unit – How can I smooth jerky movements on the floor when the length of the rope is reduced?

Here's a video showing the type of movement I'm talking about:

I have a configurable seal attached to the player that reduces the length of each frame the player touches the ground. I'm doing this to make it easier for the player to take off and add a little extra speed. The problem is that when the rope shortens, the player bounces off the ground (because the player is pulled towards the anchor, then gravity brings the player down), which can make the movement a little polite. I see two possible ways to fix this, but I'm not sure how to do it:

  1. stop inflatable movement
  2. smooth the camera so that the rebound is not noticed by the player

Here is the code that shortens the string:

if (_playerGameobject.isGrounded())

            SoftJointLimit softJointLimit = new SoftJointLimit();
            ropeLength -= .1f;
            softJointLimit.limit = ropeLength;
            _playerGameobject.playerJoint.linearLimit = softJointLimit;

Can anyone give me advice or ideas for this problem?

Prove that in a list of x consecutive multiples of y, their must be at least multiples floor (x / n) of ny. (x, y and n are natural numbers)

I have proof for this statement, but it turned out to be very complicated. I was wondering if there was a simpler proof.

How to write a float function that accepts float n and returns the floor of n without using java.lang.Math?

I tried to convert n to int, and it worked.

static int floor(float n){  
    return (int) n;

Is it correct?

How do you refer to objects covering the floor?

Goodbye here. In industry jargon, what is the best way to indicate objects covering the ground (trees, rocks, …)? East props Okay?

unit – If I don't start on the “main game” stage, but load it via a button in the main menu, the floor will be in black and white!

If I play the scene where the gameplay takes place, from the editor, the game starts as follows:

enter description of image here

However, if I play the scene from the main menu and then use a button, linked to an empty game object (which contains a LoadScene script) to load this scene, the result is:

enter description of image here

I used “Terrain Toolkit 2017” to create the terrain, then I created a NavMesh to allow my player to click to move the controls. Whenever I load this scene, via the editor, it cooks the scene for a few seconds; does it not do this when I charge via the button? Is there a way to fix this?

numerical value – Explain the floor difference[Log[10., 1000]]and floor[Log[10, 1000]]

I have performed the following function:

Floor[Log[10., 1000]]

I expected this result:


but the result was


Then I deleted the decimal point and executed:

Floor [log [10, 1000]]

Floor[Log[10, 1000]]

with result:


as expected.

What is the explanation for this difference?

Simplify floor expression – Mathematica Stack Exchange

I would simplify the expression below to Floor(L/2), for L (Element) Integers:

L/2 + ((-1)^L - 1)*1/4

By asking Mathematica:

Simplify((L/2 + ((-1)^L - 1)*1/4), {L (Element) Integers})


FullSimplify((L/2 + ((-1)^L - 1)*1/4), {L (Element) Integers})

I can't seem to have Floor(L/2). Any idea how to do it?

Thank you

physical – Is an elevator floor indicator visible from outside the building, a personal security vulnerability?

What I mean by "an elevator floor indicator":

a raised floor indicator

A scene from the TV series Top Boy (S01E04) made me think.

The bad character (let's call it Thug) follows the good character (Victim) in order to steal it.

Thug stops when victim enters elevator outside the building and waiting for him there. His tactics aren't what I mean, it's just what inspired the question.

Let's create a simple TODO list for a criminal. For example, for a thief who focuses on what are called "victims of opportunity" (unrelated to him):

  1. Find a rich residential building with an elevator floor indicator visible from the street.
  2. Find a nice reconnaissance place to park my car with a view of the elevator floor indicator.
  3. Start taking notes on how classy people are leaving and, more importantly, which floor they will go to after they return.

The building with an elevator indicator visible from the street allows Thug to save a lot of work when choosing his victim – all that remains is to determine in which apartment the victim lives.

By "a lot of work", I mean something like:

number_of_apartments_per_floor * number_of_floors

With penthouses (apartments occupying the whole floor), it gets even easier.

From my experience in programming with security, I know that rogue hackers tend to choose the easiest victim rather than the most secure (I know there are a lot of different factors involved, I hope nobody blows up this analogy).

Question: Is living in the building with an elevator floor indicator visible from the outside less safe than living in the one without it?

floor function – How to solve y = 360x-300⌊x⌋ for x? (transform the minutes into hours in 115 format into 1.55 (base 60 decimal places))

I decided to make a spreadsheet on Excel on driving hours (I'm on my L) and I had to find an equation to transform a number like 1.55 into 115 or 1.3 into 90. J & I discovered how to use the floor functions in Excel and entered the equation y = 60 * (⌊x⌋ + 6 * (x-⌊x⌋)) which simplifies to $$ y = 360x-300 lfloor x rfloor $$– where the output is equivalent to $ x $ rounded up to the nearest whole with the addition of the rest to the left after taking the whole numbers of x divided by 0.6 (or multiplied by 6) as you would a percentage, transforming the base 60 in base 10 – obtaining 1.91666 … then multiplying everything by 60 in order to transform the hours into minutes. I want to get an equation to transform a number like 115 into 1.55 and so on. How to solve y = 360x-300⌊x⌋ for x? I have drawn both y = 360x-300⌊x⌋ and x = 360y-300⌊y⌋ on Desmos, and it checks the vertical line test, but not the horizontal line test (for obvious reasons ), is it even possible?)

[ Politics ] Open question: I hit my head very hard on a stone floor. Now I feel the need to vote Republican for the rest of my life. How can I fight this?

[Politics] Open question: I hit my head very hard on a stone floor. Now I feel the need to vote Republican for the rest of my life. How can I fight this?