architecture – CQRS-style “API” for frontend good or bad idea?

I’m building a lot web applications for internal use, my setup is basically ASP.NET Core, React/Angular and Typescript.

I started to find my self duplicating a lot of code from C# into TypeScript types and found this nice little utility that will create TypeScript-models from my code.

This got me thinking about how we communicate with our backend, up until now it’s been a matter of creating “REST-isch” WebApiController’s to expose data, more often than not these endpoints is more or less tailored to a specific view and the actions that can be take from this view. We have never reused the same WebApi for both our own app and any external interaction, the external API would be it’s own thing.

So… after thinking about this I started to test an idea that I got, what if every query and command from the front end could be modeled with a C# “request” and “response”-type that can be shared between frontend and backend? So I made a proof of concept.

My C# code has something called a “FrontendAction” that can be either a command or a query, the FrontendAction must have a “request”-type (incoming information) and a “return”-type (data returned by the action).

Then I’ve created one WebApi-endpoint ActionController with one method: Execute that takes in the request-object, figures out which FrontendActionHandler (C#-class for either a command or request) that should take take of it, execute this handler and returns the “response” object.

This way I can have strongly typed commands / queries in my TypeScript-code that gets genereated (kept in sync) any time I create/change a C#-frontend action. There is almost zero bolierplate (aka. creating WebApiController, methods, actions, and then ajax-code to call the different controllers/methods).

Examples of Queryes:

  • GetCustomOverview (parameters: customerId)
  • GetCustomerOrders (paramerters: customerId, orderStatus, page)

Examples of Commands:

  • SaveCustomer (parameters: CustomerDetailsDto)
  • AddOrder (parameters: AddOrderDto)

Have anyone done something similar? How does this approach sound to you?

plugins – Woocommerce Order Status Frontend add Image/Icon

I’d like to be able to display a custom image on the woocommerce order details screen based on the order status.
So in the front end.




How do I do that best?

I’ve already tried some plugins but only change the icons in the admin panel (orders) …

But I’m looking for something for the frontend

design – Sharing types & endpoints between frontend & backend

design – Sharing types & endpoints between frontend & backend – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

php – Displaying value of a CSS Variable in Frontend

I am trying to setup a general Style Guide for my design system. I am using CSS Variables for the defined colors like

root: { --accent: #234a32; --accent-alt:#826284 }

I want to display a square in the frontend where I would use the variable as background color but also display the hexvalue in it in order to be able to copy it.

<div style="background-color: var(--accent)">#234a32</div>

So the question is, how can I get the hexcode (in this case #234a32) dynamically to be displayed.

magento2.2 – Magento 2 – Order Hold from frontend

From the Magento admin panel, user can update the status of an order to On Hold. Is there a way out for authorized admins to mark the order
as hold from frontend.

if ($order->canHold()) {


protected $orderManagement;
public  function __construct(
    MagentoSalesApiOrderManagementInterface $orderManagement
    $this->orderManagement = $orderManagement;
public function canChangetoHold()

    try {
        $this->orderManagement->hold(10); //10 is order id

    } catch (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException $e) {
        // some error
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        //You have not put the order on hold

For example – An authorized admin could login as customer and mark orders as on hold so that it can’t be stopped for further processing.

Simple database front-end for simple small business

I run a small language school and I have a database with language students’ details: names, contact details, ages, lesson times, dob, fees, fee due dates and the like.

I set up a MySQL online database years ago, wrote php/html pages (from a book) and uploaded them to the server. I use these to input/edit student details, move leavers to another table (I realise now that isn’t necessary), get various lists (next month’s birthdays, fees, lesson registers, etc.) and show reports such as fees due each month, students graduating their normal schools next April, etc. It also archives student numbers according to their school grades at the end of each month (which is the 3rd table in my set-up).

So basically the equivalent of spreadsheets with various reports available at the click of a button.

However, the latest PHP update has me giving up trying to learn how to update all those files and I’m resigned to letting it all go once my hosting company switch off the current PHP version. So I’m looking for a simple front-end that I can use to replace this. I looked at LibreOffice Base and it just seems overkill and a time sink for what I want. I was suicidal after getting through the first chapter of the manual. I’m busy running the school and don’t have the time, intelligence nor inclination to be a programmer, too…

So does anyone have any suggestions what my best plan of action would be? Two of us use the db, not always in the same place, so I want to continue with everything online. Oh, and we use Macs.


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Statement checker c# using forms and frontend

I’m just here for suggestions and code optimisations, what i could’ve done better, are there any better coding practices…
There’s github repo link if you’re interested in the code with a form too
You basically have 2 textboxes in which you enter numbers and choose with a combobox what you want to do with those two numbers.

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace Operators
    public partial class Operators : Form
        public Operators()
        private void Form1_Load_1(object sender, EventArgs e)
            comboBox.Items.AddRange(new string() { "+", "-", "*", "/", "%", ">", "<", "=", ">=", "<=" });
        private void ButtonCheck_Click_1(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (sender is null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(sender));

            int a = Convert.ToInt32(textBox1.Text);
            int b = Convert.ToInt32(textBox2.Text);

            Nah(a, b);
        private void Nah(int a, int b)
            switch (comboBox.SelectedItem.ToString())
                case "+":
                    MessageBox.Show("Sum of thenumbers entered is: " + (a + b));
                case "-":
                    MessageBox.Show("Subtraction of the numbers entered is: " + (a - b));
                case "*":
                    MessageBox.Show("Multiplication of the numbers entered is: " + (a * b));
                case "/":
                    MessageBox.Show("Division of the numbers entered is: " + (a / b));
                case "%":
                    MessageBox.Show("Modulo the two numbers is: " + (a % b));
                case ">":
                    MessageBox.Show("First number is bigger than the secound one " + (a > b));
                case "<":
                    MessageBox.Show("First number is smaller than the secound one " + (a < b));
                case "=":
                    MessageBox.Show("Numbers are equal: " + (a == b));
                case ">=":
                    MessageBox.Show("First number is bigger or equal to number two " + (a >= b));
                case "<=":
                    MessageBox.Show("First number is smaller or equal to number two " + (a <= b));
                    MessageBox.Show("Illegal operation.");

magento2.3 – Magento frontend take too long to respond

enter image description here
Magento frontend is taking too long to load(~2hrs). In browser’s network tab the request remains in pending state throughout. Meanwhile the Admin Backend is loading fine.

Debug logs:

(2021-04-02 07:21:02) report.INFO: Broken reference: the ‘yotpo_bottomline’ tries to reorder itself towards ‘’, but their parents are different: ‘’ and ” respectively. () ()

(2021-04-02 07:21:02) report.INFO: Broken reference: the ‘top.navigation.links’ tries to reorder itself towards ‘’, but their parents are different: ‘header-wrapper_schedule_block1’ and ” respectively. () ()

javascript – ¿Que tipo de proyectos propios puedo realizar para consolidar mis habilidades como DESARROLLADOR FRONTEND?

Poner a prueba mis habilidades es mi objetivo pero no quiero hacer ejemplos sin rumbo, una simulación de un proyecto o ejercicios reales tendría un gran beneficio.
De momento quiero aplicar

Agradezco sus respuestas. Soy estudiante a mitad de la carrera.

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