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Dominic Financial Limited has combined the highly experienced professionals of investment. We focus on investment of stocks with high turnover rate and large mutual funds mostly related with public utilities. With over 14 years of accumulated experience, we are ready and strive to be an international leading investment provider and proudly participate in development of investment sector with our great plans…

Investment plans:

0.55-1% daily for 10 days (+principal)
Trial 1.00 – 300.00 0.55%
Basic 301.00 – 600.00 0.61%
Premium 601.00 – 800.00 0.67%
Advance 801.00 – 1000.00 0.73%
Business 1001.00 – 3000.00 0.79%
Enterprise 3001.00 – 6000.00 0.85%
Premier 6001.00 – 8000.00 0.91%
Ultimate 8001.00 – 100000.00 1.00%

Our deposit:

21.11.20 20:21 Transfer Sent Payment: 60.00 USD to account U25874739 from U1294xxx. Batch: 349108123. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User allhyips.


Minimal deposit: $1
Maximal deposit: $100000
Referral comission: 1%
Payments: Instant
Features: SSL,DDOS


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Recreating a financial year with dates, works in excel but not in Google sheets

So I am trying to recreate something like this picture:
Financial Year in excel

But I just found out that the cell B7 does not work, the cell B7 contains the formula:

=IF($A$3=”Financial Year”,((CONCATENATE(B9,$C$3))-DAY(CONCATENATE(B9,$C$3))+1),EDATE(Summary!$C$15,-11))

In the above A3 cell is the one where I choose Financial Year, B9 is month January, C3 is the cell with the calendar year 2020 and the Summary tab is the picture here:Summary Tab where cell C15 is the starting date with the formula: =EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1)+1

Error I am getting from Cell B7:

Function Day Parameter 1 expects number values. But “January” is a text and cannot be coerced to a number

“Virusy” Money Game. A new financial game !!!!!! – Other Money Making Opportunities

Virusy Money Game. A new financial game, new investment opportunities for investors who can grasp opportunities.

I. What is Virusy ?

The game joins players around the world as a Doctor to help patients infected with the virus and receive rewards.

Activate the globulin and save one patient per day to receive money. Become a Trainee and progress to PhD level starting at 0.3 ETH. Each cycle earns 120% – 150% depending on the level and type of Globulin. You can also make a quick profit from buying and selling Globulin Box at VIRUSY MARKET. Your profits will spike as you train doctors to inherit and own enough VRS.

II. How can you play


First you need to register a new account (“student” level), then deposit 0.3 ETH to buy KIT (trainer level). Click CHALLENGE to play the mini game “FlappyVirusy” and receive free DNA (or you can buy DNA at the SHOP).


After having DNA, please TAP into KIT to combine into Globulin box. There will be 2 cases after 8 hours.

Success: You’ve got a Globulin Box. (You can enable the Box to make a profit every day for the rest of 30 days. Or you can bring the Box to market and sell it to make a quick profit.)

Fail: Don’t worry, you will receive your KIT back and be rewarded with a key to unlock a random treasure. You have to continue the CHALLENGE to find the DNA to combine with the KIT again.


After 8 hours of Render, you are lucky enough to have a Globulin box. You activate Globulin Box, 1 of 3 types of Globulin will appear, corresponding to 3 different interest rates paid to you daily for 30 days:

·         GREEN Globulin: 4% per day, 120% total.

·         YELLOW Globulin: 4.5% per day, total 135%.

·         RED Globulin: 5% per day, for a total of 150%.

How to receive profit: Every day, profits will automatically add to your account.


Build your community to receive the following rewards and benefits:

  • ·         Increase the rate of successful rendering.
  • ·         Increase the activation rate of the High-quality Globulin Success Box for higher profit.
  • ·         Receive commissions when your Downline sells Globulin Boxes.
  • ·         Receive 100 VRS bonuses when your Downline buys the KIT for the first time.


Use your ticket to win one of the following items:

  • 5 VRS
  • 1 DNA
  • 0.03 ETH
  • 1 set of KIT
  • 1 Blue Globulin
  • 0.3 ETH
  • iPhone 11



  • KIT: 0.3 ETH (Quantity is limited in the day).
  • DNA: 0.003 ETH.


  • Super Green Globulin: 1500 VRS (150% interest for 30 days)
  • Super Yellow Globulin: 1800 VRS (180% interest in 30 days)
  • Super Red Globulin: 2100 VRS (210% interest in 30 days)


After successfully rendering, you can sell Globulin Boxes at the Market for a quick profit.

Each Globulin Box sale has a 24-hour period.

1. Successful sales:

  • Upline is rewarded 0.0015 ETH
  • Transaction fee 0.0015 ETH.
  • you get 1 KIT (equivalent to 0.3 ETH)
  • 10 VRS
  • 0.009 ETH

(KIT can resume rendering)

8. What is VRS?

– VRS is the token used to buy Super Globulin.

* How to own VRS:

1. Selling Globulin Box on the Market (+ 10VRS per transaction).

2. Create community:

– Level up: increase Globulin box’s success rate.

