Optics – Is the addition of a lens with a higher MTF50 in front of a lens with a lower MTF50 increase the MTF50 of the whole system?

I know that the MTF of an entire imaging system can be modeled by multiplying the MTF of each component (perhaps because multiplication in the spatial frequency domain is a convolution in space?)

So, let's say I have an imaging system with an MTF50 of X and I have a goal with MTF50 of there. Is the MTF50 of the entire imaging system necessarily xy? Can I theoretically increase the FTM of an existing imaging system by adding a lens with a different MTF in front of it?

Sorry if this question is poorly worded – learn more about it all goes together!

join – MYSQL: Displays NULL when the front key is NULL

I have the following database structure in MYSQL:

CREATE TABLE xs_bugtracking (
`product` VARCHAR (64) NOT NULL,
`title` VARCHAR (64) NOT NULL,
`status` VARCHAR (8) NOT NULL,
`descr` VARCHAR (1024) NOT NULL,
`assignee` INT (11),
`reporter_by` INT (11) NOT NULL,
`importance` VARCHAR (8),
`create_date` INT (11) NOT NULL,
`modify_date` INT (11) NOT NULL

The fields assignee and reported by are the keys to the same wordpress table db: wp_users

Now, I want to get all the elements with the following SELECT query:

SELECT xs_bugtracking.id, product, xs_bugtracking.title AS title, status, xs_bugtracking.descr AS descr,
assignee_tbl.user_nicename AS assignee, reported_tbl.username AS reported_by, importance,
FROM_UNIXTIME (date_creation) AS & # 39; date_creation & # 39 ;, FROM_UNIXTIME (date_creation) AS & # 39; date_finition & # 39;
FROM xs_bugtracking, xs_products, wp_users AS assignee_tbl,
wp_users AS reported_tbl OERE
xs_products.name = product AND xs_products.lang = & # 39; AND
(xs_bugtracking.assigned = assignee_tbl.ID OR ISNULL (xs_bugtracking.assigned)) AND
xs_bugtracking.reported_by = reported_tbl.ID

Now the problems come when you have a row with assignee is equal to NO, infact the resulting table multiplies the rows when the value is NObecause lost the JOIN of wp_users alias assignee_tbl.

There is a way to display assignee_tbl.user_nicename when assignee is not NO and just NO when assignee is NO?

If you want to check the complete source code

Thanks in advance!

pulseaudio – Alsa does not correctly detect the front panel audio jack under Ubuntu 16.04

I often switch between my headphones and my speakers and here is the usual behavior supposed:

  • If I unplug my headphones connected to the front panel, the audio output will automatically switch to the speakers connected to the rear panel.
  • If I reconnect my headphones on the front panel, the speakers connected to the rear panel will automatically turn off and the sound will play. The volume profile will also change.

I think these are the default settings because I have no problem with 2 other computers with almost the same setups.

This problem occurred after suspending my computer, which is probably not due to a system update.

What is happening now is:

  • Unplugging everything connected to my front panel will not mute my computer.
    speakers whatever.
  • The only way to make my headphones work is to change output
    device to "headset" in Pulseaudio volume control. Even if she
    as unplugged, I always get an audio output. This
    has been tested with different devices.

enter the description of the image here

Then I would receive an audio output of both my speakers and my headphones. The automatic mute option in alsamixer does nothing. I've tried using the gnome version and it pulls a
** (gnome-alsamixer: 12461): WARNING **: gam_toggle_set_state (). No idea what to do for the mixing element "Auto mute mode"!

Fault. I tried to restart, reinstall Alsa and Pulseaudio, but the problem persisted.

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flash – Photographing a person in front of skyscrapers lit up at night

I have a Nikon D5600 camera. I am looking for an appropriate technique to capture people in front of illuminated skyscrapers in the background.

I have a Nikon 50mm lens, f / 1.2, but at the aperture 1.2, the background becomes completely blurred (which I do not want). I want to have a background and people focused on it, so I guess I have to use a higher f-stop.

My problems:

  1. If I open (for example at f / 1.2), the background becomes blurred.
  2. If I close the diaphragm so that everything stays clean (for example, at f / 9), the person in front becomes very dark
  3. If I use a flashlight then, it will look very artificial and the front person will look overexposed.

