– What does “personal use” mean here?

I’m trying to sign up on as an “I want work”. I’m getting the following prompt:

Do you intend to use Freelancer for personal use? Using Freelancer for cases other than business may be subject to additional VAT.

What does “personal use” (and “business use”) mean here? Obviously, I do want to earn money there – does that mean I’m a “business” user?

I’d ask’s support, but to do that, I need to have an account, so it’s a catch 22. – If I score a lower score when I replay an aptitude test on, does that show up on my profile?

On (at least for sellers), there is a "Pass a test" option on my profile that allows me to pass aptitude tests for different skills. The test results are displayed on my profile.

I am allowed to retake the test once after 24 hours, then again after 3 months, to try to get a higher score.

However, if my score is lower, will it be displayed on my profile?

Do not use if you do not want to lose money

I am extremely disappointed with It has been almost a year since I use them and when I used the site 3 days ago, it takes money from my paypal account daily … I do not know, but I do not I do not remember being subscribed to something related to and when I checked, they set up a monthly membership fee of 4.95 or something of the sort.

I've searched the internet and found tons of complaints from their victims …

I read somewhere that they were really scamming people using bidders. For example, you publish a project, their representative will place a bid and, when they win the prize, they will ask you to create a payment milestone and deposit money. The winning bidder then abandons you. When you contact customer support, they freeze your funds until the bidder responds – and this will not happen anymore … so they have your funds and you have no chance of recovering them. .

Stay away from – a company that is not owned by American in the United States scares like hell …

Has anyone used

Yes, I have used it many times and my experience has not been good …

I think one or two tasks have been done correctly. My biggest problem was the task being completed, but I did not meet my specifications or had no problems. In other words, freelancers did not bother to read the documentation and / or test their product in its entirety.

And I selected the freelancers cautiously, ignoring all the Indians who publish "I can do it in 2 days" in 1 minute after the publication of the job application. Come on, it's not even enough time to read the project requirements in 1 minute. To sum up, this place is full of inexperienced and unskilled wannabe programmers who do not even know what they're doing …