partitioning – Fixing Grub, no partition

So I made some foolish mistakes that confused my computer altogether. In trying to install a second os on the same ssd, and not liking the end result, for the graphical user interface of that os was missing, I deleted the partitions that I made for Kali Linux on windows. And in doing so, I am stuck with “no such partition Rescue” error.

I tried using a usb drive to install windows all over again, but with no luck there, for the computer was stuck loading the boot drive forever. I also reset the bios values to default, hope my usb would load this time, but again, no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

linear algebra – Controlling entries in a matrix while fixing another

Given two matrices $Ainmathbb R^{mtimes m’}$ and $Binmathbb R^{mtimes m”}$ where $m”<m'<m$ holds is there a matrix $M_epsiloninmathbb R^{mtimes m}$ satisfying the properties

  1. $M_epsilon B=B$

  2. Every entry of $M_epsilon A$ is bounded by $epsilon>0$ in magnitude

when $m’+m”leq m$ holds?

Is it possible at least if gap between $m’$ and $m”$ is large enough?

Is there a bound controlling the gap and $epsilon$?

Changing Website Domain. Need help fixing all links on WordPress so it works.


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seo – Fixing a REST API 404 after Moving my WordPress Directory

I am running a self-hosted version of WordPress on a Linode VPS running Debian 9.

I was previously using WordPress on a /blog directory because I had a basic HTML site that I decided not to keep any longer, so I moved everything out of /blog and put everything back into the root directory after deleting my old site’s contents.

I followed the steps provided here and updated my permalink settings and used Velvet Blues to update my URLs.

I got some notifications from the Site Health tool, saying that my REST API and Jetpack settings were not working properly. Similarly, I tried to configure Yoast SEO to optimise my web site, but it kept returning an error. According to their article I opened this page in Chrome’s DOM console and got this message.


/wp-content/plugins/…min.css?ver=1.0.0:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
chrome-extension://c…ihfbcag/inject.js:1 Starting.
jquery-migrate.min.js:2 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.2
prwirepro-press_rele…n-ajax-handler.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
/wp-json/wp/v2/:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
/wp-json/yoast/v1/indexing/prepare:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
/wp-json/jetpack/v4/…pnonce=f0758236f2:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
chrome-extension://c…ihfbcag/inject.js:1 Starting.
chrome-extension://c…ihfbcag/inject.js:1 Starting.
chrome-extension://c…ihfbcag/inject.js:1 Starting.
/wp-json/yoast/v1/indexing/prepare:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
prwirepro-press_rele…ibution-admin.css:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Some of the references to press-rele are based on plugins I have installed in which they were using the /blog directory.

I have tried looking for a solution on multiple articles, but they are all based with the assumption that you are on a host, meaning that you only have access to an FTP folder and a web-based control panel, rather than having complete access to the box and doing everything yourself.

  • Can someone give me advice on how to get this fixed?

java – A* algorithm: need help fixing path that come in contact with obstacle

I am using A* as a pathfinding technique for my AI; it works fine until it gets close to an obstacle (in my case rocks). Right now it just continues the loop if it finds a neighbor thats a rock. It should not actually do this. It should check it.

Allowed Moves: FORWARD,LEFT,RIGHT (LEFT & RIGHT at diagonals)

The AI should know to turn left or right on the rock in the direction of the goal while also taking other rocks into account.

The line that checks for rocks is: if(at == 1 || at == 2) continue;

I guess you could use the neighborlist to check the sides of the ship.

However it shouldn’t always check it. Only when it comes in contact with a rock

Scenario 1: (ship should turn left (one move) once then continue on path)
enter image description here

Scenario 2: (ship should either turn left or right twice (two moves) to unblock itself)
enter image description here

Scenario 3: (ship should turn left or right depending on which path is shorter: doing two lefts will hit rock twice but distance is shorter than if it went right by 1 tile)

enter image description here

In each of these scenarios the face of the ship is the only thing that changes. If right/left were used in any other situation (regular tiles) it would change position also.

public class AStarSearch {
    private ServerContext context;
    private List<AStarNode> openList;
    private List<AStarNode> closedList;
    private double ORTHOGONAL_COST = 1.0;
    private double DIAGONAL_COST = ORTHOGONAL_COST * Math.sqrt(2.0);
    public AStarSearch(ServerContext context) {
        this.context = context;

    private Comparator<AStarNode> nodeSorter = new Comparator<AStarNode>() {

        public int compare(AStarNode n0, AStarNode n1) {
            if(n1.fCost < n0.fCost) return 1;
            if(n1.fCost > n0.fCost) return -1;
            return 0;

    public List<AStarNode> findPath(Player bot, Position goal){
        openList = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();
        closedList = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();
        List<AStarNode> neighbors = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();
        AStarNode current = new AStarNode(bot, bot.getFace(), MoveType.NONE, null, 0, bot.distance(goal));

        while(openList.size() > 0) {
            Collections.sort(openList, nodeSorter);
            current = openList.get(0);
            if(current.position.equals(goal)) {
                List<AStarNode> path = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();
                while(current.parent != null) {
                    current = current.parent;
                return path;
            int x = current.position.getX();
            int y = current.position.getY();
            switch (current.face) {
                case NORTH:
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y+1), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y+1), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));
                case EAST:
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));
                case SOUTH:
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y-1), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y-1), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));
                case WEST:
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));
                    neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));
            for(AStarNode neighborNode : neighbors) {
                // Compute the cost to get *to* the action tile.
                double costToReach = current.position.distance(neighborNode.position);

                int at = context.getMap().getTile(neighborNode.position.getX(), neighborNode.position.getY());
                if(at == 1 || at == 2) continue; // this is the line where it checks if tile is rock or not

