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FOREX trading may seem like something unique, but it's not hard to explain because most people find it difficult to understand.

While this is true, it differs from what you normally use in other financial markets, but the underlying ideas are the same; to get the biggest profit possible in a very short time.

The Forex Forex Market is the largest market in the world without anyone approaching it. It exchanges in trillions of dollars a day all the time, so it's attractive to both; traders who trade in small or large sizes because Forex trading It is relatively easy to complete your transaction and the cost of doing business is much lower.

So, without further ado, let's get straight to Forex trading and how it works.

What is Forex trading?

Forex is synonymous with foreign exchange, so it essentially involves trading a currency with another currency. Most of us have probably done this kind of exchange, manually, if not electronically.

For example, if you go on vacation to Malaysia, you must convert your money into a Malaysian ringgit or if you go to the United States for a vacation. You will spend US dollars in the United States. This is a form of Forex trading where you sell your own national currency for foreign currency.

How does a Forex broker work?

Forex brokers are essentially middlemen who buy and sell on behalf of someone. Whenever you work with a broker, he will receive money in the form of a commission called spread.

Now, the advantage of the foreign exchange market is that the spreads are much smaller, because the currency brokers are very competitive companies.

When you open an account at a good broker like Exnessthey will do what is called KYC, called Know Your Clients.

So, this means that you must show identification information to make sure you have good credit, especially if they give you leverage (lend money to trade).

Who trades forex and why?

At a much larger scale, trade is done by central banks, big banks, corporations, governments and retail traders.

Central banks intervene in the foreign exchange market to restore the balance of the currency and remain competitive with the export.

Large banks carry out foreign exchange transactions to provide liquidity to businesses. Businesses and banks work hand in hand and maintain close relationships. For example, Toyota companies buy spare parts from various countries.

They sell their own national currency on a large scale to buy the necessary raw materials they need from other countries.

Finally, retail traders; Like you or me, speculate on the Forex market for profit.

The advantage of Forex trading

High liquidity

So, every time you place an order on the Forex market, you do not have to worry about finishing your deal as there are many buyers and sellers in the market.

According to the latest survey, traders have jumped nearly 10 million in the market.

Risk management

Forex allows you to exchange very small lot sizes. Unlike equities, where the risk is important, on the Forex, it is not necessary to negotiate big to get big profits.

Open 24/7

Forex offers you the opportunity to trade at any time from Monday to Friday. You can get up early or late at night. You can go home after your daily work and the Forex market will remain open and in full bloom.

So, in the end, Forex trading is now at the edge of online trading. Although many people still do not know how it works. So for them, if you have a question in my mind regarding Forex trading, please let me know.

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Forex Club AblyTrade – – HYIPs

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beginning: 08/28/2019

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The Runescape subscription tokens are almost there – Forex Training

The Runescape subscription tokens are almost there. Blizzard announced earlier this month that Runescape players would soon be able to avoid paying a monthly subscription by spending a new currency called OSRS Gold Today Tokens when they announced their intention to publish this functionality. "We will start deploying the Runescape token in the weeks following the release of Patch, starting with the US region, including the kingdoms serving North America, Oceania and Latin America, for then expand to other areas of the game, "said Blizzard today. "Launching the token once Patch … has been up and running for some time will help us ensure that the basics of functionality are solid, and starting the project with one region is the best way for us to guarantee everything.

It's going well before embarking on the world. "Patch .. is available today so we could see the Tokens release as early as April, but it will depend on the possible occurrence of last-minute bugs in the functionality test." Runescape chips can be purchased through Runescape software. " Tokens can be redeemed for play days or sold at auction house for gold. In other words, it's a way for Runescape gamers with a lot of gold, which is to say the time to reduce their spending in real money. Runescape players with money at their disposal but with less free time get an easier way to earn gold for their character. Tokens also excludes third-party gold sellers in the equation. Players' accounts are used to obtain their gold inventory. In other cases, they automate their characters using a bottling software, which allows them to grow material without actively playing.

I have no doubt that these gold producers are still trying to sell their products in Runescape, but at least the Runescape players will not have to risk taking them over. In the Americas, a token will cost in US dollars or the equivalent in other currencies. They can be bought and sold for gold via a new Game Time tab on Auction House. The chips will be sold on regional exchanges so that the specific domain of your character does not matter. The price of gold will fluctuate over time, just like other ingame objects. "Since the token exchange has to start somewhere, we are going to define the original gold value of the Runescape token, and the starting gold value in each region will be based on several factors, including savings. regional games, but our ultimate goal is to choose a fair and reasonable starting price.

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Forex – Trump said that US interest rates can be reduced to negative interest rates – Discussions & Help

US President Trump reintroduced yesterday (11) that the Federal Reserve should lower interest rates, even the lowest interest rates, and that the US should start refinancing debt, and that interest costs can be significantly reduced while extending the maturity. He thinks that could ease the burden of public debt.
For a long time, Trump has been bombarding the interest rate policy of Federal Reserve Chairman (Fed), Mr. Powell, but this time the rate of interest rate reduction far exceeds the point of percentage required, and even think that it can be reduced to negative rates. . However, the interest rate policy is independent and will not be affected by external speeches.
With the pullback of late July this year, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced a one-digit rate cut (0.25%). The target range of interest rates is between 2% and 2.25%. The market is expected next week. The decision meeting on interest rates should drop more than 90% of the opportunity, by more than 90%.

