front end – strange Out behavior[]

Let's create two binders external.nb and primary.nb. Then call the external.nb notebook from the primary.nb and examine the Out values.[ ]. The context of the external notebook is not important, however, to demonstrate the strange behavior, it must contain a number of cells. My external.nb book contains 4 cells:

a = 1;

(*. *)

b = 1

(*. *)

c = 1

(*. *)


The main notebook contains the single cell that calls the external notebook from the main. If we put the two notebooks in the same directory, the cell is


Open the primary.nb file and evaluate the cell that calls the evaluation of the external.nb file.

Output yields
Outside[1]= d

So, it returns the output of the last cell of the called notebook.
Now refer to entry% 4 of primary.nb. I would expect an empty exit, because at the moment there is no% 4 in the main notebook. However, the result is the same d.


we see the primary.nb knows everything out[] notebook values ​​external.nb. Bug or feature?

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php – Displays the front page of a custom plugin to manage forms

I have a simple question about plugins. I want to use an external php library for a plug-in that I want to use to manage custom forms in wordpress. Through my experience with wordpress, I learned that I had to submit all my forms to admin-post-php and that each form had to have an identifier to validate the post or receive requests. So, if I write my own plug-in that will validate and submit the form data, how can I view a front page linked to the plug-in? I am not talking about the admin page or options of a plugin. Thank you in advance for your answers.

Camembert 9.0 – The front camera does not work on OnePlus 5T

Since yesterday, the front camera of my phone no longer works.

On most applications, including the native camera, nothing happens when you press the "Change Camera" button.

On Instagram, the front camera displays a distorted and stretched image of the rear camera.

Sure # 808 "preview of the front camera" also displays the image of the rear camera. But "camera test" allows the application to close without any error information.

If I am not mistaken, during a video call on WhatsApp, the camera is fixed with the application, which became unusable until the phone restarted. After that, the camera has not worked since.

What I have tried so far:
– back to factory settings
– safe mode
– several camera applications
– back to stability (used beta version)

Nothing worked. No suggestion?

front end – Using a FrontEndToken in an init.m File

I'm trying to create a menu command that selects all the cells in a notebook and closes them. I can select all the cells but I can not close them. Below, my attempt that I placed in an init.m file.

                FrontEndExecute[FrontEnd`AddMenuCommands["DuplicatePreviousOutput",{MenuItem["Close All Groups",{
FrontEnd`KernelExecute[SelectionMove[InputNotebook[], All, notebook]];
FrontEnd`KernelExecute[FrontEndToken[InputNotebook[], "SelectionCloseAllGroups"]]}, FrontEnd`MenuKey["c",FrontEnd`Modifiers->{"Control"}], System`MenuEvaluator-> Automatic]}]];

I think my problem is using the FrontEndToken in the init.m file. I'm not sure how to use them in this case.

Indian Passport torn front page – is it considered "damaged"?

Be careful: get a new passport

I think it's better to be cautious and get a replacement passport. While this may be minor damage, page tears are not usually considered normal wear and tear.

Identify a damaged passport

I've checked the definitions of damaged passports and there seems to be a common denominator between countries. A distinction is made between normal wear and damage. It turns out that important tears are not considered normal wear and tear. Citing the website of the US State Department's Foreign Affairs Office:

If your passport has been badly damaged, especially the cover of the book or the page displaying your personal data and your photo, you will need to apply for a new passport. Conditions that may constitute damage requiring the replacement of your passport include water damage, a major tear, unofficial markings on the data page, missing (torn) visa pages, a hole punch or other Other injuries.

The normal wear and tear of the US passport is expected and probably not a "damage". For example, normal wear includes the fold of a passport after being transported in your back pocket or a breakdown of the visa pages after a large opening and closing.

Indian regulations

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Consular Division, Passports and Visas:

Q1: What is the definition of the damaged passport?

A: The damaged passport is further classified according to the extent of the damage, ie:

  • Passport damaged – Passport number is legible, name is legible and photo is intact

  • damaged

Fortunately, since yours is not too damaged, you can apply for an urgent replacement passport under the Tatkaal regime:

Q6: My passport book is damaged. I want to go abroad on an urgent basis. What should I do?

A: If your passport has not been damaged beyond recognition, ie the passport number is legible, the name readable and the photo intact, you can request a new issuance of your passport under the Tatkaal system. But if the passport has been damaged to the point of no longer being recognized, you can not apply to the Tatkaal system. In this case, you must go to the passport officer of your nearest Seva Kendra passport to obtain the passport urgently.

front end – SelectionMove in a GridBox?

Maybe something raw like this could work:

nb = RatingNotebook[];
GridBox[{{"a", "b", "c"}, {"d", "e", "f"}}] // DisplayForm

(* select col 2, row 2 -> 5 *)
SélectionDéplacer[nb, Previous, Cell, 2];
SélectionDéplacer[nb, Before, CellContents]
Make[SelectionMove[nb, Next, Character, 2], 5]SélectionDéplacer[nb, All, Word, 1]

enter the description of the image here

What are the things at the front of the Canon 600EX RT?

There are two things on the front.

A hole with a metal rod [perhaps a connection for something]

A piece of red glass with something in it. [stupid guess says it’s an charging indicator.]

What are these things?

latex – Are there front ends of type hackpad in github?

At work, we regularly use hackpads with LaTeX mathematics like for documents, but they should all eventually land on github, so it would be easier to start there.

Is there a similar solution directly supported by git or even github? You can already edit documents directly on github, but this structures them as extraction requests and does not support simultaneous editing.

We want (1) an interface similar to in which several people can simultaneously edit and render directly markdown containing LaTeX mathematics, although pure LaTeX may be acceptable and sometimes desirable.

We also wish (2) that the changes be made directly in git, preferably after being grouped and with some attribution to the publishers. I assume that batch processing may require changes to the present hackpad under a neutral name, but indicate the editors in the validation message.

It would be nice if the hackpad runs its own git locally, or maybe gitlab, accessible via git over ssh or whatever.

Something like that?

front end – Translate key events into nothing?

My Macbook Pro has a touch bar that makes me make a bunch of hard-to-find errors

If my finger accidentally hits the F3 to F12 positions on the touchbar, the front-end inserts an invisible character ( .00) that causes errors.

So my solution would be to edit

and do something like what is already done for F1.
article[KeyEvent[“F1”, Modifiers->{Shift}], SelectionHelpDialog[False]]

But, map it to what? I would like it to happen nothing. I can not find documentation for KeyEvent. Does anyone have a board?

Thank you