list – Conditional formatting of SharePoint columns – Applying CSS classes to a date field with the help of a nested IF statement

My apologies, I am relatively new to SharePoint / JSON, so forgive me if I do not see the evidence. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help.

I would like to apply conditional formatting to a date field using a nested IF statement.

IF the current field is blank, set the CSS class to & # 39; locked & # 39; However, if the current field is populated, run a second IF: If the current field is more than one year old today, set the CSS class to "blocked." However, if the current field is in the last year, set the CSS code. class to "good".

I ran the following, without success. No formatting is applied whatsoever.


  "$schema": "",

"elmType": "div",

"attributes": {

"class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='', 'sp-field-severity--blocked', if((@currentField)+31104000000 < @now,'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good'))"

"txtContent": "@currentField"


HOWEVER, when I split the conditions in two, they work independently.

  1. = SI empty, blocked, good.
  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "attributes": {
    "class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='','sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"
  "txtContent": "@currentField"
  1. = SI exceeds 1 year, blocked, good.
  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "attributes": {
    "class": "=if(@currentField+31104000000 < @now, 'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"
  "txtContent": "@currentField"

My next step would be to add the icon of the corresponding CSS class in the field.

formatting – Wolfram cloud and typing shortcut

I subscribed to Wolfram Cloud a few days ago and now I am trying to get used to it.

I use the iPad pro (Generation 2) with the smart keyboard and access to the cloud via the Wolfram Cloud application.

But I struggle with the subscription, power, fraction, Greek letters, and so on. like on an office environment.

I can not use, for example, "ctrl (cmd maybe on Mac?) + _" To write the index, and "ctrl + /" to convert an entry to fractional form.

In addition, the shortcut for the escape key on iPad ("control + (")) does not work on the application and the others do not seem to be an alternative.

Can I ask someone to confirm if these issues can be solved in an environment (iPad + cloud application)?
Do I have to wait for the next update for this?

Thank you for reading.

php – HTML formatting "single_term_title ()"?

I'm having fun with the pages of my Woocommerce store and I'm now trying to get that category titles appear at the top of the edited pages again.

I've managed so far, using the following code, which Is show the right title in the right place:

   $titlehere = single_term_title();
    echo '

' . $titlehere . '


My current problem is that I need the category title to be displayed in big text as a h1 header, but HTML formatting does not apply.

I know that there is nothing else that opposes it, because another text put in its place appears on the site with formatting.

Unfortunately, I am a little in the dark here, I learn things as I go, so that I do not quite understand how everything works.

Is there anything I could set up of "single_term_title ()" that will allow me to display the title of the category and to allow HTML formatting to apply?

Thanks in advance!

Conditional formatting for Google Sheet compared to the text list

I'm trying to create a custom formula for conditional formatting. I want to highlight the cell if the text appears in a list of names. This list will contain 210 unique names, so I can not enter each one in the formula. I hope to be able to reference a list, but can not find an example for Google Sheets. I was able to see an example for Excel that would refer to a "list" that you would create.

thank you,

formatting – Extract outputs from a WHILE loop in array format

use Table instead of one While loop:

table = Table[{2, 3}^i, {i, 5}]

{{2, 3}, {4, 9}, {8, 27}, {16, 81}, {32, 243}}


table = Transpose[Table[i^Range[5], {i, 2, 3}]]

{{2, 3}, {4, 9}, {8, 27}, {16, 81}, {32, 243}}

You can use Grid display:

Grid[table, Dividers -> All] 

enter the description of the image here

Update: If you must use While you can AppendTo a list that is initialized to {}:

i = 1;
tab = {};
While[i < 6, c = 2^i; d = 3^i; AppendTo[tab, {c, d}]; i++];

{{2, 3}, {4, 9}, {8, 27}, {16, 81}, {32, 243}}

Alternatively, you can use Reap / Sow combination:

i = 1;
Reap[While[i < 6, Sow[{2, 3}^i]; i++]][[2, 1]]

{{2, 3}, {4, 9}, {8, 27}, {16, 81}, {32, 243}}

Conditional formatting. How to highlight a cell if its value is a multiple of a given number

I want to apply conditional formatting to any cell in a range containing a multiple value of it.

THIS IS TO SAY: Apply bold font in any column cell A it is a multiple of 4 (4,8,12,16,20,24, …).

Can someone help with that?

set 2 remaining date using Excel vba / conditional formatting

I'm trying to learn VBAscript in Excel.

Here is the structure of my column.

H                   I                  J                
Email Sent date     Remainder 1       Remainder-2

Once the date of sending my email was available automatically The date of the rest 1 and the date of the rest 2 should appear with the color code for the rest 1, it should be orange and the rest 2, it should to be yellow

Currently, I am trying to use conditional formatting, but that does not help me look for what I am looking for.

In fact, I have tried the code below but I do not see the result. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


Experts please advise here.

Thanks in advance

Conditional Formatting: How to Select All Cells Containing Specific Text in Google Sheets?

Let's say you want to search for "foobar" in the A1:B10 interval.

Use an IF formula with a condition based on =REGEXMATCH :

IF the beach contains "foobar", returns the cell, otherwise we do nothing. You can send the cell data but also coordinate with =ROW() and =COLUMN()

You want to test all the cells then I made a chart with ArrayFormula.


Edit: this method is case sensitive, space sensitive, etc … try to use =TRIM or =LOWER

Conditional Formatting – Opening Google Sheets in a certain cell or column

I try to make sure that when someone who is in this weekly calendar opens the document, it locks on the week in which we are currently.

Our dates are at line 4, at the top of the document, and run from June to December. I need the calendar to open it to the week in which we are currently.

I have seen scripts to lock the date today, but since we only list on the Monday of each week, these do not work. Can he lock to a certain cell?

Formatting SharePoint modern views with JSON

My STYLE is accepted but it has priority over ATTRIBUTES: Class. How do you suggest that I take advantage of incorporating if (indexOf (@currentField inside STYLE – which will allow me to create a wildcard?) What I need to look for in the fields of my SharePoint list containing a – or / that says its a date and change the color of this text Here is my code – the STYLE replaces the ATTRIBUTES:


"$ schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"debugMode": true,
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"font-weight": "bold",
"background color": "blue",
"padding": "4px",
"color": "= if (@currentField == NY, # D2B48C, if (@currentField == MLK & # 39 ;, & # 39; # D2B48C, if (@currentField == 'PRES', # D2B48C ', if (@currentField == MEM>, & # 39; # D2B48C, if (@currentField == INDEP, # D2B48C, if (@currentField == LABOR & # 39 ;, & # 39; # D2B48C, if (@currentField == TURKEY, # D2B48C, if (@currentField == CHRIS, & # 39 ;, & # 39; # D2B48C, if (@currentField == Tan = Holidays in the period, # D2B48C, if (@currentField == Anthony & # 39; , "Red," if (@currentField == "Hugh," red, if (@currentField == John, & & # 39 ;, & Red, if (@currentField == "Lan", "red" if (@currentField == Dan, &, Red, if (@currentField == Jeremy's, "red", if (@currentField == Cory & # 39; , "Red", if (@currentField == Mark, # FFFF00 & # 3; 9 ;, if (@currentField == "Angelo", # FFFF00, if (@currentField == Robert, # FFFF00 & # 39; 39,, & # 39;))))))))))))))))))))) "

"attributes": {
"class": "= if (indexOf (@currentField, – -)! = -1 || indexOf (@currentField, & # 39; / -)! = -1, & Ms-fontColor-redDark & ​​# 39;) "