sharepoint server – Converting document sets to folders

Users in my organization have reported problems accessing some of their document sets. After studying the issues, I found that in each of them, the user changed the content type of the document defined on file – the URL persists:


What is causing the problem. URL being formatted for a set of documents that no longer exists.

Is this behavior not supported in SharePoint? Changing the content type back to the document set solves the problem, but I would like a better way to handle this in the future. Disabling the folder content type in the library is not possible because we have legacy data there.

2013 – Improved performance of creating / copying files and folders (using code) in our large document library

We have a local SharePoint 2013 team site and we have a document library that contains around 29,000 +++ items, and these files are structured under around 4,000 folders and subfolders. now inside our server side event receiver, i use the following method to copy files and folders, as follows: –

private void copyfiles(SPItemEventProperties properties, SPListItem currentItem, string from, string to)
      SPFolder folder = properties.Web.GetFolder(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/" + currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + from + "");
      SPDocumentLibrary currentDL = (SPDocumentLibrary)properties.Web.GetList(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/");
      SPListItem softemplete = null;
      TaxonomyFieldValue taxFieldValue = currentItem("CustomerName") as TaxonomyFieldValue;

      var label = taxFieldValue.Label;
      var titlewithoutspecialchar = currentItem("Title").ToString().Replace("~", " ").Replace(""", " ").Replace("", " ").Replace("%", " ").Replace("&", " ").Replace("*", " ").Replace(":", " ")
              .Replace("<", " ").Replace(">", " ").Replace("?", " ").Replace("", " ").Replace("\", " ").Replace("{", " ").Replace("}", " ").Replace("|", " ").Replace(".", " ");
       if (folder.ItemCount > 0)
            SPList list = properties.Web.GetList(properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "/Shared Documents/");
            SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
            query.Folder = folder;
            SPListItemCollection listitem = list.GetItems(query);
              foreach (SPListItem i in listitem)
                 if ((i.Name.ToLower().Contains(currentItem("ReferenceNumber").ToString().ToLower() + " -") &&
                    (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("sof") || i.Name.ToLower().Contains("pof") || i.Name.ToLower().Contains("qo"))

                     i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval"))
                     softemplete = i;
                       if (softemplete != null)
                            byte() fileBytes = softemplete.File.OpenBinary();
                            string destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                             currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + to + "" + currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + " - " + label + " - " + titlewithoutspecialchar.Trim() + ".xlsx";
                             if (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval.oft"))
                                    destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                                   currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + ""+to+"/Request for Approval.oft";
                              else if (i.Name.ToLower().Contains("request for approval.xlsm"))
                                    destUrl = properties.Web.ServerRelativeUrl + "" + currentDL.RootFolder.Url + "" +
                                   currentItem("ReferenceNumber") + "" + to + "/Request for Approval.xlsm";
                                    SPFile destFile = currentDL.RootFolder.Files.Add(destUrl, fileBytes, false);



Now this method takes enough time to finish copying (sometimes around 10 seconds), although I use the CAML query to find only the files in the desired folder usingquery.Folder = folder;. so can anyone provide advice on improving this method? as i think it is already set to the maximum, is this correct?

windows – Delete folders starting with "value"

Hello, does anyone know how I should create a Batch script to exclude Windows folders that start with specific characters?

For example:
I have a folder that contains 30 files starting with 2000, I want to delete them all, but only those starting with 2000 and their internal folders should be deleted.

macbook pro – Extreme lag when opening folders, new tabs, drag / minimize windows. and clicking on any text box

When I use the Finder, every time I open or close a folder, even if it only contains a single text file, my computer freezes completely for 30 seconds to a minute . Also, every time I click the green button to cancel the full screen of a full screen application, my computer is 5-10 minutes late, and starts again if I try to drag the # 39; s application. The computer is also one minute late when closing an application.
A possibly related problem is a less extreme lag when you click on a text field, whether in a Chrome browser or part of the operating system. Even clicking on the title and body sections when you ask this question induces 15 seconds of gel each. This text offset affects the login screen.
My computer can still run KSP and Minecraft easily, so I don't think it's a processor problem (although my computer lags behind if I click on a text field in these games).
In addition, the first tab, whether safari or chrome, that I open after midnight takes 5-10 minutes to open.
Restarting and resetting the PRAM has no effect.

Stop automatic downloading to the drop box for specific folders

From the Android Dropbox app, you can select folders to watch and automatically download to the Camera Roll folder in Dropbox. Now I have selected other folders in addition to photos from the camera (for example, screenshots). How can I reselect the folders to synchronize automatically so that I can remove certain folders from the list? I don't seem to find it

macos – the executable only works in specific folders

I have executable files that I run in the terminal and I noticed that they only work if they are located on the desktop or in the Applications folder.

A small example is this little script. When i compile click.m, the output executable will only run if it is located in the folders mentioned above.

I could move the files, but while I'm developing the script, what can I do to run them from a different folder?

Should I put the Android / iOS project folder and the Dropbox / Google Drive folders on the SD card?

I would like to ask if I should move my Android / iOS project folders to the SD card. Suppose I work with them every working day.

Same question for Dropbox and Google Drive folders, but I'm much less likely to use anything compared to the above Android / iOS project folders.

Thank you

finder – Folders lost after upgrading to Catalina. A chance to recover them?

Two days after upgrading to Catalina, I noticed that some subdirectories are missing. I do not know exactly when these directories disappeared while I was on vacation, but here is what happened.

  1. I went to Catalina a few days ago
  2. Decided to delete some directories, mainly node_modules from old projects, to get free space.
  3. After that, I did not touch anything and found that some directories were missing when I returned home.

enter the description of the image here

Original size of www directory was somewhere around 55 GB and a similar size is displayed in the Finder. DaisyDisk also shows that there are 55 GB of hidden files somewhere (we do not know where).

sudo du -sh www/ displays a directory size of 10 MB.

Free space before deletion node_modules was 11 GB and after deletion (now) is 20 GB. If the files under my www directory were really deleted, the available space would be much bigger.

From other answers found here and on the internet, I tried the following solutions:

  • Tried restoration using DiskDrill. Without success.
  • Run first aid under Disk Utility. Without success.
  • The directory of relocated items is empty. Without success.

What can I try?

Sharepoint list display threshold – even with folders

I have a problem where my SharePoint document folder has a problem with the list display thresholds
193757 items (the list display threshold is 5000).
However, what I do not understand is that these documents are all stored in folders and that the current list should never contain more than 100 items at a time. Is there a missing parameter? I use online sharepoint.

The Documents tab is missing Office Folders and Documents

I'm trying to sync one Mac with another, but when I'm in the Tab / Option / Documents tab of iCloud – I do not see the option Desktop Folders and Documents.