firmware update LG V20 – now looking for any connection

I turned off my V20 and 3 hours later I turned it on and it says: "Firmware update, now looking for a connection". I can not do anything. No suggestions

Phone firmware problem [on hold]

I flashed my nougat Gionee A1 Plus android 7.0 with a custom rom downloaded from the Internet. He could not allow me to initiate the OTA update because the rom that I had downloaded was pre-root.

Where can I download a stock firmware?

firmware of the device – Mi 6X: manually create A / B partitions

I have a Xiaomi Mi 6X which is the Chinese version of A2. There is a way to convert it to A2, but ATO updates will not work because 6X only has one partition. I am not sure, but I have read, it is possible to create / delete partitions on an Android device.

So I want to create A / B partitions manually, but I do not know what it looks like.

Any help is appreciated

Modem, radio, baseband. Porter listening? Firmware – Samsung

I live in Australia and I know that there is a firmware for the Samsung Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone and just XSA phones for Australia. I would like to know if Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone specifically grant the modem files provided in the firmware, in order to use the Optus firmware. with Optus sim card offers better reception, greater autonomy on the network, then use XSA with a modem adapted to all Australia and no particular network.

Thank you.

rom – Which firmware / model should be a Samsung to have Greek?

Which firmware / model or what proof is it easy to check, should a Samsung phone have before opening the box to be able to use the Greek language (for the interface)?

I wish to buy a Samsung phone online on Amazon, but I would like it to be in Greek.
I have read about these codes here.

I want to ask the seller before buying it so I can confirm that he has the Greek language.

The firmware will not update on the D700

I have a Nikon D-700. I have downloaded the firmware version 1.04 / 1.03 on a card formatted with the .bin file, but when I go to the menu to update, I have the Yes button and I can see the versions of older and newer firmware, but the menu will not allow me to select it. I'm stuck in the yes bar and it will not go any further. Is the camera damaged or is there another way to update it?

display – LG UltraFine 5K Firmware Update

I have a LG Ultrafine 5K monitor (27MD5KA-B). I finally wanted to fix the volume problem and I just discovered that there should be a firmware update that should be installed via the LG Screen Manager software.

I have installed LG Screen Manager and it is stated that my monitor is up to date with version 3.01., 1.11, 5234.3.00

From what I understand, there should be at least version 3.04,1.13,5237,3.04,0.1e

I've also tried to find a firmware file to download manually, but all the links I've found are dead, for example:

The monitor dates from January 2017, making it one of the first models to have also suffered shielding problems (which has been corrected). It is paired with a MacBook Pro 15 "touchbar 2016, still under MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

I would be grateful for any tip on how to update the firmware or links to the firmware file.

Update: I just searched LG Screen Manager with Charles Proxy and realized he was trying to recover FWLatestVersion.txt link above.

Networking – Unable to connect to the router after updating the firmware

I have a Motorola WiFi router configuration at home MG7700. After the recent firmware update, I am having trouble connecting to my WiFi router.

Whenever I try to connect to the cPanel of my router, the redirection to a different IP address is maintained. Now, the default address of my WiFi router is but it does not work.

I have tried to reset the WiFi router, but this always happens. What should I do?

How to resolve the Godox firmware update process?

Here are some common issues related to updating the Godox firmware:

Incorrect firmware file

Whatever you do, DO NOT USE FIRMWARE FILE FOR A DIFFERENT DEVICE. This is a basic principle of all firmware updates: the firmware is closely related to the hardware and all Hardware differences can mean that you have to break a device if you overwrite with a bad firmware image.

Although the user interfaces and functionality of a TT685 and V860II may be identical, the fact that they both use different power sources means that the firmware images are not identical. Each device has its own separate firmware file for a reason. TT350 users found this one the hard way when Adorama mistakenly posted the TT350-C update (especially for adding compatibility with some newer EOS M bodies) as a generic TT350 update. So many non-Canon TT350 owners have updated this update, which allowed them to develop Godox which eventually released the original TT350 firmware versions.

If your device does not have a firmware update yet, pull it out and wait until he does it.

The only way to fix this problem is to reload the appropriate firmware image, but it depends on the device that is able to recognize the firmware update request. Sometimes the correct / current firmware image you need is not available. Requesting the firmware from your dealer or Godox may be your only recourse.

G1 or G2

Godox has two separate firmware update applications. G1 is for pre-AD200, G2 is for AD200 and later. Check out the Godox download page to make sure you are using the right app for your device. Once installed, both applications must also install a custom USB driver.

Cable and port

Make sure you are using the correct cable for the device. The A1 and XPro models use a USB-C cable, while all other Godox devices use a micro USB cable. If you are updating an AD200, AD360II, or AD600, make sure you are using the micro USB port, not the USB-A port used to connect an FTR16 receiver if you want to use Godox's older 433 MHz radio system.

If you are using a micro USB cable, try another, as some micro-USB cables are only for charging and do not allow data transfer.

File names

If you downloaded your files from the Godox site, rather than from Flashpoint, the update or application path names may contain double-byte Chinese characters that may cause an error. Deleting double-byte characters resolves the problem.

The downloaded file is a .rar archive containing the firmware update file and a PDF file containing the firmware revision history. If Internet Explorer has renamed it as a .man archive and you do not have tools to extract the contents of the archive, you can simply rename it to .rar or use 7Zip.

See also: the Flash Havoc article on the G1 application.

wifi – Potential leak vectors on the rpi in a private firmware

Unaware of the security implications of the firmware or hardware, I wonder what types of tasks might be potentially hidden in the rpi private firmware. I do not know much about wifi, but I was wondering if all the data and assessments could possibly be sent via wifi somewhere to a central location, or some sort of global logging of the calculations might occur in this small amount space on the equipment. Or if it requires more complex devices. Essentially, would like to know if, even if the rpi has shut down the source firmware, if there is nothing to worry about in any caseas it is not technically possible to disclose information unsecured to the default cloud.