seo – How to get financial info area in Google SERP?

I’ve noticed that some results in Google have additional snippets with a selection of financial information:

enter image description here

What’s the name of this area? How to get this data to show up in the search results? Looking at the websites which have them, there doesn’t seem to be any microdata or JSON-LD related to it. Is it extracted automatically by Google? – Financial Department Bitcoin

It doesn’t seem right. I wouldn’t trust them. I would suspect fraud.

Financial Department Bitcoin

As I’m sure you know, The Bitcoin currency and Bitcoin network is peer to peer and has no departments. So no financial departments.

In normal English, or business English this phrase doesn’t make much sense. Some kind of business would have a financial department but those sorts of departments are not usually split by currency. Generally there would be an accounting department that might communicate with creditors and debtors, there might be some kind of sales department or customer services department that communicates with retail customers.

my trading account

If you have an account you are dealing with one of the many thousands of businesses that make money by selling services to people who want to invest or trade in Bitcoin. There are lots of fraudulent businesses that are just invented to trick people out of money. There are also some genuine businesses of this sort but many people find it hard to tell genuine businesses from fraudulent ones.

Finance departments are usually different, here’s one definition:

Finance Department is the part of an organization that is responsible for acquiring funds for the firm, managing funds within the organization and planning for the expenditure of funds on various assets.

So in most businesses – the finance department mostly manages internal matters – it is generally not one that routinely interacts with retail customers.

For example a car manufacturer would have a finance department that might obtain funds for a new factory. They might not routinely be involved in selling cars to distributors and certainly not involved in selling cars to car-drivers.

Of course businesses are free to organise themselves as they wish and can name their departments whatever they want.

This department wants to pay me bitcoins for a fee and I don’t know if this is real?

If the fees were not made very clear right at the start, before you placed any money in this trading account — then you are very likely the victim of fraud.

Has anyone satisfied the UK fiancee/spouse visa financial requirements by working their foreign job remotely as someone self-employed in the UK?

I’m a UK citizen with a Japanese fiancee. We plan to get married in the UK, so we want to apply for his entry under the fiancee visa. However, we don’t meet the financial requirements yet — I’m searching for, but haven’t yet secured, a UK-based job. That said, I have a Japanese job that meets the income requirement and would be willing for me to work remotely.

I spoke to a Japanese visa firm who suggested it would be possible to count J-income if

  1. I paid tax on the income in the UK.
  2. I became self-employed in the UK and submitted that documentation.

However, it seems like the forms for the self-employed look to a past year of s.e. income, which I don’t have.

Tldr; Has anyone satisfied the UK fiancee/spouse visa financial requirements by working their foreign job remotely as someone self-employed in the UK?

Typed – Profit / Loss Model of a Time Series of Changes in Statement of Financial Position

I'm recently exploring time series databases and trying to understand what data I'm going to store and how I'm going to query it. In addition, I am relatively new to TypeScript. This prototype exercises my current understanding of how it will work.

What I want most is:

  • See how I use a type and a variable of the same name (for both Open and Closed), in order to achieve a enumsyntax similar to the other enums in the namespace. (See how I refer to both the true enums and the “fakes” consistently, in the newState missions in the positionHistory table.) Is there a better way to do this? It has the effect I want, but the statements seem super strange to me.

  • Am I actually representing this in a way analogous to a chronological database? (TimescaleDB is the one I watch, if that matters.)

namespace Position {
    export enum Opening { BuyingToOpen, SellingToOpen };

    export type Open = 'Open';
    export const Open = 'Open';

    export enum Closing { BuyingToClose, SellingToClose };

    export type Closed = 'Closed';
    export const Closed = 'Closed';

    export type State = Opening | Open | Closing | Closed;

    interface StateChangeBase {
        timestamp: number;
        positionId: string;
        newState: State;
        affectedAsset: string;
        affectedAssetDelta: number;

    export interface OrderPlacementStateChange extends StateChangeBase {
        newState: Opening | Closing;
        orderId: string;

    export interface OrderFillStateChange extends StateChangeBase {
        newState: Open | Closed;

    export type StateChange = OrderPlacementStateChange | OrderFillStateChange;