                double gCost = current.gCost + costToReach;
                double hCost = heuristicDistance(neighborNode.position,goal);
                AStarNode node = new AStarNode(neighborNode.position, neighborNode.face,neighborNode.move, current, gCost, hCost);
                if(positionInList(closedList, neighborNode.position) && gCost >= node.gCost) continue;
                if(!positionInList(openList, neighborNode.position) || gCost < node.gCost) openList.add(node);
        return null;
    private double getActionCost(Position node, int currentTile) {
        if(currentTile > 3 && currentTile < 11) {
            return 0.2;
        }else {
            return 1;   

    private double heuristicDistance(Position current, Position goal) {
        int xDifference = Math.abs(goal.getX() - current.getX());
        int yDifference = Math.abs(goal.getY() - current.getY());

        int diagonal = Math.min(xDifference, yDifference);
        int orthogonal = xDifference + yDifference - 2 * diagonal;

        return orthogonal * ORTHOGONAL_COST + diagonal * DIAGONAL_COST;
    private boolean positionInList(List<AStarNode> list, Position position) {
        for(AStarNode n : list) {
            if(n.position.equals(position)) return true;
        return false;



public class AStarNode {

    public Position position;
    public VesselFace face;
    public MoveType move;
    public AStarNode parent;
    public double fCost, gCost, hCost;
    public AStarNode(Position position, VesselFace face, MoveType move, AStarNode parent, double gCost, double hCost) {
        this.position = position;
        this.face = face;
        this.move = move;
        this.parent = parent;
        this.gCost = gCost;
        this.hCost = hCost;
        this.fCost = this.gCost + this.hCost;

The overall question/goal: How do I fix my current code to account for these situations; please provide an implementation or instructions.

Fixing the code. Godot, GDScript

There are two scenes and their two scripts: on one scene my character and his movement, on the other hand with a weapon. When I move the scene with the help of the command to the scene with the character,on the main scene a character with a weapon flies around the mouse clockwise, but after less than a second from the beginning of this flight, they return back and so endlessly. How to fix it? Or tell me how to make a character able to move with a hand and a weapon that can shoot in place of the player’s mouse. Godot, GDScript

extends KinematicBody2D

const FLOOR = Vector2(0, -1)
var speed = 400
var air_speed = 20
var jumpForce = 1000
var gravity = 2000
var vel = Vector2()

onready var imagePlayer = get_node("Sprite")
onready var AnimatedSprite = get_node("Tester_RUN")
onready var AnimationPlayer = get_node("Bullets_A")

func _physics_process(delta):
    vel.y += gravity * delta
    if is_on_floor():
        if position.y > 800:
            position.y = 0
        if Input.is_action_pressed("player_left") or Input.is_action_pressed("player_right") and is_on_floor():
            if Input.is_action_pressed("player_left"):
                vel.x = -speed
                AnimatedSprite.flip_h = true
                imagePlayer.flip_h = true
    elif Input.is_action_pressed("player_right"):
        vel.x = speed"Run")
        AnimatedSprite.flip_h = false
        imagePlayer.flip_h = false
    vel.x = 0
if Input.is_action_pressed("player_jump") and is_on_floor():
    vel.y -= jumpForce

    if Input.is_action_pressed("player_left"):
        vel.x -= air_speed
    elif Input.is_action_pressed("player_right"):
        vel.x += air_speed

    if Input.is_action_pressed("player_jump") and is_on_floor():
        vel.y -= jumpForce

vel = move_and_slide(vel, FLOOR)
vel.y += gravity * delta


extends StaticBody2D
var bullet_speed = 1000
var fire_rate = 0.2
var bullet = preload("res://Bullet.tscn")
var can_fire = true

func _process(delta):

if Input.is_action_pressed("player_shoot") and can_fire:
    var bullet_instance = bullet.instance()
    bullet_instance.position = $BulletPoint.get_global_position()
    bullet_instance.rotation_degrees = rotation_degrees
    bullet_instance.apply_impulse(Vector2(), Vector2(bullet_speed, 0).rotated(rotation))
    can_fire = false
    yield(get_tree().create_timer(fire_rate), "timeout")
    can_fire = true

Fixing Time Machine Backup Broken by Deleting Most Recent Backup with tmutil

I broke my Time Machine backup by using tmutil delete on the most recent backup. This meant that the “Latest” symlink no longer pointed to a valid location. My attempts to create a replacement symlink have failed, probably due to some sort ACL issue or a problem with extended attributes.

Here is an attempt to recreate the symbolic link:

DeepThought:DeepThought cclark$ sudo ln -sn ./2020-12-20-161820 Latest
ln: Latest: Operation not permitted

Has anyone ever recovered from this situation?

I have tried disabling SIP, and have made sure that Terminal has been granted Full Disk access. I have also tried creating an alias using Finder, which was successful but was not recognized by Time Machine.

The backup is on a Synology NAS.

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selinux – Stuck in boot loop after “Fixing SELinus contexts”

So, let’s say that I have already “Fixed SELinux Contexts”, and I am now in a boot loop. How could I resolve this issue.

I am quite new to all of this, but I am eager to learn and fix my mistake.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Fixing rootmotion by calculating a lerp force

I have a json full of rotation and forward + right force for rootmotion. The problem is the end position in the animations don’t end on a straight line. You can see where I end up and what my desired position is. The problem is I can only add or subtract from the forward and right movement force. And the rotation of the character changes each frame. So I have to find a way to calculated a forward&right force for current rotation to slowly lerp to the desired position while using the rootmotion data.

I am working on unity

rootmotion visualization