Where should I place the sitemap for the fourth level domain?

Where should I place the sitemap.xml file for a fourth-level domain (for example en.subdomain.example.com)?

From sitemaps.org:

All URLs listed in the site map must reside on the same host as the
Sitemap. For example, if the sitemap is at the address
http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml, it cannot include the URLs of
http://subdomain.example.com. If the sitemap is located at
http://www.example.com/myfolder/sitemap.xml, it cannot include URL
at http://www.example.com.

Does this mean that I should place a different sitemap.xml file in the root directory of each subdomain? For example:

example.com/sitemap.xml - for links ~ https://example.com/path
subdomain1.example.com/sitemap.xml - for links ~ https://subdomain1.example.com/path
subdomain2.example.com/sitemap.xml - for links ~ https://subdomain2.example.com/path
en.subdomain1.example.com/sitemap.xml - for links ~ https://en.subdomain1.example.com/path
fr.subdomain2.example.com/sitemap.xml - for links ~ https://fr.subdomain2.example.com/path

Currently, I have a sitemap.xml file at the root of https://example.com/, which includes all of the links for all of the subdomains.

How to calculate the fourth root in C

Hello, I am a beginner in the field of programming and I am making a program which calculates certain types of averages, but in the geometric mean, the formula uses the fourth root of abcd, I thought of using the function sqrt but if i'm not mistaken, it only makes the square root, how can i create this account?


int main(void) {
  int cod;
  float nota1, nota2, nota3, nota4, media;

  printf("Insira a primeira nota: ");
    scanf("%f", ¬a1);


  printf("Insira a segunda nota: ");
    scanf("%f", ¬a2);


  printf("Insira a terceira nota: ");
    scanf("%f", ¬a3);


  printf("Insira a quarta nota: ");
    scanf("%f", ¬a4);


  printf(" n 1: Aritmetica n 2: Harmonica n 3: Geometrica n 4: Quadratica nn Insira o codigo da media que deseja: ");
    scanf("%d", &cod);


  if (cod == 1){
    media = (nota1 + nota2 + nota3 + nota4 )/4;
      printf("Media: %.2f", media);
  if (cod == 2){
    media = (4/((1/nota1)+(1/nota2)+(1/nota3)+(1/nota4)));
      printf("Media: %.2f", media);    
  if (cod == 3){
    media = 
      printf("Media: %.2f", media);    
  if (cod == 4){
    media = (sqrt((pow(nota1, 2) + pow(nota2, 2) + pow(nota3, 2) + pow(nota4, 2))/4));
      printf("Media: %.2f", media);
  return 0;

calculation – What is the maximum of the fourth derivative?

I find the error related to the interpolation of the function $ f (x) = cos ( pi x) + sin ( pi x) $ on the interval $ (- 1, 1) $. To do this, I need the maximum of the absolute value of the fourth derivative. The fourth derivative is $ f ^ 4 = pi ^ 4cos ( pi x) + pi ^ 4 sin ( pi x) $.

My first thought is that the absolute value of the maximum of this function is $ pi ^ 4 $ which happens when $ x = $ 1. However, it is not correct. Why not How do you find the correct maximum?

Given a bounded rectangular area, I generate 4 random points. What is the probability that the fourth point is in a triangle formed by the first 3?

How could I attack this problem? The goal is to eliminate the points by knowing if they are encompassed by 3 other points.

Linear Algebra – Rank the sum of the fourth power of each rank on the Stiefel variety

Let $ O (n, r) $ to be the variety of Stiefel, which is the collection of all $ n times r $ matrices such that the columns are orthonormal.

For all $ U in O (n, r) $, to define $ n $ the functions $ a_1 (U), …, a_n (U) $ in the following iterative way:
$$ a_1 (U) = max_ {1 leq i leq n} sum_ {j = 1} ^ rU_ {ij} ^ 4 $$
Leave the maximum to be reached by line index $ i_1 $. Then define
$$ a_2 (U) = max_ {1 leq i leq, i neq i_1} sum_ {j = 1} ^ rU_ {ij} ^ 4 $$
Similarly define the maximizer to be $ i_2 $. So $ a_1 (U) geq a_2 (U) geq a_3 (U) geq … geq a_n (U) $ can be defined iteratively.

My question is, what is
$$ max_ {U in O (n, r)} a_ {r + 1} (U) $$?
When will this maximum be reached?

Apparently, $ a_1, …, a_r $ can reach the maximum 1 simultaneously. However, I suppose there is a void for $ a_ {r + 1} $, leading to the maximum of $ a_ {r + 1} $ very small.

