customization – Any application launcher that allows you to group applications instead of folders or tabs

Everyone, is there a launcher that allows to create groups of applications using dividers or something in the application drawer? I am aware that we can use folders or tabs, but I want to display multiple groups of applications at once in the application drawer. I currently use Nova Launcher. I've tried Apex, Poco, Microsoft Launcher and others, but they do not seem to have this feature. I also found that some launchers offered intelligent sorting, but again, they came in different groups on different tabs. All pointers would be appreciated.

[GET][NULLED] – Real WordPress Media Library – Media Categories / Folders v4.5.2


(GET) (NULLED) – Real WordPress Media Library – Media Categories / Folders v4.5.2

[GET][NULLED] – Real WordPress Media Library – Media Categories / Folders v4.5.2


(GET) (NULLED) – Real WordPress Media Library – Media Categories / Folders v4.5.2

macos – Problem with folders shared between 2 Macs

I have 2 Macs (a MacMini and a MacBook). The MacMini gives shared access to some of its files. The MacBook connects and has read / write access to these folders. It has worked for many years, but since moving to Mojave on both machines, it has become unstable. After restarting both computers, everything works, but the MacBook ends up not seeing folders MacMini and any attempt to reconnect leads to a beach ball and a possible timeout. Once this point is reached, the only thing that could solve the problem is the restart of the MacMini.

The MacMini can be sent from the MacBook. So there is a basic level of connectivity, but I do not know what I could do to try to isolate the source of the problem or determine which machine is guilty.

I should add that when this happens, I tried to restart the Finder on the MacBook, but it did not work. I can force the Finder to leave the MacBook, but once I do, it will not reboot. I do not know if it is related or another problem.

I recently reinstalled the operating system on the MacBook thinking that there was a stability problem. This did not solve the problem.

Can I get the total number of files, folders, and sizes for a sharepoint online document library

Inside the share point (on-site and online), we can get the total number of items in a document library (including files and folders) from the content page of the site.
but I have a library of documents with about 28,000 articles and I want to know the following information: –

  1. Total number of files.
  2. Total number of folders / subfolders
  3. total size.
  4. number of files for certain types (.docx, pdf, etc) ..

Now, I'm trying to run the "Generate a file plan report" for the document library, but I've had this error The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.since my distribution list contains more than 5,000 items. So, can I get the information I need using PnP?
Thank you

rename multiple folders in uppercase and not in files using powershell

Currently, I am working on powershell where I have several folders which I need to change all folder names to uppercase, not the only files folder.

for example

C: Users xyx Desktop sample

fold name (lowerCase)


like that (UPPERCASE)


Thanks in advance

macOS Mojave – The Finder does not display favorites and can not drag new folders into favorites.

Something happened to Finder on my Mac. It will not show the favorites I've selected (according to Finder-> Preferences) and I can not drag a folder into the favorites area.

I've included a screenshot to highlight the first problem I've mentioned.

What should I do to find this feature?

enter the description of the image here

18.04 – Shared folders are not mounted in Virtual Box

Within one hour, after stopping an Ubuntu virtualBox guest on an OSX host, and then restarting it, the shared folders no longer appear on the desktop.

Both are still listed in the Shared Folders list of Virtual Box with auto-mount and Make permanent selected options

Call the directory returns in the terminal

bash: cd: /media/sf_r/: Permission denied

I have reinstalled the guest additions as suggested here, but to no avail.

Permissions on the host files have not been affected in the meantime. I can not see the source of this "squame"

What needs to be done to solve this problem?

How to create nested folders (folders in folders)?

I wondered how to do that for a while.

mac – Exclude search files and folders in the Finder

I have two questions about excluding files when searching in the Finder:

When I search the Finder, the system and application files are also displayed. How can I disable this? I know that I can save a search that only concerns my user, but I want to know if it is possible to disable a regular search in the Finder window?

This has been requested before, but none of the answers worked for me. I want to know if I can create a saved search that excludes a specific folder from the results.

I am on High Sierra.

Any help is appreciated!