Expand folders in Google Drive

In the folder pane of Google Drive, how do you expand a folder with all its subfolders? In other words, I'm looking for the Google Dive equivalent of macOS option + right arrow when a folder is selected.

windows 10 – Is there a way to have the file explorer (associated with the taskbar) display a context menu (drop-down list of associated folders) with a left click?

I want to see the drop-down list of my pinned folders, instead of opening the Explorer window for quick access. Similar to list view for Mac-anchored folders.

I looked around me, but I could not find a solution … surprising given the tp software designed to mimic Mac functionality.


When I fly over my labels in Gmail, the folders pane starts to scroll uncontrollably

Has anyone else experienced this? Ideas?

Some folders and applications do not want to start from the Finder anymore

I've used BlueHarvest on my hard drive (which is not a HFS + formatted drive) with my apps, and some .app files and files no longer seem to work. These applications only work via Spotlight, while the files seem corrupted. How can I fix that?

These EXEC icons are corrupt folders

Copy files from folders and subfolders to another folder and save the folder structure in R?

I have created a list of files according to certain conditions and I want to copy only the files in this list to a new folder and subfolders, as in the original folder.
The folder structure is the year / month / day.

That's the code I've tried:

from.dir <- "J: / Radar_data / Beit_Dagan / RAW / 2018"
## I only want the files of the night
to.dir <- "J: / Radar_data / Beit_Dagan / night"
<- list.files files (path = from.dir, full.names = TRUE, recursive =
## night_files is a vector I've created with the files I need - only during
the night
for (f in night_files) file.copy (de = f, to = to.dir)

But I get all the files in a folder

Part of my list looks like this:

[1]    "J: /Radar_data/Beit_Dagan/H5/2018/03/10/TLV180310142554.h5"
[2] "J: /Radar_data/Beit_Dagan/H5/2018/03/10/TLV180310142749.h5"
[3] "J: /Radar_data/Beit_Dagan/H5/2018/03/10/TLV180310143054.h5"

Is there a way to keep the folder and subfolders structure when copying?
I want to get the same year / month / day structure in the new "night" folder

Reset / delete default column values ​​for folders

I am looking for a better way to reset / remove default column values ​​from specific folders using powershell. I realize that this can be done through the library settings, but I have to do it for about 50 folders with 4 or more values ​​per folder, so manually, this is not a very good option. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? I've planned to use the cmdlet
Set PnPDefaultColumnValues ​​and leave the value empty (""), but I hope there is a better way. Thank you!

google sheets – Application script to search for names and file paths in folders by name

I create a script to look for files that do not contain the names "Done" and "InProgress".
enter the description of the image here
The script I created is like this:

function testSearch () {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getActiveSheet ();

var parentFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById (1gr0RIGIt0AEzEqIxJigGxYlxQGy8yLqp & # 39;)
var allFile = parentFolder.getFiles ()

var filter = parentFolder.searchFiles (& # 39; fullText does not contain "Done" && "fullText does not contain" InProgress ");

var cnt = 0;

while (allFile.hasNext ()) {
var filter = allFile.next ();
cnt ++;
var data = [
sheet.appendRow (data);

After running the script, the results do not match.
enter the description of the image here

Reading data from different folders

I have three folders with data and I want to read all the files in each of them with the pandas library. The problem is that I do not know how to read files without having python encryption in the same folder as the data I want to read. is there a solution?

When sharing folders on Google Drive, do users know who the folder is shared with?

I want to invite different people to a shared Google Drive folder, but I do not want all users (except me) to see the names of other users with whom the folder was shared.

folders – How do I delete the left column in the Finder Column View?

When you are in Columns mode in the Finder, several columns can be displayed, one for each folder. Let's say that the one that really holds me to heart is made up of 5 depth files, so it's located quite to the right of the window. How can I make this folder the "root" of the column view window? If not, how can I delete the leftmost column / folder from the display?