Windows App – Fourth Ray Software FRSFileMgr 6.1.4 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Fourth Ray Software FRSFileMgr 6.1.4 | 4.8 MB

Computer File Manager. Easier to use than Windows Explorer because it only handles files and directories / folders; nothing else. To interact more quickly and efficiently with computer files. Subsequently, a feature has been added to make it easier to process multiple files at once, e.

g. rename a group of digital photo files.
– Manage files, directories and drives, and nothing else!
– Performs accurate searches for files.
– Can keep notes associated with files.
– Provides many reports to search for files and display statistics.
– Allows to completely reverse the changes made.
– Prints the file list.
– Displays all key information directly in the main window.
– Complete online documentation and easy to use.
– Can mark files and directories.
– Customizable and easy access to the files and tools you use often.
– Delete all temporary files.
– Built-in support for .zip files.
– You can optionally launch files when detecting a removable media.
– Shared directory icons.
– Customize your copy using different colors.
– Clearly indicates how full the disk drive of your computer is.
– Image preview window that can be sized to your liking.
– Easily rename your digital photo files at once.
– Connect and disconnect from shared directories.
– Provides accessibility to disk cleaning tools.
Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7


CJ McCollum kills the Nowitzki dragon with arrows in the fourth quarter

In recent times, the performances of the Portland Path Blazers can be described as "poradic" if you are composed of sentences of 3 syllables and you remain charitable. In different ways, staff members under $ 0.500 would be flagged as mediocre, up or down, simply extra, which is not disappointing. It's not that the Blazers lack lightness or impulse. Each individual activity only attributes one or two factors that are created, says https://www.trailblazersstoreonline.com/…_Jersey-16, its staff could be pretty good, if only … This time Portland length invented refreshing and discouraging practices to give up each individual revolutionary online games for 7 days. This tale nearly happened again tonight as the Blazers faced the Dallas Mavericks in the American Airline Arena. In trying to keep a contribution of 16 truths, Portland sintered what was missing, including Krispy Kreme. Whenever Dirk Nowitzki hit a monstrous pair of three in the last moments of the fourth period, it seemed like Portland was destined to suffer another crash. While the recently captured star defender, CJ McCollum is presented with a vibrant and refreshing motto. No excuse, just more than two. McCollum beat Nowitzki duel, hitting some clutch buckets and an absolutely free draw. His torrent of score was more than enough to carry his shaken staff previously mentioned the h2o line, providing them with a much needed 114-113 victory. FlowThe Blazers video game has opened up the sport with its perfect trajectory to 50% in its current memory, preserving the Mavericks to 35 take pictures inside the very first interval and concede nly53 details at halftime. Portland bounced perfectly, rocked eagerly, led the Mavericks to the absence of single images, saved Yogi Ferrell unsatisfied and closed the door on Harrison Barnes. As usual, Dallas lived the arc of 3 stages and the Blazers gave them a lot of free throws. Individuals 2 avenues saved the Mavs from a massacre. In a different way, Portland reigned. Dallas has known no cure for Damian Lillard. McCollum constantly phoned them. Evan Turner sailed halfway towards a 20-match match. The Blazers led 64-53 to fifty percent. The third period of time brought misfortune and misfortune while Turner left the video game with an injured hand, Caleb Swanigan. Portland stay protected went cold. The offensive rebound created a lifeline, but twists and turns of twists could not keep Dallas from writing a quarterly report from 29 to 22 quarters https: //www.trailblazersstoreonline.com / … _Jersey-36. Portland live at the end of a few was simply 86-82. The fourth interval has become a comedy of faults for the two equal groups; basketball so crazy it was virtually interesting. The Blazers went to 13-0 while Dallas was in basketball. Then Portland immediately gave details to everyone present, stumbling in the Mavericksanswering 13-0 match. If the turnarounds were gold, this kind of groups would include King Midas. Despite the nearby parity of the groups, it seemed that Dallas would show up with the advantage of the https://www.trailblazersstoreonline.com/…_Jersey-39 contest. They manipulated protection against large Portland substitutes to create consistent inconsistencies in the short article. On the other end, they invited non-Lillard-McCollum to take the pictures they preferred, even to finish. The percentages were minimal, however they worked … or at least worked enough for Dallas to sneak in a contribution of 108-107. Although Nowitzki strikes behind a few points on the split in 38 seconds. Dirk's visual appearance resembled that of the token, a resurrected star chilling the cake of victory made with his teammates. Thus, McCollum declared, he was quick to cover his fingers with baking powder. While he was 34 seconds from the end, he managed a very nice shot in the line before being reimbursed again for the 1-truth direct, 109-108. When the clock looked at 019, Devin Harris Taking advantage of Portland's very poor protection outside, Jake Layman Jersey, pull Mason Plumlee off the line to the test and block a test at several places that was not getting ready. Harris simulated the 3, dived under the itinerant Plumlee of Doom and immediately dribbled over a defenseless McCollum for a layup. Dallas led again, 110-109. Ake nevertheless optimistic! mentioned the Maot as an instant result, McCollum replied, returning the burn-up with attention. He drove further than Harris and acquired one of the most experienced people in Dallas Intellect. Prepare Rick Carlisle by shouting, do you run, Devin, in the vogue of the evening Saturday night Live Californians McCollum often finds the Blazers up 112-110 with 12 seconds left to go.Going did not have but he did not need it because, on his return, the inadequacy of the dimensions was irritating for the Blazers. Allen Crabbe himself has learned to deal with Nowitzki's expansion to the arc of a few places https://www.trailblazersstoreonline.com/…_Jersey-13. Dirk improved around him, including the statue of independence increasing beyond an irritating hobbit. Sleek did 3. Dallas led 113-112 with 3 seconds remaining. The cake was finished, the timer sounded, the kitchen gloves were in place from the beginning of the door. Not … so … McCollum whispered after much more. For the third consecutive game, he arrived at the heroic places, separating a tortured double-handed staff from a round trip, slipping in the lane and making a loop during a no-go unopposed, though at 3 tenths of a minute. When the buzzer sounded, CJ took the cake and ate it, directly at the entrance of 20,000 frustrated Maverick supporters, a Nowitzki who was shaking his thoughts and a Carlisle who smiled wryly. Portland won a 114-113 win that should hold much easier, nevertheless, in some ways, was even more to fill that road once all. AnalysisCollum was a big, important Bundle tonight. It's really what we need to understand. The long-lasting activities that Portland has highlighted have been highlighted, while preserving with its usual behavior an occasional shine surrounded by breathtaking antics. Their clip of shots at a few levels was sublime; the 43 that they allowed Dallas denied. Almost all staff members fired 49 against the sector but Portland started the sport with a utility of 55 to 35 years soon after, and slipped away from it. Outside the offensive rebounds, the convenience was 18-2, which represented a substantial credit rating to the Blazersfront, with the exception of the long-time trapped personnel. Each period, they acquired something big, they felt quickly after. Lillard and McCollum had been quite authentic constants during. They scored on an impressive speed. Nevertheless, although the critical period has come and recess is at the rendezvous, McCollum bought the nod when Lady played the lure. Lillard did not insist on his prerogatives and of course on his studies, mainly because McCollum was a big, a big group. Notes affected NotesCJ shot 13-21 for 32 details, including 7 within 34 seconds. Wow.Damian Lillard, a real shot came back tonight. He strikes 5-9 in length, 12-22 overall for 29 facts. His late play was penalizing, but CJ still organized the sport. Portland supporters will celebrate the fact that Youthful Yogi, the 10-day contract participant who made the Blazers' chich-kabobb during the two-game playoff, scored 12-on-4 -9 captures. Rangers watched the picnic basket tonight. (Harrison Barnes scored 26, Wesley Matthews 23, and Nowitzki 25 you can still hold everything.) Moe Harkless simply strikes 2-9 photos, but he led the offensive bounce squad with 5. Experienced Mason Plumlee 4, Ed Davis 3 , and a pair of blazers marked 2 each. Dallas has experienced two people as a staff. Allen Crabbe attended the overall performance of the match, capturing 1-6 for the market, 0-4 in opposition to the bow, scoring 4 points with 5 unique fouls and a turnover in just 22 minutes .Hyperlinks and SuchBoxscoreVideo RecapOngoing Evan Turner information.MavsMoneyball will probably be happy and unhappy about this sport as soon as we do it. We are going to ask ourselves regarding Blazer Advantage Night donations for longer time because we've built Les Blazers to face the Boston Celtics at home Thursday night.

