user error with the pub / static folder

I accidentally delete the pub / static by executing the command "rm -rf pub / static *" instead of "rm -rf pub / static / *". Now, I need to run setup: static-content: deploy -f in developer mode whenever I've deleted the static folder. I've tried copying and pasting the .htaccess file in the entire ad folder from simple magento data to my current project, but the problems are not solved. all the advice will be greatly grateful.

command line – How to create a folder path alias on an instance of EC2 ubuntu?

You think of the wrong kind of aliases. This type that you used is used for the aliasing commands so that you do not have to remember a longer command, or a longer command than you type so much that it does not work. it is faster to type the alias.

What you are looking for is a symbolic link. A symbolic link is created with the in command on Ubuntu (and all other Unix varieties). See the following example.

In the example below, you can see a folder that Already exists called pms in my personal file.

So, his absolute path is / home / ubuntu / pms.

Ubuntu @ server: ~ $ ls -l
total 4
drwxrwxr-x 2 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 25 Mar 11:05 pms

I now go to a directory of the mother where I want the link, what do you think of as an alias, and create the symbolic link with in

Ubuntu @ server: ~ $ cd / tmp /
ubuntu @ server: / tmp $ ln -s / home / ubuntu / pms my folder

Now, I'm able to change my repertoire to this alias as you understand it.

ubuntu @ server: / tmp $ cd my folder /
Ubuntu @ server: / tmp / my folder $ pwd
/ tmp / my folder

To be clear, an alias is a completely different thought under Unix and Linux. The symbolic link that I created can be seen by listing the / tmp directory where I created it.

ubuntu @ ip-172-26-41-237: / tmp / my folder $ cd / tmp
ubuntu @ ip-172-26-41-237: / tmp $ ls -l
total 16
lrwxrwxrwx 1 ubuntu ubuntu 16 Mar 25 11:06 folder -> / home / ubuntu / pms

The content of the / tmp / my folder are one and the same to / home / ubuntu / pms.

macos – Create a folder with automatic removal

I download a lot of PDF, JPEG, PNG files, etc. which are only needed for a few hours. Is there a way to create a folder to access the items, but delete it periodically (sent to the Trash folder) or mark it so that each file is deleted after a given time?

migration – Can I clone the plug-in folder to another directory so that I do not need to reinstall them?

I've built a multisite network that was broken because of a developer who now claimed that it could not be fixed: subsites dashboards are no longer accessible and the pages give the error message "page not found". Since I have not been working there for a very long time, I can very well "give up" the site and restart it.

At the moment, I would like to move all my installed plugins (paid and unpaid) from this site to a new single site installation (not multisite). Is it possible? How do we do it?

Thank you

Permissions – How to limit access to documents in a folder so that they can only be edited and viewed by the user who downloads the file?

I have a file structure with a parent folder, two subfolders and several PPT documents in each subfolder. Documents must be able to be moved between the two subfolders, but the tricky part is to limit access to people who can view and edit these documents.

I need to set the permissions for these folders so that only the user who downloads the document can view / download / edit the document they downloaded, but can not do the same for the other documents in the folder. This is not a problem for users to be able to see that there are other files in these subfolders, I can not let them download and view the other files in the folder.

Is there a way to configure these permissions in SharePoint? Or maybe create a list in which users can download a PPT file (if this is possible) to limit access to each document?

My manual solution to this problem is to access each document, document by document, modifying only the document that the user downloads and prohibiting the same user from accessing the other documents in the file. The problem with this approach is

  1. It is incredibly manual and with the volume of existing files
    already it is untenable
  2. I believe the permissions would be reset if the file is moved
    from one subfolder to the other, in which case I (as an administrator)
    should go back and re-grant permissions whenever a file
    has been moved.

Any idea of ​​what I can do to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Galaxy S9 home screen folders: Can I enlarge the size of an application icon in a folder?

I've won a new Samsung Galaxy S9 last weekend. As usual with the new phones, I have placed many shortcuts on the home screen, and then grouped similar types of shortcuts into "folders". For example, the Music folder with 6 icons:example: shortcuts for the Music folder application

Unlike my previous phone (LG G5), these grouped shortcuts are barely readable because they are tiny. Is there a way to enlarge them (and therefore have fewer grid icons available per folder)?

How to copy the contents of a folder of colors into a folder of shapes?

The content of the shape folder is like a square, a circle, a cube, a base, a mixture

How to password protect a folder in Windows Explorer?

A customer asked if he could lock a folder in my documents. Is it possible to do that? I do not think there's a feature but it's worth a try.

Thank you in advance.

Is there a way to enforce the use of a custom content type for drag and drop and the File / New Folder button?

I've created a custom content type called PIN Folder. The content type has 3 attributes: title (required), ms (optional), and comment (optional). In my library, I have created a default view for PIN folders that use this type of content. As I wish, when I add folders using the File / New Document / PIN Folder button, a folder is created with the PIN Folder attributes.

The problem is that when I drag and drop folders via the Explorer view or add a folder using the File / New Folder button, the only attribute applied is the title. Based on this, my assumption is that the drag and drop and the new folder use the standard folder content type rather than my custom content type.

There will be many image libraries with hundreds of PIN folders in each library. Drag and drop is the best method for initial creation of library content.

Is there a way without code to force the use of the custom content type of my folder when dragging and dropping or using a new folder? (I have SP Designer.)

Note: I have considered creating a subsite and changing the default folder content type for this subsite. Would that be viable?