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I’m offering our interstitial ad for a fixed CPM rate (you don’t need to delete your current pop).

Here are some of our publishers who are already using this ad unit:

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Sales – dedicated servers at an advantageous price | Unlimited bandwidth + free DDoS protection! | Forum promotion

Are you interested in High-end dedicated server hosting services?

CentoHost has been a leading provider of web hosting services since 2002. We use the latest Dell server technology in our own data center to guarantee our customers the best performance from their websites. Our wide selection of web hosting services will meet your hosting needs, whether you are creating a small, simple website or a powerful, high traffic website. Our main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support. With a large customer base, there is a wide range of web hosting requirements. We have adapted our business to these needs by providing flexible and scalable services.

SPECIAL OFFER: first 3 months – 35% reduction

Our dedicated servers are located in own data center in Europe – Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will get access to the serial console with performance servers. In addition, you can install and customize applications.

Our characteristics:

  • Bandwidth not measured
  • Free DDoS protection
  • IPv6 ready
  • Free configuration
  • Free hardware RAID
  • Quick setup
  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Guaranteed resource
  • Server monitoring
  • Remote restart
  • Single and dual processors

Take a look at Centohost Dedicated entry-level servers:
Start with a dedicated server in your budget – (Unlimited bandwidth + Free DDoS protection + IPv6 compatible + Free configuration)

Server package PE-R320
Six-core Xeon E5-2420v2

Speed ​​- 6 cores x 1.9 GHz
Memory – 16 GB DDR3 memory
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA3)
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 129 / month – $ 83.85 / month – ORDER NOW

Server assembly PE-R320 – 2
Six Core Xeon E5-2440
Speed ​​- 6 cores x 2.4 GHz
Memory – 16 GB DDR3 memory
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA3)
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 144 – $ 93.60 / month (3 months 35% off) – ORDER NOW

You can also check Centohost Dedicated performance servers:
More powerful servers for medium and large projects – (Unlimited bandwidth + Free DDoS protection + IPv6 compatible + Free configuration)

PE R610 Server Package – 1
2 x 6 cores Xeon X5650

Speed ​​- 12 cores x 2.7 GHz (+ HT)
Memory – 32 GB DDR3
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA) SAS optional
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 243 – $ 157.95 / month (3 months 35% off) – ORDER NOW

Server package PE R610 – 2
2 x 6 cores Xeon X5670
Speed ​​- 12 cores x 2.93 GHz (+ HT)
Memory – 32 GB DDR3
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA) SAS optional
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 259 – $ 168.35 / month (3 months 35% off) – ORDER NOW

Server set PE-R710 – 3
2 x 6 cores Xeon X5670
Speed ​​- 12 cores x 2.93 GHz (+ HT)
Memory – 32 GB DDR3
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA) SAS optional
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 274 – $ 178.10 / month (3 months 35% off) – ORDER NOW

Server package PE-R620
2 x 8 Xeon E5-2670 cores
Speed ​​- 16 cores x 2.60 GHz (+ HT)
Memory – 64 GB DDR3
HDDs – 2 TB (2 x 1 TB SATA) SAS optional
Bandwidth – without measure
PRICE – $ 369 – $ 239.85 / month (3 months 35% off) – ORDER NOW

Included with dedicated server:
Quick setup (In most cases, our servers will be ready in just 4 hours after your order)
IPv4 and IPv6 network (All dedicated servers include both connection and IPv4 and IPv6 network addresses)
Unchanged traffic (All of our dedicated servers are delivered with unlimited data transfer)
No installation price (All our dedicated servers are with a completely FREE configuration, even if you pay monthly)
Free DDoS protection (All the dedicated servers of our offer are protected by an advanced DDoS protection system)
Free hardware RAID (We offer a FREE hardware raid controller with all of our performance servers)

=== >> Write to us:
Centohost LLC
7260 W. Azure Dr Ste 140-796
Las Vegas, NV 89130, United States
Phone: + 1-702-323-3802
Fax: + 1-702-323-3844

Not sure which plan is best for you?
No problem. Send us a ticket with your questions and we will respond with a quote. Free.

