checking free positions to fill real entries

general vector spaces

how do you check "free positions to fill real entries" in the subspace"

copy current date from ACF custom field and Automatically fill in other field

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I’ve searched around a bit, and I’m having trouble finding an answer to this question. What I’m trying to do is automatically fill a custom field by the current date, all I want if I add multiple upcoming dates in ACF field, it can automatically change in other plugin time and date field automatically based on date automatically in WordPress the plugin name Video Conferencing with Zoom actually want add multiple dates in acf repeater field it will automatically update in plugin Video Conferencing with Zoom date and time field
is that possible anybody can help?

Why can’t Trump even fill a relatively small arena in the reddest state?

Why should I or anyone else care? Every attendee is either just a reporter or mentally weak. 

According to some interviews by non-partisan interviewers, many attend for the tailgate parties and don’t care about Trump. I attended Pete Buttigieg appearances and they got bigger and bigger to hear him speak in logical and intelligent ways and many became canvassers. His message was and is respect and unity.  Anyone who thrills to hear Trump hate other people is bad for the country.

r – ¿Cómo hacer un fill en un geom_bar con cuatro variables?

Estoy teniendo problemas para hacer un gráfico de barras bastante sencillo.
Tengo un datos sobre un ranking de calidad del proceso judicial y estoy trabajando sobre tres grupos de países en comparación con Paraguay. Hasta ahí lo puedo realizar sin dificultades.
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Ahora bien, este ranking esta compuesto por otras cuatro variables sobre las que también tengo los valores. Digamos que para el caso de Paraguay la tabla sería la siguiente:
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí
La idea sería poder particionar cada barra de cada año y para cada país en función de estos valores, ya que el ranking no es más que la suma de las mismos.

Intenté hacer un gather para nuclear las cuatro variables con el fin de tener los cuatro valores en una sola variable. Pero de este modo cuando hago el gráfico de barras utilizando esta variable como fill, en lugar del ranking tomar el valor real se grafica con este valor multiplicado por cuatro (justamente porque el gather me repite este valor). Este es el código que estoy usando:

datapry_qjp <- usaid_pry2 %>% filter(country == "Paraguay") %>% 
  select(country, year, `Quality of judicial processes index (0-18) (DB17-20 methodology)`,
         `Court structure and proceedings (0-5) (DB17-20 methodology)`, 
         `Case management (0-6) (DB17-20 methodology)`, `Court automation (0-4) (DB17-20 methodology)`,
         `Alternative dispute resolution (0-3) (DB17-20 methodology)`) %>% 
  filter(!`Quality of judicial processes index (0-18) (DB17-20 methodology)`)) %>% 
  gather(., 4:7, key = componentes, value = valor)

Se puede ver como resulta el df:
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí
Espero haber sido clara y si alguien sabe como ayudarme lo agradecería!!

How do I fill a region in Roblox?

I try this:

workspace.Terrain:FillRegion(, -256, 2048),, -512, -2048)):ExpandToGrid(4), 4, Enum.Material.Basalt)

I get the error Region cannot be empty. What gives? Of course the region is empty, I am trying to change that. Is :FillRegion() broken?

excel – How to Copy the fill pattern of a cell to a shape?

I have been writing a code that is copying the color of the cell and pasting it to the relevant shape. I am able to copy the color. However, it seems more complicated to copy the fill pattern of the cell.
The problem i have faced is that the pattern parameter of a cell is, for example, “xlLightHorizontal” and the same pattern for a shape is “msoPatternNarrowHorizontal”. Both draw the same fill pattern but have different names.

How i copy the color and fill pattern of the cell:

modelText(3, 1) = Sheets("Orders").Cells(row, j + 1).Interior.Color
modelText(3, 2) = Sheets("Orders").Cells(row, j + 1).Interior.Pattern
modelText(3, 3) = Sheets("Orders").Cells(row, j + 1).Interior.PatternColor

How i assign the color and the fill pattern to the shape:

 With Selection.ShapeRange.Fill
        .ForeColor.RGB = modelText(3, 1)
        .BackColor.RGB = modelText(3, 3)
        .Patterned (msoPatternLightHorizontal)
 End With

Note that:

Cells(row, j + 1).Interior.Pattern returns xlLightHorizontal


ShapeRange.Fill.Patterned does not accept xlLightHorizontal as an input parameter

Is there anyway that you know to copy the fill pattern of a cell to a shape?

Please, help! Is it possible to fill the 10×10 square by the numbers -1, 0, 1 so the 20 sums of the numbers in the rows and columns are all different?

Is it possible to fill the 10×10 square by the numbers -1, 0, 1 so the 20 sums of the numbers in the rows and columns are all different?

usability – Fill out the form by consulting the document on the same user interface

What could be the best user interface if we are to provide a user with a single user interface where the user can view the uploaded document on the backend and fill out the form by viewing the details available in the documents.

In addition, how to highlight if certain fields are already checked, failed or pending at each field level and provide the summary view.


  • Inquiry form
  • Document display
  • field level status
  • list of pending actions

Basic wired:

enter description of image here

bash – How to fill in a zero before the time prompt in zsh?

I was trying to fill in a zero for an hour with one digit zsh fast

invite zsh

currently I am looking for ~/.bashrc in ~/.zshrc like the following

source ~/.bashrc

and the source ~/.bashrc the file looks like

export PS1="%T, %1~: "

i tried export PS1="%H:%M, %1~: " and variations, they wouldn't work.

Could you please give me a hint? Thanks in advance!

Given the supplied image taken at 50mm, what focal length would I need for 80% of the rabbit to fill the frame?

Given the supplied image taken at 50mm, what focal length would I need for 80% of the rabbit to fill the frame?