fly from product gallery to cart not work

i have a problems here

plugin name (( X T Woo Commerce Floating Cart ))

• in single product page when click on add to cart button
the product picture fly from top bar
(( it should fly from product gallery ))

test link

usa – I am an American citizen with a work permit as a meteorologist in Canada. Can I fly into Canada under the current border closure?

Yes. A holder of a valid work permit who has a confirmed employment or has their ordinary residence in Canada is exempt from the general entry ban, as their entry is considered non-discretionary. However, in general, other public health restrictions (testing, quarantine and reporting obligations) will still apply after your entry unless you qualify for an exemption (e.g. essential workers in health care, transportation etc., commuters in cross-border communities). These measures include a mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine if you are flying.

You can find more information at the Government of Canada’s dedicated website

The following are examples of non-optional or non-discretionary travel for temporary workers who hold a valid work permit or received a letter of introduction from IRCC on their work permit application and are seeking entry at a Canadian POE:

  • A foreign national has a valid work permit and ordinarily resides in
    Canada. Whether the foreign national’s employment still exists or they
    are currently laid off is not determinative in this case. What is
    determinative is that the foreign national’s primary residence is in
    Canada (suggesting their travel is not optional).
  • A foreign national
    has a letter of introduction for an open work permit, holds a valid
    job offer and will be able to work once they enter Canada.
  • A foreign
    national has a letter of introduction for an employer-specific work
    permit, holds a valid job offer and will be able to work once they
    enter Canada.

air travel – Will Lufthansa fly to Belarus from Germany?

As many of you are already aware, the EU has banned Belavia (the national airline of Belarus) from flying over EU airspace and from landing at EU airports. As of yesterday, Belavia has also cancelled the Berlin-Minsk route. I had a booking with Belavia from Berlin to Minsk, which got cancelled and since Turkish Airlines is now the only plant that takes passengers from Berlin to Minsk (via Istanbul), they have raised the price three-fold.

The only viable alternative is Lufthansa, which goes to Minsk via Frankfurt. The main issue is: Frankfurt has announced that they will not be flying to Belarusian airspace indefinitely, however you can still purchase tickets from 4th June onwards. I tried to contact Lufthansa 3 times but I was on hold for 10 minutes, 40 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.

Does anyone have more information regarding this issue? Will Lufthansa fly to Belarus or not?

Can a US citizen fly to the US with an expired US passport?

Can a US citizen fly to the US with an expired US passport? – Travel Stack Exchange

Plugin for – on the fly image compression and cropping with Thumbor + WordPress

So I created and online Lambda on the fly image compression BUT, there is a problem:

How does one actually see these images inside of admin area, editing page etc…

Since now I can just create an URL with parameteres and paste it as text into the page I am editing. I see no image and I can not insert that into those blocks, or gallery block or some other like testimonial avatar blocks etc…

Would Thumbor actually require a WordPress plugin in order to function?

I am thinking about paying someone to make one then…

dnd 5e – Can a former Aarakocra turned lineage fly while wearing armor?

The ancestral legacy trait states:

If you replace a race with this lineage, you can keep the following elements of that race: any skill proficiencies you gained from it and any climbing, flying, or swimming speed you gained from it.

while the Flight trait of an Aarakocra states:

You have a flying speed of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor.

Does the restriction from the Flight trait also apply to the new lineage?

I would say that RAW a lineage can fly while wearing (medium/heavy) armor because the Ancestral lineage trait doesn’t say that you keep the trait that grants/granted you your speed but only the speed itself. At the same time I think that this is probably not RAI.

Would this assumption be correct?

dnd 5e – Can a Fairy PC fly in an Antimagic field?

It may be a bit of a misconception, but Antimagic Field does not just say “All magical effects stop working” it instead has a long list of specific types of magical effects and how those effects are affected by the field. It isn’t a 100% ironclad argument that all magical effects not-specified are not affected at all, a couple parts of the spell are less specific, but in my opinion the choice to be so specific for most of the spell indicates that things not covered are not affected. Thus, lets go over the categories of magic that Antimagic Field affects:

Targeted Effects

Fairy Flight does not seem to have a target, though the rules for what counts as a target of something are a bit vague and doesn’t actually require the word “target”.

Areas of Magic

Fairy Flight does not affect an area.


Fairy Flight is not a spell

Magic Items

Fairy Flight is not a magic item

Magical Travel

While technically Fairy Flight is a magical effect used for travel, the spell clarifies that this means “Teleportation and planar travel fail to work in the sphere” and Fairy Flight is neither teleportation nor planar travel.

Creatures and Objects

While Fairy Flight could mean the Fairy is a magical creature, the description again clarifies “A creature or object summoned or created by magic temporarily winks out of existence in the sphere”. I can find nothing in the Fairy race’s details which indicates that a Fairy PC would have been created or summoned by magic.

