sharepoint online – How to add a link to an item in the list in JSON display format?

Basically, I have to find the URL of the element to populate the href attribute of an "a" element in a JSON view format (also called rowFormatter) in SharePoint Online.
Is there a predefined shortcut for the URL of the item?

     "elmType": "a",
     "attributes": {
       "href": "($ItemUrl)"
     "txtContent": "CLICK HERE"

I created the ($ ItemUrl), it does not work like that.

Create a document registry in database format

One of the roles of my employer is to manage the control of documents between several sub-contractors for site users. We do this by storing information

When you create an article, how do you select the format?

When creating a publication by program (with wp_insert_post();), how do you choose the format?

How to format a Microsoft Windows 10 USB key?

I have a Microsoft Windows 10 Home Setup USB key. This is the small gray and blue flash drive that Microsoft provides. I want to format, as it seems to be corrupt. I've tried it but it contains the read-only attribute. I've tried the diskpart utility but it does not come out of read-only mode.

Plot: Change the number format on the axis of the graph

  1. I have to change the format to represent the numbers in abscissa. I want to keep the numbers 0,2,4,6,8,10 and put the degree, for example, on the tab "time, * 10 ^ 9 seconds" or keep numbers without diploma using the. abbreviation "time, nanoseconds".

  2. Is it possible to put y1 (t) in the frame? Place it in the upper right corner for example.

See the code below:

Plot(10^12*Sin(t/10^9), {t, 0, 10^10}, 
Axes -> None, Frame -> True, 
PlotStyle -> RGBColor(0., 0., 0.), 
FrameStyle -> Thick, 
PlotLabel -> Style("y1(t)", FontSize -> 18), 
PlotTheme -> "Detailed",
FrameLabel -> {"time", " Amplitude"}, 
LabelStyle -> {18, GrayLevel(0), 
FontFamily -> "Arial"})

Is it possible to format the output of mysqladmin in a more readable way?

The exit of mysqladmin variables is very difficult to read because the size of the columns is too long.

Are there possibilities to make the output more compact and readable?

sharepoint online – The JSLink column format does not work

I have a list of type Classical experience which contains the column "Status" assume the following values: approved, pending, and rejected. Each of these values ​​contains a color format based on the Javascript code. I added the file in the SiteAssets library and called my file by JSLink. After reloading the page and creating new items, no action was taken. That's the code:

    (function () { 

    // Create object that have the context information about the field that we want to change it's output render  
    var statusFiledContext = {}; 
    statusFiledContext.Templates = {}; 
    statusFiledContext.Templates.Fields = { 
        // Apply the new rendering for Priority field on List View 
        "Status": { "View": StatusFiledTemplate } 



// This function provides the rendering logic for list view 
function statusFiledTemplate(ctx) { 

    var status = ctx.CurrentItem(ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.Name); 

    // Return html element with appropriate color based on priority value 
    switch (status) { 
        case "Approved": 
            return "" + status + ""; 
        case "Pending": 
            return "" + status + ""; 
        case "Rejected": 
            return "" + status + ""; 

and I check my console, I have the following errors:

    GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404
4theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SubtleBodyText
theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SearchURL
theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SubtleBodyText
3theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: ErrorText
2theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: HeaderSubtleText
init.js:1 Exception while trying to access stylesheet rules: SecurityError: Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules

Any idea what the problem is and how could I solve this problem?

Thank you!

Json format – Color based on the value of the SharePont Online task list (application added)

Using SharePoint through my company's 365 account, we needed a clean list with a parent / child relationship. The side tasks of the To Do List application matched the bill perfectly, but I now feel that my hands are tied. I've tried applying the JSON format to a column like another list and it just will not work. Try to display a colored background on a line / column / point to indicate the state. I had to add it through the list settings, not column formatting when I clicked on the header of the column. Is it possible?

java – how to capitalize the first letter of the Android Studio date format? example Friday – Friday

That's the code
public String getDate () {
Date anotherCurDate = new Date ();
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("EEEE, d MMMM" to "hh: mm to" year "yyyy");
String date = formatter.format (anotherCurDate);
return date;