HaBangNet – Solid and protected against DDoS attacks (US / HK / SG / AU / NL / DE) cPanel VPS hosting with free SSL and 50% off

HaBangNetWe guarantee, you will love the accommodation with us!

Website: https://www.HaBangNet.com
Email 24/7: cs@habangnet.com

HaBangNetProud to serve web hosting services since 2010

>>> cPanel Partner NOC – http://partnernoc.cpanel.net/cid/2649
>>> SolusVM Distributor – https://solusvm.com/distributors-2/habangnet/
>>> Enterprise level hosting with truth 24×7 In-house Technical support

HaBangNet run multiple hosting sites in the world, which you can select to host your website.
Available VPS slots available:
Hong Kong (with Pure CN2)
Sydney, Australia
United States

HaBangNet experience hired technical staff who work day and night and available to solve your problem anytime you need us.

Only available @ WHT, not listed on our website coupon.

The offer is intended for new registered customers and not available for current customers and their renewal.
Promo code 1 offer: CPVPS25OFF (This discount code offers you a 25% discount on our cPanel VPS hosting service)
Promo code 2 offers: HBNCP50OFF (50% discount on the first month or the first invoice)

Our average installation time

All new registrants to HaBangNet take between 1 hour and 24 hours to receive welcome new login information.

HaBangNet VPS feature

Intel XEON Enterprise Class Web Hosting Server
Configuring redundancy
Free cloud core DNS
RAID protected
Ultra fast I / O

Enterprise class storage
Optimized Bandwidth BGP Premium
NO overloaded environment
NO overselling
SLA 100% Uptime
Monitored network 24/7
Free internal CPanel / WHM
Softaculous automatic installation program
SSL enabled

DDoS protection (Always active)
Full access to the root
SpamExperts Incoming and outgoing (Addon)
Free management 24h / 24 and 7d / 7
Strengthening security and optimization

VPS package offer cPanel
The VPS shown here is available in multiple data centers. You can select your preferred location on the order form.
(Other Standard VPS Hosting Locations, can be selected from our website or purchase order.)

United States
Hong Kong
China (mainland


2 cores
4 GB of RAM
50 GB SSD storage
Premium bandwidth BGP 1000 GB
Port 1 Gbps
1 IPv4
Included internal cPanel / WHM
Softaculous automatic installation program included
Full access to the root
Free management 24h / 24 and 7d / 7
Free protected DDoS
Free SSL Certificate
Available in all locations, select on the order form

$ 25.95 Monthly / free installation (After delivery: $ 19.47 with CPVPS25OFF Offer Code)
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4 cores
6 GB of RAM
100 GB of SSD storage
2000 GB BGP Premium Bandwidth
Port 1 Gbps
1 IPv4
Included internal cPanel / WHM
Softaculous automatic installation program included
Full access to the root
Free management 24h / 24 and 7d / 7
Free protected DDoS
Free SSL Certificate
Available in all locations, select on the order form

$ 35.95 Monthly / free installation (After delivery: $ 26.97 with CPVPS25OFF Offer Code)
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6 core
8 GB of RAM
150 GB of SSD storage
Premium BGP bandwidth of 3,000 GB
Port 1 Gbps
1 IPv4
Included internal cPanel / WHM
Softaculous automatic installation program included
Full access to the root
Free management 24h / 24 and 7d / 7
Free protected DDoS
Free SSL Certificate
Available in all locations, select on the order form

$ 45.95 Monthly / free installation (After delivery: $ 34.47 with CPVPS25OFF Offer Code)
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For more information on our cPanel VPS accommodation services, please refer to our website

FAQ What new customer always asks

* Does HaBangNet offer IPv6?
> Currently, not all sites offer IPv6.

* Do you have a speed test or an IP address for ping?
> Consult our support service for a speed test on Download and Upload Speed.

* Can I know your uptime?
> Our availability is provided by a third party availability monitoring company at http://status.habangnet.com.

* How is your speed I / O, and do you limit the speed?
> We do not limit the speed of the I / O, we provide indeed Ultra Fast. Super great for hosting database. Click to see the landmarks

* Which payment option you accept.
> We accept Paypal, PayPal Express Checkout, Alipay, WeChat Pay, bank transfer, local bank transfer in (China and Hong Kong).

* Restrictions?
> NO TOR, NO Torrents, NO illegal activity, NO SPAM, NO commercial or bulk information, no DDoS attack, NO brutal activity and hacking.

* I have more questions regarding your VPS.
> You can visit our FAQ website on VPS for more information.

Do you have more questions? Send us your question via our online contact form.

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