Forex – Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):
Today 's exchange rate – Gold (12 September) early morning at 1497.1 US dollars / ounce, according to technical analysis, the trend of the observation the level at one o'clock is sharply down after the steady decline, so that it is possible to finish the rebound after the market. .
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1504 and 1504.5 US dollars / ounce. In the downward direction, the initial support range is 1487 ~ 1487.5 US dollars / ounce. The mentality of operation is mainly short. Investors wishing to enter the market for a short period may consider the price of 1490.5 US dollars.
For the light warehouse purchase range of US $ 1492.5 / ounce, the MT4 operating loss point can be considered as defined below US $ 1487.5 / oz.

Forex – Technical Analysis (EUR / USD EURUSD):
Exchange rate of the day – EUR / USD (September 12) Early in the vicinity of 1.00881, after technical analysis, the trend of observation at the 1 hour yesterday (11th) level fell below the cleavage after the plunge, a deep rebound, so there is a chance At the end of the rebound, the policy of reducing interest rates has further declined.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.10250 and 1.10300, the downward direction, the initial support interval is 1.09700 to 1.09750 and the operational mindset is mainly short-term.
Investors who wish to enter the market in the short term may consider buying in a range of 1.1050 to 1.1080. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is greater than 1.10250.

Forex – Technical Analysis (British Pound / USD GBPUSD):
Today's exchange rate – GBP / USD (12 September) Early in the vicinity of 1.23260, according to technical analysis, observations at the hour-long line should pay attention to the height of the head after the emergence of important head chips, to rebound after decline.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is 1.23850 ~ 1.23900, the direction of support downward, the initial support range is 1.22850 ~ 1 , 22900 and the operational mindset is mainly short-term. Investors who want to enter the market in the short term may consider buying between 1.23250 and 1.23300.
It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is greater than 1.23401.

Forex – Technical Analysis (NZD / USD NZDUSD):
Daily exchange rate – New Zealand dollar / US dollar (12th September) Early in the vicinity of 0.64115, cut from technical analysis, observation on line level over one hour, trend to the highest point of shock, removal of the correction to allow a breakthrough, break the upper pressure range.
Currently, the pressure range above the short-term line is 0.64400 ~ 0.64450, the direction down, the initial support interval is 0.64050 ~ 0.64100 and the mentality Operation is usually short. Investors wishing to enter the market over a short period may consider buying from 0.64340 to 0.64380. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is less than 0.64220.

The key data of the day:
1.German monthly rate of the CPI August, final value
2.France August monthly rate of the CPI
3. Monthly rate of industrial production of the Eurozone in July
4. ECB main refinancing rate from September to 12 September
5. Number of persons claiming unemployment benefits in the United States until 7 September (10,000 persons)
6. Quarterly adjusted monthly rate of the CPI for the month of August

More Forex and MT4 information

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Find a Better Broker – Forex Training

Finding the best broker is a very difficult task because nearly thousands of online brokers in the retail market and most of them turn out to be scams. By the way, I'm very fortunate to choose LQDFX, which ensures a secure business environment for all time by ensuring the security of funds during any investment. And from there, without any restrictions, I am able to use all my scalping trading techniques, including the lowest trading spreads as well as the minimum margin requirements. therefore, I always feel safe and comfortable when scalping.

the best platform – Forex Training

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What you need to know about Forex trading signals – Other opportunities to earn money



Losing is as much a part of trading as winning. After all, forex trading is usually a zero sum game. It is only a matter of time before someone else is on the other side of your job and before taking the wrong side.

However, this is part of the overall business process, but many traders have lost something: newcomers and problems with professionals.

The extinction of Forex thinks that the main difficulty in managing losses is mainly due to the ignorance of nature and the effect of the psychology of trading rather than the actual mental problems.

By knowing these 4 steps, we hope you will be better able to handle the losses associated with trading.

Step 1: Refuse

The first step of the loss allows you to deal with a loss of trade. At this point, you and other people are missing that your business concept was bad and the loss was not your fault. There is no problem this way, especially if you are new. It's a way to reduce your ego, survive a loss and move on.

Step 2: logical

After the denial phase, you decide to rationalize the configuration of your exchanges. This is a point where you specify the exact idea of ​​your job and you do not even think about what you did wrong.

You quote your business plan, your profit target, your loss limit and the accuracy of the entry points, but you completely ignore that you are actually losing the business and you are mistaken.

Step 3: Depression

At this point you have already examined the potential external cause of your damage. Then you go inside and consider the idea that the loss is entirely due to your own work.

Even if it is reasonable to assume responsibility for your losses, it can be detrimental to your own currency carrier if you constantly suspect yourself.

You may ask yourself, "Is forex trading really for me?" And "Why continue at all?" If you do not find enough reasons to push, you can withdraw from your job. The ForexTradingForYou Forex Premium Course is the perfect solution for traders. You can get the latest technical analysis and the best trading results to improve.

Step 4: Acceptability

At this point you have begun to understand that it is unhealthy to blame you for what is wrong. Although you recognize that the loss was partly your fault, you are also aware that the Forex market is an extremely unhealthy animal and that there are many reasons why the market is beyond your control.

Let me understand that recognition does not seem right for loss. In truth, acceptance is about taking advantage of reality with ourselves and assuming that the damage can not be undone.

When you reach this step, you recognize that you have made mistakes on your part, but there are some things you can not control.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember that you can not completely reverse what you've lost, but you can do it for it. You can determine how to manage your trading strategy, improve risk management, or better manage your losses. Instead of just denying the loss, you have to go ahead, adjust and increase.