led lighting – Camera’s IR Filter for monochrome grayscale image sensor

We are looking for an efficient camera to use for our machine learning application (body tracking and emotion detection). Through my readings, it seems using an IR filter for our camera is quite important. However, most machine learning specialized cameras are grayscale cameras and don’t have IR Filter. We need to add IR LEDs for our camera in order to enable the night vision features.
It seems confusing for me, Am I missing anything or it doesn’t make sense to have IR cut filter and IR LEDs when using a grayscale image sensor? Would you add your thoughts and recommend any useful, and simple articles that explains the same subject?


sharepoint online – Unable to filter the items based on the content type inside my content search web part

I have a content search web part inside our sharepoint online site collection, and i want to show items which are under certain content type, but when i use the following to get the items which are linked to a content type named “OrderManagmentSales”, as follow:-

enter image description here

i got all the items and not only the ones associated with the “OrderManagementSales” content type, any idea why this is not working? seems the content search web part ignore the ContentType:"OrderManagementSales" inside the query..


Outbound email filter | Web Hosting Talk

Outbound email filter | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. Outbound email filter

    Hello guys, i have some questions.

    I have a server with like 250 cpanel account.

    Do you use any system to control outbound email spam?

    I looked at mailchannel, but is really expensive for what i need, do you know alternatives?

    Do you use relay to route all outbound email? I mean like sendgrid


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How render view with programmatically passed parameters of contextual filter

I am using Drupal 8. Added new view My Vocabulary and created a contextual filter with paragraph ID. Now I need to render the view with passed parameters to contextual filter. What hook to use to solve my problem. Thanks.

white balance – For a given lens/camera, will a ND filter always need same WB correction in all conditions?

I’ve taken a few photos with a new B+W ND 6-stop filter and found that it leaves them quite warm. I’m able to correct this in ACR using temperature/tint sliders. For the few photos I’ve taken so far, the same temp/tint settings seem to work for each one.

I’ve heard that color cast from a given ND filter can vary between cameras and lenses. But presuming I continue to use this filter with the same camera and lens, is it safe to assume my WB correction will be the same every time, for any photo? Or will it be dependent on other conditions like lighting and exposure/aperture?

Note that I ask, because if the color cast varies based on some conditions, then I will probably take no-filter companion shots for any filter shots that are important, so I’ll have a reference point for matching WB later. Though, it would be nice to not have to always do this.

Google Analytics – Filter query – include subfolder / subdirectory

I am using CYFE app to view my Google Analytics.

I’d like to filter only traffic coming to my ‘blog’ subfolder. So I need to filter only traffic that comes to domain.com/blog

CYFE is asking to input the filter in the following query example: ga:country==United States

I’m trying to look through GA filters and docs to see if I can find a filter query to include only blog subfolder, but I just can’t seem to find anything like it.

What should I be putting in in this case?

filtering – Filter by dietary preferences

I’m designing dietary preferences filter for a food ordering app. unlike regular filters where users want selected filters to show, in this case the users will be selecting what they DO NOT want in their food. As this is a sort of exclusion filter.

enter image description here

this is how i’m designing it. i’m concerned as this is the reverse of the the filter logic that users are used to, will this be intuitive? is there a better way to do this?

google sheets – Filter for a QUERY function

You would just use and

The only column containing a different variable is column B.
So you could use

=query(Sheet1!A:F, "SELECT A, B, C, D, E, F where E contains 'Apple' and B contains 'had'")

you do not need the parentheses around E contains 'Apple'

lens – is using a screw on ND filter along with GND filers which require a holder possible?

I have a screw on 3 – 7 stop variable ND filter which screws on to the lens.

I want to buy some GND soft grads which require a filter holder (This holder needs to screw on to the lens).

Am I right in saying that these two cannot be used at the same time as they both need to be screwed onto the lens?

I was hoping maybe the varible filter would have a thread on the outside as well as the inside so I could screw the holder onto that but I dont think that’s the case.

Is the only way to use ND and GNDs together is by slotting them into a holder?

Thank you!

sharepoint online – How to get Email from SiteUsers using filter dynamically

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