unity – How can I render 3D objects and particle systems in front of a Screen Space – Overlay Camera?

To render 3D objects on top of your canvas:

  1. Create a new Canvas in Screen Space – Overlay.
  2. Add a RawImage to that canvas.
  3. Create a new Render Texture.
  4. Add the Render Texture to the Raw Image.
  5. Create a new Camera.
  6. Set the camera to Solid Color background with an alpha of 0.
  7. Set the output texture of the camera to be the Render Texture you created.

You can now render 3D objects on top of your canvas; however, there are extra steps for particle systems:

  1. Create a material. Set its shader to Universal Render Pipeline/2D/Sprite-Lit-Default.
  2. Add your particle sprite to the Diffuse of your material.
  3. In the Renderer settings of your particle system, replace the material with the one you just created.

You should be good to go!

(If you have any problems, try going to your Render Settings and change the Anti Aliasing to 8x.)

front end – Change colours of Code

I want to change the colour of some important variables in my code. My code is quite long and sometimes I have to change these specific variables, but it is quite annoying to search them, beacause their is no contrast and it is hard to find them. Is their a possibility to change their colour?

front end – My plot is so tiny (and buggy)

This is a very weird question, I’m plotting impedance and admitance using parametric curves
This is my code

parts(z_) := {Re(z), Im(z)};
func(f_) := 
  1/(470 - I/((Omega) c) /. c -> 680*10^-9 /. (Omega) -> 2 f); 
ParametricPlot({parts(func(f))}, {f, 100, 10000}, 
 AspectRatio -> Automatic, PlotRange -> All, 
 AxesLabel -> {"Re", "Im"}, PlotLabel -> "Y", Frame -> None, 
 Axes -> True, AxesStyle -> Arrowheads({0.0, 0.03}), 
 PlotLegends -> {"!(*SubscriptBox((Y), (1)))"}, 
 PlotStyle -> {Red, Blue, "", ""}, MeshFunctions -> {#3 &}, 
 Mesh -> {(Evaluate@
      Map({#1, {Blue, PointSize(Large), 
          Text(Style(Row({#1 "Hz"}), 12, 
            Black), (parts((func(#)))), {-1.2, 0})}} &, 
       Append(Table(1/(i + 1) 10000, {i, 11}), 10000))) // N}, 
 ImageSize -> {425, Automatic})

And what is the result? This:

The plot is incredibly small

if I try to resize I get some jittering, but sometimes I see this
buggy parametricplot)

but then I get the first image again.
What is going on?

front end – Frontend/Backend Integration: Wait for a Google Cloud function to run and then return result

I am trying to create a tool that receives a user input on the front end, uses that input to run a Google Cloud function and then returns a link to the output, hosted on Google cloud as well.

How can you give updates that a process is being performed, and update the page when it is finished?

rename – Remove any numbers at the front of a file name or remove the first two numbers for Mac

I have a thousand files that are named like this…

01 heartbeat a.wav
02 heartbeat b.wav
03 heartbeat c.wav

I’m looking for a terminal command that will remove the numbers at the front of the name.
And when I use the code do I start with

drop the folder in terminal
Copy and paste the command?

Thank you!!

Front End Developer VS Back End Developer | NewProxyLists

I like being into front end design. I try to avoid backend. The reason being there is a lot of heache. Nothing much challenging with the SQL and Non SQL databases. But you can see that programming languages such as javascript, python and perl on front end side are definitely interesting. So better to start with what you want to get done. I like getting projects getting done off the ground quickly.

safety – Do I have to walk in front of traffic while walking on a cycle track?

In the United States, the usual expectation for shared use trails is that traffic stays right and goes left. There are exceptions, however, which are usually marked on the trail itself or on signs. For example:

In Sacramento, California, and Rhode Island, the rule is to stay left when you are walking (as you would on a road, facing traffic) and right when you are cycling. And some trails require that all traffic remain on the left.

What is more universal, however, is the performance rule: horses have priority, then pedestrians, then inline skaters, then cyclists.

In general, the more frequent the traffic, the more likely it is to have specific controls such as markings and signs. Low traffic trails may not have marks or signs.

As mentioned earlier, it's usually about staying right, moving left, but it's worth checking local regulations in your area to see if expectations differ.

And of course, the performance rules mean that the cyclist is the one who has to slow down or even stop and wait for the pedestrians to leave enough space to pass.

As a cyclist who uses such trails frequently and has traveled all over North America, I can say that the cyclist who has passed you was probably overcoming his frustrations in you unhappy man, who was just in the wrong place (!) In bad weather.

As a cyclist, I very much hope that pedestrians:

  • Be aware of their environment. I lost count of the number of times that someone had gone out for a walk on the track and completely oblivious to the fact that someone else was in the same universe. They wander and weave all along the trail without looking, which makes it dangerous for them and for me. Sticking to one side or the other means that you are not directly entering a passing cyclist, or worse.

  • Move to one side when they hear the bell. Sometimes I meet groups of pedestrians who walk and occupy the entire width of the path, as if they were alone in a universe shared only between them. Sometimes they don't move away until I'm close enough to slap them and frustrated enough to want it.

  • Better control their dogs. I also lost count of the number of times people have had their dogs without a leash, or worse, with a leash stretched across the trail where I am about to cycle. Dogs must stay on the same side of the trail as pedestrians, if they are even allowed.

identify this – Where are these 3 white poles in front of a commemorative stone, a river and valleys?

I cut my brother's head in this photo. The siblings think it was in North America, but I don't remember. Maybe Europe? Does anyone recognize it?

We see a plaque with text on a stone as a commemoration? We see a boat cruise. We can not understand what these rods of black beams are behind the three white posts and people are sitting on the shore.

enter description of image here

php – Can we use several frameworks (front end and back end) to build a website?

I am a beginner (HTML CSS / level zero) for web development and when I search the Internet there are literally tons of web frameworks for front end and backend development. Like Django, PHP, NodeJs, ReactJs, VueJs etc.

So, can someone please sort the best framework and also one of my main doubts is it that I can build or use different frameworks simultaneously to build a website (front end and back end) OR Should I possibly learn some of the above list and do my work with it (This means we can't use multiple languages ​​at once like Djanog PHP and Nodejs, etc.).

If we can do it, building a website with a multiple framework has an advantage or it will be quite difficult to manage.

How to add a custom block in the front end of the customer order page in Magento 2

How to add a custom block in the front end of the customer order page in Magento 2

enter description of image here