Now that Trump has been cleaned up, is it finally time to lock Hillary?

This investigation proved only one thing, Trump loves to let his mouth go, but that does not make him a criminal by the standards of the Democrats. This proves that people were trying to provoke Trump's campaign as part of an illegal activity, but they did not bite the bait. Hillary's camp has begun to take illegal action, and I'm sure this investigation is moving very quickly in a new direction; she may not return to Hillary, but I wish several people around her to be quickly indicted.


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When Ann Coulter says the only national emergency is that Trump is an idiot, did she finally make sense?

Too bad she was not so enlightened before writing the book "In Trump we Trust", because now all she seems is that she's just another idiot who thought that Trump was a man of his word!

Like many of them, she found the Trump train thinking, and in her words, "It was going to be different," but what she did not understand or understand is that Trump has no belief fundamental, it will simply use the existing agenda. to take him where he wants to be, as he says so well to the evangelical Christian right, whereas in truth, he could not give rats a note of any of these BS family values, he is interested in one thing and one thing only …… their support and their vote!

It will be interesting to see how it goes! The only answer we have so far is that he barely knew her and had not spoken to her for a year, which, if anyone noticed , is his usual pattern of initial response, but give him a few days to allow the insult to flow. in and Trump can return the favor, we'll see!

It may be a festival of insults that Trump does not want to participate in, so I will not popcorn yet!


Custom mobile application development process

Development of customized mobile applications:


Our experts work closely with you to fully understand the ideas of your applications and convert them into collaborative wired structures and visually appealing designs.


During the development phase, our professionals begin to design the application using the latest application development frameworks, according to your defined requirements.


Once your application is developed, extensive testing is done to make sure that your application does not contain any bugs and that it works well on different mobile platforms without any complexity.


After successfully testing your app against certain strict metrics, we finally publish your app to the app stores of your choice, including Google Play and iTunes.


Lessons on the mobile application development process that you need to learn to succeed

Let's discover it by following the six stages of the development process, namely ideation, design, development, testing, launch and post-launch, and examine them through the new trends shaping the digital world. .

Step 1: Ideation

An in-depth understanding of Google Play Store and the Apple Store is an essential part of the mobile application development process as they offer a gold mine for market research. Once you've mastered an idea and specifically set the target group for your app, you can search for similar apps in app stores, see the number of users who downloaded them, browse their features, consult their opinions, etc. soon. This will not only facilitate your market research, but will also help you understand the competition. In addition, by using these applications, you can discover what they are missing and find a way to fill the void left by them so that your application has an edge over its competitors.

Once the feasibility of the idea has been established, the next step is to set a schedule and the specific goals you want to achieve against the milestones.

Step 2: Design

Now that you have defined your target group, budget, features and timeline, it's time to start working on conceptualizing and visualizing the features of the application and its user interface. The design phase of the mobile application development process can be done in a number of ways.

The storyboard involves the visual writing of your user's background as he navigates through your application and explores different features. Here are some things to remember during storyboarding:

● view the exact layout of each screen of the application and place each item, including banners, buttons and icons, in the right place.

● It is always good to have a single user interface, as long as you do not compromise the user experience.

● The screens in your app should always match its primary purpose. Your user should not feel lost while using your application.

● Experiment with the layout of your screen. See if changing the size of a button or placing an icon makes it better aesthetically and functionally.

Once you have finalized the features and appearance, the next step is to address the technical details.

The final phase of the design phase is to build a prototype.

Step 3: Development

The point where you start to setup developer accounts on the app stores where you plan to launch the application. However, before that, the mobile application development process also has several phases, as follows:

1. The alpha phase is the phase in which only the main features of the application are developed, but they have not been tested. At this point, the application can barely work and has many bugs and problems to fix.

2. The beta phase involves the integration of all the main features of the application. The application is subjected to many tests. Even though most bugs are fixed, there are still some left. However, after this step, the application can be selectively distributed to a few external users for testing purposes.

3. The release phase is the final phase that occurs after each bug has been identified and resolved after several rounds of testing. The application can finally be released to the public.

Step 4: Test

At each iteration, you can perform different types of tests, including:

● Functional test, to check if the features work exactly as they are needed

● The usability test involves asking new users to test the features to make it easier to use and navigate.

● Performance tests are performed to ensure the shortest possible response time for each task performed by your application.

● The fit and finish tests allow designers to test every feature and every screen of the app to make sure the developers have fully accounted for what they had imagined when from the design of the application.

● As we have already mentioned, the regression test repeatedly tests all the features of each phase.

● As its name indicates, device-specific testing involves testing the application on different screen sizes and with as many combinations of operating systems and peripherals as possible for guarantee the versatility of the application. Tools such as Google Firebase can help you simulate this, but it is still best to perform hands-on tests on some prominent devices.

● The user acceptance test is to have your application tested by the target users and to get feedback on each feature.

Step 5: Launch

The main goal of this phase is to get lots of downloads for your application. And that involves a lot of work, which can be divided into several stages:

● Very similar to SEO, the optimization of the App Store is crucial to ensure the success of its launch. There are roughly 3 million apps each on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store. To stand out, you need to pay close attention to the way your app is presented – the keywords, the description, the name of the app, and so on.

● Although the app store is where users will finally download your app, it is also important that your app's website rank high in the search results. SEO is something you need to do for your application and website.

● When referring to websites, the website or landing page of your app must be linked through the app's description on the app store. Regarding the content, you can have anything from screenshots to FAQ on this page.

● Exclusivity is another element with which you can play to ensure the success of your launch. By inviting selected people to use pre-launch applications as beta users and consistently pairing them with high quality content, you can get a high number of initial downloads once you have them. have started.

● In addition to the organic reach that you want to reach through your social media, you will need to make paid promotions on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms based on your target group to reach a larger audience. large. and induce facilities.

● Influencer Marketing is a buzzword in the world of digital marketing. He was able to substitute public relations in many ways when it came to publicizing applications via word of mouth. Identify influencers who could use your app and associate them with them to tap into their followers database.

Step 6: post-launch

A successful launch does not mean that your app will be successful overall. Post-launch monitoring, analytics, constant updating of the application for bug fixes and blockages, listening to social networks, checking critics and their response, are just as many. 39 Important steps to follow after launching an application.


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Screenshot of 2018-12-24 13-54-45.png

LINUX !!! Ubuntu to be more precise. After struggling with the slowness and profusion of bloatware and shit Windows, it has become in recent years. I was finally fed up, and I mainly turned to Ubuntu 18.04.

It's been many years that the last time I used it, I think it was v16.xx, and I must say that I'm very happy, as well as updates provided.

I use Photoshop a lot, and this has been a major concern for me first to switch to Linux because Adobe does not support it at all, no matter how much their users request it (Adobe boooo). But using PlayOnLinux and WINE, you can run CS6 easily.

I do not think I will go back to Windows now. Buh Bye Micro $ haft.

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