[ Politics ] Open question: Liberal neighbor says my American flag is offensive?

He says that America is a stolen land and a country that should not exist. He beats the Mexican flag. Now he threatens me to come fight with his boys. What should I do .

[ Politics ] Open question: Hey libraries, I have a MAGA hat and a Confederate flag on my truck. How do you feel?

[ Politics ] Open question: Hey libraries, I have a MAGA hat and a Confederate flag on my truck. How do you feel? .

Does the American flag fluttering in the wind really upset the Democrats?

Flag profanation, which is widespread among system activists and national terrorists, is another form of flag fetishism. The profanation or destruction of the flag symbolizes the destruction of the white race and Western civilization through a genocide imposed by the state. Jewish elites and other leftist elites associate the flag with whites and the historic American nation, which they hate both.

For me, the American flag is a symbol of the regime – not the country – for which it stands. He retains no authentic connection with the historic American nation.

This represents the hatred and destruction of Western civilization, an odious sexual degeneration and the destruction of the family. This means anti-white racism, genocide, blind and insane worship of ultra-privileged Jews and, indirectly and possibly, other non-white and anti-white races, intolerance, totalitarianism, heinous acts of crime and domestic and foreign aggression, and communist imperialism with which he was historically allied.


wallet – Is there a specific flag or message in a bitcoin pcap to show us that our bitcoin transaction is confirmed or not?

A transaction is confirmed when it is included in a block. You must therefore monitor the message that alerts your node (or the software you use to monitor P2P gossip traffic) to a new block, which includes the transaction in question. . Regardless of whether a minor-managed node relays your transaction to other nodes in the network, it is only important that the transaction be included in a valid block included in the longest (most jobs) string.

Note that the relaying of this information has been optimized via different BIPs, so that the network does not naively use more bandwidth than necessary. This means that a message explicitly listing your transaction as confirmed may never be encountered. Instead, a node can obtain this information implicitly, through the use of their mempool tool and the calculation filters included in the new blocking message. You should take a little time to learn more about these optimizations if you are trying to understand P2P traffic in the network. Some questions contain additional information. This one can be a good starting point.

views – How to mark all my content as read with Flag?

I have a Drupal 8 site with Message and Flag modules.

I created a view that displays messages. Messages have a "read" or "unread" flag. How to create a link in the header of my view for "Mark everything as read"?

I do not want to use "Mass Operation" which adds checkboxes and 2 buttons to my view.

I want a simple "mark as read" (ajax) link to report all messages on the page.

Perhaps there is a way to create a link with arguments to mark everything.

firewall – Iptables limit flag flag

I've tried adding an iptable rule

sudo iptables -A COUNTER -m limit -n - limit 1024 / sec - burst limit 1024 -j ACCEPT

But when I try to see the rules using iptables-save -c or iptables -nvxL, the output is

-A COUNTER -m limit - limit 1111 / s - limit-burst 1024 -j ACCEPT

I can not understand how the 1024 / s is translated to 1111 / sec

I've tried with other limits as well and few limits have been changed. Someone can explain what's going on

Similarly if I try with 900 / sec, it is translated to 909 / sec

waiting friends not showing friends of the flag

I use friends of the flag. everything works fine, but when I use a link or tab (friends on hold), no pending requests are displayed. When I use a link or tab (friend request), it displays all the friends who have submitted the request with the link approve and decline. My question is why the link or tab (friends waiting) does not show friends waiting? because this creates confusion among site users, they think that our pending friend request is displayed in the tab or link (friends waiting). I am sure that I miss something. please guide me if I miss something. I'm using d7 and the latest stable version of flag and flag friends.

8 – How to obtain by programming the time of creation of the flag?

I have to get the time to create a flag on a node. I started with the following code, but I probably needed to use getEntityFlaggings () by passing the knot and the flag ID.

$ flag_service =  Drupal :: service (& # 39; flag & # 39;);
$ flag = $ flag_service-> getFlagById (& # 39; tracker_fertig & # 39;);

How to obtain by programming the time of creation of the flag?

True or false, the Confederate flag represents treason?