const positionHistory: Position.StateChange() = (
    { // placed an order to spend $500 on ZRX
        timestamp: 0,
        positionId: '0',
        newState: Position.Opening.BuyingToOpen,
        orderId: 'A',
        affectedAsset: 'USD',
        affectedAssetDelta: -500
    } as Position.OrderPlacementStateChange,
    { // order to spend $500 has been filled, we now hold 2,500 more ZRX
        timestamp: 1,
        positionId: '0',
        newState: Position.Open,
        affectedAsset: 'ZRX',
        affectedAssetDelta: +2500
    } as Position.OrderFillStateChange,
    { // placed an order to sell that 2,500 ZRX
        timestamp: 2,
        positionId: '0',
        newState: Position.Closing.SellingToClose,
        orderId: 'B',
        affectedAsset: 'ZRX',
        affectedAssetDelta: -2500
    } as Position.OrderPlacementStateChange,
    { // order to sell 2,500 ZRX for $505 has been filled
        timestamp: 3,
        positionId: '0',
        newState: Position.Closed,
        affectedAsset: 'USD',
        affectedAssetDelta: +505
    } as Position.OrderFillStateChange,

type ProfitOrLoss = { (asset: string): number };

const pnl: ProfitOrLoss = positionHistory.reduce(
    (accumulator, currentValue) => {
        accumulator(currentValue.affectedAsset) = (
            (accumulator(currentValue.affectedAsset) || 0)
            + currentValue.affectedAssetDelta
        return accumulator;

console.log(JSON.stringify(pnl, null, 't'));


    "USD": 5,
    "ZRX": 0

financial offers for the American market

please tell me where are the financial offers for the us market? I have a lot of traffic from there.

Financial news and analysis by – News and analysis

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<p><span style=Dear members, we offer you the latest reviews on the market economy. Please follow our analytical comments and research news and you will be informed of the Forex truths. We anticipate that our in-depth reviews should raise the standards of your trading. Analytical support is one of our huge advantages. Octafx has a large internal analytical section, bringing together high level professionals in market research. Our analysts provide 24-hour analytical support covering more than 120 market news, comments, opinions, forecasts and much more. Our seasoned analysts also provide commentary for several commercial broadcasting companies and television programs.

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<p><strong><span style=Currencies at risk on the defensive against the new doubts of Greece

TOKYO (Reuters) – Risk currencies were on the defensive while the Japanese yen held firm on Wednesday, as doubts about the possibility for Greece to conclude a bond swap with creditors prompted players to reduce their exposure to risky assets.

Among the biggest victims, the Australian dollar slipped to a low of almost six weeks against the US dollar, while the country's growth in October-December also turned out to be weaker than expected.

A pocket of Greek pension funds and some foreign investors withhold the bond swap deal, fearing that Greece will fail to reach an agreement with private creditors to reduce its mountainous debt by Thursday's deadline.

Low participation in the bond swap plan, a key element of a bailout program to help Greece manage its public finances and pay down its debt on March 20, could lead to messy decision flaws that policy makers have a hard time avoiding.

"I think we are at a turning point now. If the Greek debt swap goes well and the job data in the United States indicates a continued recovery, the market could return to a risky mood, "said a trader from a Japanese bank.

"But if Greece couldn't get the deal, that would be a game-changer, "he added.

Euro hit three-week low at $ 1.3103 Tuesday night on EBS, but managed to stay above solid supports around $ 1.31, including the cloud top of daily Ichimoku charts at $ 1.3097 and the 76.4% retracement of its rally from mid-February to the end of February at $ 1.3095.

It rebounded in Asia to around $ 1.3142, up 0.2% from late US levels as disappointing Australian data resulted in the unwinding of short positions against the popular trade Aussie this year.

The euro rose 0.2% to 1.2460 Australian dollars. It hit a record low around $ 1.2124 last month as investors sold the euro to the Australian believing that a high-yielding Australian will benefit from an injection massive amount of funds from the European Central Bank.

Aussie fell to six-week low against the US dollar after disappointing data on Australian GDP, losing some 3 cents US from the seven-month high set last week.

The Aussie hit a low of $ 1.0508, briefly breaking below a major support of $ 1.0525, before reducing losses to reach $ 1.0550.

A net break of $ 1.0525 could pave the way for a move to the major pivot of $ 1.0370-00, traders said.

Growth concerns

Aside from Greece, there are other upcoming risk events, On Friday, Chinese inflation and employment figures in the United States were closely watched.

China lowered growth target to lowest level in eight years and Brazil announced a disappointing economic performance for 2011, raising doubts about the optimistic scenario according to which the powers of the emerging markets would compensate for the weak growth of the advanced economies.

