rooting – Are low-end phones as scalable as the flagship products?

After a long wait, I finally have an excuse to switch from an iPhone (5s) to an Android. As a technology enthusiast and general superuser, the freedom to do what I want from the point of view of personalization and general DIY of the software is almost entirely the reason why I left the iPhone and I'm looking for an Android. I'm bored playing in the garden and it's time to climb the wall.

However, I am also on a low income, which means that I am still very limited by my budget (under £ 200, say, although the lowest is the best), and as someone who knows very well little Android mobile market. I wonder how realistic it will be to satisfy both desires in one phone.

I do not ask for product recommendations as such, I just wonder, in general terms, depending on the state of the market, what is the situation. Most phones in this range are they too malleable flagship software, or are not they? If so, which ones should I avoid in particular?