Different (strange) behavior of Google Music Player in different folders of the File Explorer

It is very strange to see different types of behavior of Google Music Player in the file explorer of my phone.

I have Asus Zenfone 5z (Android version 9). I'm using the latest version of Google Music Player (version 8.21.8170-1.0).

When I open an MP3 file named "Meant To Be.mp3" of 8.61 MB size in the folder "Ringtones" of the file explorer. This file is open in Google Music Player in mini mode (overlay style). See the screen shot below:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

The same is true when this file is opened in the "Alarms" folder. And this is not just for this particular file, but for any file.

But the strange behavior starts as soon as I copy or move this file in the folder "Music" or "Downloads". Not only for this file, but for any file already existing there. Check the screen capture to know that the MP3 file is open in Google Music Player full screen mode and NOT in mini mode:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Does anyone know why this is happening so? How can I make Google Music Player play all MP3 files in MINI mode and NO in full screen mode by default? Playing music files in the overlay style is much easier if I test / check files – I can easily and quickly return to other files in the folder compared to the full player mode.

local search engine – Google Search Console – which domain properties in the case of different language folders

I have a website available in 5 languages.

  • domain.com in English
  • domain.com in English
  • domain.com/it in Italian
  • And so on…

In CSS, should I add one? domain property with domain.com to track all data of all languages ​​with all site maps for each language listed under the domain property?

Or should I have 1 property for each language, each with its own sitemaps?

I found information on subdomains such as support.domain.com or m.domain.com, but nothing about the language files.
Is there a "best practice"? Is there a difference? Solution 1 seems easier and less tedious … but could I be penalized in any way?

Apparently, the option "Domain Ownership" is pretty new. I've read this article but it does not mention the language directories of international websites.
I have also looked for SE but I have not found any similar question.
Finally, the Google support page does not talk about internationalized websites.

Thank you in advance for your help!

document library – Unable to access the contents of SharePoint folders with shareplum help [Python]

I've also asked this question on stackoverflow here. But someone told me that I would have more luck with the sharepoint stackexchange.

I'm trying to download some .csv files that reside in a document that is part of a list of share points. Sharepoint is not on-site therefore requires O365 Auth.

My code up to now:

in(1): from shareplum import Site
       from shareplum import Office365

       authcookie = Office365('https://my.sharepoint.com', 
       username='username', password='password').GetCookies()
       site = Site('https://my.sharepoint.com/sites/documentLibrary/', 

       sp_list = site.List('listName')
       sp_list.GetListItems('All Documents')

out(1): ({'Name': 'Folder1',
          'Modified': datetime.datetime(2019, 1, 30, 12, 7, 24),
          'Modified By': 'Jane Doe'},
        {'Name': 'Folder2',
         'Modified': datetime.datetime(2018, 11, 13, 16, 2, 41),
         'Modified By': 'Dane Joe'})

So, I am able to get information about folders on the files present in the list using GetListItems('All Documents').

Folders 1 and 2 are on the list. The csv files I want to download are in folder 1. I can not list files in folder 1 and download them.

I have already tried the following:

in(2): sp_list.GetListItems('Folder 1')
out(2): KeyError: 'Folder 1'

The documentation is not very clear, I do not understand what the following things do or do:

sp_data = new_list.GetListItems(fields=('ID', 'Title'))

How to move only folders "blocks" and "strings" on an external USB hard drive while running Bitcoin Client on a laptop connected with Ubuntu?

I have experience with secure copying and secure downloading, but how can I move only the Bitcoin client "hangs" and "chains" the Ubuntu 18.04 home directory folders on an external USB hard drive when running the Bitcoin client on the connected laptop with limited storage to edge? I would sincerely appreciate the recommended or recommended approach for hosting a complete Bitcoin node on a laptop with an external USB hard drive, as I am also trying to run Blockstream and FIBER on this environment – thanks

linux – How can I skip downloading some folders with wget?

I want to download all the folders with their subfolders and files to a web page, except folders contained in a subfolder of this website. How can I do it using wget? For example:

Website: https://index.org







How can I download all the files and subfolders from the folder1 except all the files and subfolders of subfolder1?

finder – Means to share folders from a Mac host to Mojave Guest on Virtualbox (using the NFS manager or other options)?

I have the host Yosemite and the virtual computer Mojave Guest via Virtualbox. I wish to share the host files with the guest. I know that there are at least three methods, but none of them has been successful. I am not an expert and it took some time for Mojave to be invited to Yosemite after several unsuccessful attempts with Parallels 10. The three ways I am aware are:

  1. Guest Additions: I have installed guest additions and have added directories in the "Shared Folder" settings of Virtuabox. However, I can not seem to find the shared folders in the Finder in Mojave – they should just appear under a shared network file no?
  2. NFS Manager (https://www.bresink.com/osx/NFSManager.html)
  3. or configure a Mac server by configuring Mac settings through the file sharing section.

What is the simplest / best way (among the above or in other ways) and is there a video / step-by-step guide on this?

sharepoint online – Moving folders between libraries from different sites leaves copies in both

When I moved a folder from the Site 1 document library to the Site 2 document library (modern experience in both cases, by the way), I ended up with copies in both locations. Is the expected behavior that it does not actually move the files? Does this mean that files in the new location will not retain their document IDs and links either? Thanks in advance!

Permissions – How can I change the owner of shared folders on the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop?

I'm using a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 with a graphical interface and I'm working on a WordPress project with Nginx. I've installed VBox guest additions, but I can not change the owner of the shared folder, which I've set to automatically mount in the / opt folder; The path to the shared folder is / opt / myfolder / THISFOLDER. I want to edit the contents (files) inside THISFOLDER. I have tried the command sudo chmod -aG vboxsf myusername and restarted in vain. When I do sudo chown -R myusername /opt/myfolderit does not matter either. How can I fix this?

Best solution to copy 20 million files into 10 million folders (multiple subfolders), 10 TB of data

According to you, the best solution is to copy 20 million files into 10 million folders (several subfolders), or 10 TB of data from one server to another on an internal network.

I know rsync but its update is slow.
I know lsyncd but it's good for a small number of files, nothing like above.

I would be ready to buy a solution that could do better, do you have good ideas?

Thank you.