KLEO – Multipurpose BuddyPress Theme Focused on Community

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KLEO – Multipurpose Community BuddyPress Theme – KLEO – Multipurpose Community BuddyPress Theme

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KLEO is the only theme you need to create your WordPress site for communities / social networks. We include …

KLEO – Multipurpose BuddyPress Theme Focused on Community

Directory submission with focused businesses and customers based on their $ 5 requirements

complete details of the task
due date to be specified
requirements to mention

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[GET][NULLED] – Readable – WordPress Blogging Theme Focused on Readability v2.3.0


[GET][NULLED] – Readable – WordPress Blogging Theme Focused on Readability v2.3.0

usability – Are there Linux distribution communities focused on developing the user experience?

(Background: I have recently been working on open source projects with a friend, mainly with UX.) My area of ​​specialization is Human Factors Psychology, so I am focusing specifically on the usability issue. He and I also share an interest in Linux, which made me think …)

Are there any Linux communities with a UX / Active Usability development team? Given the open source nature of many of these projects, it seems to me to be an ideal practice ground for improving my skills (and my portfolio) in usability assessments while developing an operating system. freely available for the public good.

I do not just want to know which distributions have a good user experience (for example, a basic operating system, Linux Mint), I also want to know if one of them asks the community to have a a set of skills similar to ours.

Affiliate Network Focused on Financial Campaigns – We Need Traffic

Hi!! I work as an affiliate manager for a well-developed European affiliate network, Leadgid.eu

We offer attractive payments for your traffic !!!

LeadGid is an international affiliate network based on commissions and focused on financial campaigns. Founded in 2012, we have acquired the real knowledge of financial lead generation. Every month, we deliver more than millions of consumer credit and credit card applications to banks and other creditors in Europe, the CIS, Asia and Latin America. Our account-based communication, informal approach and custom conditions allow us to have sound, reliable and long-term relationships with each of our partners.

I will be here to promote this affiliate network and help publishers get more from their Internet resources.

Best regards,

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New social network focused on the sale of all your unwanted waste

Hello guys, I'm the founder of BizzyAds.com. We combined a classifieds site with a social networking script designed primarily for people who buy and sell merchandise
The idea here is that people can communicate directly with buyers and sellers to reach an agreement
very quickly.
We have just relaunched our site and would urgently need more items to sell.
So, if you have unwanted items that you wish to dispose of, join our FREE membership at www.bizzyads.com.au

5th dnd – My group is too focused on the details

A bit of background. Some friends from my work and I decided to play D & D 5th while we were stuck in one place and we were bored a bit. So we had everything we needed and they chose me for the DM. None of us really played, but we mastered the rules pretty quickly after a few sessions.

Now, my problem is that my group focuses too much on extreme details and digs into every little corner of every room I present. For example, they arrive in a ruined village that was destroyed several hundred years ago and has been looted and emptied over the years. The ruin itself had no connection with the quest given to them. These are just ruins that I placed in front of them while they were going somewhere else. Nature took over and they had to deal with giant spiders, etc.
Whatever the case may be, they searched every little corner of every building. They wanted a complete village plan to be able to look through each house. But then, they were upset when I told them 90% of the time that nothing was left since the village raid, so many useful and valuable things had long since disappeared. They kept going forward and, as I mentioned, they were really pissed off about it (besides, they really had bad luck when it came to throwing dice in combat).

This is just one example: they are far too focused on small details that I never thought they were important. Like the color of the eyes of a farmer who was at the market or who wanted to know the name of EVERY book in a library to know if it could be useful or not.

I fear that if I tell them to stop doing it, they might end up ignoring the details or hints I throw at them, roaming the world blindly. But this is extremely tiring for me as a DM and things like "looking for a ruined building" take a useless time.

Since I do not have any experience as a deputy minister, I do not know if it's just me who is stupid and, what's more, I do not know what to do; I would really appreciate some advice.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

self improvement – Good books focused on social anxiety / developer confidence

I recently read the book "Mind Hacking: How to Change Notice in 21 Days" and I found it very interesting to learn that there are books designed to develop the developer 's mind. I am struggling with social anxiety, and after discussing it with my boyfriend, I realized that I had a very "procedural" way of thinking. positive affirmations. If anyone has found good books that have helped them and are geared towards the mindset of a programmer, I would appreciate some recommendations!

Good book on solitons focused mainly on the analysis of the EDP

I have good knowledge in PDE and functional analysis and would like to know more about solitons. The most popular references I see appear Drazin and Kasman, but the first is a little less rigorous than I prefer and the second is focused on algebra, which is simply not to my taste . Does anyone have a good reference for solitons from the point of view of analysis? Thanks in advance!

Expertmobi.com – the international network of affiliates focused on pinsabmites, contests, the IPC | NewProxyLists


Affiliate marketing becomes intergalactic at # IAS18A flawless stay

Internet And Mobile Association of India hosts the largest gathering of affiliates, brands, agencies, ad networks and publishers in India, titled "India Affiliate Summit" for the fourth time in Leela Ambiance, Gurugram on the October 11 and 12, 2018.

This year, the gods of affiliate marketing Galaxy (speakers) will unite once again to interact with –
guards (exhibitors), creators (partners), pillars (supporters) and sentinels of affiliate marketing (delegates).
We expect more than 2,500 sentinels at # IAS18, with more than 400 companies and sentinels from all over the world. More than 75 gods should provide more than 12 hours of content and more than 75 tutors should exhibit at the top!

Here is an overview of some of the gods who will represent the universe at # IAS18
Stephen Rumbelow, Optimize
 Prachi Mohapatra, FBB
 Souvik Banerjjee, Tata Industries
Ul Parul Bhargava, Commission v.
 Abhishek Joshi, Sony Liv
 Amit Sharma, Max Life Insurance

and much more…

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Among the most interesting discussion topics of this super conference of the affiliate marketing galaxy are: influencer marketing, programmatic advertising, technology in affiliate marketing, video engagement, leveraging the true power of marketing affiliate, brand defense and gambling industry in India, the changing world of consumer models and content engagement for affiliates. In addition, expect exciting workshops and of course, the –

Affiliated Party – An exciting evening of entertainment, entertainment, networking, cocktails, succulent dishes, amazing people, awesome music and a DJ to present! Expect to mix, meet, panic, relax and finally – have a great evening of fun at Affiliate Party – #AffParty.

Street Affiliates – Stroll down a street filled with expert advice from Guardians Marketing, the latest products / services and collaboration opportunities from your life – the perfect combination to propel your business into the stratosphere of affiliate marketing – #AffStreet.

Beer stand – Beer will be served at # IAS18! It's not better than that, do it! #BerBooth

Last year's brands included Flipkart, Google, Vivo, Tata, Pepsico, Abbott, DHFL, ICICI, PVR, Sun Pharma, HSBC, Reebok, Bajaj Capital, Best Seller, Zomato, Vodafone, Axis, Bata, Jabong, Micromax, Nestle, Stop Shoppers, Danone, The Body Shop, Honda, Kotak Mahindra, Grand Basket, Piramal, Hero, JLL, Zivame, Croma, Barclays, Gitanjali, Novartis, Samsung, Samsung, Dabur and Reliance.

Decision makers from the various spheres of the affiliate marketing industry will be looking for online publishers, bloggers, traffic sources, retailers, networks, technology companies, and agencies. digital and other solution providers. Guess what!

If you are at the top – it could be you!
A flawless stay

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