Elements to consider in the fire protection of motels and hotels

For hotels and motels, the issue of fire prevention and control allows investors to manage their anxiety establishments. In this article, An Phat will share some fire protection conditions in the accommodation sector so that the investor can be assured of the commissioning of the hotel, hotel / motel.
According to the decree 79/2014 / ND-CP

For hotels / vacations with a height of 5 storeys or above or with a volume of 5000 m3 or more but not exceeding 9 storeys or 25 m:

– Have regulations, rules, prohibition boards, signs, diagrams or instructions on fire prevention, fire fighting and exits in accordance with the characteristics and nature of the operations hotels / motels.
– Have regulations and assign responsibilities and tasks of fire prevention and fight in hotels / motels.
– Electrical system, lightning protection, antistatic; electrical equipment, fire, heat generation; The use of fire sources and heat sources must ensure fire prevention and safety.
– There are technical fire prevention and prevention procedures that comply with the operating conditions of hotels and motels.

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– There is a firefighting and prevention force for hotels / motels, specialized areas trained in fire prevention and firefighting operations, and fire-fighting organizations to meet the requirements for combating fires. fires on the site.
– Have a fire and evacuation plan already approved by a competent authority under the provisions of Article 21 of this decree.
– With transportation systems, water supply, communication means for firefighting, fire alarm, fire prevention, fire prevention and firefighting, ways to save populations in accordance with the nature and characteristics Hotel / Motels points are assured in terms of quantity, quality and functioning in accordance with the technical standards and regulations relating to fire prevention and fire fighting or the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
– Have records of management and monitoring of fire prevention and firefighting activities in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.

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Fire protection of motels / hotels

For hotels / motels with a height of less than 5 storeys or a volume of less than 5 000 m3
Provide fire prevention and fire safety conditions in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations, depending on the scale of operations and the nature of these hotels / motels and in accordance with technical standards and regulations for prevention and firefighting.

For hotels / motels greater than 09 stories or 25 meters or more
In addition to meeting the fire and fire safety requirements set out above, the following conditions must also be ensured:
– The construction structure of a house must have a fire resistance limit adapted to the use and height of the house, in accordance with the norms and technical regulations in the field of prevention and fight against fires .
– Walls, partitions and suspended ceilings of emergency exits, emergency exits, emergency exit rooms and overcrowded common rooms are not permitted to use interior decoration materials, building materials 39, soundproofing and insulation. Flammable materials.

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The unit will help investors manage hotels and motels in the problem of fire protection system
Above, government fire protection regulations for both hotels and motels. Perhaps you have tried to apply the above rules without having found a supplier of fire fighting equipment. No need to worry because now you know us.

Distributor of fire extinguishers at the national level

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Simplify the sum i = 0 to m-1 floor ((x + i * n) / m) where x, n, m> 0

I solved a problem on codechef which I found the answer in sum i = 0 to m-1 stage ((x + i * n) / m) where x, n, m> 0 … the allotted time was exceeded message, I just want to know if this amount can be reduced to a little smaller and faster to calculate

Which floor mats are the best?

As the saying "Zaphod" – depends entirely on your climate and local conditions. If you have to constantly walk in the water, mud, snow and melted snow to get into your car, Weathertech is a must. And there are people in ideal climates that never detect more than a little dust in their vehicles.

Think of the rollers that come with sheepskin floor mats – I guess there are people who would hunt down the mud on it and just get a new set … I could not. At the other extreme, I have a 12-year-old Ford – – believe me, as close as possible to the new – bought cheap paintings when it was new: the factory paintings are still in the chest, in the packaging; I've been looking at cheap dashboards for 12 years and he'll probably go to junk yard with unused vouchers!


Substructure for Floor Access Providers

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Before sale, we can design a floor system according to customer's request. During the sale, we can make production and delivery efficient and cheaply. After the sale, we give a quality guarantee of 5 years for the bare floor system and 2 years for the laminate flooring systemUnder Structure for the suppliers of raised floors
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5th dnd – Can a character really stand on the floor of Leomund's tiny hut, or would he fall?

At any other time when the word "may" appears in a decision, it means that the thing is possible if you want.

Take the rules of combat for example:

In turn, you can advance to your speed and perform an action.

You can not move, take action or do anything during your turn.

You can only perform one bonus action in your turn.

Your tour may include a variety of frills that do not require your action or your trip.

You can communicate as you can, with brief words and gestures, in turn.

You can also interact for free with an object or feature of the environment, whether for your move or your action. For example, you can open a door as you move toward the enemy or draw your weapon as part of the same action you are using to attack.

If you want to interact with a second object, you must use your action. Some magic items and other special items always require action, as indicated in their descriptions.

All of these things are optional. You do not have to have to go at your speed, but you can if you want. You do not have to have give up on moving or taking action, but you can if you want.

Note that this does not say "If you want to interact with a second object, you can use your action, he tells you need of use your action. It's because there is no choice, you must use your action.

Given the story of Leomund, I do not think he would leave such an error in his fate. This would make the spell largely redundant, as you could simply remove the earth under the hut and the occupants would pass through.

As this article by Nerdarchy shows, Leomund was a clever guy. I do not really believe that it would create a spell like this with such a huge flaw in its design.

I would say that the main reason why Leomund is one of the famous wizards of distinction is his inventiveness. From the number of new spells that he created to their utility to enhance the survival of an adventure, Leomund had an answer.

I refuse to believe that an archmage as smart and inventive would create a spell with such a simple flaw. I think that he can design a work floor.


Personally, I would say that the player can choose to cross it or not, because the wording of the spell corresponds to that and it would be better for my group. I also think that it makes more sense if you give them the choice to pass or not, because if you have just crossed the bottom of the hut, the word is aimless. It is useless if you have to go through there and sit anyway on the floor.

TL; DR: Yes, they can pass through the ground if they want or they can
choose not to go through the floor and collide with him if they
want to

However, I would also say that every deputy minister should do what he thinks is most fun for his group.

python – Set the price of the low-cost ticket, with a floor of 0

Python has a syntax for ternary since 2.5.

The syntax for this is if condition if not b, where the condition is a boolean.

You can rewrite your code as follows:

discounted_price = original_ticket_price - discount_value
discounted_price if discounted_price> = 0 otherwise 0

Personally, I have trouble reading, but it's another way to write your code.

EDIT you can find more info about ternary in this article