mojave – How to properly fix the read / write permissions of the built-in Apache Web server

There are hundreds of questions about this, but I am still struggling with this problem and am looking for an appropriate solution.

The most recent solution (mine) solves only reading problems, it does not solve write permission issues. If possible, I want to get an appropriate and stable solution that does not involve recursively fixing the permissions of each directory for each new project I have.
I'm sure that there is a solution to give the _www user sufficient permissions to read and write files.

java – How to fix a NULL object bug?

I create load objects to perform unit tests, but the object I'm working on is null, as shown in the red arrow below, at line 39, and I do not understand why that happens, I need help to fix this bug!

insert the description of the image here

The code is here;

Public class TypeIndicioBuilder {

private TypeIndicioEntity typeIndicio;

private TypeIndicioBuilder () {

static public TypeIndicioBuilder anTypeIndicio () {

GroupTipoIndicioEntity groupTypeIndication = new GroupTypeIndicioEntity ();
groupTypeIndex.setCode (1);

UserCorporativeEntity UserCorporate = new UserCorporativeEntity ();
userCorporate.setCode (1);

TypeIndicioBuilder builderTypeIndicio = new TypeIndicioBuilder ();
builderTypeIndicum.typeIndicio.setCode (16);
builderTypeIndicum.typeIndicio.setName ("Accumulation2");
builderTypeIndicum.typeDescription ("Linked2");
constructorTipoIndicio.tipoIndicio.setCriterio ("hi ok 2");
constructorTypeIndicum.typeIndicio.setPrazoPadrao (20);
builderTypeIndices.typeIndicio.getGroup ();
builderTypeIndication.typeIndicio.getResponsavel ();
back to manufacturerTipoIndicio;

public TypeIndicioEntity returnTypeIndicio () {
returns typeIndicio;


How to fix the 502 error of Gmail?

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How to fix Gmail error 500?

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apache2 – How to disable the Apache proxy HTML fix

I use an Apache proxy to access a web application on a virtual machine.

The proxy configuration works fine, no problems.

However, one side effect I see is that the Apache proxy "fixes" the HTML that is proxy.

This is not a problem for my own hardware, but it causes a very poor rendering of the third frame work I use, PatternFly.

Here is a simple example of a typical modification of the HTML code:

<             HWSUPP
<             Chris Welch
>             HWSUPP

>             Chris Welch

the < HTML is the proxy source, the > is the original.

As you can see, the unnecessary quotes around the rowspan and the end tag are removed by the Apache proxy.

For the most part, these fixes are useful, but they cause rendering problems when I use PatternFly, which makes the site unusable.

I know the immediate answer will be "fix the wrong source", but it's not practical with thousands of third-party source lines and Django models also generate their own source.

Is it possible to disable this behavior with an Apache proxy?

The proxy configuration I'm using is (Apache 2.2.15):

ProxyRequests off

ProxyHTMLLogVerbose On
LogLevel Debug

ProxyPass / testcrm / http: // django /
ProxyHTMLURLMap http: // django / testcrm

        ProxyPassReverse /
SetOutputFilter proxy-html
ProxyHTMLURLMap // testcrm /
RequestHeader undefined Accept-Encoding

I've tried a test with Apache 2.4 and I'm getting the same results.

I came across this, but the question about disabling the feature was not answered:
mod_proxy (_html) and a buggy web server (provides text / html for JSON data)

Web application – How to fix the security of local credentials for web applications?

I want to make a web application where you have:
– standard login account with session cookie connected to the server,
– password for encrypting all local data sent to the server.

So, the first security problem is solved because the server does not know the key of the encrypted content stored.
The problem is how to secure the client side so that the user does not need to enter an encryption password every time a web application is opened.

On mobile phones, it is easy to store and extract passwords locally from the iOS or Android secure key store / vault. But how would you do it for a web application and a browser?

Is it possible to use the session cookie to encrypt data with a password? Or is there no way?

What could be the best compromise between security and usability in this case? Encrypt the "encryption password" with a PIN code of 4 to 8 lengths in order to motivate the user to use a strong password, but during his daily use, he could simply type in a shorter PIN code for an authenticated device?

Thank you

How to fix a "mcp.cfg missing" error?

I'm trying to use the mod coders pack (MCP) to create my own mods. I have downloaded the 9.4 mcp version from The error I encountered is that when I try to run a file called in the mac terminal, the terminal responds with an error: "ERROR: root: !! Mcp.cfg missing"I checked my MCP file and made sure it contained the file" mcp.cfg. "The file is in my folder.

I am currently using a Macbook Pro with the following version: macOS Mojave Version 10.14.4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

xcode – How to fix the problem of Google ads in Ios?

Step 1: I impl implement a google admob.this link:

2nd step: when importing this plugin into unity-> build (ios) -> and implement in xcode then give an error:google mobileads.h not found.

I'm trying this one:
but the error is still not resolved ??


enter the description of the image here

GoogleMobileAds.h not found

enter the description of the image here

I surface this problem for 3 days, what is the problem in the plugin?

How to fix " in android?"

My application had the exception "". I used the "JobScheduler" instead of "Service". It worked, besides OPPO 8.1.
That's all the message I have. $ H.handleMessage (
android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
android.os.Looper.loop ( (
java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (native method) $ ( (

python 3.x – What is TabError and how can I fix this problem?

I was doing the code editor and there is TabError. Can someone help me?

from tkinter import *
bone import
from tkinter.filedialog import *
tkinter.messagebox import *
root = Tk ("Note")

font_family = "Arial"
font_size = 18
def save_as ():
global text
t = text_area.get ("1.0", "end-1c")
savelocation = askaveasfilename ()
file1 = open (savelocation, "w +")
file1.write (t)
file1.close ()
def open ():
__file = askopenfilename (defaultextension = ". txt",
filetypes = (("All files", "*. *"),
("Text Documents", "* .txt"),
("Python", "*. Py"),
("JavaScript", "* .Js"),
("HTML", "* .html")))
file = open (__ file, "r")
text_area.insert (1.0, ())
file.close ()
text_area = Text (root, font = (font_family + "" + str (font_size)))
text_area.grid ()
menu = Menu (root)
root.config (menu = menu)
file_menu = Menu (menu, tearoff = 0)
menu.add_cascade (label = "File", menu = file_file)
file_menu.add_command (label = "Save as", command = save_as)
file_menu.add_command (label = "Open", command = open)
file_menu.add_separator ()
root.mainloop ()