I will buy access to a forum or blog

Hello, I have a question, I would like to buy an access
on the forum or blog with good traffic
I have several years of experience
I only post movies and TV shows. cordially
pey only bitcoin
info PM me

Free – Games site for staff and Esports! | Promotion Forum

Currently, I have about 4 people who would like to help with the project. Thanks for the interest
If you are still interested, do not hesitate to post here, although the staff is pretty much everything. You can also help as a member. After all, pleasure is the most precious value!

Sell ​​- LusoVPS.com Fast and Stable VPS Hosting in Helsinki, Finland at Low Prices! | Promotion Forum

If you need professionals Linux and Windows VPS hosting services in Europe, Lusovps.com is a good solution. We are a VPS provider and we use Xen and KVM to host our VPS. Beside that, we provide web hosting (cpanel) and VPN service. We have a lot of server locations: Canada, Singapore, United States, Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland. All these places have Automatic delivery, which means that the server will be delivered within 1 minute after receipt of payment. We will do business with every country in the world. We are able to receive payments from several entities: PayPal, major credit cards and wire transfers. We also accept Multibanco in Portugal.

Why choose Luso VPS?

  • Spend less money – You can buy what you need
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  • Consciousness – Every server resource is well used and not wasted
  • green – By using the same physical resource to serve multiple users, we save the Earth

Check-out Lusovps.com Affordable VPS Hosting in Finland solutions:

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LusoVPS.com offers several server sites!
In addition, you can follow these links for more information on our feature-rich VPS hosting packages:
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==== >>>> VPN service

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Lusovps.com team:

Our offices are located in the city of Póvoa de Varzim near Porto in Portugal.
Rua Sacra Familia, 924 1 PO
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Info: info@lusovps.com
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Which competitions have you found the most successful? | Promotion Forum

After the merger, I would like to have a huge contest. I do not know exactly what to do for that. I am, however, aware of the price I am going to make.

I've already tried to post contests to boost activity, but that never seems to work as well as I hoped. I need some sort of competition to revive the business after my merger.

The award will be rewarded as it is now a general discussion forum focused on game development and webmaster content. The winner will choose either his own website created by me, or an extensive Panda compatible SEO plan.

The main homepage of Revillution is launched! | Promotion Forum

So, after a few months of preparation, we finally launched the main homepage of Revillution! The homepage will also contain news about games, new techniques and reviews. We are also trying to post the feeds on the main page very soon.

Do not pay attention to dust, we are still fixing the problem!

What are your thoughts? :]

Looking for a guide on hosting a web forum

Hello everyone, first publication on the site.

I'm looking to do a project and it's been years since I've hosted a small web forum. I am interested in hearing anyone's comments on the following needs.

1. I need to register a domain name and set up a simple web forum (no shops, no server side applications outside of the forum software);
2. I need a way to allow members to pay a small annual fee to gain access;
3. I do not need to generate revenue from ads and would prefer not to have any;
4. the number of members could reach 30,000 members;
5. I'm not sure of the storage space required for a forum where 99.9% of the downloads would be documents and maybe images.
6. Do numbers 1-5 require a dedicated server?
7. If it needs a dedicated server, what kind of system would offer the best compromise between ease of management and reliability?
8. I know that prices vary, but what kind of price would be considered "unreasonably high" for what I ask?

As always, thanks in advance. I am reading the site for archived discussions similar to those described above.


What are the best forum posting sites for SEO?

Hello friends,

I want to know What are the best forum posting sites for SEO?

Webmaster Site | Promotion Forum


About me:

I own rmmv.co, a website with nearly 40,000 members. It currently has 37,848 members and earns about 100 people a day. I have been developing and creating forums for about 10 years now (started in 2009) and throughout this period, I have learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and I really know what I am doing.

About the site:
That being said, I plan to open a forum I did some time ago. If you can say that I've deleted all the dates from the image, I'm about to rearrange it, publish new content and everything else. I think that throughout the 10 years, and maintaining a forum of nearly 40,000 members, I could help many people by publishing some of my accomplishments that have worked well and by publishing some of my contributions. it did not work, or it almost cost me a website. I would like a website for webmasters to really help other webmasters, especially the new ones. I know a lot of things have been done and that the niche of webmasters is a bit crowded. However, with my story and knowledge, I think I should be able to help others, which is all I want to do.

Why I posted here:
I would like to know your opinion and your ideas about it. As stated, the niche itself has a lot of other websites, as well as already established websites. Although my content is unique, it is always nice to hear from outside spirits to see what I can improve.

Charity Lottery Website | Promotion Forum

I just started developing a website that will be a lottery. Every week, a lottery will be organized. Of this amount, 80% of the funds will go to the winner's choice (from a set of pre-selected charities). The remaining 20% ​​will be spent maintaining the website and promoting it to further develop it. Extra Life, the Red Cross and others will be part of the charities chosen. I am still reviewing all the charitable works. I would like to make sure that they are not "fragmentary" in any way before supporting them. And to ensure that all the money they receive goes to the right place.

I would like to see how you would like this idea. Do you think it will work? I am already halfway with the only development today, and hope to make it operational by the end of the week.

All ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Indian Webmasters Forum | Promotion Forum

Hello Indian Webmasters, here is a forum to present your website, get support, share offers, chat.

Note: The presentation section of the site is reserved for Indian users. But the hosting company can advertise your service in the section Accommodation offers.