– Receive a hot reward of 100 VRS when inviting F1 to become a Trainee and every time F1 successfully purchases Globulin Box.


Does Morocco have a financial entry requirement?

Most countries have a proof of funds or means of subsistence requirement but I cannot find any info whatsoever about Morocco other than "Visitors who do require a visa must provide pay slips and bank statements from the previous three months with their application."

usability – Financial planning site — show a negative balance in italic type?

I have read the discussion from some years ago about whether to use a “minus sign” in front of a negative balance or to put it inside parenthesis. Our website is used primarily by people 45 and older. They may/may not have much experience with investing and financial planning.

Our concern is that displaying a negative balance in parentheses may be unfamiliar to (maybe a significant) percentage of our customers. Putting a “minus sign” in front of it does not seem as visible as we’d like it to be.

We do not want to show it in red type, as we fear (esp. during this COVID-induced financial terror) it is a bit too alarming.

My husband, who is well into “seniorhood” said that he often does not notice a “minus” sign — and suggested putting it in red type. When I said “not a good option” he said just make it much more prominent.

I am wondering if showing a negative balance in italic type might do the trick? I have searched and not seen any examples of this. Would love to research it, but as a first step, going to toss it out here and see what y’all think?

Something financial

Please advise financial offers, I used to work with LeadGid, what is sensible now?

Designing a financial date filter page for reports

I’m currently trying to make a user friendly date filter, where users can enter a custom date or select a date, e.g. Last Year or Last Fiscal Year etc.

I’ve tried looking for a design for similar requirements online, but haven’t found anything so far.

See attached images of my 2 attempts at designing this date filter page (on the second design, I will use custom icons for each date section). Will this suffice or, how can I improve?

First Design
Second Design

Marriage Visitor Visa Financial Aspect

My fiancée is a US citizen and is wanting to apply for a UK marriage visitor visa but has some problems with the financial support element. It states on the documentation required that you should provide six months of bank statements/payslips. That makes her first problem, because she has only recently opened her bank account and isn’t employed meaning no obvious source of income. She has a power of attorney who has managed the money left to her by her late guardian as well as paid the bills for the house left to her which she lives in with her mother. Can she provide the will stating what’s hers as well as the power of attorney agreement showing he has managed her finances and what was left to her as financial support for herself? Also into her new bank account she is obtaining perhaps $140,000+ which is money owed on life insurance from when her father passed away. She can give the necessary paperwork to prove this isn’t “funds parking.” The problem is she cannot provide anymore than one month’s worth of bank statements since this is a new bank account, which may render that amount of money useless in the overviewers eyes because they can’t see the ties to her local economy they look for. She has dealt with numerous mental health issues and setbacks in life which is why her financial circumstances are what they are in terms of her not working or controlling her money in the past. My fiancée is 23. As stated above she is also unemployed, isn’t a student, so proving ties to her home country will be difficult. Does owning her house count towards ties? She is also close with her mother who lives with her in the house she owns and her mother is dependant on her, and would definitely not overstay because she needs to see her. Perhaps having a power of attorney could also provide ties? She thought maybe he could give a statement of some kind. My own parents have provided a written statement that she can stay with us, and that they will support her financically with the various things she would need. They have given bank statements, a mortgage statement as evidence they own their house, and the balance in their savings account to show they can support her during her stay. I will also support her as much as possible during my study. Do you think providing everything I’ve mentioned with a carefully thought out explanation and evidence of her circumstances will make her application successful or should this be done another time, in other words will it be very difficult to have this approved? We have February 17th next year booked for our marriage and really want to be with each other, so I’m hoping there are ways to problem solve here. Thank you for reading and for answers given, it is very much appreciated.

graphics – How can I add my financial indicator to be plotted in a TradingChart?

Since this question was not answered, I would like to ask again with some additional information. I have

ohlcv = FinancialData["SPY","OHLCV", {DatePlus[Today, -300], Yesterday}];
chart1 = TradingChart[ohlcv, {"Volume", "BollingerBands"}];

I have created the following indicator:

myind = Accumulate /@ SplitBy[Differences[
      Log[QuantityMagnitude[ohlcv["Values"][[All, 4]]]]], Sign] //Flatten;
myindts = TimeSeries[myind, {Most[ohlcv["Dates"]]}];
chart2 = DateListPlot[myindts];

I want to plot my indicator below the main trading chart. How can I achieve it? Any help would be appreciated.

financial – Statistically who gets higher **average** income, an employed engineer or an IT startup founder?

Founding your own startup is a great idea, you may become as rich as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Wait… or may not. It of course depends on your skills and perspiration they say. And some mention luck.

If we look at all the IT engineers who are employees in Silicon Valley (or better in the entire US, UK, or EU) and all the IT engineers who were brave to become a startup founder (failed or not) and calculate the average employee income and startup founder income. What would be that figures.

In other words, whether being an employee or being a startup founder gives you a higher average reward as an IT engineer. Statistically is it worth running after that carrot called own startup as opposed to sitting in the office chair 9 to 5?

Does anyone know about any available datasets around this?

Apologies if I posted it in the wrong stackexchange, in this case please point me to a right one.