Trump's speech in prime time on the government's closure

President Donald Trump will hold court in court tonight as he delivers the speech of the Oval Office of

hope to convince the American public and skeptical lawmakers that there is a crisis on the southern border. latest avant-garde news

His goal: to get billions of dollars of funds to build the "big, beautiful" wall he promised in a context of partial closure of the government that has no end.
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First Indian to climb Mount Everest …?

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Please tell me, who was the first Indian to climb Mount Everest …? …


Best Prime Minister in India …?

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Please tell me, who is the best prime minister in India …?


Tyco TY4151 / TY4251 Sprinkler Prices

An Phat Company – Sprinkler Sprinkler Wholesaler at 68 ° C – 79 ° C – 93 ° C – 141 ° C Nationwide, please send us the TY4151 / TY4251 Reference Price.

1. TY4151 / 4251 upstream / downstream spray nozzle
It meets the standards of a wide range of temperature variants suitable for a wide variety of uses in areas at moderate risk of explosion, such as: supermarkets, restaurants, factories of products chemical. , refineries …
For use in harsh environments, the TY4151 / TY4251 can be coated with an anticorrosion coating that extends its service life. However, customers should contact for advice on the adequacy of anticorrosive materials to each specific environment to ensure the effect of fire extinguisher.

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Nozzle specifications:
– meet the standards
+ UL, C-UL
FM and LPCB.
– Maximum working pressure: 175 psi (12.1 bar).
– Size of the nozzle: 3/4 inch NPT.
– Spray ratio: K = 8.0 GPM / psi½ (115.2 LPM / bar½).
– Veneer material: Polyester, chrome, brass, lead-coated, wax-coated, lead-waxed.
– activation temperature:
Orange glass tube at + 135 ° F (57 ° C).
Red glass tube at +15 ° C (68 ° C).
+ 175 ° F (79 ° C) Yellow glass tube.
+ 200 ° F (93 ° C) Green glass tube.
141 ° C (28 ° F) Blue glass tube.
182 ° C (+ 360 ° F) Purple glass tube.

Structure of the nozzle:

2. Price list sprinkler sprinkler up / down TY4151 / TY4251

In addition, An Phat offers many types of spray at Tyco manufacturers, such as:
– Standard nozzles: TY3321, TY3431, TY3331 …
– Cold storage nozzles: TY3357, TY3358, TY5339 …
– Warehouse nozzles: TY5131, TY5231, TY313, TY323 …
– ….
For a list of sprinkler prices, please contact An Phat:

Very happy to cooperate with you!