finder – Folders lost after upgrading to Catalina. A chance to recover them?

Two days after upgrading to Catalina, I noticed that some subdirectories are missing. I do not know exactly when these directories disappeared while I was on vacation, but here is what happened.

  1. I went to Catalina a few days ago
  2. Decided to delete some directories, mainly node_modules from old projects, to get free space.
  3. After that, I did not touch anything and found that some directories were missing when I returned home.

enter the description of the image here

Original size of www directory was somewhere around 55 GB and a similar size is displayed in the Finder. DaisyDisk also shows that there are 55 GB of hidden files somewhere (we do not know where).

sudo du -sh www/ displays a directory size of 10 MB.

Free space before deletion node_modules was 11 GB and after deletion (now) is 20 GB. If the files under my www directory were really deleted, the available space would be much bigger.

From other answers found here and on the internet, I tried the following solutions:

  • Tried restoration using DiskDrill. Without success.
  • Run first aid under Disk Utility. Without success.
  • The directory of relocated items is empty. Without success.

What can I try?

Sharepoint list display threshold – even with folders

I have a problem where my SharePoint document folder has a problem with the list display thresholds
193757 items (the list display threshold is 5000).
However, what I do not understand is that these documents are all stored in folders and that the current list should never contain more than 100 items at a time. Is there a missing parameter? I use online sharepoint.

The Documents tab is missing Office Folders and Documents

I'm trying to sync one Mac with another, but when I'm in the Tab / Option / Documents tab of iCloud – I do not see the option Desktop Folders and Documents.

How to synchronize variants for custom lists with folders in SharePoint 2013?

In SP2013, I have a custom list with folders and folders have items. When I push it manually to synchronize it with the other site, the list is provided and all the element at the root level is provided. But I noticed that empty folders were coming too, but that folders (containing child elements) did not pass. However, on the "Site Content View", I can see that the number of items is missing in the folder (did not include it) …

In a way, SP knows that the data exists, but I do not see the folders in the site itself when I see the items in the list.

I've also noticed that the list created by the variant, the "Create a new available folder" command is disabled by default.

Does anyone know how to debug this?

How to recursively delete files and folders safely with Python?

Guys, I'm trying to create a script to safely delete my files and folders just like shred, srm, etc … but I would like to do it with a Python script. I was able to find a function on the Internet that writes random values ​​to the file before deleting it. I know nothing is unrecoverable, but as a teacher, I would like to implement such a script.

I have this function:

def secure_delete(file_, steps=3):
    import os
    with open(file_, "ba+", buffering=0) as f:
        data = f.tell()
    with open(file_, "br+", buffering=0) as f:
        for i in range(steps):
  , 0)
        for _ in range(data):

By passing the file as an argument, I can perform the action, but I would like to do it recursively in a directory for all the files and not to open a specific file nor to transmit it in as an argument.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Rename – Copy Powershell and Rename Folders

Having trouble renaming a copied folder. My current code can copy the folder to the target location but do not rename it.

The goal is to rename the newly copied file according to the $ ProjectCode provided.

Function FolderCreation{ 
Param (
        (Parameter (Mandatory=$true)) (STRING) $env,
        (Parameter (Mandatory=$true)) (STRING) $ProjectCode


 $TemplatePath = "C:DesktopPRJ"
 $NetApp = "C:DesktopOutputsProjectFolders"+$env 

 $ProjectName = "$ProjectCode"

 if(Test-Path -Path $TemplatePath) {
     Get-ChildItem $TemplatePath -Filter *Template* -Recurse| 
        Copy-Item -Destination $NetApp -Verbose -Force | 
        Rename-Item -NewName $ProjectName -Verbose -Force -WhatIf


sharepoint online – Dynamically filter documents in a library with their folders and subfolders.

I'm trying to find the best approach to follow to implement this business need: –

1- We need to create a document library in our sharepoint online site collections.

2- the ability to search and filter documents based on their location (folder and subfolders).

3- For example, we will have the following folder structure: –

  General Document

  General Document
    Office 365

Now, I want to be able to filter documents based on folders. for example to get all the documents that are "internal" OR to get all the "computer" documents that are external, and so on …

in other words, the document must have been marked according to its records. Now I've found this approach to automatically mark files with folder-based metadata in SharePoint that primarily maps the folder / subfolders to terms or choices in drop-down columns. but this approach has the following limit in my case: –

  • Require to manually map folders / subfolders. and users can create a folder and forget to map it.
  • Will not apply to the document already loaded in the files
  • More importantly, filtering the built-in list view will not allow us to filter, for example, all "computer" documents that are external, unless we navigate the computer file first, because it seems that List filters do not filter documents inside folders. /sub-folders.So, if we are in the first level of the document library (root URL of the document library), we can only filter documents directly added to the document library, and the filter will exclude documents added to folders / subfolders. and to fix this problem, we need to change the display of the list and choose to display all the documents without folders, which will cause a threshold problem if our document library exceeds 5,000 items, which can happen very quickly. our case.

then can someone participate in it please? we have to dynamically filter the documents according to their file? Does Online SharePoint provide built-in features or if there are third-party tools?

second point, also if we can find a way to do such filtering from multiple document libraries?

Thank you

finder – macOS – How to create a smart search for contained items (or not) in specified folders?

I'm trying to create a smart search folder that only looks for items contained in the specified folders. I've tried using the "Document Container" attribute, but I can not figure out how to use it properly. Can any one guide me through an example of creating this type of smart search?

Compress multiple folders with the Winrar command line and batch processing

I want to compress all the folders that contain the word (Album), these folders have the following structure

Michael JacksonInvincible (Album)
Michael JacksonThriller (Album)
Luciano Pavarotti'O sole mio (Single)
QueenBohemian Rhapsody (Single)

Until now, I have tried this, but it does not work for me.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /f "tokens=*" %%f in ('dir /s /b /ad "*(Album)"') do (
    set "filename=%%~nf"
    "%ProgramFiles%WinRARRar.exe" a -ep1 -idq -r -y %filename%
    echo %filename%

How to delete onedrive for business files and folders from any online sharepoint search?

For some reason, people who had previously set up an online share point and the search page I'm managing now decided to include onedrive files and folders in the search page results. I know how to prevent search results from appearing for each site / onedrive by modifying the offline search and availability settings, as well as by modifying site settings in Documents> Settings> Advanced> Settings. but I do not wish to do it for all, it's too much time.

Is there a search parameter that I can modify to prevent the appearance of dynamic files and folders in a sharepoint online search?

Standard Office365 Configuration with SharePoint Online and Onedrive for Business

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you