No, the Confederate flag represents true patriots. That's what Lincoln did to save his job if the war was legal because Lincoln did he break the law and the Constitution
win does not do everything right

I would like to list many crimes committed by Lincoln and his administration.

Also the violations of the Constitution of the United States by Lincoln.

The presidential oath Lincoln had sworn was to "preserve, protect and defend" the United States Constitution.

I apologize for the truthful, accurate and factual comments that could hurt Lincoln's fans …

The United States Constitution did not prohibit the secession of states at that time. It was therefore perfectly legal for the states to decide

# 1 Lincoln ordered the military blockade of the southern ports.

It is an act of war.

Only Congress can do it.

At that time, Lincoln had certainly violated the American constitution.

# 2 Lincoln ordered the closure of hundreds of northern newspapers that had dared to speak against him. And their owners and publishers have been arrested for disloyalty.

This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that Lincoln has sworn to respect.

# 3 Lincoln has ordered the arrest of Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham for the crime of denunciation against him.

Can you imagine that?

# 4 ex parte Merryman,

The President of the United States Supreme Court, Roger Taney, sitting as a judge at the United States Circuit Court of Maryland District, said that Lincoln had violated the United States Constitution by illegally suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

After hearing this statement, Lincoln signed a warrant to arrest the US Chief Justice.

# 5 Article III of the US Constitution …

Section 3. Treason against the United States will only consist in the war against them.

Lincoln has committed treason.

Lincoln went to war against his own country. Unless it is considered that secession is legal and that the Confederation was a sovereign nation.

# 6 Lincoln sent Union troops to parts of Maryland, a state of the Union, confiscating weapons.

This is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.
Many violations of the Constitution against Maryland

"Maryland my Maryland" was published and described Lincoln as a tyrant, despot and vandal.

Lincoln, as has already been mentioned, ransacked the Constitution by suspending the writ of habeas corpus and sending troops door to door confiscating weapons in parts of Maryland.

Maryland was a state of the Union.

Lincoln has ordered the arrest of thousands of Marylanders for the crime of "alleged sympathies of the South".

Lincoln has ordered the arrest of US Congressman Henry May representing Maryland. # 7

Lincoln had also stopped …

Most of the state legislature of Maryland # 8

Most of Baltimore City Council # 9

Baltimore Police Commissioner # 10

The Mayor of Baltimore # 11

Thousands of eminent citizens of Maryland. # 12

These people have been arrested and detained in military prisons without trial, some for years.

This constitutional twist has upset many people in Maryland. One of them called Booth.

To commit so many crimes against Maryland would end up giving Lincoln a big "headache".


April 25, 1861, when it seems that Maryland could separate from the Union, Lincoln sends a letter to General Winfield Scott giving him permission to bomb the cities of Maryland.

This war criminal, Lincoln, was eager to bomb innocent civilians. We call it terrorism these days.

# 13 Lincoln publishes the Proclamation on Emancipation.

This is a direct violation of the US Constitution and the US Supreme Court's decision in this regard.

No. 14 The Lincoln Administration has authorized the taking of private property for public purposes without just compensation or legal process.

This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment.

The Union army that stole Robert E. Lees' house, Arlington House, which she used as headquarters, is a good example.

Since the dead Union soldiers were piling up like firewood, they started burying them in Lee's yard. There were so many graves of Union soldiers here that this was going to become Arlington National Cemetery.

No. 15 The Lincoln administration routinely resorts to water torture to inflict thousands of Union prisoners arrested and imprisoned without any leads.

This violates the 8th Amendment,

"Cruel and unusual punishment".

# 16 Lincoln was the commander-in-chief of an army whose invasion of the south had resulted in the death of 50,000 civilians in the south.

And only a war that Monger would destroy would have destroyed an entire city

After the destruction of Meridian's economic and military infrastructure, Sherman reportedly said: "Meridian with its depots, warehouses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels and kennels no longer exist, nothing nothing, no CSA army

Lincoln never worried about the slave because Congress had to introduce amendment 13 aimed at freeing all 900,000 slaves from the Union. Grant still had slaves 12 months after the war. Prove that it was to save Lincolns Job and nothing to do with slavery

Note that the CSA flag was known as Stars and Bars and not Red St Andrews Cross.