macos – Recursively copying unique files to another folder, ignoring nonunique files in current folder

Because of some bad file management, I have one old folder and one new folder that contain some data. The old folder has file1 through file10 and the new one has file5 through file10. How would I combine the 2 so that any files in the new folder are skipped over but all files that are not in the new folder (file1 through file 4) are copied to the new folder?

In reality this is multiple (100s) such folders, hence I would prefer it to be recursive so I don’t have to do it folder by folder.

how to make windows 10’s explorer focus existing window when opening the same folder

There is a scenario: suppose I have two open explorer windows, window 1 showing the folder C:/data and window 2 showing the folder C:/.

What I want is that when I double-click (open) the folder data from within the window 1 (C:/), the window 2 (C:/data) get focused instead of opening the folder data in window 1.

I found a similar question here : so thread but it is dated from 2018 and not aiming Windows 10. I wonder if things are different in my case.

Thanks in advance,

windows 10 – Is there a way to mount a folder from a host specified in $HOME.sshconfig and using pubkey auth?

Does Windows (10; either through PowerShell or somehow via WSL(2)) have a way whereby a folder sitting on a host specified in $HOME.sshconfig, and using Public Key Authentication, can be mounted in a way that is then accessible to Windows Explorer? Note that I’m specifically only asking about something (a) from $HOME.sshconfig && (b) using Public Key Authentication. Using some thirdparty software to achieve this would be fine, though.

python – Why does the Miniconda2 installer on Windows 10 create a start menu folder “Anaconda3”?

I’m doing a clean install by running “Miniconda2-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe”. After successful installation, I find “Anaconda Powershell Prompt (Miniconda2)” and “Anaconda Prompt (Miniconda2)” in the Start Menu. However, they appear in the Start Menu folder “Anaconda3 (64bit)”. Why does Miniconda2 create a Start Menu folder with a different version number, namely 3? And is it a problem?

sharepoint online – Create a column unique to only a single folder within a document library

I am currently working on a standalone project that has numerous documents that will reside within the project folder located within my organizations document library.

Below is an idealized example of the folder layout described above:

enter image description here

I would like to add columns to only my project folder that will assist with indexing the contents to allow for setting up three views (outline, category, and alpha by title).

After conducting some online searches, I tried a couple of potential methods I found to be promising. I tried by creating new site content, both folder content type and document set. No matter what I do, the columns I created to index within my project folder are present in the entire document library.

Is it even possible to create a column that is unique to a folder and not the entire document library?

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

How to create direct link to Google Drive File & Folder?

How to create Direct link to Google Drive File or Folder. So that instead of opening in preview window, the file should be downloaded directly. Please Help!

Reverse group policy for folder redirection

I created a group policy that will redirect my documents folders of the users on my company to a folder I created in a Windows 10 machine. I deleted the GPO without checking the box “Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when the policy is removed”. Now the users can only access their files only if they log in to the specific machine where their folder was redirected. Is there any way to redirect back those folders to the users even though I deleted the policy? I tried to link a test OU to the earlier policy that I deleted to restore it and try to select “Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when the policy is removed” checked “Move the contents of (folder name) to the new location” and set the Target folder location to “Redirect to the local user profile location but still no luck. I also tried creating a new policy and put at the scope some of the users that were having the issue and select “Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when the policy is removed and set the Target folder location to “Redirect to the local user profile location and check “Move the contents of (folder name) to the new location” but still, the folders are present on the Windows 10 machine. Any idea how I can fix this?

WordPress Local Install Theme Folder Permission To Edit

I have installed WordPress on a local LAMP installation. All I want is to edit the theme files locally on an editor like VS Code where I can open the theme folder and start editing on the go.

But I can’t access them, as the access is denied to the whole wordpress directory. I can edit the files in the theme editor. But I want to do this in an external code editor. How can I achieve this. What permissions do I have to change.

I used these permissions during installation.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/wordpress

sudo find /var/www/wordpress/ -type d -exec chmod 750 {} ;
sudo find /var/www/wordpress/ -type f -exec chmod 640 {} ;

Elementary OS 5.1 based on Ubuntu 18.04

Sharing a folder using sharepoint Rest API

Do you have an idea how to share a folder with a list of users(list of emails) using Sharepoint Rest Api from a java application?

Google Scripts DriveApp searchFiles does not work on a specific folder

I am trying to search through some files stored in a specific folder on Google Drive using Google Scripts. This is for creating a “Deployment Folder” for my school for the upcoming academic session.

Code below:

function SearchFiles(query) {

  //put the source content folder ID and destination Drive folder ID here

    var files = DriveApp.getFolderById(srcContentFolderID).searchFiles('(title contains "' + query + '")');
    while (files.hasNext()) {
      var file =;
      var fileName = file.getName();
      var parents = file.getParents();
      while (parents.hasNext()) {
        var parent =;
        if(parent.getId() == srcContentFolderID){
          //found the correct source of the file. Log it.
          Logger.log("Parent name: " + parent.getName() + " File name:" + fileName);
          Logger.log("NOT FOUND: " + parent.getName() + " File name:" + fileName);
  } catch(e){
    Logger.log("ERROR: "+e.Message);

I have two questions:

  1. DriveApp.getFolderById(srcContentFolderID).searchFiles('(title contains "' + query + '")') doesn’t work. I get the following exception:

    Exception: Invalid argument: q at SearchFiles at Array.forEach

Only searching using DriveApp.searchFiles('(title contains "' + query + '")') does work, but it gives a lot of results.
I am trying to do this for hundreds of files, so I risk timing out if I have to sift through multiple search results for every query.

  1. I want to know what is the best way to find out the top level directory parent of the resultant file (which resides under “My Drive”). Since I have the same file stored in multiple places, I want to make sure that the source of the file that I am picking up is the right one. I have made a really dirty hack, which is again time consuming which looks like this:
function getAllParents(file) {
  var retStr="";
    var folder;
    var parents = file.getParents();
    while(1) {
      while (parents.hasNext()) {
      var parent =;
      retStr = retStr + parent.getName() + "->";
      if(parent.getName() == "My Drive")
        throw Exception;
      parents = folder.getParents();
    return retStr;    

I then use indexOf to look for a substring in retStr and move forward.

I have looked through StackExchange for quite some time to figure out why an exception is generated, to no avail. Appreciate any help on this!

Note: I have seen the following links: