilla is easy, for the synchronization of one or two files or folders, rsync is easier for a full backup.

How to use rsync and Filezilla without having to do everything twice?

filemanager – PCManFM 1.2.5 in Lubuntu 18.04 – Custom command to batch rename all files in the subdir to subdir001, 002 directory,

PCManFM 1.2.5 in Lubuntu 18.04 here.

want to add a custom command to the context menu to batch rename all files in the selected directory, including all files in all subdirectories, in subdir001, subdir002, …

For example, if an x ​​directory contains the subdirectories abc and def containing the files a1.mp3, a2.mp3, a3.mp3 each, I want the abc files to be renamed abc001.mp3, abc002.mp3, abc003.mp3 , same order. Same for the def directory, except for def001.mp3, etc …

How can I do this? I was looking for solutions, but they all seem to depend on the version of PCManFM.

mac – can not move files in the root user's desktop

I logged in as a root user so I could extract all the files of all the users in a folder, and then transfer them to an external hard drive. I had no problem moving files to the root user's desktop, but trying to move, copy or even delete files from the desktop will result in the display of a dialog box "move to prepare" that shows no progress, even when you are trying to simply move an empty test folder. I think this may be due to an error in the permissions because the root user's desktop is in / macintosh hd / private / var / root / desktop / and the private folder is hidden. How can I work around this problem?

I have two problems (file system – parameter files) to configure DRUPAL on my macBook

I was trying what I found in different articles that I found on the web but nothing works.

enter the description of the image here


first try

second trial

third try

Parameters file

first try

second trial

third try

the version of my operating system
enter the description of the image here

macos – How can I use Spotlight to search exclusively in `.txt` files in` ~ / .` on my disk?

I was talking to Mr. Ramanujan at his office when he gave me his cell phone number.

I remember an open text editor and I wrote the number in a file. Normally, I store these details in ~/phone-numbers.txtbut this time I seem to have inadvertently written to another file.

No problem. j & # 39; uses Spotlight Search search Ramanujanbut it produces irrelevant search results from the famous mathematician, on and off of my computer, especially off.

How can I search Ramanujan only in .txt files in rooted files to ~/.?