Press Release Distributionto FOX, CBS, NBC include google news for $80

Press Release Distributionto FOX, CBS, NBC include google news

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Why are Fox News figures like Tucker and Hannity yelling and interrupting their guests all the time? ?

"Appropriate interview"? What, like CNN is not a biased propaganda machine, no so-called journalist today is capable of an objective and partisan interview, this soul has was sold in the 60s. Most news in the main feed is not news, their reaction and opinion on a topic, no context, no substance, no depth just personality and profit. The "good interview" is off, we can't recreate it before we remember the taste for truth and integrity

[ Politics ] Open question: Presidential advisers *, Fox News, say they ignore orders to stay home and resume normal life. Are you, Trumpsters, going to do it?

Please go ahead. Do you think education is expensive? Try ignorance. Carlson and other Fox News experts ignore widespread consensus among infectious disease and public health experts that the only way to slow the spread of the virus and prevent thousands or even millions of deaths is to keep people at home until modeling shows that it is safe to reopen businesses, schools and public places.

Libs why do you mind that Fox News is the most reliable and watched cable TV network, period?

A fable. Once upon a time there was a nation that had 60% smart people and 30% idiots. (The rest was "normal"). Smart people were interested in what's going on in the world. They wanted a diversity of opinions and opinions in their news, so they watched A LOT of news channels. The idiots only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. They wanted to be lied to. And, as fate would have it, there was only one channel constantly lying to them, so they were all watching that one.

So the idiots told the smart people that THEIR channel must be true because they all watched it! Just like, you know, God must exist because they believed in him. But smart people realized how pot it was.

And the moral of the story is this: Listening to the lies doesn't make you smart!

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Megan Fox Engaging Black Lingerie Image

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[ Politics ] Open question: Is Fox News really "fair and balanced"?

[Politics] Open question: Is Fox News really "fair and balanced"?

11,000 scientists issued a statement last week in which they called for a climate emergency, which Fox News did not report. is this why studies show that looking at the fox?

Yeah I find it suspicious that they literally bind you to everything except this paper that was written and signed by 11000 scientists …….. But you know I went to university and I've studied this **** and I'm not concerned and you know what I know about everything that I've learned, industries, communities and credible sources.

Edit: I went through the separate link there is nothing that really links what they sign. I mean, why is a neuroscientist worth judging the climate emergency, even if it is related to what the two journalists wrote? even one of the signatures was from a graduate, so not even a scientist. Jesus Christ, that's the brothel.

Edit: I've still looked through the signatures there are a lot of teachers. To become a professor, you only need a master's degree, but a PhD to be a scientist. They were already using a graduate, so not a scientist. How many of these professors are scientists or not? why is their profession more important than clarifying their qualification if they really sign what the two men claim? Look at the list of signatures, nothing connects them to anything they actually sign. the only thing that connects it is the last line inserted "for the article" and not "of etc". so they did not even give you the original source of what these people are signing.

Edit: **** I could not focus enough to count how many doctoral students had signed, but there was a lot which meant that they did not finish a Ph.D. that is, they are not scientists.

So 11,000 scientists have signed and many scientists are unverified and many are unverified if they are scientists or not. yes credible. **** me. What a mess.

Edit: I actually needed google's **** to get the bioscience article co-written and including a separate link to those signatures that are not really related to anything.

Edit: sorry, miss counted 4 authors but there were many **** to read so excuse me.

Edit: The more I look at the list, it only gets worse. 11000 scientists sign is just a lie. Theres no real connection to what they sign too. If they are willing to lie on it and not to clarify the link, it's just not legitimate.

[ Politics ] Open question: Catherine Herridge leaves Fox and joins CBS because "the facts are important". Does she say … Fox lies?

[Politics] Open question: Catherine Herridge leaves Fox and joins CBS because "the facts are important". Does she say … Fox lies?

[ Politics ] Open question: I blocked Fox News on my mother's TV and she's crazy?

how long before the brainwashing goes away?

[ Politics ] Open question: Fox calls Greta "mentally ill". Who is really mentally ill, Greta or Trump?

[Politics] Open question: Fox calls Greta "mentally ill". Who is really mentally ill, Greta or Trump?