power automate – Grant direct access for Azure Active Directory security group to SharePoint Online list item using a Flow

We found examples for granting permissions to a list item using the REST API by email address or SharePoint Group ID. We haven’t found an example of how to add an Azure AD security group to a SharePoint list item. Anyone aware if this is possible and what the format would be for the POST HTTP action in the flow to accomplish this? You can manually give direct access to an Azure AD security group using the user interface for the list item permissions.

Here are instructions for applying a specific user or SharePoint group:

Set Unique permissions for item in SharePoint using Power Automate

workflow – Flow – “Item created” trigger skipped but WF continues

I have a very strange issue. I have created a flow with the trigger “When an Item is created or modified”. It is working just fine when I am creating a new item or modifying it. I have added a condition to the trigger to start only when a specific field is empty (I am filling in that field with this flow so I had to prevent cycles):
enter image description here
It is working fine too…. however every 6 hours the flow starts (without any change to the items on the list!) skips the trigger and fails as the trigger body is null:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Any idea what is wrong? The flow is working just fine except this strange fail every 6 hours…

sharepoint online – Create Flow condition: If column “End_date” is less than 7days from column “Start_Date”, then

I have two “Date & Time” type columns:


I would like to create a manual triggered Flow (already have button writen in JSON in place) that compares them and:

if End_date is less than one week from Start_date, I would like to e.g e-mail to be sent (an action after is not priority, I would like to check that condition in the first place).

Any suggestions?

sharepoint enterprise – Flow Updates Library Column with ID from PowerApps

I am still in desparate need of resolution.

I have a Gallery in which I enter data – including a User created ‘JobUnqID’. I am Patching the ‘JobUnqID’ to the List. I am uploading a document the an attachment control to a ‘JobDocsLibrary’. The Flow is below. Where do I add the language the will Patch (as this is a new document) the appropriate and specific ‘JobCQUnqID’ along side the document in the Library as a result of the Patch / Flow action. I’ve gotten it to kinda work; but its overwritting the wrong item (or multiple wrong items) in the Library.


When and item is created


List Name: JobsLibrary

Get Files (properties only)

Site (same as above)

Library Name: JobsDocLibrary

(Both of the above have a column for ‘JobCQUnqID’; the ‘JobCQUnqID’ is being created in the PowerApps Gallery and Patched to the ‘JobsList’)

Apply to each


Update file properties


Library Name: ‘JobDocsLibrary’

Id: SpID (items(‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(ID)

JobCQUnqID: (items((‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(‘JobCQUnqID’)

office 365 – Get user profile from Given name Flow

I was reading some forums where all the answers says that the UPN is something as jon_doe@example.com but all I have its a name ie Jon Doe. I’m trying to get the email using a name, but I don’t seem to do it correctly or I don’t know if this is even possible right now. I’m trying to do this because the flow currently puts the Name value directly into the field but when there are two or more options for the same person (ie the person has two accounts, one for admin rights and one normal) gives an error, using the email will get rid of this error since email is a unique value.

enter image description here

oc.optimization and control – Producing a minimiser for the Kantorovich problem from a minimiser of the Beckmann flow problem


We denote by $mathcal M$ the set of vector valued measures on $mathbb R^d$ whose divergence is a scalar measure (in the weak sense).


Consider the Beckmann flow minimisation problem (BP):

$min { int |mathbf w (x)| dx: mathbf w in mathcal M, nabla . mathbf w = mu – nu}$

for given probability measures $mu$ and $nu$ on $mathbb R^d$.

We denote also by (KP) the associated Kantorovich problem for the cost $c(x, y) = |x – y|$ with the same measures $mu$ and $nu$.

It is known that (BP) and (KP) both admit minimisers. Also, given a minimiser of (KP), there is a way to explicitly produce a minimiser of (BP).


Can we go the other way? In other words, given a solution $mathbf w$ of (BP), is there a way to explicitly produce a solution $gamma$ of (KP)? By explicitly produce, I mean vaguely, a way to write $gamma$ in terms of $mathbf w$.

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Numerical solution of differential equaition using gradient flow?

I have a differential equation taken from eq(5.12) of this paper.
$$-4rdot{r}^2 + 2 r^2 ddot{r}+frac{4}{r^2}dot{r}^3sin^3(xi)cos(xi)+dot{r}^3 r^2 sin(xi)=0$$
Where $xi$ is a variable of the function $r=r(xi)$ with conditions $lim_{xirightarrow 0}r(xi)=infty$, $r(pi)=0$. In the paper, the authors claim that one can solve this with gradient flow.

I tried to look up a numerical method that uses gradient flow but can not find a good reference for this method (I am completely a noob in a numerical method so this might be a well-known method?). If anyone is familiar with such a numerical method, It would be very helpful if you could direct me to a reference for this.

Thank you

algorithms – Minimizing flow on a 2D matrix network

I am currently dealing with a problem that I believe to be a network flow related problem, and I am trying to find some similar solved problems to help me formulate my solution. I want to make it clear that I am not searching for a solution here, but asking a community of more experienced individuals if they have experience with/heard of similar problems to what I am about to describe.

Given an nxn matrix, let some small number of matrix indices (I will refer to them as nodes from now on) be colored blue, and rest of the nodes be colored white. Any white node that is adjacent (not including diagonal) to a blue node will become blue unless a block is placed between them. So for example, in a 2×2 grid, if the node at (0, 0) is blue and the rest are white, the whole grid will become blue unless blocks are placed between (0,0) and (0, 1) as well as (0, 0) and (1, 0).

Now, each block placed has a cost of 1, and each white node being converted to a blue node will have some cost greater than zero (the cost will be the same for all white nodes). The goal is to place blocks on the matrix such that the total cost is minimized.

It most problem instances, especially with a low cost of white nodes becoming blue, it will be optimal to let some white nodes suffer becoming blue. For example, going back to the 2×2 problem instance, if each white to blue conversion only costs .25, then letting all the nodes become blue will cost .75, whereas placing 2 blocks would cost 2, and so the minimum cost would be .75 and letting the blue spread across the grid.

I am wondering if anyone can recall a problem instance/algorithm that is similar to what I am attempting to solve and could suggest researching it? I have scoured the internet relating to min-cut/max-flow algorithms, but I am having trouble relating this problem to anything regarding network flow. Any suggestions of problems to research would be much appreciated.

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