bugs – Formatting error in Mathematica 12

Recently, my copy of Mathematica v.12 started to report an error

"A poorly formatted directive with the Times head was encountered."

at startup (pop-up window). This error also appears in Message windows when working with random notebooks. Does anyone know what is the cause of such a message? I tried to reinstall Mathematica but that did not help. I work with a version for MacOS v. 10.15.1.

output formatting – how to display Sin[Subscript[alpha,i]/ 2]like $ s_ {bar { alpha} _2} $ using for example, Makeboxes?

The problem you are facing is that the FullForm of x/2 changes in the assessment, combined with HoldAllComplete attribute of MakeBoxes:

(* Hold(Times(a,Power(2,-1))) *)

(* Times(Rational(1,2),a) *)

Note how $ a cdot2 ^ {- 1} $ changes made to $ a cdot frac $ 12 when he is allowed to evaluate. As mentioned above, this leads to problems due to the HoldAllComplete attribute of MakeBoxes: You define a rule for the form that you enter, which means that it will not be applied to the evaluated form:

MakeBoxes(Sin(Subscript(α, i) / 2), StandardForm) =
  MakeBoxes(Subscript(s, Subscript(Overscript(α, _), 2)), StandardForm)

Sin(Subscript((Alpha), i)/2)

$ sin ( frac alpha2) $

HoldForm(Sin(Subscript((Alpha), i)/2))

$ s _ { bar { alpha} _2} $

To resolve this problem, you must define a formatting rule for the evaluated form:

MakeBoxes(Sin(Rational(1, 2) Subscript(α, i)), StandardForm) = 
  MakeBoxes(Subscript(s, Subscript(Overscript(α, _), 2)), StandardForm)

Sin(Subscript((Alpha), i)/2)

$ s _ { bar { alpha} _2} $

You can also inject the evaluated form into MakeBoxes:

  {evaluated = Sin(Subscript(α, i) / 2)},
  MakeBoxes(evaluated, StandardForm) =
   MakeBoxes(Subscript(s, Subscript(Overscript(α, _), 2)), StandardForm)

Sin(Subscript((Alpha), i)/2)

$ s _ { bar { alpha} _2} $

Note that the use Evaluate would not work because HoldAllComplete prevents any form of evaluation, including Evaluate and up-values.

Multiline SharePoint Online with append – JSON formatting

In SharePoint Online, I have several text column lines that have been added.

with JSON

Instead of displaying "Show Entries" in a multi-line text column with the Add only checked option, will show all entries or only the last entry?

enter the description of the image here

I am interested in JSON replies only.

windows – How can I repair my remote W10 kiosk without formatting?

I have a kiosk installed remotely under Windows 10, where I can not set any of the options or delete the kiosk, because I would get this:

screen capture

I've tried removing the user manually and recreating everything, but the same thing happens every time, regardless of the options I choose.

How can I fix this mess without formatting? The kiosk is at 8 o'clock!

Python Formatting pprint output – specifically hexadecimal

I am pretty new to Python. Use python3.6.6. I work with a lot of huge nested data structures and it is very convenient to use pprint.pprint to export them as text files. However, I would like all integers in the structure to be printed as hexadecimal constants, but do not see any way to do it. I could write custom print routines and use the hex () function, but it would be a ton of work and I should write separate routines for each data structure. No suggestion?

thank you,


How to use conditional formatting on one column based on some characters in another column?

When column D has a hyphen (-) I want the fill color in column H switch.
What is the custom formula for this?

Formulas – (Google Sheets) How to use conditional formatting on one column based on data from another column?

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Google Sheets applies conditional formatting for each column.

I would like to highlight the maximum value in each column. Example:

   A    B    C
1  50   12   60%
2  20   84   50% 
3  38   20   15% 

Here A1, B2, C1 will be highlighted. So, I know how to do that for 1 column. I create a custom formula:


So, if I do, only cell A1 will be highlighted. So, how can I do this for the other column at the same time without duplicating the conditional formatting on each column?

I've noticed that the max () function does not work on the percentage, it does not highlight my cell, do you know why?

formatting – How to format output numbers like 0.?

I have a function that is given below. If my number, n is 0. or 1. the function gives 0.E0 or 1.E0, respectively. However, I would like to form it as 0.0000E0 or 1.0000E0 as the other numbers given in the function. How could I solve this problem?

f(n_) := ScientificForm(N(n), NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) &));

Thank you.

conditions – get_the_term_list (get_the_ID () formatting the label?

You can use HTML to mark it as you wish. You can use a tag to put it in bold:

$film_tags = get_the_term_list( get_the_ID(), 'film_tags', 'Tags: ', ', ', '' );

Or add a class to styler with CSS:

$film_tags = get_the_term_list( get_the_ID(), 'film_tags', 'Tags: ', ', ', '' );