web applications – Is it possible to cache a full website and load it offline from memory next time visiting it

If I went into, say, facebook, it would take a few seconds to load depending on the internet connection speed.

If I were to cache everything (js, css, html) onto my laptop, and next time I open facebook, would it work if I were to load everything from cached, and then diff the newly loaded data and replace the outdated places? Of course it would be a problem if apis have changed, and then I’d have to wait for the new code, but other than that would it be possible for most applications? (google docs, asana, figma, any other application that is pretty much the same every time you open it)

Example use-case: I’d like to build a plugin that just caches every “every day use” websites and see if i can decrease load time

What is the best icon to show full size / mini-size of 2 components

thank you for approaching my question.

I have the following side bar that contains two components:

enter image description here

When you toggle one of the components using the top-right icon, it will set the state of the component to closed, and make the second one full height:

enter image description here

The issue

I don’t really know what type of an icon I can use there to tell the user that if you close this, the other one will go full height. I don’t think that I can even use the minus symbol because I am already using it in one of the components at top-left.

user – Show username or full name

I would prefer showing the full name.

Usernames can be anything under the sun,eg. ‘liferocks’, ‘rockingkool’ ‘mrsupersmart’ etc. whereas actual names would be far more sensible (or atleast there is a higher probability of people giving a sensible full name as compared to a username).
As you said it is to denote who all have become your friends, it would be more sensible if the user sees that John Doe is his friend instead of ‘rockingkool’.

If needed you may also show username with less emphasis(parenthize, smaller font, subtle color etc) next the Full name.
Eg. John Doe (rockingkool).

If you have a profile picture then estate should not be a problem around the picture to accommodate both of them. Then again, as I said, only if its required.

Edit: Just to add further clarity, my approach with the full name stands for the people in my friend list.

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Show FULL WEEK-DAY NAME and FULL MONTH NAME in the Mac menu bar?

Why it is not possible to show the FULL WEEK-DAY NAME and FULL MONTH NAME in the Mac menu bar? I thought that Mac is the perfect computer? Or is it possible?

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macos – Open all applications in full screen always

There are many discussions on how to open Applications in full screen in Mac, like https://osxdaily.com/2018/05/15/make-apps-open-full-screen-mac-automatically/

But, still there are many stubborn applications which fail to open full screen with above approach. One such application, which I found is, is Foxit PDF reader.

Is there any command line approach to force such individual applications to open full screen? Alternatively, is there any way to force ALL applications to open in full screen in Mac?

I am using macOS Bigsur.

Thanks for your valuable advice.

graphs – exists (u,v) edge with positive capacity and there is not path from $s$ to $u$. and $(u,v)$ is with full capacity in some maximal flow

Since you just have to satisfy the conservation of flow property and capacity property. You can consider the following example:

$V = {s,t,u,v}$ and $E = {(s,t), (u,s), (u,v), (v,u)}$ with each edge of capacity 1.

You can send a flow of 1 via $(u,v)$, $(v,u)$, and $(s,t)$. It follows all properties of a valid flow. It does not have a path from $s$ to $u$. Also, the flow via $(u,v)$ is at its full capacity.