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I run a website about 90s and 2000s nostalgia and I have no idea how to make a good article. I would like to hire 1 or 2 people who would be willing to write some articles for maybe $5 a week for a few weeks. Thank you!


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My name is Abizaga! I’ve been running forums for long time. (In fact I think my Q Army project was put on here ages ago…) Anyway, right now I run a site called GeezeZone! It’s a forum for talking about all things 90’s and 2000’s nostalgia! I look forward to being aroind here more!


GeezeZone – The repository of the retro! | Forum Promotion

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my new website:
Link to the forum.


About: It’s a new forum designed for the discussion of all things 90’s and 2000’s nostalgia! It’s meant to be for the nostalgic to discuss 90’s and 2000’s internet culture, memes, websites, memes, games, movies, tv, etc. It’s a subject I’m very passionate about and I would like to provide a place for anyone who wants to talk about this to talk about their stories and memories too!

Date of foundation: March 30th, 2020.

Post count: 4,695

Thread Count: 574

Member count: 93

What we got:
Social groups
Wide social media integration
A wiki
Article system

Thank you for taking a look at my board!​

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Hi all,

Below you will find the advertising prices if you wish to gain more traffic. You can choose text or image advertisement and the advertising will be displayed in my Signature on Share YouTube Videos.

1 month – 3 dollars
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Site URL:
Package: Ruby
Total posts your site: 274 (EDIT: 293 and going strong)
Packager Preference: no preference
Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No thanks
Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: I’d prefer not. I would like to keep it organic looking.
Extra Notes: Please use a different username than what you use here. If we already have an existing post package underway please use a new account/username.

T H A N K Y O U :cool:

Forum Posting – $20 a month

Material will fit the situation. Will attempt to make a some threads and replies extra long. However, the point is to look natural.

Thread edited: 6/19/20

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Hi guys!
I have a couple local small businesses websites. I need to boost them with links.
I want to add one or two tier 1 links per month, and tier 2-3-4.  One niche is local beauty salon, other niche is local spa salon. It is small town, it has 50k of people.
My question is, how I quickly get/buy the correct tier 1 link? So I can then use GSA Search Ranker?
P.S. I don’t want to make reach out contating magazines, journals etc. to get tier 1 link.

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The Free Banner Exchange
It is basically a free service, where if you have a code they provide on your forum or site, you gain credits to advertise your banner(s) in the same system. Ad sizes are 125×125, 160×300, 234×60, 250×250, 468×60, 88×32.

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Discussion Time is running a competition whereby you earn points by answering pictionary images correctly. The points are recorded in this scoreboard. Members can win gold points (forum currency) and Amazon vouchers.

The pictionary games are as follows:

Guess The Song
Guess The Movie

Guess The Phrase/Saying


10 points* – 100 Gold Points**
20 points* – £5 Amazon Voucher
30 points* – £10 Amazon Voucher

*accumulated over all or any single game.
**Gold points can be used towards various items on the forum; Gold Points Information


Once you reach 10 points you can choose to either continue on for higher rewards or claim your prize and reset your score. Same for 20 points.

Once a pictionary image has been correctly guessed I will update the scoreboard and post a new pictionary image in the relevant topic.

Max one amazon voucher per user per month.

To participate you must have at least 15 non forum games posts.


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Both the community billboards and redirect auction, allows replies to the threads. The redirect auction takes entries directly in the thread, and runs weekly. The Community Billboards voting, allows submissions from the 1’st of the month, to the 15h, and requires you to post your forum name and url in the submissions thread only. Once the voting thread goes up, submissions are over till the end of the month.