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In fact, I would not say that search engines will promote your website, not for free, obviously:]

Community of the month n ° 31 – Vote | Promotion Forum

Contest information

Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on the website or forum that deserves the most recognition.

Each month, the forums / sites are submitted from the 1st to the 15th and voted between the 15th and the 31st. Any site can be submitted, and the site with the most votes wins this month.

Voting rules

  • You must have done at least 15 publications FP over the past three months to vote at the CoTM.
  • You can only vote for one of the sites listed below (which were submitted during the first half of this month).
  • You can not vote for a site you submitted to CoTM.
  • You can not vote for a site where you are an administrator.
  • You can not ask others to vote for a site you own or manage.
  • You can not create duplicate accounts or use other people's accounts to vote for a site.
  • Any other tactics for obtaining additional votes may result in a reduction in votes and / or further action.

Prize of the contest

  • Ads: The winning site will be featured on the community bulletin board for a month.
  • Sticky: Your promotional directory topic will be pasted for a month.
  • Recognition: A medal will be displayed on each message posted on FP for one month.
  • Free service: You will receive a free service of your choice on FP.

Submissions to this month's contest

Site Name: Gaming Boards – Where Players Unite
Website link: http://GamingBoards.net/

Site Name: Admin Retail
Website link: https://admin-retail.com

Name of the site: Night frights
Site link: http://nightlyfrights.forumotion.com/

Name of the site: Cats by the fire
Site link: https://firesidechats.home.blog/

Name of the site: baysidegamers
Website link: www.baysidegamers.com

Name of the site: stormdevelopers
Website link: https://stormdevelopers.com

Name of the site: VGR
Website link: https://www.vgr.com

Name of the site: Alien Babble
Site link: alienbabble.com

Site Name: dailynew
Website URL: http://dailynew.forumotion.com/

Name of the site: JoyFreak
Website link: https://www.joyfreak.com/

Vote for your favorite site!

To vote, answer this question by indicating the name of the site for which you are voting! Votes will be accepted until the 17:00 Central Standard Time (23:00 GMT) on the first day of next month.

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New design at Technabyte | Promotion Forum

In all honesty, and I know that I can seem severe. It was much better before. It seems like it's a very old design and nothing resembles the standards of today. The menu overview looks like Windows 95, but slightly more modern. I do not like the design of the 3D menu bar either. The buttons have an incorrect border color and collide with the gray being gray. The overflight of services is a bit of a slap and should be lighter or darker gray instead of blue. In addition, the font on the logo does not look professional.

You seem to know that the least is more important today, but you are mistaken in my opinion.

Overall, I have the feeling that it is an outdated hosting company that has few resources and capabilities to design a top quality website, which is crucial for a website design company / Services. I click in a second.

Sorry if it sounds hard, it was not intentional, but it's just my opinion. Good luck.

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You're hurting – Here's why | Promotion Forum

I would like to make an assumption about most webmasters and administrators who visit FP.

Most of you have your strategy completely in the back. You first created a website. Then you promote it. From what I can say, it's the premise of Forum Promotion.

The pro is that you feel fulfilled because, well, you have "built" something overnight. It was fast, easy and your theme at $ 35 is awesome. The disadvantage is that, unfortunately, what you have built is not useful, popular or serves any audience.

And if you did it backwards? What if … You spent several months visiting groups, communities and related social clubs. You have interacted with other users, established connections, and reviewed your niche. In doing so, you discover what they are interested, you develop an audience, you find what's missing in the niche and what's growing, and you can target content that will be immediately popular. And then you start your community.

The pro is that you will have a viable community with an active audience and relevant content. The disadvantage is that, well, it requires hard work, deep involvement and the development of a real strategy.


DDL.to | NewProxyLists – Webmaster Forum


A flawless stay

I would like to introduce both file (DDL) and video (VUP) hosts to you. I am also the official support and known under Xim.

We have become more and more focused on hosting to provide a very good download and streaming speed. Our service is totally free for everyone. There is no traffic or download limit. Users download with passion for their own community. We are aware that Wjunction is a forum where affiliates go first. Many users here are interested in making money. We can understand that very well and know that many people would not use this service because they can not make money. This service only offers users a possibility that is not possible with other providers.

We do not plan to offer rewards in the future for VUP.to. It does not belong to our business model. DDL.to has been in existence for over a year now and the service is growing as more and more. DDL.TO is the only vendor currently offering PPD and PPS files. VUP.to was founded more than a month ago and has now reached the same size as DDL.to.

sample file: https://ddl.to/ytw4y0zqs9sg
video example: https://vup.to/mai8jn3pwopu.html

What are the differences between us and others? What do we propose?

  • We do not limit traffic and speed. (except at peak times).
  • Our storage servers are located in exotic countries.
  • DDL.to has unlimited storage for users.
  • A service where availability is guaranteed. We use the latest technologies.
  • We offer music, video player with integrate.
  • We offer support via chats and emails.
  • Tools such as Z-o-o-m and others are supported.
  • Download tools such as JDownloader or Mipony are supported.
  • Link protectors such as Filecrypt or other providers are supported.
  • You can download via browser, tools, FTP, remote URL or other possibilities.
  • Many user options such as unzipping .ZIP archives or creating archives. Upload your own SRT files directly through the player or settings. Try it yourself and use the possibilities offered.

These are just a few examples that have been presented. Sign up on the pages and use the possibilities we offer you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here in this thread.
Or contact me by email – (IMG)

This wjunction account is managed by Xim

Looking to fight – Why are you fighting on site? | Promotion Forum

The site battles on Forum Promotion look fun. But I have a serious question for administrators and serious webmasters: why do you battle site?

Do you really care about improving your ego, FP points, or leaderboard? Do these site battles really benefit your strategy and your long-term growth? These are all fun reasons, do not get me wrong, but are they useful reasons that will help you develop your community in a meaningful way?

What if I told you that I fight battles on the site several times a week? Really! But my battles on the site are:
– Against websites, forums, communities and social media groups that directly overlap my niche
– A deep and contemplative analysis of what makes these pages popular, unique and special to see what works in other communities
– An overview of the technology platform to see what modern users expect
– An investigation of their main strategy and a reflection to see if it is a strategy that I can imitate or do better / faster / cheaper

These are my site battles. These should also be the battles of your site and you should do them all the time.