Find Players: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition (Cubicle 7)

How do people find players these days? I am looking for enthusiasts of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition. (It has just been published.) I also find that remote gaming is more realistic than being able to sit at a table with others.

Clemson overtakes Alabama to win the national championship

Unlike 2017, when a Deshaun Watson touchdown at Hunter Renfrow with a second left was needed to secure a victory over Alabama,

His win against Alabama on Monday night was over shortly after the start of the fourth quarter with a 44-16 win over Crimson Tide.

Tagovailoa bounced back on the next record and found Jeudy for a long touchdown to tie at 7-7. But he launched his second interception of the day in the second quarter and the Tide led 21-16.

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Hosts fight to save the final test

had to survive four rounds of the second run before the time came.

latest avant-garde news

Fourth Test, Sydney Cricket Ground (Fourth Day)

India 622-7 Dec: Pujara 193, Pant 159 *, Jadeja 81, Lyon 4-178

Australia 300 (Harris 79, Labuschagne 38, Yadav 5-99) & 6-0

India tops with 316 races for the avant garde sports news today.

Australia faces a last battle to save the last test after being forced to follow through India to Sydney.

The tail offered some resistance, but Kuldeep Yadav (5-99) clocked in at 300.

The hosts took over 236-6 in response to India's 622-7 but lost Pat Cummins to the sixth ball of the fourth day. Peter Handscomb quickly followed for 37.

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