views – Drupal 7: Ajax loaded block with form do not save values

I have a page with several lines. I used a global view field to incorporate a view as a field. This integrated view has several modifiable fields (exposed forms).

When I display more than 30 lines, the global field of view will break my site. I decided to delete the global field of view and load only the block with the modifiable fields for a specific clicked line.

It works with the following jQuery code:

$(document).ready(function () {

var row = $(this).closest('.delivery-main');
var target_div = $(row).find('.ajax_content_edit_block');
var arg_div = $(target_div).attr("id"); 
    url: Drupal.settings.basePath + '/views/ajax',
    type: 'POST',   
    data: {
        view_name: 'content_edit', //view name
        view_display_id: 'block', //view display
        view_args: arg_div,   //view contextual filter
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function(response) {
      var output = response(1).data;      
    error: function(target_div) {
        alert('An error occured!');

The code loads the block with the form, but when submitting the form, the entry is not saved and only reloads the page.

plugin development – form an action value to another website php file

I'm currently working on a wordpress theme project and in this project I have to define action value of php form to an external online php file that is not on our server.

I created a form and defined the action value of it in an online php file which is in my other srver and this php file programmed to return a value to this file.

This type of action works in purely php projects but does not work in WordPress. When I submit the form, I get the following error:

Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually, check the spelling and try again.

If you suspect that this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 404
Apache / 2.4.41 (Unix) OpenSSL / 1.1.1d PHP / 7.4.3 mod_perl / 2.0.8-dev Perl / v5.16.3

This makes me so angry and I also want to know WHY something that works fine in a pure PHP project, sometimes doesn't work in WordPress. I should be able to connect my form to this php file which is not on my server … So help me. Thank you

Display with ajax activated and web form as an entity when there is no result do not send a web form

i have see with:

  1. Block: Map (Google Maps with dealers)
  2. Attachment (list of dealers under the map) (inherit contextual filters: yes, inherit exposed filters: yes)
  3. Exposed filter visible to visitors (search address)

If the exposed filter returns no value:

  1. Display entity: custom block
  2. Display entity: Web form

Everything works fine, but form submission fails.

When submitting, the page is redirected to / views / ajax (404)
When ajax is activated in the Web form settings, nothing happens.

I tried to change the URL of the form publication:

function my_theme_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == 'webform_submission_form_id') {
    $form('#action') = '/page-where-form-is-shown';

Nor is it sending the form …?


I have a CSV of user email addresses and EIDs in a SharePoint document. I also have a list that I am building which I hope will reference it. What I am trying to accomplish is

When a user completes the form on the mentioned list, the user will enter an email address in a people picker. Once the People Picker has resolved the appropriate email address from AD, there is an MS feed that will be automatically triggered or a button which a user can press to start said feed or request API.
The request would be analyzed via the CSV in the document library, looking for the email that matches the one entered in the form. When finding the email address, she would fill in the EID field that corresponds to her. (extract the EID based on the e-mail and fill in the form with the said EID.

I know how to get the properties and contents of the files using MS flow, I know how to use the update action to fill in the fields. What I'm missing is how to get MS flow to extract the information I'm looking for from CSV.

The feed must refer to the email field of the people picker, while remaining in the form.
How can I get MS flow to take the entered email address> search the CSV for the corresponding email address> and return the number in the EID column next to it in a specified field?


  1. Create a PowerApps form
  2. After the email field, a button will launch the request to collect the EID from the CSV.
  3. In MS flow, there will be an action that can be started manually or automatically.
  4. SP ACTION which looks in the Email field and stores what has been entered
  5. SP action that gets CSV content
  6. (the difficult part) Take this stored e-mail and search the CSV for the corresponding e-mails
  7. Once searching for the corresponding email> collect EID
  8. SP UPDATE ACTION which updates the EID field of the form with the data collected.

These are the details in the middle where I get lost.

If there is a better or more effective way to do this, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.

buttons – Synonym for action of filling out a form

I can't believe I'm basically begging Stack Exchange to find a synonym, but I'm stumped. I have tried all the synonyms and synonyms dictionaries.

So the Customer Service Representative (CSR) created one or more accounts per type for their customer, and now has a small table of accounts – but the accounts are still empty. The CSR must now open each one to fill it out.

I'm looking for a word or two for a button on each line that brings the CSR to an account to enter all the data, namely: (Click here to fill in all details for this account):

enter description of image here

(EDIT) is the most obvious button, but, frankly, editing usually implies that there is something to edit. It’s the first time.

(Fill) (Fill) is awkward.

* Warning: for whatever reason, we do not use the word "form" for these … forms. We each call a "request" (as in "you request an account").

(Done) you can fill out an application, but for me, it strongly implies that most of the time it is done and that you are in the process of completing it. And Complete is also a name; it could be very ambiguous to see a button with the word "Complete" on it.

(Start) (Open) (Go to)?

(I've tried a bunch of others, which I haven't listed here)

How to get custom array values ​​from the drop down menu of the custom module administration form (UI component) in Magento 2?

I need to get the names of the events from a drop down list in admin form.
identical to the image below.
So please provide me with a solution.
enter description of image here

Form authentication – Define the lifetime of the cookie

I have SharePoint 2016 on site. My portal has forms-based authentication. Anyone can create an account and log in to access the portal with read permission. By default, users will be logged out after 25 minutes. I have used the following scripts and updated the cookie lifespan.
But I want administrators to access the portal until he clicks the logout button. How can implement or increase the lifetime of cookies for a particular set of users who have full control authorization.

$ sts = Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig
$ sts.CookieLifetime = New-TimeSpan -Minutes 25
$ sts.Update ()

Number of web form submissions per user

Our website offers live videos for educational purposes. We ask users to submit a form after watching the video – sort of like a "recording". After 10 "Check-Ins", the user gets a reward / promotion.

Is there a way to use Views (using Drupal 8 / Views 8.4.8) to not only extract a list of submissions on this particular form (quite easy), but to group those submissions by a field – for example an email field? These are anonymous users (no user accounts), so we cannot use a "User" relationship.

I would like to be able to group the submissions by the data in the "Email" field submitted with each Web form submission. Everything I've looked for requires the "User" relationship, and the "rendered entity" field shows only all of the raw data from the submission.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

shaver pages – Clearing a form after posting when using the Razorpages template link

I am using Razor Pages with model binding. When my form is published, the values ​​remain there when the page reloads after publication. I have tried using ModelState.Clear () but it doesn't seem to do anything.

More specifically, I have an HTML form like this:


and the following controller:

public class TestFormModel : PageModel
        public InputModel Input { get; set; }

        public IActionResult OnPost()
            return Page();

    public class InputModel
        public string Text {get;set;}


When submitting, the form remembers the submitted text – I want it to be deleted.

I can do this with jQuery on the client side, but I wondered if there was a RazorPages tip. ModelState.Clear () doesn't seem to be doing what I want.

thank you so much

Finish the form after a section instead of going to the next section

I added sections in my Google form. But as we answer a section, the form goes to the next section instead of submission. How to change that?

NOTE – I have already selected Submit Form after each section.