How can I keep everything clean with proper exposure? Any special techniques / settings to use a built-in flashlight?

PS: I use a stable tripod.

front end – Contextual menu in the CDF reader

Using Style with option Contextual menu or AttachedCell It is possible to create context menus in the Mathematica user interfaces. Both are not documented, but appear in other responses on this site, see for example. here or here and work well for several versions. But I recently detected that the two were not working as expected when they were used in CDF Player or CDF Player Pro (I tested this in version 10.4.1 and I would have actually need this to work in this version, but the problem persists with newer versions). The easiest way to test this is to use the File -> Preview CDF menu entry.

the Contextual menu This option seems to be ignored in the CDF reader and the Attached the cell is not closed when selecting an entry as in Mathematica (probably because Notebook Delete does not work in players).

Does anyone know if there is a "magic" option setting that will allow one of them to work in Player Versions or at another one? solution to define contextual menus (right click) so that they work in CDF Player and / or CDF Player Pro?

Here's an example code showing what I'm trying to make work:

Using the Contextual menu option (preferred):

   Panel@Pane["Pane with context menu", {200, 200}],
System`ContextMenu -> {
Menu item["One", System`KernelExecute@MessageDialog@"One",
       System`MenuEvaluator -> Automatic, Method -> "Queued"],
Menu item["Two", System`KernelExecute@MessageDialog@"Two",
       System`MenuEvaluator -> Automatic, Method -> "Queued"]

or using attached cells:

Event Manager[
  Panel@Pane["Pane with context menu", {200, 200}],
{"MouseClicked", 2}:> MathLink`CallFrontEnd[
                NotebookDelete@EvaluationCell[]; MessageDialog @ "One",
Appearance -> "Palette", alignment -> left
]}, {
                NotebookDelete@EvaluationCell[] MessageDialog @ "Two",
Appearance -> "Palette", alignment -> left
Spacings -> {0, 0}, BaseStyle -> "Panel"
{Automatic, {Center, High}},
{Top left},
"ClosingActions" -> {"OutsideMouseClick", "EvaluatorQuit"}

SSL Problem – Mixed Content Error Between the Front End Server and the Primary Server on the Same Server

I have a server (an EC2 instance of AWS) with an interface (Html ​​+ CSS + Javascript) and an interface (C #) hosted by IIS. Both communicate via HTTP requests, the interface on port 3000, and the background on port 5000.

I've bought a SSL certificate by GoDaddy for this server. After some problems, I was able to associate the certificate in my front end (changing its port to 443). However, when I was communicating with the server, I had this problem:

> Mixed content: the "https://test.com/" page has been loaded via HTTPS,
> but requested an unsecured XMLHttpRequest endpoint
> & # 39; http: //test.com: 5000 / token & # 39 ;. This request has been blocked. the content must be served on HTTPS.

As the error explains itself, I need the other side of the request (the backend) to be able to communicate via https. And here are my doubts.

  1. Since the server is on the same server as the client (and both are hosted)
    IIS), can I use the same certificate that I associated with my
    frontend for my backend?
  2. Since port 443 is already used for the interface, which port can be used?
    I link to the backend for it to work with https?
  3. I know that in my interface I should change all my http requests to https.
    And in the C # backend, should I also make changes when I
    to associate SSL?

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1997 Ford F-150 RWD, Transmission-Truck does not go from the front. Please help!?

1997 Ford F-150 RWD, Transmission-Truck does not go from the front. Please help!?


architecture – Is it possible to overlay an API (REST, GraphQL, etc.) in front of data currently only accessible via a desktop graphical interface?

Currently, I think that GET queries would be achievable using the concept of screen scraping combined with a cron job that runs at a set interval to extract data from the GUI and synchronize them. with my own database.

However, I'm not quite sure how to handle actions that want to mute the database behind the GUI. I am almost certain that I should have a direct interface with the GUI, but what tools are available to help automate this operation by programmatically controlling the GUI?

Plus, as a global architecture like this is far from conventional, I am curious about strategies that could be used to help resize a system such as this one.

Note: It is acceptable that the data returned by a GET request is stale at least as long as the cron job interval, and that the POST, PUT, and other tasks end in the future, say half an hour.

Note: Maybe my thoughts are completely silly and the angle is better. I would like to know.