Nervous investors untied some of the recent bearish positions placed on the Japanese currency, helping yen society in all areas.

The dollar fell to 80.56 yen, well below a nine-month high of 81.87 set earlier this month, although it held above a key support of 23.6% of its February rally at 80.50.

"Since the yen had been sold strongly recently, there is room for more adjustment. But I think there is a fairly strong dollar demand around 80 yen, "said Sumino Kamei, senior currency analyst at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

Traders said a break above 81.60 is now necessary to reset the upside momentum for the dollar / yen and brought 82.20 back to the fore.

The euro also moved away from a recent high of 109.95 yen to settle at 106.25 yen.

The renewed pressure on the single currency saw the dollar increase by 0.7% against a basket of major currencies Tuesday at its highest level since February 16.

The dollar index <.DXY> stood at 79.68 in Asia, near Tuesday's high of 79.867, and is now considering testing a very thin cloud over the daily charts for Ichimoku, a break above that could to be considered a sign of a major bull.

On Wednesday, the bottom of the cloud is at 79.854 and the top at 79.867, which means that the index must exceed Tuesday's high to pass the cloud.

March 07, 2012 03:23

OctaFX.Com News Updates

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<p><img alt=

Euro appreciates but vulnerable to Greece's uncertainty

LONDON (Reuters) – Euro recovered from three-week low against dollar on Wednesday but was vulnerable to further losses due to uncertainty over whether Greece would gain sufficient support for debt restructuring.

A pocket of Greek pension funds and some foreign investors hold a bond swap that would allow Greece to repay its debt on March 20, raising concerns about a chaotic default if participation is low.

Given the uncertainty, the gains in the single currency should be limited. Analysts and traders said the market was pricing the price on the assumption that the debt deal would be struck, leaving room for disappointment.

Greek private creditors have until Thursday evening to say if they will participate. Other signs of hesitation could see the euro retesting Tuesday's three-week low at $ 1.3103.

"There is a negative bias for the euro because most of the good news is valued in terms of getting an agreement on private sector involvement, "said Carl Hammer, chief currency strategist at SEB in Stockholm.

"If adopted, the rebound in the euro would be short lived." SEB sees the euro at $ 1.30 in late March, even if that means restructuring the debt.

The euro rose 0.2% to $ 1.3136, traders citing the Middle East and corporate purchases, as well as Asian sovereign offers reported around $ 1.3100. Offers posted below $ 1.3175 could limit its rise, however.

Greece aims to persuade 90% of creditors to participate in the bond swap. With two-thirds or more acceptance, however, it may be possible to trigger class action clauses to force bondholders to accept losses.

"The Greek PSI agreement (bond swap) could go well … But beyond that, the outlook for the euro is still weak, "said Melinda Burgess, monetary strategist at RBS.

She said the psychological level of $ 1.30 was likely to provide strong support and could slow the decline of the euro. Once below, however, it could drop "fairly quickly". RBS predicts the euro will drop to $ 1.26 by the end of this month.

Others said that the euro had short-term chart support around $ 1.31, including the top of the cloud on Ichimoku's daily charts at $ 1.3097 and the 76.4% retracement of its rally between mid-to-late February at $ 1.3095.

Growth concerns

Excluding Greece, Chinese inflation and U.S. employment data on Friday and a political meeting of the European Central Bank on Thursday would set the tone for the markets, traders said.

China slashed growth target to low this week in eight years and Brazil has announced a disappointing economic performance for 2011, which makes it doubtful that the emerging powers will be able to compensate for the weak growth of the advanced economies.

Australian high-yield, growth-linked dollar rose 0.1% to $ 1.0565 after hitting a low of $ 1.0508 in six weeks after disappointing Australian economic growth data.

He was also vulnerable because Greece's concerns prompted investors to reduce exposure to risky assets. The Australian has lost about 3 cents US since hitting a seven-month high of $ 1.0857 last week. More losses could drop it to $ 1.0350, analysts said.

The US dollar lost 0.1% to 80.75 yen as investors unwound the recent bearish positions placed on the Japanese currency.

It remained above support at 80.50 yen, the 23.6% retracement from its February rally. The euro moved away from a recent high of 109.95 yen to trade 0.1% to 106.12 yen.