Dispel Magic

Fairy Flight is not Dispel Magic, and has no apparent similarity to Dispel Magic.

air travel – Which steps happen before you fly internationally (check-in / boarding)?

I’ve only been at the airport a couple of times in my life and it’s been quite a long time since my last flight. My girlfriend will fly soon and I wonder how much time we will have together at the airport (MUC, Germany).

Could you please tell me which steps happen at the airport?

I vaguely remember what I would expect in an answer. I lack the English vocabulary for this process and I don’t quite remember the details. If a good answer contains those aspects, I will remove this part from the question.

  1. Buy the ticket: You specify your start airport and your destination airport, when you want to fly, your passport number, and you pay.
  2. Online Check-in: On the day of your departure, you basically confirm that you want to fly. I have absolutely no clue why this is necessary and what happens if you don’t do this.
  3. Give away your luggage: You go to the counter of your airline and give them your luggage. The airline checks if the luggage is too big / too heavy. The staff will give you a “boarding card” which states when your flight goes, which terminal you need to go to / which gate you need to go to. In this area, there can also be people who don’t want to fly (e.g. to take back heavy stuff from the luggage). You also get a “tag” for your hand luggage. So essentially you can have 3 types of luggage: (1) One heavy one that you hand over to the airline (2) a medium-sized one that will go over your seat in the plane (3) a small handbag / very small backpack that can also go under the seat.
  4. Go in the “internal” area: Your passport and your boarding card are checked.
  5. Boarding: Maybe 30 minutes before departure, people can actually go on the plane
  6. Departure: The airplane starts!

With Quatar airways in Munich (MUC), I have seen the recommendation to be at the airport 3.5h before departure. How long before the departure should you go into the “internal” area? Or in other words: If you arrive 3.5h before departure at the airport, how much time do you have to say goodbye?

dnd 5e – Does a monk’s Unarmored Movement speed increase apply to the fly speed gained from a Fly spell?

Unarmored Movement (PHB, 78) States:

Starting at 2nd level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you are not wearing armor or wielding a shield.

It does NOT qualify as your Walking Speed (or Swimming Speed, or Flying Speed)…just Speed. This applies to all types of movements and would add additional speed to the Fly spell as well.

This is supported by Jeremy Crawford as well.

Unarmored Movement is intended to increase a monk’s innate speed, including an aarakocra monk’s flying speed.

He further clarifies Bonuses and Penalties that apply to Speed in general:

Bonuses/penalties to speed apply to your speeds in general, unless the text specifies walking, flying, etc

As the Unarmored Movement does not specify a specific type of speed, it applies to all.

Fly Spell specifically

Fly states (PHB, 243)

The target gains a flying speed of 60 feet for the duration.

The implication here is that you (the target) had no Fly Speed (or a lower Fly Speed) before casting and it is now a speed that you, the target have. Once it becomes your speed, it becomes subject to Unarmored Movement.

Similar to Special Types of Movement in the PHB, page 182)

While climbing or swimming, each foot of movement costs 1 extra foot (2 extra feet in difficult terrain), unless a creature has a climbing or swimming speed.

Here, Swimming has a penalty, unless they have a Swimming Speed. Once they have that Speed, from whatever source, then Unarmored Movement should apply.

Rule of Cool

And it’s fun! Monks are supposed to be super quick. Let them be super quick in all their speed!

pathfinder 1e – High ground combat modifier and how it applies to fly and spider climb

The Advantage is for Higher Ground, not just Height

The advantages conferred in combat by high ground are not just awarded for being above your opponent. In order to have “higher ground,” you have to have a position where your opponent must fight gravity to advance.

A flying character, regardless of whether they’re two inches or two feet off the ground, does not have a high ground advantage because their opponent does not need to move uphill in order to attack into their space – unless they’re directly above their target, in which case they’re still not at an advantage because vertical reach is easier than horizontal reach.

The same goes for a climbing creature. Unless the climbing creature is attacking from a slope, where their opponent would have to cross uphill terrain in order to reach them, they do not receive any bonus.

As for how much height would be needed assuming it was ground, that’s subject to DM’s discretion. I would personally say that you need at least a foot of difference (a 20% grade over 5 feet) – a single stair-step is enough to grant the bonus, but anything less than that isn’t.

Large creatures – while they don’t get a Higher Ground bonus just for being tall – could use their longer legs to advance over larger gaps in elevation, requiring more elevation for someone to have the high ground on them. (a 20% grade is a 20% grade, but 5-feet of it might no longer be enough) There’s noting in RAW to back that up, though, so it would really be up to the DM.

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