Facebook advertising | Forum promotion

I have been running an ad for a few weeks now. I see a lot of traffic but I haven't gained a lot of registrations (maybe around 20 people, over 2 weeks). It's not bad for the price. I also like that you can really target who sees your ad. I mean very fine control over that. I have a buncha criterion that they must like this and at least that, but cannot like that, or that, as their interests. You can select by age, gender, etc. MUCH more control than what Google ads give.

I also like that the billing on Facebook is EXACT. GoogleAds is so risky that you can end up going over budget, which really scares me, I'm a person, a hobbyist, not a business, I don't have a billion dollars to spend on ads.

Therefore, Facebook ads are the best, because you will never go over the budget you have set and the excellent targeting methods. In addition, millions of people use Facebook every day, for hours a day – therefore, they are required to see your ad.

I give Facebook Ads 2 inches! :awesome: – Where is a good Worpress forum for ACTIVE beginners?

I have an old classic HTML / CSS / Javascript website that needs to be rewritten for the 21st century. Many people have suggested WP, ​​which I have always considered blogging software, but apparently it can be used to create a static website. I don't want a blog.

I am an artist and photographer and a total noob WP, so I am looking for an active website for NON-sw engineers who just want to use WP to create a website. Most of the questions here are well over my head.

But I've looked at and their forums have millions of unanswered questions, even after MONTHS. Is there a more active site suitable for beginners?

Need help advertising my website! | Forum promotion

I never spent any money on advertising and you don't have to do it, it's hard to find members, and you really need to look at your board of directors 39; administration. How many are there with the same niche? Are they active? What do the most active boards do? I have always found that affiliating with another site is a great way to get your board out and you don't necessarily have to stick to advertising on the same niche tables, I never have any, and it works ..
But I see a trend where people don't want to be paid for their services and this seems to be the biggest obstacle for the majority. I have also found that it is a great idea to visit other server sites as well rather than sticking to what you know, as some will only remain affiliated with MyBB if they have a MyBB and usually stick to their server cards, that is another big mistake, venture out and look around.

Storm Developers – Reviews | Forum promotion

Hi everyone at FP,

I'm looking for advice on mistakes I've made or improvements I can make to get to where I need to be.
would love to hear all of your comments

The description:
Storm Developers is looking to become a good developer community. Along with that, we also look at marketing and other technical areas for web and software developers, webmasters and designers.

Ruby set – Ruby for MAF | Forum promotion

Site URL:
Package: Ruby
Total number of messages on your site: 156975
Packager preference: N / A
Preferred display location: Please try to post in anime discussions and manga discussions.
Would you like to update all the responses to the threads ?: No
Do you authorize our packers to promote the promotion of the forum on your site ?: No
Additional Notes: If you're new, be sure to upload an avatar to your account and not post any links to the forum.

Social media posts – Frequency? | Forum promotion

In fact, you want to update social media most often outside of work hours, usually between 5 and 8 a.m. and then again in the evening when people are out of work until 8 or 9 p.m. hours. This seems to be the case when most people visit various social media platforms, so it is more likely to reach more people during these times. This does not mean that you should not share content during the working day, but the things that you do (especially articles like articles) that you may want to share again during any of these other periods.

Forum Index Redirects Auction # 11 | Forum promotion

Forum index redirect bids
The auction ends every week, at the end of each week, Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (EST)
Competition status:

In this auction, you are offering FP $ to have the opportunity to have your website link published on the Forum Promotion forum index in the "Forum Redirect Auction" ad space for one week after the end of each weekly raffle, for the duration of the following week. The member who offers the most FP $ before the end of the auction will win.

Please review the following rules before bidding.

Auction rules:

  • Must have at least 10 positions on FP – Only members who have 10 or more positions are authorized to bid.
  • Must have the equivalent of FP $ to match your bid – Failure to have the equivalent amount of FP $ to match your offer will result in the cancellation of your offer and a note added to your account.
  • Offers must be increments of 10 FP $ or more – Any offer less than 10 FP $ from the previous offer will be ignored.
  • End of the auction – Only offers before the end of the closing time of the current week will count. Those bidding after the auction closing time will be canceled.

How to bid:

Just answer this thread below with your offer!

What interests you, no one would expect | Forum promotion

What interests you and what most people don't expect?

There are quite a few people in my community who don't know that I'm really interested in forums and how they work. Most people, I think, would be surprised if they learned what interests me.