What does the symbol mean? in front of a parameter in Bash?

I have the expression:

local vector = ("$ {! 3}")

What is the meaning of the symbol?! & # 39;! & # 39; in front of 3?

front end – Dynamic InputField with syntax highlighting?

I'm trying to create a notebook in which a user can enter a Mathematica expression and parse its syntax (number of tokens, compressed size, etc.).

Try this answer,

CellPrint @ TextCell[
  Row[{"This is an inline cell with automatic syntax highlighting: ", 
    ExpressionCell[Dynamic@input, "Notebook", "Input", 
     CellFrame -> True]}], "Text"]Dynamic @ input

the dynamic does not update contribution. If I do a Entry field in the interior of ExpressionCell syntactic highlighting does not apply, even if I change the Basic style. How can I get both dynamic behavior and syntax highlighting?

magento2 – main.DEBUG: Request validation failed for action "Magento Framework App Action Front Interceptor" [] []

I add a custom module, it has a backend manager, when I add a menu in backend, 302 errors




controller index.php

resultPageFactory = $ resultPageFactory;

/ **
* Load the page defined in view / adminhtml / layout / exampleadminnewpage_helloworld_index.xml
* @return  Magento  Framework  View  Result  Page
* /
public function execute ()
return $ resultPage = $ this-> resultPageFactory-> create ();

debug log

about 10 times

main.DEBUG: Request validation failed for action "Magento  Framework  App  Action  Front  Interceptor" [] []

How to better trigger a failed command from the front box in WooCommerce?

I'm working on a project that needs to create logic for when a user fails a command while it is being fetched. Since I test locally with a test installed by WooCommerce, what would be the way for me to configure my WC so that I can test with failed commands from the client interface? My local testing lab has no payment method set up because it is only testing – and currently only accepts checks. My problem is basically that I can not "fail" an order because only the payment method is "check in the mail", so every time I order, it will be "successful".

Google invests 600 million euros in a Finnish data center in front of Stadia

Google has announced the opening of another data center in Finland, investing heavily in the new facility.

The company is investing 600 million euros ($ 672 million) in the center, according to Reuters, which will be based in Hamina.

"The demand for Google services is growing every day and we are developing our data center infrastructure to meet that demand," said Antti Jarvinen, head of Finland for Google, in a statement.

While Google operates a large number of Internet services requiring such data centers, this investment is likely to be driven in part by the Stadia projects, the company's streaming service announced by GDC earlier this year.

Source: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articl…head-of-stadia

8 – Metatag not making the front end

I use the metatag module to set metadata on a custom content type. I've added metatags as a field and data to content items, but when I check the source on the front-end server, there is no data.
I've cleared the cache and tried with the default theme, still no metadata.

Do I have to return them manually somewhere? Or should not they already appear in html.html.twig

dnd 5th – What are the good multiclass options for a Level 6 cleric wanting to help in the front line?

During the last session, my group and I reached level 6 and, as a Life Domain priest, I had access to all the features of the class I wanted above all. Now, I'm looking to become more effective as a damage giver, seeing how we are just a dishonest fighter on the front lines. I know that the multiclass in the fighter would be the most useful of all the melee classes, but I thought maybe going to the paladin would be better for me, since the Channel Divinity feature is now twice a break. In addition, it is important to note that I only have 13 members and that I rely heavily on the SM to give me a magic object that will help me do it as soon as I choose a melee class from the next level. So what's more effective, a fighter or a paladin?

selenium – How to locate an element containing a front in a protractor

I've tried to locate an item in different ways but I can not find it

I leave the HTML code to see if you can help me with that

:: before == $ 0 == 0 $
== 0 $

c # – Selects the text in front of the current text using TextBox

I need it when a person types in a word, it fills up automatically in front of the text box.

This is the default For example:

  • sdfdsfasf Put this text in TextBoxsdfdsassdf

When I fill a piece of text above in the text box,

The final result will have to be like this in the same text box that I type:

  • insert the description of the image here

Blue can only disappear when the word is not standard or is bigger.

I have a code for this logic, but it has some flaws that I do not understand:

        private void TextBox1_TextChanged (Object Sender, EventArgs, and)
int first = this.textBox1.TextLength;
string default = "asdfjdkjdfPlace this text in TextBoxqewprqewriworuoewi";
string textIndex = default.Remove (0, default.IndexOf (this.textBox1.Text, 0) + this.textBox1.TextLength);
this.textBox1.Text = this.textBox1.Text.Insert (this.textBox1.Text.Length, textIndex);
this.textBox1.Select (first, this.textBox1.Text.Length);

My goal is simply to select the default text when typing and place it in front of the current text.

front end – Ability to create an input cell containing Graphics / Graphics3D without waiting?

I'm trying to implement a function that takes a Graphic instruction as argument and then duplicated in a new InputCell. I am aware of the rendering of Graphic is the composition process as explained here. And use the techniques of this post, I came up with the following

Unprotect @ Keep;
mk: MakeBoxes[Blank[Hold], _]/; ! TrueQ[[[[$ hldGfx]^: =
Block[${[${[{$[{$hldGfx = True, Graphics, Graphics3D}, mk];
Protect @ Hold;

SetAttributes[printGraphics, HoldFirst];
printGraphics[graphics_] : =
      ToBoxes[Hold[graphics]]}]], "Contribution"]] 

OperationprintGraphics @ Graphics[{Red, Disk[]}] will create a cell with hold[Graphic[Graphics[Graphique[Graphics[{Red, Disk[]}]].

My question is that if it is possible to create a cell without hold.

If you are interested in why I need it, here is the feature I'm working on: see section Minimal example here (Github: PrettyColorize). Ground, Plot3D or another tracing function can be easily printed in Graphic and Graphics3D are a bit difficult and I do not know how to finish it.