March 07, 2012 11:50

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<p>        . (tagsToTranslate) official</p>
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Coronavirus 2020 – The financial market crisis deciphered – The cryptocurrency corner

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<p>The world has experienced various pandemics over the years. However, this one, Corona Virus 2020, comes at a time when travel and international trade are high. Globalization has brought people together and has also made financial markets more interdependent. These two factors have contributed to making <strong>Corona Virus 2020</strong> the latest detonator of the current financial market crisis.
<p>The Corona 2020 virus was first detected in Hubei Province in China in December 2019. It has quickly spread to a number of other countries, making it epidemic. local a global pandemic. While the Chinese government acted relatively quickly, locking up the population of In Hubei Province, Western governments were more reluctant to do so.
<p>This hesitation was probably due to the consequences of a partial or total cessation of economic activity. In many cases, pressure from the media has forced various governments to take decisive action to combat the spread of the Corona 2020 virus. Of course, the consequences are being made. Economic activity has been reduced in all countries where the local government has taken unprecedented measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The restrictions imposed by governments have resulted in a sharp reduction in economic activity and, consequently, a crisis in the financial markets.
<p>Political leaders are trying to balance the need to protect lives with the need to protect economic activity. People cannot live well without a job, but there would be a lot of deaths if no measures were taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Some countries have declared a state of emergency even with only a few deaths, like Portugal or Taiwan, while others like Sweden have decided to stay open and allow activity economical to continue. The United States is somewhere in between, while some areas like New York or California are locked, other parts of the country continue their daily activities.
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How Tradera is revolutionizing the financial services industry

Reduced image

Are you looking to make passive income to add to your 9-5? Then you are lucky to have stumbled upon this post. The financial services industry is a huge market that has the potential to transform your financial situation if you connect to the market.

Although there are several financial service providers that guarantee high returns on investment, Tradera is an exceptional platform you can rely on. Let's take a look at what Tradera is and how the company is revolutionizing the industry.

What is Tradera?

Created in 2018 by ambitious traders and based in Texas, in the United States, Tradera is a platform dedicated to raising awareness of forex trading and network marketing. The mission of the company is to educate the public about the gains of the financial market and empower them to achieve financial freedom.

Tradera offers various financial services, including:

● Business education: remember the old adage of buying low and selling high? It is still the current financial market. But how do you know when to buy low and sell high? Tradera can tell you when to buy, sell and when not to. Plus you will learn A-Z from the forex market with all the hassle
● Trade Alerts: Tradera expert traders usually send out trade alerts that novice traders can copy and paste. With this arrangement in place, you will learn and win at the same time. You don't need to work hard, leave the hard work to the expert traders who manage
● Live Sessions: Again, Tradera is hosting live sessions every Sunday through Thursday at 8:00 pm EST. Sessions are managed by the best traders in the Tradera community.
● Market forecast: if you miss the live session, the market forecast is there for you. Forecasts are generally published by expert traders every Sunday at 6 p.m. EST. Forecasts are stored in the Tradera community.
● Trading community: this is a community where expert traders make sure that beginners learn the smallest details of the financial market.

Business opportunity

If you are tired of earning active income and looking to add a new income stream to your income sources, Tradera offers you the opportunity to do so. With $ 100 per month, you will earn a weekly bonus simply by recommending your friends to join the platform.

Tradera has a ranking system to reward members of the platform. The classification system ranges from "Free subscription" to "Legend". When you refer 3 people, you will be transferred to the next rank.

Here are the top 5 rows of the Tradera trading platform:

● Knight – 10 team members – $ 125 weekly bonus
● Noble – 25 team members – $ 250 weekly bonus
● Bishop – 75 team members – $ 500 weekly bonus
● Duke / Duchess – 250 team members – $ 1250 weekly bonus
● Prince / Princess – 500 team members – $ 2,500 weekly bonus

The legend is the highest rank. To be a legend, you must have 5,000 team members and you will earn $ 25,000 in weekly bonuses.

There are many benefits to joining Tradera, robust customer service, receiving trade alerts, participating in live sessions and free forecasting of financial markets, the benefits are so impressive. In fact, joining early will bring you even more benefits than those joining later.

So what are you waiting for? Visit for more information.

obfuscation – Industry secure file format like .OFX Open Financial Exchange File

The .OFX Open Financial Exchange File is a file format created for the exchange of financial data between financial institutions.

I was wondering if in the field of computer security, such a file format exists.

My goal would be to use and customize it so that my backend API entry points (that's another story, don't worry)

[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Negligence at common law? What laws govern this?

[Law and ethics] Open question: What legal principles apply when a data breach discloses personal financial information? Negligence at common law? What laws govern this?