debugging – is there a way to simply ignore certain files in the build of the unit?

trying to build my new application on the android unit especially when i want to use Gradle, there are always conflicts with manifestos or libraries and …..

for debugging and bug tracking, I have to skip some files to look for these bugs instead of moving them elsewhere.

I just thought of Git Branching, but it can cause a lot of branches and may not be effective

ssh – Sending files from Linux to Windows with SCP Comand

I know that there are already some discussions about this, but none of them have even helped me solve my problem.
I want to send a simple text file from my Linux machine to my Windows 10 computer using the spc command.
So, here's what I type in my Linux console:

scp -P80 test.txt mywindowsusername @ mywindowsip: / Desktop

I use port 80 because otherwise the system tells me that port 22 is closed.

After a while, I get the error:

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by the remote host 

lost connection

I also tried a lot of different commands, like copying the file to another folder and using


after the port but the error is still the same.

Does anyone have an idea of ​​how to solve this problem?

terminal – Copy folderA files to folderB based on filenames stored in textfileC

How to copy files from a folder A to a folder B based on the text file C?

folderA: source folder containing only image files, for example. image01.png, image02.png etc. There is no space in the image names, only a dash or underscore
folderB: destination folder with nothing inside.
C.txt: is a plain text file encoded in UTF16. Inside the text file, the file names I want to copy from the A folder are stored. These file names are aligned line by line.

Specific paths are

~ / Documents / C.txt or /Users/george/Documents/C.txt
~ / Documents / folderA / or / Users / george / Documents / folderA /
~ / Documents / folderB / or / Users / george / Documents / folderB / downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter

+ Answer the thread

  1. downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter is a machine downloader back online,
    website downloader and CMS converter. It works very simple, just enter
    Website URL, download options, your email address and wait a bit.
    Content can be downloaded from the system into a zip file and installed
    on your server. For content management, we have developed a free Open
    CMS Source – This is a small PHP file that does not require any
    installation or database. See more details on the CMS here –
    What is the purpose of this? First – create your PBN with the unique
    content found on Web archives. When analyzing the site, you can set
    the parameters necessary for the normal use of the content as a source of
    traffic and links. Such as deleting all external links and clickable
    contacts, meter removal, advertising and analysis, optimization
    HTML code and images. Thanks to the Archivarix CMS, you can easily
    manage, search and replace, edit the site with the WYSIWYG editor,
    insert your own TDS scripts. It is also possible to work with
    any other CMS, for example WordPress on the same domain.
    Second, the system can be used to convert websites created in
    another CMS or static HTML to Archivarix CMS. It is also possible
    remove all external scripts, counters and advertisements (for
    example, if the site was on free hosting).
    The first 200 downloaded files are provided free of charge. The number
    free downloads are not limited. It means that you can restore or download
    free, an unlimited number of websites, but within 200 files. In addition,
    the price depends on the number of downloaded files, more details here –

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removal – Can you clean your USB drive so securely that it is impossible to recover deleted files through a forensic analysis?

Unlikely. SSDs / USBs have firmware that automatically mixes available memory to account for errors in sections of flash memory. It is possible that your important files are now stored on a piece of flash that does not exist in the eyes of the operating system and therefore can not be erased in a secure way.

The easiest way to be completely sure that none of your data is recoverable is to use full disk encryption from the beginning. Without the key, the data on the drive is actually random and unnecessary. So, if you sell or lose your drive, no scan will get data until your key is secure.

I'm not sure either that TRIM can actually be used to erase readers safely, but I'll leave that to someone who knows more.

Windows 10 – Software to transfer files from a large hard drive to multiple smaller hard drives / flash?

Software suggestions for copying files from a large disk to multiple smaller disks, preserving all file attributes, such as the creation / modification date?

I'm looking for something that could fill a drive and ask for another destination to copy the remaining files until this drive is full and so on until all the files are copied.

FastCopy works almost, except that it does not allow to change destination without resetting what has already been copied (I can however be wrong)

Apps to download MP3 files or stream them on Android 2.3.6 [for free? xD]

I just wanted to quickly ask for an application that can help me download or stream MP3 songs. [I tried spotify, but it’s unsupported and deezer’s UI is crazy]

So, if anyone has applications in mind, let me know.

Thank you!

someone download files on multiple domains A2HOSTING

Hi Ceniicr7,

Are all your hosting accounts in one cPanel? If this is the case, for example, your installation of WordPress could cause other sites to also get these unknown files.

I can not say for sure what's going on because I do not have your account information, but if you could provide me a ticket ID or an MP with your customer domain user name or your main domain name, I will make sure that your eyes are correct. away for you.

java – Jenkins + Maven release plugin: release: branch + Git – Unable to validate files

I'm trying to create a release using the Maven plug-in, but I'm getting an error.

[ERROR]    Command output:
[ERROR] GitLab: The project you were looking for was not found.
[ERROR] fatal: the remote end has hung up unexpectedly

In my pom.xml these settings:

    scm: git: ssh: //

My working Jenkins settings:

Repository URL: ssh: //

Identification Information: My ssh key is also imported into the Git repository as a deployment key

Branch Specifier (blank for 'all'): * / development

Objectives and options of the Maven version: -Dresume = false version: javadoc branch: javadoc

DryRun Objectives and Options: -Dresume = false -DdryRun = true version: prepare

As you can see from the logs, Git-plugin managed to clone a branch, but Maven can not perform validation for any reason:

            Cloning the remote Git repository
Cloning the ssh repository: //
> git init / opt / jenkins / workspace / MYJOB # timeout = 10
Retrieving upstream changes from ssh: //
> git --version # timeout = 10
using GIT_SSH to set JENKINS credentials (jenkins user with jenkins @ USER)

git checkout development
Moving on to a new branch "development & # 39;
Development of branches set up to monitor the development of distant branches since the beginning.
Analyze POMs
TCP socket established on 44626

[INFO] Execution: / bin / sh -c cd / opt / jenkins / workspace / MYJOB && git push ssh: // refs / leaders / development: refs / leaders / development

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins: maven-release-plugin: 2.5.1: default-cli branch of project MYPROJECT: unable to validate files.
[ERROR] Supplier's message:
[ERROR] The git-push command failed.
[JENKINS] Archiving /opt/jenkins/workspace/MYPROJECT/pom.xml in ***** - SNAPSHOT.pom
[ERROR] Command output:
[ERROR] GitLab: The project you were looking for was not found.
[ERROR] fatal: the remote end has hung up unexpectedly

I guess Maven does not know anything about the key that uses the Git plugin, but I can not figure out how to configure the Maven Release plugin so that it uses the same key?

Why GooglePlay Music can not play audio files?

I use the Samsung J2 phone with the Marshmallow operating system and it has a 64 GB SD card (external storage). I can not play SD card audio files (mp3) with Google Play Music, but I am able to play audio files with other apps like AIMP. However, Google Play can play audio files from internal memory. Please tell me why this is happening?

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